The Bernie Sanders Coalition

Ahead of Super Tuesday, Chris Chu de León, Texas State director for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign, explains why the inclusive message of the Vermont Senator inspired a multicultural and young coalition of supporters. As volunteers prepare to launch a final bilingual canvassing effort before the primaries, we see how the campaign is trying to empower everyday people.

AIRED: October 06, 2020 | 0:03:35

- Hello. - Good to see you. How are you?

Good, good.

I grew up in southwest Houston.

I am the proud son of immigrants

from Hong Kong and Mexico.

I grew up really apolitical,

because no politician ever came to knock on our door.

It wasn't until 2016

when this little known senator from Vermont

comes on the national stage.

And he spoke to communities that looked like mine,

communities with our skin color and our income level,

and our status.

I not only want you to vote for me,

but I'm gonna do everything I can to build political power

for your communities.

It was the first time that I saw myself in an election,

in a politician.

We are going to leap directly

from an administration driven by bottomless greed,

to one that is guided by love,

solidarity and collective transformation.

Today, we had a Get Out the Vote canvas launch,

where we sent out folks to knock doors

right ahead of Super Tuesday on March 3rd.

Will you give them addresses?

Okay, so Ernesto, this is a polling site

in a neighborhood with a lot of Latinos.

So, I'd love to send you here.

Yeah, that's great.

And do you want to start with the first two addresses

-and tell me how they go? -Okay. Alright.

So, the canvassing process begins

by empowering everyday people, working people,

folks who are just looking for a way to get involved,

to actually go out to their communities

and talk to their neighbors,

talk to other folks in their community.

So, a lot of the folks that you encounter,

they may be Spanish speakers as well,

or they may be bilingual, or monolingual.

Do either of you speak Spanish?


I would love to do the script in Spanish with you.

Jesús, do you mind doing it with Meg?

Okay, cool.

We're going to invest in building this multi-racial,

multi-faith, multi-gendered movement

and the only way we're doing that,

is by showing up in those communities

and by talking to those voters.

- Okay. - You can write it if you want.

I think it says a lot about the commitment of this campaign

to one, elevating people of color in roles of leadership.

Two, elevating people with these lived experiences

that represent the state itself.

But he said that's not good enough.

If my sister, my brother or my neighbor doesn't have...

Over 50% of the electorate is non-white.

So, we are in a position to mobilize those communities.

I am just really grateful to be leading the operation

in my home state for the candidate

that I feel is going to bring this change that we need

for communities like mine,

and for so many others across this country.