Weekend in Havana


Old Havana Nightlife

Geoffrey takes to the lively nighttime streets of the Old City (Havana Vieja) with dancer Irene Rodriguez to marvel at, and dance to, the street musicians who are seemingly everywhere. They steer clear of tourist traps and stop by two bars where Ernest Hemingway famously liked his mojitos and daiquiris.

AIRED: July 18, 2017 | 0:02:14

(♪ singing)

- [Narrator] Music is so much a part of Havana's

street life, I feel like I'm dancing through this

whole trip!

Just like everyone around me.

(♪ singing)

- Havana's nice, a very good place to walk now.

- Listen, there's music back there,

there's music up here...

- Yes, everywhere.

And everywhere at this time, more or less,

people is getting out of the houses to get

some air, to talk about the day,

drinking a beer!


Enjoying the afternoon.

- [Narrator] When the writer Hemingway

first came to Cuba in 1939, he stayed

in a hotel in the old city.

- And this is the old Hotel del Medio.

Is where Hemingway used to bring the mojito.

- This is where he had his favorite mojito...

- [Narrator] And he continued to frequent

his favorite bars here for the next 20 years.

Now they're mostly full of tourists.

- [Woman] No Cubans.

- No Cubans go in there?

- No, no, no, it's not a place for Cubans.

This is my favorite part of the city.

- This part?

- Yes.

Old Havana have this magic.

- It is all out in the street!

- Yes! A litter of kids, you know,

they are alone.

- I have to say it seems like everybody

in Havana knows each other.

- Havana is a family.

- Look up there! What's going on up there?

- Is a private restaurant.

- [Woman] Un, dos, cha-cha-cha.

No, no, no.

Begin from this side.

Un, dos, un-dos-tres.

Un, dos, un-dos-tres.

(together) Un, dos, un-dos-tres.

Un, dos, un-dos-tres.


And here is the Floridita.

- The Floridita.

- Yes, you know what Hemingway used

to say about it?

- What?

- He said, "The mojito in the Bodeguita...

- Where we were...

- And the daiquiri in the Floridita.

- This is his daiquiri place.

There's his signature right up there.

- Do you want to see inside?

- Yeah, maybe we'll have a daiquiri.