The Glorifying Vine Sisters

In Farmville, North Carolina, The Glorifying Vines Sisters have been making music together since the 1970s. Pulling from traditions of the quartet gospel, this family still shares their ministry widely through recordings and performances, spreading the Gospel one song at a time.

AIRED: May 15, 2018 | 0:07:30

♪ Whatever you need, He will provide. ♪

♪ God will take care of you.

♪ Beneath His wing, His love abide, ♪

♪ God will take care of you.

I like this song because you know,

it really blesses me when I sing it.

God will take care of you.

Praise the Lord.

- And it's the church right there?

- It's the church right here, Believe It Jesus Ministry,

where everybody's welcome.

We always sing in our church.

When we first started out, we start with the old hymns.

♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

Basically when they sing hymns,

we get more into the gospel part

♪ Praise the Lord, everybody

♪ Praise the Lord, everybody ought to praise the Lord. ♪

It's just like preaching, our singing the words of it.

♪ Down through the years, our good Lord been good to me ♪

It's the good news of Jesus, telling the good things.

♪ Down through the years

♪ Our good Lord been good to me ♪

Like if you say the Lord is good, I will sing it.

♪ The Lord is good all the time. ♪

There's a lot of blessing in it, everybody can hear.

♪ Did that I could not do for myself ♪

♪ Do for myself

♪ He died on the cross

Our dad had told us the same, but he had a beautiful music.

♪ Whoa, He died

And then he pass it on to sis.

I used to work sad and I would sing out those.

♪ Jesus, He died

Every evening, I have a concert,

and on this chicken house, I'll be singing.

♪ He saved our soul

When you sing the gospel, you don't think about

you're poor, you don't have this or that.

♪ He gave us joy when we were lonely ♪

I didn't know we were poor till they told me.

You really got everything 'cause you got the Lord.

♪ He did what I could not do for myself ♪

♪ Do for myself

We started late in the '80s, we made a lot of records.

But we really thought of being noticed more

from different DJs, that they will hear us

and they would give us a chance to come out and sing.

- I cannot name all the places

that we had been in our lifetime.

Tennessee, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama.

- ♪ I shall lay my arms, I got to lay it down in the Lord ♪

Some people can't sing, and they clap, stomp their feet.

Some people just cry.

♪ Oh, Lord, we will, we will now ♪

- We serve all down South.

We will leave out on Thursday, come back Monday,

just time enough for me and her to clutch the cloth.

We go away with no money and come back with no money.

To God be the glory, we didn't let that stop us now.


This church has been here over 100 years.

It's been a dream that you take it on

and help the people in this community.

As you come on in, you'll see they gotta install the

you know they are fixing the floor today.

But God gave me this vision,

I saw that this church could be fixed.

We love to have this handicap for the people who

can't step up, they could just come right on in.

And then like we need outside lights,

so we could see when we come out.

And then you know, like get a big fan to go to yards

to let the people know that we are here.

They had a lot of family members come to this church,

and that was the purpose of me wanting this church

because my grandmom and my granddad

were members here.

We come right here, we sing, have a good time,

and whatever the Lord tell us to do, that's what we do.

I was the black sheep of the family.

I started to sing when I was 26.

Well, at that time, you know what, I was doing other things.

They kept praying for me that God would change my life.

♪ Je-Jesus knows, all about our sorrow ♪

If people would see me today, like I tell 'em

the old life I had, you can have that, I moved on.

♪ Till the day, till the day He's done ♪

No if, I know God saved me.

I know He did.

Jesus he knows all about our sorrow.

He knows about it and He can fix it, and He fixed it for me.

- It's wonderful knowing the Lord,

and it's wonderful loving God and loving your family.

We love each other.

Family, they have a bond together.

Even when we're singing, when we would get out of tune

a little something would go wrong, family's so close

they'd know how to bring it in.

They'd know how the family would get low.

God will get that in tune in a minute.

♪ Praise God, praise God, we've got a mighty church ♪

♪ Praise God, praise God, we love to praise Him ♪

- My momma once told me, she said if you listen to music

in the right way, she said you always can get blessed.

- Yes, you can.


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