Vienna Blood

S1 E3 | CLIP

Max and Clara

On an outing together, Clara asks to be more involved in Max’s life. She hopes that they’ll be able to better strength their communication with one another when they’re married, but their day together is interrupted by a surprise visitor.

AIRED: February 02, 2020 | 0:02:51

(pensive music)

(footsteps gently tap)

- Well, I'm glad is suggested we come here.

It's been a real treat, particularly the conversation.

- Sorry, Clara.

- My friends told me not to marry you.

- Which friends?

- Your sister has been pretty damning.

- Yes, well, she's never forgiven me

for the time I cut her doll's hair.

(Clara chuckles softly)

- See?

You do know how to smile.

- Do you think obsession is the same as love?

- What are you trying to tell me?

I want to be with you, you want to be with me.

Surely that's enough.

- I wasn't talking about us, Clara.

I was just thinking about a case, sorry.

- No, I want you to talk about it.

We're going to be married.

I want to be a part of everything.

(they kiss)

Wait for me.

(footsteps recede)

(metallic clinking)

(gentle dramatic music)

- Ah, Miss Lydgate.

- Dr. Liebermann.

- Ah, yes, of course, you work here.

I forgot, sorry.

So you decided to stay in Vienna?

- Apparently.

- Yes, I thought you might have left.

- Well how could I after your city's

extraordinary hospitality?

Sorry, uh, I must go.

- I thought about you.

Actually, I had wondered.

- Hello.

- Uh, you remember Miss Lydgate.

- No, I don't think we've met.

- Miss Clara Weiss, my, uh, fiancee.

- Delighted. - Delighted.

Please, don't let me interrupt.

Enjoy your visit.

(woman screams)

- Crazy woman.

She doesn't remember me.

- She doesn't remember any of it.


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