Vienna Blood

S1 E6 | CLIP

A Surprise Reunion

Following the case, Max invites Amelia to tea but discovers Clara has also been invited by his father in an uncomfortable encounter.

AIRED: February 23, 2020 | 0:01:38

(rustling papers)

- Nothing

- No

- No traces

- If the body was in the water for some time,

then anything incriminating would have been lost.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I could find.

- No, thank you for coming here.

- I was eager to help.

- Eager enough to risk seeing me again.

- We're scientists doctor,

it's a language we speak.

- Well you will stay for tea.

Please it's the least I can do.

Don't worry, no prying eyes or wagging tongues.

You're completely safe.

Hmm, apparently we are expecting company.

- Max, what are you doing?

- Ah father meet Miss Lydgate.

- Not right now.

- What.

- Fraulein I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you

to leave immediately.

- Miss Lydgate is a colleague of mine

and I've invited her to tea.

- Max why don't you do what you're told for once.

- Hello everyone.

- I asked Clara here,

I wanted to talk to you both.

- You wanted to do some mending?

- I didn't know you would be entertaining.

- It's a professional consultation.

- Well shouldn't we all sit down?