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Kia Leiani & Matthew Elam

Sit down with two remarkable artists paving their own way in the entertainment industry with no shortage of skill and talent. Kia Leiani joins us from Texas as a rapper fresh off her newest single, “Balloons.” Kia and Michael discuss some of the technical aspects of rap and its similarities to theatre performance. Matthew Elam dives into the process of getting bitten by the acting bug.

AIRED: January 04, 2022 | 0:00:30

- [Narrator] This week on "Theatre Corner."

♪ I need a sky view with no limitations ♪

- [Narrator] Kia Leiani is a rapper and an actress.

She says storytelling is important in both.

- People that actually take that

and put it into their craft,

I feel like they have longevity.

- [Narrator] Plus Matthew Elam stars on screen and onstage.

He reveals the big difference between them.

- There are things you can get away with on a stage

that you can not get away with on camera

- "Theatre Corner."

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