Theater of The Mind Radio Drama


Werewolf Of The Bayou

It is 1940, and ace newspaper reporter Margo Mason heads to the Louisiana swamps to investigate a series of strange murders and an ancient curse centered around an archaeological dig and a strange skeleton unearthed: The body of a human, the head of a wolf. The local swamp witch says it's the rougarou werewolf, returned for vengeance. But who is the werewolf? And who will be its next victim?

AIRED: January 25, 2018 | 0:58:43



[SFX - growling]

[SFX - howling]


ANNOUNCER: Broadcasting from the KTWU Studios,

The Air Command presents Theatre of the Mind. Radio you can see.

Turn out your lights and move in close to the glow of your

virtual radio dial, for a return to the those thrilling days of yesteryear,

back in time to 1940, and terror on the air in


[SFX - thunder & splashing through water]

FISHERMAN: Mais Napoleon, you ready f'some crawfish? NAPOLEON: (Barks)

FISHERMAN: Make us some... some jambalaya, eh? NAPOLEON: (Barks)

FISHERMAN: Yessir, some good ol' mudbug jambalaya, or etouffe.

Me, I got me a good recipe for etoufee.

You got an awn-vee' for some etoufee, Napoleon? NAPOLEON: (Barks)

FISHERMAN: Sure y'do. Me, I do, too! (Laughs)

Sho' could use us some rain, Napoleon.

[SFX - howl in the distance] [MUSIC]

FISHERMAN: Wha' dat, Napoleon? NAPOLEON: (Worried whine)

FISHERMAN: Ain' nuttin' but wind, mebbe.

Now, dis here look lak a good place t't'row dis trap out. Stan' bag dere,'...

FISHERMAN: Dere now. [SFX - splash]

See if we can get ouhse'fs some mudbugs.

Come on up on da bank now, we go to de nex' trap.

[SFX - splashing in water & walking in grass]

FISHERMAN: Dere it is! See it, Napoleon? NAPOLEON: (Barks)

FISHERMAN: We pull it in and see what we got in de trap, eh? [SFX - pulls trap from water]

FISHERMAN: Looky dere! Mus' be fawty crawfish in dere!

We gonna have some good eatin' tonigh', Napoleon!

NAPOLEON: (Barks) [SFX - opens trap & dump crawfish into bucket]

FISHERMAN: Got dark dark, didn' it? NAPOLEON: (Growls)

FISHERMAN: What you growl 'bout you big ol' pup?

[SFX - rustling bushes] FISHERMAN: Who dere?

[MUSIC] [SFX - rustling bushes]

FISHERMAN: You can' hide from moi. I toid ya. Come out now!

[SFX - wolf growling and snarling] [MUSIC]

FISHERMAN: What...what is you? NAPOLEON: (Squeals and howls) [SFX - wolf growling]

FISHERMAN: Ge' bag. Ge' bag now, stay bag, don'....(screams)

[SFX - wolf howls]


TRIXIE: Hey, Margo! MARGO: Afternoon, Trixie.

TRIXIE: What'll ya have? MARGO: Just coffee.

TRIXIE: Gee, why so glum, kid? MARGO: I'm supposed to meet Mac.

TRIXIE: Mr. McCue? MARGO: Yeah.

TRIXIE: He gave you that bracelet, right?

MARGO: He did. TRIXIE: Looks like gold.

MARGO: It turned my wrist green. TRIXIE: Oh.

MARGO: This isn't a relationship, Trixie, it's a competition.

I'm a reporter, he's a reporter; his paper, my paper. I've gotta end this.

TRIXIE: Gee, kid, that's tough. MARGO: Yeah.

MAC: Margo! TRIXIE: There he is! Good luck.

MARGO: Thanks. MAC: Coffee, Dixie. [SFX - chair scoot]

TRIXIE: Trixie. MAC: Right. Four creams, five sugars.

TRIXIE: Ew. Comin' right up.

MAC: You're wearing the bracelet I gave you. Solid gold.

MARGO: So you said. Look, Mac, about dinner tomorrow...

BOTH: I have to cancel. MARGO: What?

MAC: I'm going on assignment. Government. Top secret. The war effort.

MARGO: We're neutral. Roosevelt promised.

MAC: My country calls. To make up for it, I got you this.

MARGO: What's this?

MAC: A reporter's notebook, pocket size. With a leather case

and look, the fountain pen slides into the side here.

MARGO: Mac, I think I should tell you...

MAC: Fountain pen's sterling silver, with your name engraved on it, see.

MARGO: "Margo Ma..." You misspelled "Mason."

MAC: What?

MARGO: Only one S.

MAC: Oh. Well, nobody'll notice. MARGO: You sure didn't.

TRIXIE: Here's your cream and sugar. [SFX - cup & saucer on table]

TRIXIE: Oh, and coffee. In there. Somewhere.

MAC: Thanks, Dixie. TRIXIE: Trixie.

MAC: Can't drink it. TRIXIE: Don't blame ya.

MAC: No time. Hopping a train in an hour.

MARGO: I need to tell you... MAC: Tell me later. Gotta go serve my country.

TRIXIE: I see the problem.

MARGO: Yeah. Well, I'd better get back to work.

TRIXIE: Um... MARGO: What?

TRIXIE: Two coffees. MARGO: Oh.

[MUSIC] [SFX - typewriters, telephones ringing, voices]

CASEY: Margo! Taylor's been looking for you.

MARGO: Thanks, Casey. [SFX - high heels on wooden floor]

MARGO: Hello, boys! Hiya, Endicott, how's the family?

ENDICOTT: Good, Margo! Thanks for asking!

MARGO: Bensinger, still on the wagon?

BENSINGER: Nope. Dropped off weeks ago Margo but thanks for asking.

MARGO: Jameson...growing a mustache?

JAMESON: Makes me look distinguished.

MARGO: You looking for me, Chief?

TAYLOR: Come in, close the door.

[SFX - door closes]

MARGO: What's up?

TAYLOR: That idea you've been pitching, the Louisiana murders.

It's perfect, the bayou, prehistoric curse.

MARGO: Bodies torn up, hearts missing!

TAYLOR: It's got everything!

MARGO: Action, adventure, mystery, murder.

TAYLOR: No sex, though.

MARGO: Can't have everything.

TAYLOR: Guess not.

MARGO: It'd sell papers.

TAYLOR: There's been another murder.

MARGO: Give me the skinny, Chief! When did they...

TAYLOR: The Post is gonna scoop us.


TAYLOR: I had lunch with Burns. He sent your boyfriend down there.

MARGO: My boy...MAC? I told him about that story!

He knows it's mine! Chief, ya gotta send me on it!

TAYLOR: (Exhale) Yeah, all right! It's your story.

I'll fix you up with a train ticket.

MARGO: Make it an airplane. I'll beat him there.

TAYLOR: Airplane! You're a brave one!

[SFX - door opens Bullpen sounds back up]

MARGO: Wire the airfield to let me know where I'm sleeping tonight!

[SFX - door slams. Bullpen sounds killed]

TAYLOR: Airplane! What a woman!


[SFX - door opens]


[SFX - door closes] ODETTE BORDELON: Mornin' Sheriff. Mornin', Clovis.

CLOVIS: Mornin'.

ODETTE: We saved y'place at da end o' da bar oveh dere, Clovis. CLOVIS: (Grunts)

SHERIFF: I'll go sit for a table dis mornin', Odette. Feelin' fancy.

ODETTE: Georgie's late, so I'll wait yoah table. Coffee?

SHERIFF: Is it fresh?

ODETTE: Yestiddy's.

SHERIFF: Is it hot?

ODETTE: It hot hot, Sug.

SHERIFF: Good. I'll take me a cup.

Reg'lar. Lots o' cream 'n' sugah.

ODETTE: Reg'lar. Cream 'n' sugah right here on da bar. What d' weadeh say?

SHERIFF: No rain yet, I'm 'fraid. Could use it, f'true.

ODETTE: Yeh, you right! Tough night?

SHERIFF: D' usual. Picked up ol' Clovis dere wanderin' down da road.

ODETTE: Just anudder Friday night f'Clovis.

[SFX - cup and saucer on table, coffee poured, stirring]

SHERIFF: Yep. Y'spend da night drinkin', Clovis, or what?

CLOVIS: Seen rougarou.

ODETTE: Dere's yoah answeh right dere.

SHERIFF: So you seen da rougarou, Clovis? CLOVIS: Seen it.

SHERIFF: Clovis seen d'rougarou. Musta tied one on las' nigh'.

ODETTE: Need coffee, Clovis?

CLOVIS: Need whiskey. SHERIFF: Little early in de day f'whiskey, Clovis.

ODETTE: Me, I got whiskey on da bagbar here, Clovis.

Not usually f'breakfast, dough. You got money?

CLOVIS: No. ODETTE: Coffee, den. On da house.

[SFX - pours coffee, stirring]

CLOVIS: Seen da rougarou.

SHERIFF: Whatcha said. Maybe a little coffee'd help.

ODETTE: Albert say we got anudder cabin an' a room rentid.

He makin' up da beds. People comin' in from Noo Yo'k City.

SHERIFF: Better get out da good silver.

ODETTE: Funny funny.

SHERIFF: Where de archaeology people dis mornin"?

ODETTE: Got a early start. Out diggin'.

[SFX - door opens] ALBERT THIBODEAU: Pontoon plane landin'. New folks comin'.

[SFX- door closes] SHERIFF: Dere Albert!

ODETTE: Where Georgie? ALBERT: She comin'.

SHERIFF: Yeah. If dey want breakfast, somebody's gonna have to...

[SFX - door opens] GEORGIE DOUCET: Sorry! Overslep'! [SFX - door closes]

ODETTE: Glad y'made it, Georgie, got some more folks comin'.

GEORGIE: Me, I saw da plane!

SHERIFF: From Noo Yo'k City. GEORGIE: Coo!

ALBERT: Newspaper reporters. Real ones!

GEORGIE: How romantic! About what d' museum folks foun'?

ALBERT: Mostly about de moidehs, I t'ink.

GEORGIE: I'm mos' afraid to go outside after it get dark dark.

SHERIFF: We cadj 'im. Only a matteh o' time.

CLOVIS: Rougarou!

SHERIFF: Now Clovis, ain't no sudj t'ing as rougarous.

No sense scarin' da girl, ya ol' couillon.

ODETTE: Drink y' coffee, Clovis. [SFX - door opens]

ODETTE: Look lak yoah customer from da airplane, Albert. [SFX - up three steps]

ALBERT: Lemme go check her in. Bon-sway, man-zel! [SFX - door closes]

MARGO: Hi, I'm Margo Mason. I've got a...

ALBERT: Resehvation. Yes y'do.

I'm Albert Thibodeaux, desk clerk, housemaid, 'n' handyman.

Down dem steps where I jes' come from is Odette Bordelon!

ODETTE: Bon-joo!

ALBERT: She run de cafe 'n' saloon dere.

Dat pretty gal ovah dere is Georgie Doucet.


ALBERT: She's da waitress, but she ain' old enough t'serve drinks, so Odette do dat.

Dat grumpy-lookin' ol' duffer's Sheriff Prudhomme,

and dat's Clovis Landry dere for de end o' de bar. Now, sign me da register here.

[SFX - pen on paper & then drop pen] MARGO: There ya go.

ALBERT: You want a cabin or a room?

MARGO: Room if you've got one.

ALBERT: One lef'. Middle room down da hall. Here da key.

[SFX - key hits desk & she scoops it up] MARGO: I could also use a cup of coffee.

ALBERT: Down to da cafe' dere.

MARGO: All right. [SFX - footsteps]

SHERIFF: You' in luck. Coffee old. Have a seat.

[SFX - cup turned over & coffee poured] GEORGIE: Dere da coffee. I'll go get da cream 'n' sugah.

MARGO: Don't need it.

GEORGIE: No cream 'n' sugar? MARGO: Nope.

GEORGIE: Coo! How you drink it 'thout cream 'n' sugar? Jes' not natcherl.

MARGO: Ask you some questions, Sheriff?

SHERIFF: Might not answer all of 'em. Have a seat. [SFX - chair scrape]

MARGO: Thanks . [SFX - chair scoot]

MARGO: You folks could use some rain.

SHERIFF: We could, true 'nuff. But you don' wanna talk 'bout wedder.

MARGO: No, I don't.

Here's what I got: a series of murders for the last three months.

SHERIFF: Yep. MARGO: People torn apart. SHERIFF: Yep.

MARGO: Footprints around the bodies of a wolf. SHERIFF: Or large dog.

MARGO: Yeah, but...

SHERIFF: Wolf a better headline.

MARGO: Sells papers. SHERIFF: Figgered.

MARGO: Any suspects? SHERIFF: Nary a one.

MARGO: Think it's a curse of some kind?

SHERIFF: Don' believe in curses.

MARGO: I mean because they started digging in the old Indian mound.

SHERIFF: Dem Indians been dead f' about 1500 years.

MARGO: A curse is forever.

SHERIFF: I t'ought dat was a diamond.

MARGO: Sometimes they're the same thing. SHERIFF: I've heard dat.

CLOVIS: Rougarou! [MUSIC]

MARGO: What? CLOVIS: It Rougarou.

MARGO: What's a... SHERIFF: Cajun word.

MARGO: What's it in English, Sheriff?

SHERIFF: Well, Miz Mason, in English it'd be, werewolf.

CLOVIS: Dey open up d'burial mounds. Dey wake up da rougarou.

MARGO: A werewolf! That's an even better headline!

CLOVIS: Dey find rougarou in diggin'! Dey find! MARGO: What's he...

SHERIFF: Oh, dey dug up a skel'ton. Look lak a human body wid de had of a wolf.

MARGO: What!

SHERIFF: Jus' a prank by local boys.

MARGO: In a 1500 year old tomb? SHERIFF: Yeh.

MARGO: Those local boys are incredibly patient. [SFX - door opens]

HOMER PICARD: De sheriff here? ALBERT: In de cafe'.

HOMER: Sheriff! SHERIFF: Miz Mason, dis m' deppidy, Homer Picard.

MARGO: Hi. HOMER: Bonmaten, Miz Mason. Sheriff, dey got anuddeh body!


HOMER: Down da road. Crawfish trapper.

CLOVIS: Me, I seen it!

SHERIFF: Get a look for who done it, Clovis?

CLOVIS: Rougarou.

SHERIFF: Some witness you are. Who found 'im, Homer?

HOMER: Da archy-ologists. SHERIFF: Let's go.

MARGO: I'm going, too. SHERIFF: Come on den.

MARGO: I'll grab my camera! [MUSIC]

SHERIFF: Whatta we got here, Doc?

DOCTOR: Same t'ing as de udders. All tore up.

MARGO: Let me see. Ew. Well, that's not good. [SFX - camera shutter]

DOCTOR: I don't know dat you should be takin' pitchers.

MARGO: Most of 'em won't be in the newspaper, anyway.

DOCTOR: Well, dat's alright den. Say! What noospaper?

SHERIFF: Time of death? DOCTOR: Yestidday evenin'.

SHERIFF: Homer! HOMER: Yessir?

SHERIFF: Who found him? HOMER: Archy-ology folks. Meredit' ovah dere.

SHERIFF: Ah, Sure. Meredit' Simon. She stayin' ovah by de lodge. I go talk to her.

[SFX - walking through grass] MARGO: I'm coming, too.

[SFX - second set of footsteps] SHERIFF: Excuse me, Miz Simon?

MEREDITH SIMON: Hi, Sheriff. SHERIFF: Wonderif you can tell me.

MARGO: Who found the body? [SFX - camera shutter]

MEREDITH: I did. Well, and my colleague, sitting over there in the shade.

SHERIFF: I go see 'im 'n' be righ' bag.

MARGO: So you're an archaeologist?

MEREDITH: I am. It's a good job.

They pay us, feed us, and give us these keen coveralls.

MARGO: Stylish. MEREDITH: Thanks.

MARGO: Have you seen the skeleton?

MEREDITH: The one with a wolf head?

Sure. Sharp teeth, too. Cut my finger.

Oh, here comes my colleague. Bartholomew Weems.

MARGO: What! Weemsy! MEREDITH: You know him?

MARGO: Know him? Weemsy! WEEMS: Miss Mason!

MARGO: You found the body?

WEEMS: We did. He was a fisherman, trapping little, pinchy...

MEREDITH: Crawfish. WEEMS: Crab.

MEREDITH: Craw. WEEMS:Fish. Crabfish.

MEREDITH: Crawfish.

WEEMS: Lobster, thingies. MEREDITH: Crawfish.

WEEMS: His whole throat was, where his heart was, it, wasn't, and, oh...

I think I'm going to be sick again. I have to sit down. Is it hot in here?

MARGO: We're outside, Weemsy.

WEEMS: Is it hot out here? Could somebody open a...

MARGO: Wait a minute, if you're here, that means, Meredith, who's heading up this project?

MEREDITH: James Salton.

MARGO: Jimmy! Jimmy's in charge of this?

MEREDITH: You know him, too?

MARGO: I do. MEREDITH: Who are you? Wait a minute!

Mr. Weems called you "Miss Mason!" You're Margo Mason?

MARGO: For just years now.

MEREDITH: I've heard all about you! The thing with the zombies.

MARGO: Oh yeah. Wire services picked it up.

MEREDITH: And the Bathory murders!

MARGO: Pretty grisly actually.

WEEMS: General Spielsdorf's with us, too.

MARGO: The general? Well, the gang's all here! We're gonna have an adventure!


GENERAL: Ah, Mr. Weems, come sit with us. Clovis here is telling me about rougarous.

WEEMS: Oh my.

[SFX - chair scoot] GENERAL: A menu for Mr. Weems, Odette!

ODETTE: General needs a menu f'Mr. Weems! GEORGIE: Yes'm!

GENERAL: Continue with your story, please, Mr. Landry.

CLOVIS: Da rougarou start out as human, but toin t' rougarou when it git hit wit' da moonlight.

ALBERT: Don't dat give ya da free-zawns?

Clovis know everyt'ing dere is t' know 'bout rougarou.

CLOVIS: Full moon he for 'is most strong.

Only no moon be safe. No moon, no rougarou.

WEEMS: You don't believe any of this, do you, General?

GENERAL: Of course not, but isn't it fascinating?

Oral tradition, you know. Odette?

ODETTE: Yah, General.

GENERAL: How's the meatloaf tonight? ODETTE: Won't kill ya.

ALBERT: Me, I had it f' dinner. GENERAL: How was it, Albert?

ALBERT: Migh' kill ya. GEORGIE: Here de menu, Mister Weems.

WEEMS: Thank you. GEORGIE: But we only got meatloaf.

GENERAL: How come? GEORGIE: We didn' make nothin' else.

GENERAL: I'll have that and whiskey, then.

ALBERT: Da whiskey might help. Always help me.

GENERAL: A double.

GEORGIE: Yes sir!


MARGO: Hello, Chief? Margo. Naw, I'm in a phone booth at the inn. Sure, I'm making notes.

Got a new pen and notebook, remember? Just called the copy desk with the first story.

Naw, Mac's not here yet. We scooped him.

Oh, gotta go, things just heated up here in the cafe'. 'Bye!

[SFX - phone hang up] [MUSIC]

CLOVIS: Da rougarou have de body of man and head of wolf, an' he covered

wit' hair an' he prowl da swamps and de bayous f'hundrids o' years.

ALBERT: Rougarou really old, f'sure.

CLOVIS: Yeah, you rite.

GENERAL: And, Mr. Weems, you'll enjoy this.

WEEMS: I haven't enjoyed any of it so far.

GENERAL: The word "rougarou" comes from the French for werewolf.

WEEMS: Werewolf?

GENERAL: Loup garou, "Hairy man-creature." It became "rougarou" in the bayou.

In fact, the word bayou comes from the...

MEREDITH: May we join you? JIMMY SALTON: Are these seats taken?

GENERAL: Ah, Jim! Miss Simon! Sit down. Clovis, you know Jim Salton?

[SFX - chairs scoot] JIMMY: I know Clovis. Ya still talking about rougarous, Clovis?

WEEMS: Could you make him stop? GEORGIE: Here y' meatloaf, General.

[SFX - plate on table] ALBERT: Careful wid it.

GENERAL: Thank you, Georgie. GEORGIE: Y'all seen Homer tonigh'?

MEREDITH: The deputy? GEORGIE: Uh huh.

GENERAL: We haven't. GEORGIE: Oh. Well, mebbe he be by.

MEREDITH: Maybe. Fond of him, are you?

GEORGIE: Mebbe. Anyt'ing else f'anybody?

MEREDITH: No. Thanks. WEEMS: I'll wait.

JIMMY: Nothing for me. Thanks, Georgie.

GEORGIE: Sure. ODETTE: Here dat whiskey, General.

[SFX - whiskey on table] GENERAL: Just in time.

ALBERT: You tastid da meatloaf, huh?

GENERAL: I did. [SFX - door opens]

SHERIFF: Anybody t' home, or what?

HOMER: Hello? Bon-jou?

GEORGIE: Homer! HOMER: Hey, Georgie!

GEORGIE: Hey, Homer. JIMMY: Come in, sit down.

SHERIFF: T'anks. We have a little vay-yay'. Pull up that chair, Homer.

[SFX - chairs scoot] GEORGIE: You need anyt'ing, Homer?

HOMER: I'll take me a tuna sandwidj if y'still got tuna. GEORGIE: F'sure!

SHERIFF: I'll take me a... GEORGIE: Be righ' bag!

SHERIFF: y' can tell who rates around here.

JIMMY: Tell your story, Clovis. CLOVIS: You b'lieve in rougarou?

JIMMY: I don't. CLOVIS: Rougarou out dere. Wait f' you.

JIMMY: I plan to put up a fight. MEREDITH: He will, too.

JIMMY: I will. MEREDITH: He always does with rougarous.

JIMMY: Every time. MEREDITH: And he fights dirty.

JIMMY: Ask anybody. MEREDITH: Ask any rougarou.

CLOVIS: You have gun? Pistol? JIMMY: Sure.

[SFX gun slides from holster] JIMMY: Right here in the holster.

[SFX - hammer on gun] JIMMY: For alligators.

WEEMS: And snakes. JIMMY: And snakes.

WEEMS: I hate snakes. JIMMY: I know you do.

WEEMS: Should I have a gun? JIMMY, GENERAL, MEREDITH: No!

WEEMS: I'll be safer if I have one.

JIMMY: We'll be safer if you don't.

[SFX -chair slides] WEEMS: Fair point. MEREDITH: You tired, Mr. Weems.

WEEMS: I am. Too much excitement. I'm going to bed. Good night, everyone.

ALL: Goodnight, Mr. Weems, goodnight.

ALBERT: Still woikin' on dat meatloaf? GENERAL: Yes. it, it,there's a certain...

ALBERT: Best go git another whiskey.

[SFX - chair slides] GENERAL: Yes. I'll be right back.

GEORGIE: Here, Homer, y'sandwidj.

[SFX - plate on table] HOMER: T'anks, Georgie.

GEORGIE: I put in extra tuna. HOMER: T'anks.

GEORGIE: And I t'rew in some chips.

SHERIFF: Me, I could use a, oh, never mind.

[SFX - chair slides] SHERIFF: I'll git it myself.

GEORGIE: I better git back t' work.

HOMER: Sure, um, how 'bout I go sit up for da bar to eat. GEORGIE: Dat'd be swell.

[SFX - chair slides] HOMER: 'Scuse me.

CLOVIS: Here. F' you, Mister Jim. You take.

MEREDITH: What is it? JIMMY: Bullet. For a 45.

MEREDITH: Nice that he knew your size.

CLOVIS: Silver. Kill rougarou. Mais it ain't lak udder bullet, no.

Me, I keep it long time. Don' have gun. You have gun. Take da bullet.

ALBERT: Take da bullet, bra. CLOVIS: Put it in da gun.

JIMMY: All right, then. [SFX - putting bullet into gun] JIMMY: There.

CLOVIS: Good. Me, I go now. [SFX - chair slide] CLOVIS: Keep da gun close.

JIMMY: Guess now I'm ready for a werewolf. MARGO: Hiya, Jimmy!

JIMMY: It can't be. MEREDITH: I forgot to tell you.

MARGO: Surprised to see me? JIMMY: I would have preferred the werewolf.

MARGO: Nice talk. JIMMY: What are you doing here, Margo?

MARGO: Covering a story. MEREDITH: You interested in werewolves?

MARGO: Doing the research. JIMMY: Tracing your family tree?

MARGO: Swinging from yours?

JIMMY: What are you doin' here, Margo?

MARGO: I got your telegram. JIMMY: I never sent a telegram.

MARGO: Then you called. JIMMY: I didn't.

MARGO: You meant to. JIMMY: Never.

MARGO: What if I were the only other person on earth. JIMMY: Maybe then.

MARGO: See? Never say never. JIMMY: You're trouble, Margo.

MARGO: Why, Jimmy, what a thing to say!

MEREDITH: I take it you know each other.

JIMMY: She got me thrown out of the Vatican Library. MARGO: I was doing research.

JIMMY: You can't write in the margins. MARGO: It was just an old book.

JIMMY: It was a Gutenberg Bible. MARGO: I write in the margins of my Gideon Bible.

JIMMY: Not the same thing, Margo. MARGO: I've got a lot of them.

JIMMY: Sure. MARGO: I stay in a lot of hotels.

JIMMY: Sure you do. MARGO: I do.

JIMMY: Nobody wants you as a house guest.

MEREDITH: Oh, I see. You like each other.

JIMMY: You think I like her? MEREDITH: What do you think?

JIMMY: I like you. MEREDITH: As much as you like her?

JIMMY: I don't like her. MARGO: Oh, I see. You like each other.

JIMMY: We do? MEREDITH: He won't admit it.

JIMMY: Keepin' it light, kid. MEREDITH: Keepin' it light.

MARGO: Keepin' it light? MEREDITH: Something we say.

MARGO: Jimmy doesn't like me. JIMMY: I don't.

MARGO: And that "keepin' it light" thing?

MEREDITH: He says we're just good friends. MARGO: What do you say?

GENERAL: Ah, Miss Mason! MARGO: Hiya, General.

GENERAL: You're covering the murders? MARGO: And the werewolves.

[SFX - chair scoot] JIMMY: No such thing as werewolves.

GENERAL: Well, some of the locals believe that we brought

on the curse, and the murders will stop if we leave.

[SFX - door opens] MAC: Hello!

ALBERT: Ah, dere's our new guest. MARGO: It's Mac.

ALBERT: Coo! You know him? MARGO: I do.

MEREDITH: Old boyfriend? MARGO: Yes.

MEREDITH: Ah. MARGO: But he doesn't know it yet.

MEREDITH: Ew. ALBERT: He don' know he ya boyfriend?

MARGO: He doesn't know that he's old.

ALBERT: He don' look all dat old.

MEREDITH: She means he's not her boyfriend anymore, Albert, but she hasn't told him yet.

ALBERT: Oh. MARGO: And he tried to scoop me on this story, the rat.

ALBERT: But you tryin' to, hayacall, scoop him. MARGO: That's different.

ALBERT: Oh. I best go check him in. [SFX- chair slideĆ·}

MAC: Anybody? Hello?

ALBERT: I'm comin', I'm comin', podna. Me, I got somethin' not to tell ya.

MARGO: Meredith, General? MEREDITH: Mum's the word.

GENERAL: I'll avoid him. [SFX - chair scoot]

GENERAL: Starting now. Goodnight, all. EVERYONE: Goodnight.

MARGO: How about you, Jimmy? JIMMY: I won't talk to 'im. I don't even wanna talk to you.

MARGO: Thanks. JIMMY: Don't mention it.

MARGO: I tried to break it off. He wouldn't let me talk. JIMMY: Is that even possible?

MEREDITH: Here he comes. MAC: What do I have to do to get a drink around here?

ODETTE: Wha' ya want? MAC: Beer?

ODETTE: Twenty cents. MAC: Sold.

ODETTE: Comin' up. MAC: All right then. Margo!

MARGO: You lied to me. MAC: Well, I thought this should be my story.

MARGO: Because? MAC: Maybe I have ancestors from around here, somewhere, maybe.

MARGO: So that entitles you to the story I've been working on for weeks?

MAC: Well, I... MARGO: Mac, I don't think you and I are.

[SFX - bottle hits table] ODETTE: There ya go, dawlin'. Beer.

MAC: Thanks. ODETTE: Twenty cents.

MAC: Here, and the extra penny's for you. [SFX - clink of coins]

ODETTE: I'll buy a car. MAC: I don't think she likes me.

JIMMY: Seems to be goin' around. MAC: Margo likes me. I gave her that pen and leather note pad.

MARGO: My name's spelled wrong. MAC: Who's gonna notice?

MARGO: I notice. That should count.

MAC: I'm beginning to get the feeling you don't like me, either.

MARGO: There's always Meredith. MEREDITH: I take in lost dogs, too.

JIMMY: She does. MAC: Woof. Maybe I could buy you a drink, Meredith.

MEREDITH: Maybe. MAC: What will you... MEREDITH: And maybe not.

[SFX - chair scoot] MEREDITH: I think I'll go to my room now.

[SFX - chair scoot] JIMMY: Me too.

MARGO: Her room? JIMMY: Mine.

MARGO: Adjoining? JIMMY: Opposite ends of the hall.

MARGO: Walk softly. Mine's in the middle. MEREDITH: Goodnight, Margo.

MARGO: Night! MAC: Guess I'll go, too. Unless you and I...

MARGO: Goodnight Mac. [SFX - chair scoot]

MAC: I'm in cabin five, you know, in case you... MARGO: I'm already gone.

ODETTE: Finish yoah beer and we can all go to bed. MAC: You got it. And...

[SFX - mug hits table] MAC: Done.

[SFX - chair scoot] MAC: Cabin five?

ODETTE: Out da door, to da right, count to five.

MAC: Say, where does a guy go to get some female companionship around here?

ODETTE: Up da highway 'bout 200 miles nort'. MAC: Anything closer?

ODETTE: No place dat'd have ya, no. MAC: Oh. [SFX - footsteps]

MAC: Ah, the romance of the newspaper reporter traveling to exotic locations.

SFX - door opens] MAC: Like cabin five. [SFX - door closes]

[MUSIC] MARGO: Good morning, Odette! ODETTE: Bonmaten, Manzel Mason!

SHERIFF: Come vay-yay' for dis table wid me 'n' Albert. MARGO: Thanks, Sheriff.

ALBERT: Take dis chair. [SFX - chair scoot]

GEORGIE: Morning, Manzel Mason. Coffee or what?

MARGO: Yes, coffee, thanks Georgie. GEORGIE: Reg'lar?

MARGO: Why, no. Black. GEORGIE: No cream and sugar?

MARGO: No. GEORGIE: Coo! How can she drink it dat way, Sher'ff?

SHERIFF: Way some folks drink it up nort', Georgie. GEORGIE: Don' mean it's right.

GENERAL: Good morning all! MARGO: Morning, General!

GEORGIE: Brea'fas'? GENERAL: Coffee for now.

GEORGIE: Wit' lots o' cream 'n' sugar. GENERAL: Yes. Regular.

GEORGIE: Civilized. Be righ' bag. [SFX - Georgie retreating]

MARGO: Sit here, with us, General. ALBERT: We got room.

[SFX - chair scoot]

MARGO: I'd like to see that werewolf skeleton. GENERAL: Oh! Well now.

MARGO: Skull as old as the rest of the skeleton? GENERAL: Well yes, but

MARGO: See, General, to me that means werewolf.

GENERAL: Really, Miss Mason, I...

MARGO: Ockham's Razor, General. The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

Skull with skeleton. Same age. Ergo: werewolf.

People being torn apart. Ergo: werewolf.

GENERAL: Rougarou. MARGO: Ipso facto.

MEREDITH: Morning all! SHERIFF: Morning!

JIMMY: Oh, Margo's still here. MARGO: Don't let it ruin your day.

JIMMY: Already has. MARGO: And the day's so young, too.

SHERIFF: Dey got history? GENERAL: They do.

MARGO: I rain on all his parades.

ALBERT: We could use us some rain.

GEORGIE: Here y'are, General, coffee. Reg'lar.

[SFX - cup and saucer] GENERAL: Thank you.

GEORGIE: And your coffee. [SFX - Cup and saucer]

GEORGIE: Black, Miz Mason. MARGO: Thanks.

GEORGIE: Sure. Anyt'ing f' anybody else, or what?

JIMMY: Just coffee for us right now.


GEORGIE: May la! How can you folks drink it dat way?

WEEMS: Good morning! ALL: Good morning, Mr. Weems.

GEORGIE: What c'n I get f' you, Misteh Weems?

WEEMS: Shirred eggs. GEORGIE: No. WEEMS: Quiche Loraine.

GEORGIE: No. WEEMS: Eggs en cocotte. GEORGIE: No.

WEEMS: Eggs Benedict. GEORGIE: No. WEEMS: Crepes.

GEORGIE: No. WEEMS: Pancakes, then. GEORGIE: Right. Pancakes.

WEEMS: Make them really thin. GEORGIE: Really thin.

WEEMS: And, do you have any preserves or fruit or...

GEORGIE: Got scuppernong preserves. WEEMS: Scu, .um, what's that?

GEORGIE: A kinda grape. WEEMS: Sour cream? GEORGIE: Some turned, yeah.

WEEMS: Good. Put the preserves on the thin pancakes with the sour cream, fold it up.

GEORGIE: Den what? WEEMS: I'll eat it.

GEORGIE: Aw, you mus' be awful hungry. I'm sorry we didn't have dem creep t'ings, Mr. Weems.

WEEMS: I'll soldier on. GEORGIE: Good f' you! Be righ' bag.

WEEMS: And tea! MARGO: So, can I see the dig, General?

GENERAL: Of course. This evening, after the crew has gone.

MARGO: Good. Meanwhile, Albert, could you introduce me to some people in town?

ALBERT: F'sure, Miz Mason. JIMMY: There's nothing to see at the dig.

MARGO: I'm trained to look for things. JIMMY: So am I.

MARGO: I look for different things. Like a detective.

MEREDITH: Like Sherlock Holmes? MARGO: Sure, but less socially off-putting.

JIMMY: Oh, I don't know...

MARGO: For instance, I couldn't sleep last night, so I knocked on Meredith's door,

but she never answered. Elementary, Watson.

GEORGIE: Here y'coffee. [SFX - coffee cup on table top]

JIMMY & MEREDITH: Thanks. GEORGIE: An' cream 'n' sugah... [SFX - cream and sugar on table]

GEORGIE: Jus' in case. [SFX - door opens] MAC: Anybody here yet?

MEREDITH: Over here, in the cafe'. [SFX - door closes]

MAC: Okay. Lemme sit down then.

SHERIFF: You all tore up, Mr. McCue.

MARGO: You're bleeding! MAC: Yeah, thanks for carin'.

GENERAL: Georgie, get Odette's first aid kit behind the bar.

MAC: And some coffee. Four creams, five sugars.

GEORGIE: Yes suh! Now dat's coffee de righ' way. ALBERT: What happen'?

MAC: I don't know. I left here last night and woke up this morning at the bottom

of a ravine. Maybe I fell. Maybe I got bushwhacked.

WEEMS: Maybe it was the murderer? ALBERT: Or da rougarou.

WEEMS: (screams) Don't do that! ALBERT: Do what?

WEEMS: Scream like that. MARGO: That was you. WEEMS: Oh.

GEORGIE: Here da coffee. Four cream, five sugah. Regulah.

MAC: Thanks. ODETTE: I got the first aid kit. What's goin' on?

MEREDITH: Mr. McCue got hurt last night.

ODETTE: Oh, I'm sorry. Me, I feel bad now f' chargin' double f' dat beer.

MAC: Um, thanks. JIMMY: Scratches and cuts. GENERAL: Mm.

[SFX - door burst open & footsteps] HOMER: Sheriff! Sheriff, ya gotta come quick.

SHERIFF: Dis bustin' in on breakfas' is gettin' t'be

a habit wit' you, Homer. What's goin' on?

GEORGIE: Homer! What d' matteh? HOMER: Dey foun' anudder body. [MUSIC]

HOMER: Ripped to pieces! GEORGIE: No!

ODETTE: Who? HOMER: We t'ink it old Clovis.

MARGO: You think it is? HOMER: Mais, he, he kinda tore up.

SHERIFF: Where? HOMER: Down da baya. 'Bout a mile.

MAC: That's where I was. Coulda killed me, too. GEORGIE: Coo!

ALBERT: Could be dey tried. ODETTE: Migh' 'esplain y' accident.

ALBERT: Fallin' into dat ravine mebbe saved ye. MAC: Saved me from what?

ALBERT: Rougarou. WEEMS: Who scr...?

MARGO: That was you again, Weemsie.

WEEMS: Oh. MAC: Werewolf?!

WEEMS: I need to stop that. MAC: Holy! I claim the story!

MARGO: I already claimed it!

JIMMY: No such thing as werewolves.

MEREDITH: Somebody's trying to shut us down.

MARGO: Somebody's mad. JIMMY: Somebody's always mad.

MARGO: Lots of times it's you. JIMMY: Yeah, that's fair.

MARGO: What's different about this dig?

JIMMY: Nothin'. The usual warnin's about curses. Y'always get those.

SHERIFF: Binlookin' for a connection to tie it all together.

Me, I even paid a visit on the old swamp witch.

ODETTE: She send her boy here sometimes f' supplies.

MARGO: I need to look around that excavation.

JIMMY: There's nothing to see. MARGO: I'm a reporter.

JIMMY: Is that supposed to be a good thing?

MARGO: The pen is mightier than the sword.

JIMMY: I'd rather have the sword. MARGO: I know.

JIMMY: Or a 45. MARGO: I know.

MEREDITH: Works better for alligators. MARGO: Or werewolves.

[SFX - Weems screams] JIMMY: No such thing as werewolves.

WEEMS: (screams) Sorry, sorry. MARGO: Sheriff, you mentioned a swamp witch?

SHERIFF: Hattie Laveau. Live inna shack in de bayou wit' her son.

MARGO: Her son? ODETTE: Henri'. Simple kid.

ALBERT: He a good boy, dough. SHERIFF: Me, I gotta go. Homer!

[SFX - chair scoot] HOMER: Jes' a minute.

SHERIFF: Meetcha outside. 'Bye, all. ALL: Goodbye, Sheriff.

MARGO: General, maybe tonight we could drop in on Hattie Laveau, too.

GENERAL: Of course. MARGO: Anybody else want to go?

ALBERT: I gotta do some sweepin' 'n' dustin' to do.

ODETTE: Don't look for me, sha, I just make sandwidjes 'n' serve likkah.

I'll have somet'in' ready when y'come back.

GEORGIE: An' I need to go home afteh work.

HOMER: I'll come bag tonight and walk y'home.

GEORGIE: Aw, thanks, Homer, meh-see.

HOMER: F'sure. GEORGIE: I'll feel so safe. Yeah.

JIMMY: You're wastin' your time, Margo.

MARGO: No such thing as werewolves? JIMMY: Exactly.

MARGO: But what if there were? JIMMY: It's the bunk!

MARGO: Looks like it's just me and the General.. MAC: And me.

MARGO: Fine. The General and me and Mac out to the swamp

witch's shack after dark. Oh, and Weemsie. WEEMS: [screams]

[MUSIC] [SFX - Jeep engine] MAC: Is it much farther?

GENERAL: Not much. MAC: I'm hungry.

GENERAL: We just had dinner. WEEMS: It's getting dark.

MARGO: Moon will be up soon. WEEMS: Somehow that's no comfort.

MAC: You're safe with us. WEEMS: What if something tries to kill me?

MAC: It won't. WEEMS: What if the suspense kills me?

MAC: What suspense? WEEMS: Worrying about something killing me. Scared myself again.

MARGO: You've been in danger before, Weemsy.

WEEMS: But it's never been a goal. GENERAL: Here we are.

[SFX - Jeep slows, brakes squeak, stops]

GENERAL: We'll have to walk a bit. A little wet. Not too bad.

[SFX - door opens and closes] GENERAL: Follow me. And watch for snakes.

WEEMS: Snakes! GENERAL: And alligators.

WEEMS: Alligators! [SFX - walking through wet land] [MUSIC]

MARGO: Don't step in that hole, Weemsy.

WEEMS: It's not my plan, Miss Mason.

GENERAL: There's her shack. Just through that stand of cypress.

MARGO: Come on. MAC: Right behind you.

WEEMS: Could I go wait in the... MARGO: No.

[SFX - wind chimes] WEEMS: Look at all the hangy-down-tinkly things.

GENERAL: Amulets and charms hanging from the porch roof for protection.

WEEMS: From what? GENERAL: Evil spirits.

WEEMS: May I go home now? MARGO: No.

WEEMS: I was afraid of that. MARGO: Hm. Thick fog rolling in.

[SFX - footsteps & rustling of brush] MAC: Somebody on the porch.

HENRI: Who you? [MUSIC]

HENRI: Dis ain't yer place. You ain't s'pos' t'be here.

GENERAL: We've got money for your mother, Henri.

HENRI: Okay. You got money. So then me, I get Mama.

[SFX - screen door opens, bangs shut] HENRI: Mamaaaa!

GENERAL: What do you hope to learn here, Miss Mason?

MARGO: Just backgrounding, General. MAC: For our stories.

MARGO: For my story. MAC: For her story.

[SFX - screen door opens, bangs shut] HENRI: Here dey is, Mama.

HATTIE: What you come ova by here for? MARGO: Information.

HATTIE: You got money, den? MARGO: We do.

HATTIE: Come on podg, den. Sit. [SFX - chair scoot]

HATTIE: Talk. MARGO: Thanks. [SFX - feet on steps]

HATTIE: All de res', stan' down dere.

MAC: That's fine by me. Your decorations make me nervous. I'm gonna go sit in the jeep.

WEEMS: Could I, perhaps, go sit in... MARGO: No.

WEEMS: Okay. HATTIE: You have money f' dis talk or what?

GENERAL: Give her the money. MARGO: Here.

HATTIE: Hmf. Mudg money. MARGO: I'm hoping for much talk.

HATTIE: Sit, Henri'. Help wit' talk. HENRI: 'K.

[MUSIC] HATTIE: What you wan' t' know?

GENERAL: She wants to know about the rougarou.

HENRI: Rougarou! Bad! MARGO: You see the rougarou, Henri?

HENRI: Last night, and nights b'foh. MARGO: Why does he come?

HATTIE: To punish dose who break laws. MARGO: Break laws how?

HATTIE: Not honor de spirits, not let de dead sleep.

WEEMS: Catch me if I faint? MARGO: Sure.

HATTIE: Sometime de rougarou don' kill. Sometimes make udder rougarou from de blood.

MARGO: How do we stop it? HATTIE: Wit' gris-gris.

MARGO: Gris-gris? GENERAL: A small bag of herbs worn like an amulet.

HATTIE: Rougarou may not harm bearer of gris-gris.

MARGO: Hattie, how do you kill a rougarou?

HATTIE: Knife wit' silver blade t'rough heart. MARGO: Or a bullet?

HATTIE: Bullet of silver, too. MARGO: Clovis's bullet.

HATTIE: Kill rougarou. Den burn body, so he not come back from deat'.

MARGO: I didn't know you could come back from that.

HENRI: Rougarou real. Momma say. Rougarou real. Henri' see rougarou! He real!

HATTIE: Go sit in de kitchen now, Henri'.

HENRI: 'K. Go sit in de kitchen now, Henri'.

MARGO: If it's real, Jimmy could kill it with that bullet.

[SFX - bushes rustle] MAC: What a story!

[SFX - Weems makes sound] MAC: Take it easy.

WEEMS: It's only me down here in the brush.

GENERAL: Thought you were going back to the jeep.

MAC: Got bored. Figured the fog would hide me while I eavesdropped.

MARGO: Still my scoop. MAC: Fine.

MARGO: I gotta see that dig, General.

GENERAL: It's directly across the bayou from here.

MARGO: Miz Laveau, do you have a boat?

HATTIE: 'Course I got boat. Got pee'-roge. Everybody got a pee'roge.

MARGO: What's a pee-roge? GENERAL: A flat-bottomed canoe.

MARGO: Can we buy it? HATTIE: Can ren' it. 'Long wid Henri'. Dat way we get it back.

MARGO: Fine. HATTIE: In case you dead.

WEEMS: What?! HATTIE: I go, too. Money now. Hattie take no chances, no.

MARGO: How much? HATTIE: Fi' dollah. MAC: I'll chip in.

MARGO: My story, my money. [SFX - crumpling bills] MARGO: Here.

GENERAL: I'll take the jeep around the long way.

MARGO: Weemsy, you're with me. I need a strong man.

WEEMS: Oh. Well. MARGO: In case of werewolves. WEEMS: (squeaks)

MAC: I'll go with you. MARGO: No. General, you take Mac.

GENERAL: Come along, Mister McCue.

MAC: When did you stop trusting me? MARGO: When did I start?

GENERAL: Mister McCue? MAC: Coming! I'm coming!

[SFX - engine starts, pulls away under] MARGO: Now where's that boat?

HATTIE: Down foah de wahteh. Henri'! HENRI: Mama?

HATTIE: Come ta help me row de pee'roge. HENRI: I comin', Mama!

[MUSIC] [SFX - paddles in water]

WEEMS: Sure is dark. MARGO: Foggy. How can Henri tell which way to go?

HATTIE: For de moon. HENRI: 'Cuz it full moon. Dat be enough.

WEEMS: It is restful, though, I must admit. Just let your hand dangle in the...

[SFX - sudden roar and churning water - MUSIC] WEEMS: (screaming)

MARGO: Alligator! Alligator's got him!

HATTIE: Let go y' moodee critter! Gonna tip de boat, alligator! Go 'way!

MARGO: Gimme that paddle! Let! Him! Go! [SFX - hitting alligator]

WEEMS: He's got me! He's got me! HATTIE: Go!

[SFX - splashing stop] WEEMS: He bit it off! MARGO: Your hand?

WEEMS: He bit it off! MARGO: Your hand? WEEMS: My flashlight!

MARGO: What? WEEMS: Look at this. He bit off the whole front end! Oh no! My watch is gone, too!

HATTIE: Keep de han's in de pee'-roge. We almos' dere.

WEEMS: I miss that flashlight. MARGO: We'll buy you a new one.

WEEMS: I miss that watch. MARGO: It was just a watch.

WEEMS: It was engraved. MARGO: The watch? WEEMS: The flashlight.

HATTIE: Here we be. [SFX - pulls boat out of water] MARGO: Come on, then.

HENRI: I, I ain't comin'ova by dere. I be stayin' here.

HATTIE: Henri' don' lak dis place. MARGO: You comin', Madam Laveau?

HATTIE: Only a ways. It got a coise. WEEMS: Let's go back. [SFX - footsteps stop]

MARGO: No. What kind of curse? [SFX - footsteps continue] HATTIE: Rougarou be coise.

[SFX - rustling brush] MARGO: Have you seen the rougarou?

HATTIE: Hattie don' mess wit' rougarou, rougarou don' messwit' Hattie. So Hattie stop here.

MARGO: All right. We'll meet you back at the boat. HATTIE: Wait. Here.

MARGO: A necklace? HATTIE: It gris-gris. Protec' you from rougarou.

WEEMS: Do I get one, too? HATTIE: You stick wit' lady. Gris-gris protec'.

MARGO: Besides, now I've got the only flashlight. WEEMS: Yeah, I'm with you. MARGO: Good.

WEEMS: Let's hold hands. MARGO: No. WEEMS: Okay.

MARGO: Wait for us, Hattie. HATTIE: Gris-gris protec'.

MARGO: Come on, Weemsy, show me around the dig. [SFX - footsteps through brush]

WEEMS: Very well then. WEEMS: It's just over this rise. MARGO: Oh, good.

WEEMS: Watch your step. MARGO: I see it.

WEEMS: Here we are. Crew's gone home. There's the main tent. Crated artifacts there under the awning.

MARGO: Where's the skeleton with the wolf head?

WEEMS: Over here in this crate. MARGO: Hand me that crowbar. [SFX - nails whine, boards fall]

MARGO: There. What's this? [SFX - rustling] WEEMS: Excelsior.

MARGO: There in the twilight cold and gray, lifeless but beautiful he lay.

[SFX - rustling stops] MARGO: Excelsior. WEEMS: What?

MARGO: Longfellow. WEEMS: Yes. He was over seven feet tall.

MARGO: (gasp) It is a werewolf. [MUSIC]

WEEMS: There's no such thing as werewolves. [SFX - tympani sounds]

MARGO: Did you hear that? WEEMS: What?

MARGO: It's gone now. What's that over behind the crates?

WEEMS: It's a knapsack. MARGO: What's in it? [SFX - rustling of canvas]

WEEMS: Somebody's coveralls. From the university. We all have them.

MARGO: Wonder what they're doing back here.

WEEMS: May we go back to the boat now? MARGO: Yes. WEEMS: Good.

[SFX - footsteps in brush] MARGO: Hey, not so fast!

WEEMS: I'm just not much for adventure, Miss Mason. MARGO: No, you're not. I just, hey, where's the boat?

WEEMS: It's gone! MARGO: I don't believe this!

WEEMS: Maybe we're not in the right place. Maybe it's farther along the bank. Maybe...

MARGO: You'll get lost in the fog! Weems! Can you hear me? I'm going back up the hill to the dig.

[SFX - footsteps; brush cracks] MARGO: He doesn't even have a flashlight. He's liable to...

[SFX - distant wolf howl] [MUSIC]

MARGO: Well, that's not good. Weems! [SFX - footsteps]

MARGO: Okay, now if I just stay here everybody will...

[SFX - heavy steps in shallow water] [MUSIC]

MARGO: That you, Weemsy? [SFX - splash in the water]

MARGO: (laughs) Watch your step! It's dark there in the trees.

You can dry out when we get back! Weemsy? Come on out.

WEEMS: How did you know I was here? MARGO: What? Wait, I thought you were over there!

WEEMS: I don't think so. MARGO: But I... [MUSIC] [SFX - Jeep engine fades in]

WEEMS: There's General Spielsdorf! GENERAL: Mr. Weems, Miss Mason!

MARGO: Where's Mac? GENERAL: I left him back there. Said he wanted to nose around. Seemed anxious.

MARGO: Dang, he's onto something!

GENERAL: Get in. We'll go back to the lodge.

MARGO: Hey, Weemsy... WEEMS: Uh huh.

MARGO: How'd you get all the way across the clearing just now in about five seconds?

WEEMS: Huh? MARGO: You know, when you fell in the water.

WEEMS: Huh? MARGO: (gasp) You're not wet! [MUSIC]

[SFX - crickets, frogs] GEORGIE: Awful nice of you to walk me ova by my place, Homer.

HOMER: I'm happy t'do it, Georgie. You shouldn' be walkin' home alone.

GEORGIE: You make me feel safe. How many girls git a armed depitty t' walk dem home.

HOMER: You de only one. ALL: (laughs) GEORGIE: It a nice night, Homer.

HOMER: Yeh. Fog clearin'. Jes' down by ground level now. GEORGIE: Can see de stars.

HOMER: And da moon. GEORGIE: Isn' it romantic, Homer?

HOMER: It is. Georgie, Would GEORGIE: Yes, Homer?

HOMER: Me, I wonder if mebbe you'd let me kiss you. Jes' a little.

GEORGIE: I would really lak dat, Homer, yeah.

HOMER: A...all right den.

HOMER: Dat was really nice, Georgie. GEORGIE: I lak'd it. Yeah.

HOMER: It was good good. GEORGIE: I been hopin' for it. HOMER: Y' have?

GEORGIE: Yes. HOMER: Mais! Um, me too. GEORGIE: Could we, do it again?

HOMER: F'sure. GEORGIE: I been hoping dat... [MUSIC]

[SFX - rustling] HOMER: What dat?

GEORGIE: It over dere, in de bushes. [SFX - rustling]

HOMER: Get behin' me, Georgie. Who dere? [SFX - gun hammer clicks]

HOMER: I'm warnin' ya! I got a gun! [SFX - growling]

HOMER: Come out wid your ha, wid your...

[SFX - explosion of bushes & growling and roaring] [MUSIC]

GEORGIE: Gahlee! HOMER: Run, Georgie! Run!! BOTH: (scream)

[SFX - snarling, growling & gunshots & howl] [MUSIC]

MARGO: Morning, Albert! ALBERT: Mornin', Manzel! General down in de cafe?

MARGO: How about Jimmy and Meredith? ALBERT: Haven' seen 'em.

MARGO: Surprise, surprise. ALBERT: (guffaws) MARGO: Hey, Odette!

ODETTE: Mornin', sha! Coffee widout anyt'ing?

MARGO: You got it. Where's Georgie? ODETTE: She late.

MARGO: Morning, General. GENERAL: Miss Mason. Sit down.

[SFX - chair scoot] GENERAL: I'll buy your breakfast.

MARGO: Well then, Odette! ODETTE: Yes'm? MARGO: Bring the expensive menu.

ODETTE: (laughing) Comin' right up, dawlin'.

GENERAL: Find anything interesting last night, Miss Mason?

MARGO: Something interesting found us, General.

That wasn't Weems I heard splashing around in the trees.

ALBERT: Mebbe it were da rougarou?

MARGO: I saw that skeleton, General.

GENERAL: It is not what it seems. We're sending it back to the university.

Professor Saladin will clean it and...

MARGO: And what happens if your Professor Saladin finds that it is what it seems?

GENERAL: The articulation between the facets and condyles wouldn't work.

It wouldn't be able to look down, it would be looking straight up all the time.

ALBERT: Unless, mebbe it de skeleton of de rougarou!

GENERAL: There's no such creature!

MARGO: People didn't believe in the panda until the 1800's. GENERAL: This is 1940.

MARGO: We thought the Komodo dragon was a myth until 20 years ago.

GENERAL: It would violate everything we know about nature.

MARGO: Like the platypus! A mammal that lays eggs.

GENERAL: The platypus is an anomaly...

MARGO: The rougarou is an anomaly. GENERAL: Miss Mason...

ODETTE: Here's y' coffee, sha. [SFX - sits cup on table] MARGO: Thanks, Odetee.

General, I think I need to go down into that cave you've excavated.

ALBERT: Oh, dem caves ain't safe, 'cuz dy gottem too close to de salt domes!

GENERAL: Quite right, Albert. MARGO: What are salt domes?

GENERAL: Well, when the continents were forming, large deposits of salt beneath

the surface of the earth moved upward creating caverns, full of salt and oil.

MARGO: Oil? GENERAL: They're very unstable. [SFX - door opens]

SHERIFF: Odette! ALBERT: Howdy Sheriff.

SHERIFF: Say, Ol' Mizz Daigle was in dis mornin' lookin' f'you.

ODETTE: Tha's right. Somebody stole her husband's clothes off da line last night.

SHERIFF: Me, I got a feelin' dat can wait.

ODETTE: What's de matteh, Sheriff? SHERIFF: Best sit down, Odette.

[SFX - chair scoot] ODETTE: You' scarin' me.

SHERIFF: My depitty was moidered las' night.

ODETTE: F'true?! Oh no!

SHERIFF: And, um, and Georgie was wid 'im... ODETTE: Is she...?

SHERIFF: She gone, too, Odette. Got 'em bot'.

ODETTE: Oh! (weeps) 'Scuse me, I gotta, gotta...

GENERAL: I'll go see to her. Excuse me. SHERIFF: O' course.

[SFX - chair scoots] MARGO: Any clues, Sheriff?

SHERIFF: We're questionin' a suspec'. MARGO: Who?

SHERIFF: Hattie Laveau's boy Henri'. Dey found 'im wid da bodies.

MARGO: You think he did it? SHERIFF: Oh, he big enough to take on two people.

ALBERT: Henri' ain' got dat kind o' meanness in 'im.

MARGO: Unless he's a werewolf. How were they killed?

SHERIFF: Tore to pieces. ALBERT: You gonna 'rest Henri?

SHERIFF: Me, I f'sure wanna arrest somebody. I just don' t'ink he done it.

Dang. I lak'd dose kids. MARGO: Me too.

SHERIFF: And I t'ink dey was fixin' to really lak each udder, too.

[SFX - door opens, closes] ALBERT: Dey was sweet t'geddeh.

MAC: Hey, can a man get some breakfast? SHERIFF: Sit down, Mister McCue.

MARGO: What are you wearing? MAC: Like it? Thought I'd go native as long as I'm down here.

MARGO: Walk home last night? MAC: You left without me.

ALBERT: Georgie 'n' Homer wuz kilt las' nigh',

MAC: Killed? By the... MARGO: Yes.

MAC: Holy cow! SHERIFF: You see anyt'ing unusual, Mr. McCue?

MAC: I got home pretty late, but I didn't see anything.

ALBERT: I clean de rooms dis mornin', Mister Mac, your bed weren't slep' in.

MAC: Fell asleep in the rocking chair.

ALBERT: Dat ol' rocker ain't comf't'ble nohow. MAC: No, it's not.

ALBERT: You a better man dan I am. MAC: Well sure.

ALBERT: Miz Simon's bed, she were made, but Mr. Jim's weren't.

MARGO: Doesn't surprise me. [SFX - door opens] ALBERT: Dey wasn' even dere.

MEREDITH: Who wasn't? MARGO: You weren't.

MEREDITH: I got up early, made my bed and took a walk. JIMMY: We just got back.

MARGO: How about you, Jimmy, did you make her bed? JIMMY: Took a walk.

MEREDITH: We ran into each other and came back together.

MAC: Surprised I didn't see you people out there.

JIMMY: So am I. Where were you?

MAC: I was gonna ask you the same question.

MEREDITH: Well, there's a lot of the outside, outside. JIMMY: There is.

MAC: She's right. JIMMY: She's good, too. MEREDITH: Maybe not good.

JIMMY: Oh, you're good. MEREDITH: I had a good teacher.

MAC: You two should go on the road. MEREDITH: Which is outside.

JIMMY: It is. MEREDITH: And larger.

MARGO: Georgie was killed last night. MEREDITH: What! Oh no!

ALBERT: An' Homer. MARGO: Werewolf.

JIMMY: No such thing as werewolves.

SHERIFF: We're questioning a suspect. JIMMY: Who?

SHERIFF: Henri Laveau. JIMMY: Hattie's kid?

ALBERT: Henri's a good boy! He wouldn't hurt nobody.

SHERIFF: He de only lead we got Albert. Mais, better get ova for de jail.

MARGO: I'll go with you. MAC: Me too. MARGO: It's my story Mac.

MAC: Okay, okay, but after you break it, I want a shot at it.

MARGO: Yeah. Sure. Let's go. [MUSIC]

[SFX - door open] SHERIFF: Here we are.

MAC: Nice, jail y'got here. [SFX - close door] SHERIFF: Merci.

MAC: Got some, coffee? SHERIFF: Front room. [SFX - door open]

MAC: Be right back. MARGO: I'll have a... [SFX - door slams]

SHERIFF: Isn't he your, boyfriend? MARGO: Not for awhile now.

SHERIFF: Sit down, Miz Mason. MARGO: Thanks.

[SFX - chair scoot] SHERIFF: Well, lemme go get 'em. Be righ' back.

MARGO: Sure. [SFX - door opens, closes & opens]

MAC: Anything happen while I was...

MARGO: What do you have there? MAC: Coffee.

MARGO: Where's mine? MAC: Oh, you want coffee, Margo?

MARGO: Why in the world would I want coffee? MAC: Right. I'll, be back.

[SFX - door closes & opens] SHERIFF: Henri', Miz Laveau, y'all remember Miz Mason.

HATTIE: I 'member. Di'n't mean to leave ya.

Henri' got scairt 'n' run off, so me, I took de pee'rogue along da bank to find 'im.

MARGO: Did you find him? HATTIE: He come home in da mornin'.

SHERIFF: You jus' got more information out o' her dan I ever got.

MARGO: Like what? SHERIFF: He wasn't home till mornin'.

MARGO: Hello, Henri'. HENRI: Bon-jou, man-zel.. [SFX - chair scoots]

MARGO: They tell me they found you with Homer and Georgie. HENRI: Yes'm, dey was dead.

MARGO: You got blood all over your shirt there, Henri'.

HENRI: Yes'm. Me, I binhavin' it on my hands, too, but I washed up.

HATTIE: Da boy ain't done nothin'.

SHERIFF: Do you remember what you did last night, Henri'?

HENRI: I, I t'ink mebbe I fall t'sleep. I forget.

MARGO: Do you forget things a lot, Henri'? HENRI: Sometimes I do.

MARGO: Do you remember when I came to visit? HENRI: I t'ink so.

MARGO: You remember, your mother... [SFX - door opens]

MARGO: gave me this gris-gris. MAC: Here's your coffee!

HENRI: Aaaugh! No! No! Keep away! Keep away! [MUSIC]

[SFX - chairs tip over] SHERIFF: Maybe you'd better take that thing away.

Come on, Henri! Back in your cell! HATTIE: Henri'! Henri'!

MARGO: Yeah, yeah, okay, okay. Come on, Mac. [SFX - door closes]

MAC: He didn't seem to like it when you took out that, necklace thing.

MARGO: The gris-gris. Yeah. But I got it from Hattie.

MAC: Maybe she was trying to protect you from him. [SFX - door opens]

SHERIFF: I put 'im bag in 'is cell. [SFX - door closes]

MARGO: I showed him the gris-gris his mother gave me.

SHERIFF: Dat might set 'im off if he t'ought he was da rougarou.

MARGO: You believe in any of this stuff?

SHERIFF: Don't matter. Boo-koo people here b'lieve it. [SFX - door opens]

MARGO: Miss Laveau! How's Henri?

HATTIE: He calm now. He got scairt. [SFX - door closes]

MARGO: Seemed like it was the gris-gris.

HATTIE: But Henri' know gris-gris, dough. Growed up watchin he mama make gris-gris.

MARGO: Maybe I shouldn't wear it.

HATTIE: No! You wear! It protec' you! Keep close close. All time.

Sherrf, you gon' keep my boy here or what? He din' do nothin'.

SHERIFF: Have to keep 'im awhile, Hattie, I'm sorry.

HATTIE: Gon' go bag and sit wid 'im a spell. SHERIFF: Dat'll be fine.

[SFX - door opens, closes] MARGO: I feel sorry for her.

SHERIFF: Especially if she b'lieve her boy a rougarou. MAC: You think she does?

SHERIFF: She sho t'ink sumpin'. She tell me he see t'ings even she don' see.

Said he have a gif' dat way. [SFX - glass breaking] [MUSIC] MAC: What's that?

SHERIFF: Dat's de bag winda! And m' keys are gone! Hattie breakin' 'er boy out!

[SFX - banging on door] SHERIFF: And she lock de door!

MAC: Let me go out the front and around back, I can...

SHERIFF: Too late! By now dey slipped into dat swamp faster'n a snake on ice.

MARGO: So now, you...

SHERIFF: Me, I gotta roun' up a posse. You go get da lodge people organized.

We'll head f' duh swamp from dis side, y'all from dat side, and

we catdjh 'em in duh middle. Hurry, we gots no time t'waste. [MUSIC]

JIMMY: You about ready, General? I sent the Sheriff's posse over to the east.

GENERAL: Albert's group is to the north. JIMMY: Here we go then.

GENERAL: My group, come with me!

MARGO: If we smoke out Henri, treat him gently.

MAC: Unless he turns into a werewolf.

JIMMY: No such thing as werewolves.

MEREDITH: Remember, he's a fugitive, not a murderer.

WEEMS: Should I have a gun? ALL: No. WEEMS: Okay.

JIMMY: I gotta gun if we need to use it. We'll start here at the water's edge.

[SFX - shuffling through grass] JIMMY: Spread out and move toward the dig. Keep your eyes

out for anything hinky. MEREDITH: Hinky? JIMMY: Suspicious.

MEREDITH: You're pretty suspicious.

JIMMY: Yeah, but I've always been suspicious.

MEREDITH: True. But, I like you like that. JIMMY: Sounds suspicious to me.

MEREDITH: Also hinky. MAC: Nightfall's coming. JIMMY: We've got clouds, too.

MEREDITH: That hasn't happened for awhile. It could rain.

MARGO: Everybody have a flashlight?

WEEMS: I got a new one. With my name on it, just like my last one. See?

MARGO: Well, look at that, they spelled your name right.

MAC: Hey! Don't I get points for getting you an expensive pen and leather-covered notebook?

MARGO: Doesn't matter. I toldja. We're through.

MAC: But we were so good together! MARGO: But we weren't.

MAC: You'll never find another one like me. MARGO: That's so encouraging.

MAC: You're lucky I showed interest, Margo. I'm way outta your league.

JIMMY: Yeah? MAC: Yeah. [SFX - shuffling stops]

JIMMY: Say, anything you do, she can do better blindfolded and wearin' mittens.

MAC: Says who? JIMMY: Says me. Now clam up. MAC: Or what?

JIMMY: Or look forward to shiny new bridgework.

MAC: You always have a quick comeback, don'tcha.

JIMMY: Whaddya want me to do, learn to stutter?

MAC: Hey, I don't like your attitude.

JIMMY: I don't like it myself. I worry about it sometimes when I got nothin' else to do.

But I don't care if you don't like it because I like your

attitude as much as I like your newspaper work, which I don't. MAC: Why, I oughta...

JIMMY: Yeah, but ya won't, 'cuz I'd pop you one so hard your second cousin'd fall down.

You want me to get gas house on ya, I'm ready. Now shut yer yap and watch for the kid or I'll

tie ya to a tree and leave ya here for the roogly roos, savvy?

MAC: Okay. All right. [SFX - shuffling in grass]

MARGO: Why Jimmy, I didn't know you cared.

JIMMY: Yeah, well, I don't like that guy. MARGO: Did you mean all that?

JIMMY: Sure I did. I've read his stuff. Guy couldn't write a grocery list.

MARGO: I meant... JIMMY: Everybody keep your eyes peeled!

MEREDITH: Guess you told him. JIMMY: Guess I did.

MEREDITH: Guess you did. JIMMY: I don't suffer fools gladly.

MEREDITH: He's a fool? JIMMY: He only aspires to it. MEREDITH: (chuckles)

JIMMY: I got him doped out. I don't like mugs who give trouble to dames.

MEREDITH: I thought you and Margo were, I dunno, adversaries.

JIMMY: I'm surprisingly possessive of my adversaries. MEREDITH: Wasn't diplomatic.

JIMMY: Yeah, that's why I don't have many friends. MEREDITH: I like that about you.

JIMMY: You're the one. MEREDITH: Could be. Or it could end badly.

JIMMY: Always does. MEREDITH: Let's hope not. JIMMY: Keepin' it light, kid.

MEREDITH: Keepin' it light. WEEMS: Look! There they are! MAC: You see 'em? Where?

WEEMS: There! JIMMY: Good catch, Weems.

WEEMS: Thank you. You see, I was moving my head back and forth in a horizontal plane so that I could...

JIMMY: Stop gesturing with the flashlight. WEEMS: Oh. Yes.

JIMMY: And turn it off. He'll see you. WEEMS: Ah.

[SFX - flashlight clicks] MEREDITH: The moon is rising.

MARGO: It'll be a full moon through that break in the clouds.

JIMMY: Let's sit tight until the others close in. We'll have him in a box.

MARGO: Unless he's a werewolf. JIMMY: No such thing as werewolves.

MARGO: Sorry, I meant rougarou. JIMMY: No such thing as roogly roos, either.

MAC: Listen, Margo, I acted like a jerk. Sometimes, I just... WEEMS: What are they doing?

MAC: She's lighting a torch and handing it to him. MARGO: Is that a gas can?

MAC: He's heading for the excavation. MARGO: Going inside.

MEREDITH: He's gonna set fire to the artifacts!

JIMMY: Be quiet, they'll hear you. MEREDITH: The skeleton!

JIMMY: It's just a skeleton! Don't... [SFX - bursting from brush]]

[MUSIC] MEREDITH: No! They can't do that! Get out! Get out of there!

MAC: They've seen us now. JIMMY: Meredith went into the cave! I'm going in!

[SFX - bursting from brush & running on hard ground] HATTIE: No! Go 'way!

Wadjh out f' d' rougarou! MARGO: Look! The moon!

HATTIE: Da gris-gris! Give da gris-gris!

MARGO: What? No. Let go! You're... MAC: The moon, the, the m....

WEEMS: Mr. McCue! What, what's wrong with...

MAC: The m.... [SFX - ripping fabric, flesh stretching & snapping bone]

MARGO: Great jumpin' jackrabbits! WEEMS: He's, he's...

MARGO: He's growing! HATTIE: Give me da gris-gris! MARGO: Let go!

WEEMS: Look at his face! His hands... MARGO: Claws! He's the rougarou!

HATTIE: Da gris-gris! Give moi da gris-gris!!

MARGO: Let me go, don't, you're tearing it apart! [SFX - ripping sound]

HATTIE: I have it! MARGO: No! You tore it open! It's not...

WEEMS: A werewolf! He's... [SFX - wolf howl]

MARGO: Hattie! Miz Laveau, get out of the way, he's...

HATTIE: Stop! Stop! Me, I have da gris-grios! You cannot approach! Stop!

[SFX - roar] HATTIE: (screams) WEEMS: He's tearing her apa...!

MARGO: Jimmy! Jimmy! [SFX - running feet]

JIMMY: What's going on? I've got to...Hoooly!

WEEMS: He's going after Miss Mason! Shoot! MARGO: Bullets can't hurt him!

JIMMY: One can... [SFX - bang, bang] ROUGAROU: (angry roar)

ROUGAROU: (animal scream) JIMMY: That one. MARGO: Clovis's bullet!

ROUGAROU: (howls)

MARGO: He's turning back. [SFX - popping] Oh, Mac!

What happened! How could you... [SFX - popping]

MAC: Unnngggrrr...sorry, It wasn't. I think you get the scoop on this one, Margo.

MARGO: Aw, Mac. MAC: Don't bury the... ...don't bury the lead.

JIMMY: (coughs) He's gone. WEEMS: Miz Laveau's dead, too.

JIMMY: You check her for a pulse? WEEMS: Too many pieces.

JIMMY: (grunts) MEREDITH: Help! MARGO: Meredith!

JIMMY: Come on! [MUSIC]

JIMMY: Everybody be careful in here. WEEMS: It's dark!

JIMMY: Grab that oil lamp. MARGO: Got it. WEEMS: I can use my flashlight!

[SFX - click] WEEMS: What a great flashlight! JIMMY: There!

MARGO: Light from the torch! JIMMY: Around the corner! Come on!

[MUSIC] [SFX - running feet on floor] MEREDITH: Jimmy!

HENRI: Don' come here! Don' be comin' here!

MEREDITH: He's going to burn the crates...our skeleton!

JIMMY: Put down the torch, Henri. Put it down on the ground.

HENRI: No. No! Gotta boin da rougarou and it all go 'way! Boin bot' rougarou!

JIMMY: The other one's dead, Henri! I can show you. HENRI: No, no, rougarou live!

JIMMY: Meredith! Get out of his way!

MARGO: He's swinging the torch at her! [SFX - gunshot]

HENRI: (howls in pain) JIMMY: He's down! [SFX - scrambling on rocks]

JIMMY: Meredith, you Jake? MEREDITH: I'm fine. You cut that one close, cowboy.

JIMMY: It's my natural dramatic nature. MARGO: Henri's dead.

JIMMY: Poor gink. MEREDITH: Yeah. [SFX - rumble]

MARGO: What's that? JIMMY: What? WEEMS: Cave in!

[SFX - falling rocks] JIMMY: Look out! MEREDITH: Get down!

[SFX - rumbling fades]

JIMMY: Everybody okay? MEREDITH: We're fine. MARGO: Where's Weems?

WEEMS: Here! (grunts) My leg's caught! JIMMY: Can you get loose?

WEEMS: (grunts) MEREDITH: Here. I'll help. WEEMS: (whimpers) Augh!

[SFX - rocks tumble] MEREDITH: There! Got it! WEEMS: Augh! It's broken!

MARGO: Your leg? WEEMS: My flashlight! MARGO: Oh.

[SFX - click] WEEMS: It still works.

MARGO: Good. WEEMS: The lens is cracked.

JIMMY: Gunshot must've caused the cave in. Save the oil lamp

and flashlight. We'll use Meredith's torch. [SFX - click ]

MARGO: We sure won't be getting out tonight. WEEMS: But I haven't eaten!

JIMMY: Maybe we could find you a lizard. WEEMS: On second thought...

JIMMY: The search parties will dig us out. MARGO: How long will that take?

JIMMY: Couple days. We'll be hungry, but we'll survive.

WEEMS: How do lizards taste exactly? JIMMY: Like chicken.

WEEMS: Everything does. MARGO: Any other entrances?

JIMMY: There might be a way out if the cave-in broke through to the salt domes.

MEREDITH: We're close to a big one down at the far end of this tunnel.

Too close, if you ask me. JIMMY: You should have said something.

MEREDITH: You wouldn't 've listened. JIMMY: I would've listened.

MEREDITH: Then I should tell you. I did say something. JIMMY: You did?

MEREDITH: I did. JIMMY: What did I say?

MEREDITH: Nothing. You weren't listening. MARGO: We can't stay here.

These are some of the worst accommodations outside of a Shanghai flophouse.

MEREDITH: You want the torch, Jimmy? JIMMY: You're doin' fine.

WEEMS: I'll protect our rear. MEREDITH: Here we go then. Hope for a break through.


JIMMY: Got somethin' on your mind, Margo? MARGO: I was just making notes and thinkin' about Mac.

All this time, he was the rougarou. JIMMY: No.

MEREDITH: People were being killed even before Mac showed up.

MARGO: Say, that's right! MEREDITH: There's another one. MARGO: Had to be!

JIMMY: And it bit him. MARGO: When he came in all torn up!

JIMMY: Bingo. MEREDITH: And the woman who reported the clothesline theft.

MARGO: He needed clothes after transforming... MEREDITH: Exactly.

MARGO: But that means that the rougarou that attacked him...

JIMMY: Is still out there. WEEMS: Maybe we should stay in here.

JIMMY: We're close to the end of this tunnel. Let's hope the cave-in opened up a way out.

[SFX - thunder] MARGO: What's that? Another cave in?

JIMMY: Sounds more like thunder. MEREDITH: Rain, after all these weeks!

MARGO: If we can hear thunder... JIMMY: There must be an opening. Come on!

[SFX - walking on rocks] [Music]

JIMMY: Here. See this breakin the rock? Put your hand up. Feel that?

MEREDITH: The air's moving through it. From outside. MARGO: Salt dome?

JIMMY: Yeah. Salt domes are brittle. If we can make that hole bigger, we can get

outta here. I need something hard to chip it away with. Something...that flashlight!

WEEMS: My flashlight, but... JIMMY: It's the only thing we've got that might work, Weems.

WEEMS: But it's a Commander... JIMMY: I understand.

WEEMS: The leader in the world of flashlights.

JIMMY: Find a comfortable rock, sweep off the lizards, sit down, and think about it.

WEEMS: Lizards. MEREDITH: And spiders. WEEMS: Take the flashlight.

JIMMY: Everybody get back. (grunts with the effort)

[SFX - flashlight hits rock] JIMMY: Almost...almost! [SFX - rocks fall]

MARGO: You did it! JIMMY: Light the oil lamp. [SFX - lighter]

JIMMY: Here's your flashlight back. WEEMS: Ooh. It's smashed.

JIMMY: You can get another one. [SFX - thunder & rain] JIMMY: Look up ahead.

WEEMS: An exit! We don't have to eat lizards!

JIMMY: Let's go! Say, you're bein' awfully quiet, Meredith. MEREDITH: Guess I am, Captain.

WEEMS: It's raining. MARGO: Not for long. Clouds are breaking up.

[SFX - rain slows] JIMMY: The moon'll make it easier to see. Come on.

[SFX - footsteps in grass] MARGO: Rain's cold! Where's Meredith?

WEEMS: She's still back in the cave. JIMMY: What? Hey, Meredith!

MEREDITH: I'll wait till it stops raining. You go on.

MARGO: I'll go get her. Hey, no kidding, come on. It's just rain.

MEREDITH: No, please, I don't wan t to go. MARGO: We'll go back to the lodge and get warm and dry.

MEREDITH: You don't understand. You... MARGO: Come on.

MEREDITH: No. Let go of my... MARGO: There, see? The rain has stopped.

MEREDITH: I don't want to go... MARGO: Look, there's the moon!

MEREDITH: The moon. Oh, no. Please, not again... No...

[SFX - howling] [MUSIC]

MARGO: Omigosh. JIMMY: What'staking so... Holy cow!

WEEMS: Come on, I'm hungry. We... (screams) [SFX - growling]

JIMMY: Look out, Margo! Weems, stay back! WEEMS: I will! I will!

MARGO: She's the one! The rougarou that bit Mac! [SFX - werewolf howl]

MARGO: What can we do for her? GENERAL: Nothing can be done! JIMMY: General!

GENERAL: The others are coming! JIMMY: How did this happen?

MARGO: The skeleton! She told me she cut her finger on the skeleton fang!

JIMMY: Meredith! GENERAL: Get back, Jim. You can't help her! There's no cure!

ROUGAROU: (roars and howls) GENERAL: That's not Meredith anymore!

MARGO: It's a werewolf! And it's coming straight for you, Jimmy! WEEMS: Shoot!

[SFX - gunshots] JIMMY: No good! MARGO: Jimmy!

JIMMY: Margo, stay back! WEEMS: Stop her! MARGO: Here's hopin'!

ROUGAROU: (screams and howls) WEEMS: You hurt it! MARGO: I stabbed it.

JIMMY: With what? MARGO: My pen. Guess it was silver!

GENERAL: Here come the others! SHERIFF: What's happenin'? Hooolyyy...!

ALBERT: Da rougarou! [SFX - Meredith moaning] ODETTE: Lookit it!

SHERIFF: Stay bag, ever'body, stay bag. Don' git too close. GENERAL: She's changing back.

JIMMY: Come on, General, Margo. [MUSIC] JIMMY: Meredith...

MEREDITH: Had to be this way, Jimmy. I always knew it. You okay, Margo?

MARGO: I'm good. MEREDITH: Not a scratch? MARGO: No.

MEREDITH: That's real important. MARGO: I'm so sorry, Meredith.

MEREDITH: No, you saved us. All of us.

JIMMY: Take it easy. We'll get the doctor. He can...

MEREDITH: You're funny, Jimmy. We both... We both know better.

JIMMY: Naw, hey listen, kid, the doctor can...

MEREDITH: He can take his time 'cuz I like you holding me. Keepin' it light, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Keepin' it light, kid. MEREDITH: Keepin'... (breathing stops)

MARGO: Jimmy, she's gone. [MUSIC]

GENERAL: Good morning, Albert. ALBERT: Mornin', General. Y' got big plans today or what?

GENERAL: Packing up Meredith's things. She has an aunt over in New Iberia.

ALBERT: Me, I knew she bin havin' family around here.

GENERAL: She's claiming the ashes, too. ALBERT: Dat good good.

GENERAL: Official story is that Meredith and McCue died dispatching a killer wolf,

but that there was some damage, so the aunt signed off on cremation.

ALBERT: Smart. Sad t'ing about Meredit'.

GENERAL: It truly is. Jim and I are meeting with the tribal elders to sort out artifacts.

ALBERT: How 'bout dat skeleton? GENERAL: Elders agreed we should take it with us.

ALBERT: Dat right? GENERAL: We'll fly the long way out across the gulf.

Accidentally lose it over the water. ALBERT: Seem lak a good idea.

GENERAL: Then we have an expedition to join in Egypt. A new tomb.

ALBERT: Oh, I seen dat in da papers. Dey gots a mummy runnin' aroun' loose.

GENERAL: Don't believe everything you read in the tabloids.

[SFX - door opens] GENERAL: Morning, Sheriff. [SFX - door closes]

SHERIFF: Been a mornin' of phone coils an' paper shufflin'.

McCue gots family up nort'. Talked wid dem. GENERAL: Oh?

SHERIFF: Tol 'em de humidity don' let a body las' long, so cremation de way we go.

GENERAL: Good story. SHERIFF: I have my moments.

Well, gotta go clean out 'is cabin. [SFX - door opens]

SHERIFF: Bonmaten, Mr. Weems. WEEMS: Good morning, Sheriff.

GENERAL: You've already been up and out today? [SFX - door closes]

WEEMS: I went into town and bought this.

ALBERT: A new flashlight! Dat's a nice one!

WEEMS: Even nicer than the last one. That was a Commander. This is a Rear Admiral.

ALBERT: Oooooo.

WEEMS: Once again, this one's engraved with my name in genuine golden type!

ALBERT: Gold? WEEMS: Golden which is almost the same.

GENERAL: "Bartholomew Weeems." (laughs) Nice. WEEMS: I know.

ALBERT: (laughs) I din' know you spelt yer last name wit' t'ree letter e's.

WEEMS: I don't. W-e-e-e! (groans) GENERAL: Ah, good morning, Jim!

JIMMY: Mornin'. New flashlight, Weems? WEEMS: (groans)

GENERAL: Best not to speak of it. JIMMY: Hm. Had breakfast yet?

GENERAL: I haven't. WEEMS: Not yet. JIMMY: Come on, I'm buyin'.


MARGO: Now read that last part back to me. Uh huh. Uh huh. Okay, good.

Double spread in Sunday with the pictures I'm bringing back. What? No kiddin'! Okay!

I'll bring in the pictures, grab my passport and fly back out. Sure. 'Bye.

[SFX - phone hang up] MARGO: Another assignment overseas! Super!

GENERAL: Miss Mason! [SFX - high heels on floor]

MARGO: Morning all! JIMMY: Sit down, Margo, take a load off.

[SFX - scoots chair] MARGO: Thanks, Jimmy.

ALBERT: You flyin' out dis mornin', Miz Mason?

MARGO: Just waiting for the plane. ALBERT: I'll go watch for it!

ODETTE: Coffee, Sha'? Got da pot here. MARGO: Sure!

ODETTE: Still drinkin' it wrong? MARGO: Black, no sugar or cream.

ODETTE: What I said. [SFX - cup turned over on saucer & poured from pot]

ODETTE: We're havin' a special on raw eggs 'n' raw bacon t'go wi' dat incomplete coffee.

MARGO: Tempting. But I'll pass.

ODETTE: Good to a-known ya, sha, even if you don't know mudj anyt'ing 'bout coffee.

You come bag 'n' see us sometime. MARGO: Thanks, Odette, I will.

WEEMS: She was joking about the special, right?

GENERAL: That's right, Mr. Weems.

JIMMY: Hey, uh, listen, Margo. Thanks for savin' my life out there.

MARGO: From what? JIMMY: You know, the werewolf.

MARGO: No such thing as werewolves.

JIMMY: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. I guess I deserve that. Anyway, thanks.

MARGO: Don't mention it. Your turn to save mine next time.

JIMMY: Sorry about your pen. I gotcha somethin'. Here. MARGO: What is it?

JIMMY: Open it. [SFX - wrapping paper being torn]

MARGO: A pencil! Ticonderoga number 2.

JIMMY: Wood. Great against vampires. MARGO: Of course.

JIMMY: And it's engraved, with your name. MARGO: It is.

JIMMY: Did it with my penknife. MARGO: Spelled it right, too.

Gee Jimmy it's swell. Jimmy, I'm sorry about Meredith.

JIMMY: Yeah, she was a good dame.

MARGO: You were kind of sweet on her.

JIMMY: Naw. Guys like me can't afford to fall in love.

WEEMS: But I thought you and Miss Mason were, Ow! Who kicked me?

JIMMY & GENERAL: Sorry. MARGO: Well, gotta go. [SFX - chair scoot]

MARGO: Headin' overseas for a story. GENERAL: Oh? Where?

MARGO: Egypt. They opened a new tomb and there's talk of a mummy on the loose.

WEEMS: Egypt? That's remarkable because we, Ow! Who kicked me?

JIMMY & GENERAL: Sorry. ALBERT: Manzel Mason, look lak y'plane's here.

MARGO: Thanks, Albert! JIMMY: I gotcher coffee. Take care o' yourself, Margo.

MARGO: You too, Jimmy. General. GENERAL: Miss Mason.

MARGO: Goodbye, Weemsy. Don't know when I'll see you again.

WEEMS: Oh, funny thing, as it happens, we're going to, Ow!

JIMMY & GENERAL: Sorry. MARGO: Gotta go! 'Bye all! 'Bye!

ALL: Goodby! Safe trip! GENERAL: We'd better go, Jim, we're late for that meeting.

JIMMY: Yep. Mr. Weems, see to the shipping crew. We'll meet back at camp.

WEEMS: Then it's off to Egypt! Say, nobody kicked me that time. GENERAL & JIMMY: Sorry.

ALL: (laughs) [MUSIC]

ANNOUNCER: You have been listening to the radio dramatization,

WEREWOLF OF THE BAYOU, a presentation of The Air Command,

written and directed by Philip Grecian, and produced by KTWU Television.

So now, goodnight and, pleasant dreams.

[MUSIC] [Applause]

[MUSIC] [Applause]

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