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Q. Smith of "Come From Away"

Q. Smith of “Come From Away" explores how theater has helped us heal from collective trauma. Bringing the experiences of the last two years back to the stage, Smith reflects on shared moments that have made their performances even richer.

AIRED: December 20, 2021 | 0:02:57

I get an email from my agent

for the show called

Come From Away.

It's about 911.

And I was like,

I don't know if I want to do

a musical about that.

That sounds

odd to me.


in the middle of nowhere

in the middle of who knows whee

My name is Q Smith,

and I play Hannah and others.


We rarely, as artists,

get to tell stories about

things that are

happening today, it's always,

you know, hundreds of years ago,

but to actually play a role

about someone who's

living and breathing,

just telling their stories

and sharing their stories.

I had never heard of Gander

I didn't even know

where Newfoundland was

until this show.

Now there's a solemn,

old tradition

For admission - or audition -

to transition from

a Come from Away

To be a Newfoundlander

During the pandemic

I tried desperately

not to forget the,

the roaring applause

of the audience.

That sound is

like nothing you've

ever experienced before.

And the moments where

I would get sad or depressed

I would try to remember

that sound.


I am so grateful for that sound.

I was like, I will never, never

complain about doing

eight shows a week.

I promise I won't complain.

The first day of rehearsal

was just very emotional,

very emotional, just

talking about it makes me

just seeing everyone again

and knowing that everyone

had been through something.

Pretty ladies

waving from the dock

We're bringing all of our

experiences and all of our

sadness and all of our joy

back into this show.

I feel like the show

was richer because of it.

I feel like our performances

are more honest

and more real because of it.

I feel more transparent

as an artist because

of what we went through

during the pandemic.

And I'm grateful for that.

I am grateful for that.

You are here

at the start of a moment,

Knowing that we were

about to walk onto the stage

with this audience

who had also been

through a trying year,

a trying couple of years.

I mean, my heart was palpitating

But we walked out there

And we couldn't even

hear our cues, right?

Every time someone walked out,

people were screaming.

And that's what this show

was about,

sharing love,

sharing our experiences

with one another.

And although we may not

look alike, sound alike,

we're all the same at the core.

We really are.

We are Broadway.

Welcome to the, welcome to the

Welcome to the rock


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