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Joe Dulude II of “Wicked”

Joe Dulude II, the Makeup Designer of “Wicked," talks about the goal of making Elphaba attractive, empowering artists and experiencing the reopening night with Gershwin Theatre audience members.

AIRED: January 17, 2022 | 0:03:27

I had read the book, loved it,

and now I was designing

what ends up being

one of the biggest

hits on Broadway,

which who would have ever known

that was going to happen?

My name is Joe Dulude II,

and I am the makeup

designer for "Wicked."

You can room

with Miss Galenda.

So in most Broadway shows,

the actors do their own makeup.

So what I do is I go in

and I usually teach them.

And then I also allow

them to have fun

because they're wearing it,

I'm not.

And they have to be

comfortable wearing it

and they have to know why

they're wearing it.

And I think when you

empower the artists like that,

then the work is better.

When we were coming up

with the concepts

for each of the makeup designs,

we were creating our own world.

And with Elphaba,

the concept in the book,

she's not the most attractive.

But in our world,

we wanted to make sure

that she was attractive

and that the reason

that people disliked her

was because of her skin.

So that was really

important in it.

On the reopening

in the audience,

you could feel

the energy of everybody,

you could feel how excited

the entire audience was to be

seeing live theater again.

And when the show started,

there was

that eruption of applause.

But at the same time,

for me, there was a...

I got very emotional.

It's good to see me, isn't it?

To be in this spe

with these people

who didn't have access

to this for so long

and were so excited to be back.

Like, just feeling that energy

like made me start to tear up.

It was like this moment

of where it's

just so emotional.

And for me, you know,

this is my work.

And to see that,

you know, I'm part of something

that is having this

kind of effect on people means

everything to me.

I think Broadway is

essential because

it brings people into the city.

I mean, it's not just Broadway

and the employees of Broadway

that are relying

upon these shows,

but it's the restaurants, it's

the bars, it's the stores.

When you don't have

this part of it,

some of that can

still function,

but you're not getting

this influx of tourists

who are coming just for that.

And I think that's part

of what Broadway

does for this city

and then all the

tourists as well.

The wickedest wih

there ever was

The enemy of all of us

here in Oz is dead

Like, it, it brings in people

and puts them in a space

that sometimes they don't

normally have access to.

And to be in that space

and the joy that it brings them

and the delight

that it brings them

and the emotion

that it brings them

is just really unique.

You don't get that.

Like, you may get

that at a concert,

but a concert

is there and gone.

With Broadway, it's there.

We are Broadway.


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