Vienna Blood

S1 E3 | CLIP

A Troubled Engagement

Following an early departure from his engagement party to help with a murder case, Max’s sister lectures him about his work. She advises him to put forth more effort in his relationship with Clara, fearing that it’s hanging by a thread.

AIRED: February 02, 2020 | 0:01:54

(pensive music)

- [Max] Amelia.

You're completely safe here.

- We missed you this evening, Max.

- Yes, uh, sorry.

Why are you up so late?

- I wanted to tell you about my evening.

Rather an unconventional party, as it turned out.

- [Max] Yes, look...

- I mean, with the groom running out on his future bride.

If you wanted to create an impression,

you certainly succeeded.

What was so important?

- [Max] The murder in Spittelberg.

- And you just had to be there.

- Yes, the police needed me.

The nature of the crime, it was unusual.

Pathological obsessive.

- Obsessive is certainly the right word here.

- Ah, um.

- You're a doctor, Max.

A junior doctor.

Whatever ambitions you may entertain...

- Your impression of mother is really getting sharp now.

Keep working on it.

- Oh, just shut up and listen to me.

Clara is my friend.

I care about her.

I wish you'd look at yourself for a change

instead of those damned patients.

Look at your own behavior.

What do you think it says?

This is not how a man in love behaves.

(melancholy music)


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