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920: Two Horns

In this segment produced by the students of St. Petersburg College in partnership with WEDU, Brian "Two Horns" Cargile is a Tampa costume designer that specializes in practical special effects and Sci Fi characters.

AIRED: October 22, 2020 | 0:05:32

Hello, I'm Dalia Colon, and this is "WEDU Arts Plus".

Tampa costume and prop designer, Brian "TwoHorns" Cargile,

creates some extraordinary characters.

His detailed designs imagine a future

where man and machine are merged.

This story was produced by students

at St. Petersburg College, in partnership with WEDU.

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My name is Brian "TwoHorns", and I'm from Tampa, Florida.

I design and create original sci-fi characters,

costumes, and props.

Well, I started with cardboard when I was 15,

I just was tired of Halloween costumes,

they were just garbage, the kind you'd buy at stores,

or just they were cheap and poorly made mass produced stuff.

And I was like,

"I can do better than this."

So I started with cardboard,

and worked my way up to better materials.

I only did it once a year at first,

until about 2012 when I started doing it like full time,

and like, I started making like four or five suits a year.

I started with respirators,

I started selling custom respirators,

and there were just little sci-fi designs and stuff.

And I started posting them on the internet,

I would take my own photography and stuff like that.

And people were like,

"How can I buy this, where do you get ?"

So I opened the Etsy shop.

It also helps I take good photography.

So images are a huge important,

like the quality of images are important to,

you know, how it reaches,

because everyone wants to see high quality images of things

when they're scrolling through Instagram or whatever,

so you have to keep up with image quality for sure.

My pieces have been used in a lot of indie films,

some commercials,

and most recently an earth game music video.

My whole ethos is to pay homage

to the God of practical effects,

which is all things practical effects

in movies and TV shows and everything like that.

Everything CGI and I want to bring

more practical effects to this universe.

I wanna bring more realistic robot costumes,

and, you know, things that you can do with CGI,

but are much more satisfying to watch,

'cause you can definitely tell, you can always tell,

practical effects will always have a place.

Yeah, it's a little bit visionary,

it's like there's a multitude of landscapes

and surreal concepts going on through my head,

and I'm dragging this ethereal concept into reality,

a lot of times I've got these designs floating around

in my head and half the time they're not even on paper,

I just kind of drag them down and start making them.

I guess, my own unique style, I wouldn't say like,

I'm better or more special than anyone else,

you know, everyone when they hone their own specific,

I guess, creative energy,

like you see so many different styles of art,

like, you just gotta follow your own kind of passion.

I guess what makes me different from other artists

is that I'm doing a lot of futuristic cyberpunk designs

that are not really in tune with like

the utilitarian vibe that you see in a lot of movies,

that's really wild and feathers and LEDs everywhere,

and like just lots of energetic elements

that I'm not really sure where it's going,

but it looks cool, so.

So first I'll start with the face,

usually I'll start with the face.

I get a mannequin head which is appropriately sized,

and I'll just build off that.

And yeah, I mean,

like I have mannequins for the rest of the armor, so.

Well, I mean, I do everything from just cutting,

shaping, heat forming, I use superglue,

Barge contact cement, all sorts of other thermal plastics.

There's so much that goes into it, lots of just,

you know, gluing and cutting essentially,

it's all freehanded.

I use the laser cutter for precision,

small little detail parts that I can't do by hand.

And I'll go over and design those in a digital format,

and just batch cut them usually

for small parts and little tiny details.

I use vinyl foam, Cut-Tex, PETG,

all the kinds of thermoplastics, metal tubing,

leathers, polypro webbing,

among just a list of other things.

It's just anything I can warp and create to my own whim.

I just want to be happy

and sustainable like I've been doing now,

but I wanna be able to delegate more work

to other people and work on larger scale projects,

like art installations.

And one of my main goals is to bring

the part of my world that I have in my head

into experiences for people.

So when they walk up to it,

there's like performers and big towers and things like that,

like that can give just a vibe of a different world.

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