Theater of The Mind Radio Drama


The Invisible Man

Set in the village of Iping, in a blinding snowstorm, a stranger arrives at the Coach & Horse Inn demanding a room. His head is bandaged and his eyes concealed behind blue goggles. His possessions arrive the following day-- scores of strange glass bottles and boxes of books. When the landlady begins to make inquiries, the stranger loses his temper, strips off his wrappings and is--invisible.

AIRED: September 26, 2014 | 0:57:36

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"The invisible Man". Radio you can see.... written and directed by Phillip Grecian and Based on the novel by H.G. Wells.


And now turn out your lights move in close to the glow of your virtual radio dial for H. G. Wells "The Invisible Man"

Listen to that wind blow, won'tcha? Bad business. No travelers tonight.

Close the window would'ja love.

Well, I'll be Stayin' Thank you very much Told the old man not

to expect me home if the weather come up. I'll sleep next door in me shop.

oh stay here at the in ya got a choice of beds. They're all empty.

I'll go lock up the shop then

(Knock knock knock knock knock)

someone wantin' in for sure

The divvil hisself, sounds like!

A Room! In the name of charity a room and a fire.


Ah, The door please if you wouldn't mind so much.

Aheh Welcome to...

(Stomp stomp stomp stomp)

Welcome to the coach and Horse. The best in all Iping village if I say so myself.

Now let me take your coat and hat and give them a good drying in the kitchen.

I'll keep them on.


excuse me sir I... your face all them bandages..

you have a room?

With a parlor, yes sir. Six steps up them stairs over there. The pub and kitchen's six steps down over here.

Main hall, where you come in, is halfway between, and we...

Good. Will two shillings be enough

yes Sir! Enough and some.

Fine Here on the table.

Thank you sir. We're so happy

I couldn't see under his hat brim. What of it?

All bandaged up... and he's wearing weren't big blue goggles! Looks like a bug!

had an accident... or operation.... or something... Exactly!

Give me a turn it done.

Only the end of his nose sticking out all pink like.

I wouldn't let him stay here.

But I will, Two Shillings!

Bit of a mystery innee?

I'd like a better look at him

How you plannin' that?

I need t'take 'im 'is key, don't I? And looks t'me like he needs hisself a late supper.


(knock knock knock knock knock) Yes?

I brought your supper sir.

I didn't say you could come in!

OOHHHH! Turn around! put your back to me. Yes sir.

Pick up the dark glasses on the table. Yes sir.

Toss them to me. Don't turn around.

Yes sir. I didn't mean no harm I just brought your supper sir.

I didn't ask for supper.

And your key..

Key? Yes, yes I'm sorry. I....

leave it there on the table

Yes sir. Will there be anything...

Yes. I have luggage and boxes at Bramblehurst station. Send for them.

oh yes sir, right away.

And take care. There full of chemicals and glass retorts and...

You're a Doctor!

An..... experimental investigator.

Oh ain't that posh. what do you do?

Now get out.

Yes sir, yes sir I'm getting out but can I just...

Stay out unless I call for you.

Phew! Mercy!


(many knocks) Michael Michael...

One moment, one moment!

Oh, Michael!

Nettie, what are you...

Edward's disappeared!

Disap...come in, come in.

I didn't know what to do, so I...

Now what's all this about?

We were supposed to meet at Twinings

He missed an engagement?

Yes. That's odd.

I've been to his flat twice. I've asked around the street. No one's seen him for a fortnight or more.

They said some men came with a cart and took away his things.

Well I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation...

Of course, there surely must be. But come with me to his flat Michael please, something.... something just feels very wrong.


Right here driver! Here now watch for that step.

Thank you. Wait for us Driver. Yes sir.

Edward, Edward, are you there?

Dr Griffin ain't in there, sir. E's moved away.

That's impossible!

Oh Please when did you last see him miss..?

Kelly...just call me Mary.

Mary, when was the last time you saw him?

I ain't seen him in 'most a month. Coulda been in there, maybe, but I never seen 'im. They come 'n' moved his things out.

Moved it? How? Cartage.

Which company? Said Pickford's on the side.

I'm Dr Kemp of university college dr griffin is an associate its important that we find him. Did he say anything to you? Did he...

I gave him a wide berth last time I saw 'im. he'd gone nasty.

Edward? But he's always...

Don't go in there neither. It's full of sperits...

What do you mean?

Tis haunted. Ever since Dr. Griffin left, we've heard some awful wailin' and moanin'...

Oh Michael! Edward might be hurt!

Wasn't no human wailin', Miss No human could make a sound like that. Twas sperits.

Yes. Well Thank you.

Think nuffin' of it. I like t' help were I can.

Michael, we have to call the authorities...we..

I...I have a key...

You have a Key?

Three years ago, just before you met him, Edward when went abroad to study the life cycle of Aphredoderus-Sayanus Aphre....?

The Pirate fish. it manages a sort of chemical cloaking making it invisible to its prey. Invisible?

Edward was fascinated with it I fed the laboratory animals while he was away.

I'd forgotten about the key. But, under the circumstances.....

(Music) Dark in here.

And the drapes are all closed Don't move. I'll light the gas.

Oh what that it sounds like....

A dog, it's a dog!

Look OUT!!!

Stay back Nettie! Stay back!

(struggle and dog yelping) Michael!

I'm fine. I knew there was a reason I brought my walking stick.

We need some new lights in here and there still have these matches.

There Now... It's's all

it's all upside down and not all of it from the battle with the dog.

Where is the dog?

Should be... over here...somewhere..

(tiny shriek) What is that! Bones?

It's the skeleton of a

Dog but ? Something's crawling on it!

No Not crawling they're veins and arteries... forming as we watch.

Muscles... Skin... Fur (gasp) It's Edward's dog M'ling!

It is. I've killed the poor old fellow.

But M'ling would never have attacked this way. And how did he...?

He was... invisible..

That's impossible!

Well it certainly should be.

And what happened he has someone broke in? No I don't think so...

Edwards laboratory equipment is missing. What?

Every bit of it. Looks like someone packed rather quickly.

But where's Edward? It seems Edward just... Disappeared.


I come to pick up your plates and cups..

What makes you think you can come barging in here. I beg your pardon sir.

Take the tray and Get out!

Yes sir,Yes sir. Is there anything else you... Get out!

Yes sir... I'm... Nice behavior innit?

What'd y'find out, dear?

E's a spearmental investigator, and had some fierce accident while mixin potions. Likely blowed up on 'im.

What'd y'see?

Oh 'is eyes is fearsome deep set so's t'be all dark. I seen that when I took 'is meal in before

What about this time?

He has 'is hat off, and the bandages on top of 'is head, too.

And what with the goggles, the only part of 'im what showed was his nose a stickin' out o' the bandages.


When I went in he was eatin' and covered the bottom of 'is face where he'd taken off his bandages... He did!

What did you see?

NOTHING!!! It was like at the mouth was wide open and I could see down his throat! All dark like. I wonder he can talk at all

Poor Soul!

(chimes) Oh look at the time! I gotta go lock up the shop.

Oh dress warm dearie it's blowin' cold out there.

(music) (six knocks) I'm coming I'm coming...

Oh it's you Phearson. (bark) and you Lucifer! How are you this morning Lucifer?(bark bark bark) That's a good boy now!

get down ya silly barmpot yer feets all snowy 'n' muddy..

Say Janny, I got a horse cart full I picked up at Bramblehurst Station s'posed to bring 'em here. You got a boarder?

We do a most important spearmintal investigator. A what?

Like a doctor. Oh but better.

Well I've got boxes o' bottles and books and jars and powders and potions and crates and cases

jiggliin 'n' janglin' 'n' singing all the way from the station.

Well bring em in, bring em in, no sense having the door open and just standin'.

Oh they're fierce heavy Janny.

I'll get me husband to help. Alfred! (what) Come help Phearson with this cart o' Spearmint instigations! The What?

My Luggage! (little shriek) Didn't see ya there.

Gorblimey! What's all this then?

Don't just stand about bring them in! And be careful with them!

Lucifer, now you just..... (dog growls lunges barking and tears into Griffin)

(whip crack Dog whimpers and retreats) Quick, quick, inside...inside.

Is ya hurt? No, no, I'm fine. I'll be back. Unload the cart.

Well ain't that the thing?

What? 'E's black. Yes sir 'e's a black dog he is. 'cept for a touch o' white on 'is.

No, no, I mean the stranger. E's a Nubian. No 'E aint!

'E is Leastways 'is legs 'n' one of 'is hands is. I seed through the tear of his trousers and glove.

Wasn't no pinky color...just black.

'E's as black as my hat

But 'is nose is as pink as paint.

Tell ya what I'm thinkin, then. Man ain't black like yer dog. Man's piebald like yer horse out there. Piebald?

Man's got a pink nose, black hands 'n' legs...everything mixed in between. Piebald.

Well, ain't that somethin'.

Hurry up there! Bring it in!

Yes sir, right away, 'op to it, we're comin'

(Music) Hello, Jenny!

Doctor Cull, what brings you 'round?

Nellie Dean had her baby. Boy or girl?

Boy. I'll have a pint, Jenny.

A pint it is, Doctor Cull!

The devil take it! Got a new boarder?

We does. With a temper.

Here three weeks now. Owes me for this last week. Says he's got money comin', but I ain't seen none yet as now.

You're pint. Thank you.

Not exactly the season for travelers passing through.

'E's a special case. A spearmintal vestigarter.

A what? Oh! An experimental investigator?

What I said. A fellow scientist. Excellent! I'll go speak with him, colleague to colleague.

Whatever you think. (breaking glass) Drat!

Oh...I don't know.


(many knocks) Go away! How do you do, I'm Doctor...

Oh, look at all of this! What are you doing here?

I'm Doctor Lemuel Cull I thought you might enjoy a visit...or even a consultation...

about your work or...well, perhaps even your medical condition. With a fellow scientist.

Ha! A fellow...a fellow scientist, is it? (laughs) A fellow scientist! Well, Yes, I....

You have no idea of my science! You!

Look about you! Look! Do you understand any of this?

Well then, perhaps I can help you with your condition. I see you've jammed your hands in your pockets.

Are you hiding them? A skin condition? Let me see, perhaps I can.

Let you see? Do you want to see? Should I allow you to see? Fine! Fine then...look! look! Do you see?

Well,'re missing that've...But how do you work the sleeve?

I can...I can see right down it. How do

Look closer! Let me put it right up to your face! No, I...I...

It's missing, is it? How about this...! How does that feel? Or this...(slap) ...or this.(slap)..this.

(slap)..this. (slap) NO!..NO!! NO!!... (Door Slams)

Doctor Cull ..what are you doing? ...

A ghost arm! It's there! But it isn't there! What? A ghost arm! It struck me! A ghost arm!

(sound of wind door closing) Well, feature that. And he only had a pint.

Did I hear the door? Somebody come in?

Somebody went out. Y'might see if you could catch 'im.

Who was it? Doctor Cull. He was movin' like a cat on fire. That's odd, innit?

Lots o' that now-days. He was up payin' a visit on you-know-who.

Oh...well... Mebbe I should go up and see if there's.

That's far enough. Thank you.


Cull came running down the steps I was Just

yes he thought he saw something. A trick at the shadows. And he smelled of alcohol, so..

Never known Doctor Cull to be in his cups.

Said he seen a ghost arm.

Is that so! Well, that confirms it then.

So it does! Now, stay down there.

Hello? Excuse us. May we come in, please.

You lookin' for lodgin'? No, we're..

Hey, where'd the Nubian go? What? 'E was just 'ere.

'E went upstairs. Now be quiet. Odd.

What can we do for ye?

We're looking for... There was a drayage cart here...over a fortnight ago...

Belonged to the Nubian. What? Piebald fella with bandages 'n' a pink nose.

Oh, Michael, it's not Edward.

'E's up 'ere in 'is room. We'll ask 'im. Come on.

We ain't actual had no name for 'im yet. And you say he's bandaged?

Bandaged 'n' piebald. Pink nose 'n' black legs. Least one of 'is hands, too. Nubian.

Edward a Nubian, izzee? No. Hes..

Here we are....Door's open. Hello? Where'dja go? Gotta be here.

He went up when you came in, and 'e aint come back down. Hello?

There's nobody here.

Gotta be. Ain't no way out but down the stairs. Well, and the window o' course, but we don't never use it for that.

Some of like it could be Edward's...but there's so much more here.

Oh, Michael... (Begins to weep) What are we going to do?

There there, now...where's my handkerchief?

It appears I've already used the front of your shirt.

Appears you have. I'm such a goose!

Damnation! Excuse me?

I didn't say nothin'. It was you.

No, I.. What's 'e say for 'isself?

Not up here, Janny!

Thank you, I don't think your boarder is our friend Edward. Let's...let's go, Yes.

Well, come on, then. Watch that third step's a bit loose. Thank you

He's not up there? Well, he didn't come down here! He's gotta be up there!

And yet...'e ain't. Well, that don't. Looka the door, wouldja. Opened by its ownself.

Closed, too. Somethin' else for y't'fix.

When I get the time. Mm hm.

Some of that equipment upstairs could belong to our friend. If it's his,

he...he must have sold it, or...we're staying at the hotel for perhaps another week. Your boarder..

The Nubian. When he comes back, I'd like to speak to him. What's happening, Michael?

I don't know, I...truly don't know.



Huh? What? What's happened then?

Shhhhh. Somebody's in the house. What! Shhh!

You say somebody's in the house, then? Listen...

Stay here, Martha. Take a weapon.

Ain't got a weapon. The fireplace poker.

Stay here. No, I'm comin'. Stay behind me, then. Shhhhhh.

In the study. There's a light.

Door's standin' open a bit. I'll have a look. Shhhh. What do ye see?

Somebuddy lit a candle. They found the housekeepin' money! Oh no!

Drop the money and surrender! There's nobody here! Who lit the candle? Who took the money?

Who just run barefooty through the house? Who sneezed?!


Don't open up yet. Not ready. Give me the jug. I'll go water the beer.

You bring in the wood for the stove so we can start breakfast.

Right you are. Bring in the wood...start the stove. Janny!

What? Front door bolt shot back.

What? Can't hear you!

Front door's unlocked! We locked it last night, I know we locked it. Ain't no way we left that...

What are you talkin' about? And now the front's opened and closed 'n' locked!

We locked it last night. We did...but the front door was unlocked, then locked. Y'missed it. Where you goin'?

Nubian's door's standin' open, too! Wait for me, then! There. See?

His door's standin' open. And now it closed! By itself! I won't be havin' any ghosts in here

Hallo! Hallo! Nubian! 'E ain't in there! Go on in Hallo! Hmf. Nobody in 'ere. I said so.

Looky there...'is hat 'n' coat 'n' bandages, all laid out.

Them big goggles, too. Pillow's cold. 'E ain't been here all night.

What? 'E went out without 'is clothes? I wouldn't do it. It's fierce cold out, Janny!

(Ah Choo!) Bless you. Wasn't me. Who sneezed?

'Twas sperits! I knew it! We should never've let that fella in here with his goggle eyes and bandages!

He brought in ghosts with 'im!

Look! Look! The chair! It's flyin'!

Watch the Table!! Here come the bed a-gallopin'!

Aaaaugh! Aaaaugh! Sperits 'n' ghosts! Auugh!

Get out! Get out now! Come on, Janny, come on! Let's get out o' here before the sperits gets us! And stay out!

Oh mercy, oh mercy, oh mercy. Here.. Sit, Janny.

Oh mercy, oh mercy...Tas sperits! I've read in papers of en.

Tables and chairs leapin' and dancin'. He brung sperits!

I might 'a' known, him with them gogglin' eyes and.. bandages and never goin' to church of a Sunday!

Here, Janny. a touch o' whiskey for it.

(Knock at door) Don't let 'em in! Don't let 'em in!

Aw, it ain't sperits outside, Janny. They're all inside! Look, Janny, look outside. See there? It's Bobby Jaffers

The police superintendent.

Yes, Janny. He'll arrest the sperits! Let 'im in, then.

Who's screamin'? It's Janny. We gots sperits. What?

Sperits, sure as I'm born. I seen 'em. Or didn't see 'em. That's right.

You're a witness. I am. We both didn't see 'em. Together.

(Pounding on door) (screeches) Only the door again, Janny.

I heard ya all the way over t' the shop, Mrs. Hall! What's 'appened?

Oh, Mrs. Henfrey! We got sperits!

Bobby Jaffers, me 'n' Mrs. Bunting want to report a burglar. A sneezin' burglar. A barefoot sneezin' burglar.

What? At the vicarage? Yassir. The vicar 'n' me scared 'im off. We did.

All right, Give me a description. Well, it's not like we can... We didn't see him.

You didn't... We could only hear 'im..

On accounta...he didn't actual have no real "himness" about 'im.

We knew where he was...but when we looked where he was...'e mostly wasn't. 'E completely wasn't.

Like a ghost. (screeches again)They got sperits, too! Whole village is haunted! (screech)

There, there, Janny... The stranger's put the sperits into the furniture! My good old furniture!

'Twas in that very chair my poor dear mother used to sit when I was a little girl.

To think it should rise up against me now!

Here, Janny, have just a drop more..your nerves is all upset.

I b'lieve I shall Can't say's I've ever had nothin' t'do with the law on sperits.

You want horseshoes for such as he. Horseshoes? I know 'bout such things.

I got the gift. Not horseshoes for good luck, but horseshoes t'ward off sperits.

Go to th'stable 'n' find us some horseshoes, Alfred. All by m'self?

And we'll need to make a ring of salt all around the house to keep the sperits away.

But they're already in... we don't want to keep 'em in!

'N' anyway, 'ud take more salt than we got in this whole end o' the village.

Since y'know sech things, Mrs. Henfrey, mebbe you should take the lead upstairs to the stranger's room.

Let's not be too soon on such. Let's bust 'is door open! Well now, I don't know we'd be legal bustin' the door open! He's right!

A door unbusted is always open to bustin', but y'can't unbust a door once you've busted en!

What are you silly creatures prattling about out here?

(screech) It's him! It's him! (screech)

Now, Janny... Where'd you come from?

Where's my breakfast? Where's my rent?

I told you days ago that I'm awaiting a remittance! I told you days ago I wasn't waitin' for no mittens of no kind!

Very well should cover the debt. You told me you hadn't any money.

I...found some more. Here. I wonder where you found it?

And I wonder what you been doin' to my furniture upstairs that used to love me. You silly woman, you...

And I wonder how 'tis that your room was empty and we locked the front door, and you're here anyhow!

Them as stops in this house comes in by the doors!

And I wonder how we didn't see you come in by no doors and the windows up there is too high! And I wo

Be quiet! Be quiet! You wonder, do you? You wonder? Then I'll show you! Here...take this!

What'd he give ye, Janny? (screams) 'Is nose! He give me 'is nose! (screech)

(laughing maniacally) Have the spectacles, too!(Everyone shrieking, screaming, shouting) And these bandages!

'E's unwindin' 'is 'ead! (Screams) 'is head! He's got no head! 'Ead or no 'ead, I got to 'rest 'im, and 'rest 'im I will!

Keep away I'll hold 'im! I've got 'is arms! "Look out!", "Hold him!",

"Shut the door!", "Don't let him loose!", "I got somethin'!", "Here he is!",

I got him There's an 'ouse been broke into last night... Our 'ouse! And yer a suspect, so...

Getcher han'cuffs!

I gots m'handcuffs, but 'e ain't got han's! Or arms! I can see right down 'is sleeve! You want the shirt? Take it!

'Ey! Can't see where I... 'E's all eaten away 'cept 'is trousers! Grab them before... Oops! 'E ain't in 'em no more!

Hahahahahaha! Catch me if you can! Grab 'im! I got 'im! I'm on 'is back! You're flyin' in the air!

'E's got m'head! Whoooooaaaa! Look out, now 'e really is flyin' Look out, 'e's...

Ow! I got 'im, I got 'im! Ow! Hahahahahahahahahaha! (Door opens and slams)


Up and down the City Road...In and out the Eagle...(stops singing) Won'tcha just look on them boots?

Better'n m'usual ones...but too big. (sigh) Always the way...

(singing) That's the way the money goes...Pop! goes the weasel. Stuff 'em with some newspapers, maybe.

Might work. They look warmer than the other ones.

Oh! Y'startled me. Didn't hear y'come down the path behind o' me.

Sorry. Lemme get up an'.. No need. Well then, they's some newspapers back there where you are, hand me some over, wouldja?

Here We'll try this, anyways. (sings) Half a pound of tuppenny rice, half a pound of treacle....

(stops singing) These is more waterproof, too.

Important with all the snow. No, you needn't get up.

Wanted t'be polite...turn around and face ya, like.

No need. You look comfortable sitting there. We can talk this way.

'Ad to sit down to try on the boots. Rock looked good...and the snow wasn't on it.

I understand. I'm a bit cold, myself.

Let's see how these fit, then. Mix it up and make it nice, pop! goes the weasel. (stops singing)

Lace 'em up. (singing) Lace 'em up 'n' tie 'em up...pop! goes the weasel!

Snug enough? Yessir. An' warm an' dry. I hates roomy shoes...but I hates cold an' damp worser.

'Specially with the holes in m'socks. So these boots has got their points.

Better than none at all. (sneezes) God bless you. Thank you.

'Course, they's charity boots...and ugly at that. But they's all I can get just now.

A gentleman on tramp sees a thunderin' lot o' boots in 'is life, but I think these is the ugliest.

Lemme stand up 'n' see whatcha think. 'Ere we go...

maybe they won't be so nasty-lookin' when I'm standin' and they're farther away.

They...Say now...where are yer? Am I drunk? Was you a vision?

Don't be alarmed. I'll alarm ya here in a minute. Where are yer? Right here. Six feet in front of you.

No such thing, why there's nothin'...uf!

Careful. You nearly knocked me over.

What th'... What kind of creature are ye?

I'm a you. I'm just invisible. But I'm as real as you are.

Not as real as I am...people can see me.

I'm going to let you help me. I don't see where that's a "let" type o' thing.

Sounds more like a "no thank you" type o' thing.

I came upon you suddenly. You didn't hear me. I didn't. I was mad with rage... Y'was? ...cold and naked. Naked?

I could have murdered you Oh my. I still could. Mercy mercy. But I didn't. You didn't. And I won't.

There's a relief. We're alike, you and I...outcasts. I thought, "This man will help me, and so I will not kill him."

What...what do you want me to do? I'm cold. (sneezes)

Bless you. I want you to help me get clothes...and shelter...and...other things. My books and notes.

Yes. Yes...'course. And I'll need money.

But once I've procured it, you will have to carry it for me. It won't do for sacks of money to float along by themselves.

Of course, of course. I'll help you. Yes. If you won't...well... Well... But you will.

You are chosen. Chosen. Do this for me...and I will do things for you. I am a man of power! (sneezes) Bless you.

But if you betray me... if you try to run from me...I will find you...and at the moment you least expect it,

I will stand directly in front of you...

though you will not see me...and I will put my thumbs on either side of your eyeballs...

and as you you struggle... Mercy! Pop goes the weasel.


Another pint, Janny! Comin' up! Well, I'm glad to be shed of 'im, that's all. Been how long now? Five days.

Don't think 'e'll be back. All his things still up there in 'is room.

'Ere's yer pint I almost had 'im. If only I coulda seen 'im.

Why couldn'tcha see 'im? He was invisible! Could see right through 'im. Couldn't even see 'im to see through 'im.

Didn'tcha see that, ..or not see it, I mean? I didn't see nothin'. None of us seen nothin'...

Even when we shoulda been seein' somethin'.

I didn't see nothin', cuz somebody pushed somebody else down right on top o' me. Lucky I wasn't killed!

Well, you didn't see nothin' 'cuz 'e was invisible. You couldn't see 'im even if y'could see 'im.

When 'is trousers was runnin' around, you could see right down through the top of 'em.

I seen a conjurer once put a rabbit in a box and make it disappear.

Mirrors. 'E done it with mirrors. Prob'ly the same thing.

Dunno what t'say t'that.

Hmf look here in the paper. Whut? Somebody robbed the Country Bankin' Company. Got away with a tidy sum.

Feature that. Anybody hurt? Says here nobody even knew it'd been robbed.

Money just disappeared. Nobody seen goin' in or out.

Says money's been disappearin' right along last few days from the tills 'n' cash boxes of shops 'n' inns all through town.

Say now, that sounds t'me like...'Ere now! That room's private up there!

Oh. Sorry. Was lookin' for the bar. Y'blind? We're right here. The tap's here. Are we invisible? No!

No! No, not at all. Not invisible. Not invisible. Permit me to introduce myself...

Thomas Marvel, A vagabond, a raconteur, and a purveyor of...

What was that? No idea. Sounded like the door upstairs. Oh, look at the time.

What time is it? Don't know. Must run. Very nice to have met you all.

Well, feature that. If you'd be so good,

I should take some drinks 'n' biscuits up to m'husband and Dr. Cull What they hopin' t'do, goin' through 'is things?

Find out what we can about 'im. Find out where 'e went.

Then I'd arrest him. 'N' make 'im give back our housekeepin' money! And pay for my damages. Cull can read the science bits...

and some of it's in Greek, so Mr. Bunting, bein' a man of the cloth, can read that part.

That fellow wuz just here...he must be a conjurer, too. What makes y'say that? When he come in,

he opened the door, come through then closed it. I should hope so. But he closed it...without touchin' it.


I'll say one thing, Dr. Cull ..'e didn't have much in the way of wardrobe.

One complete outfit, includin' googles and bandages...and no spares.

And a nose. Celluloid nose, maybe from a toy shop. Had me fooled.

Well, you don't expect gentlemen to be wearin' celluloid noses.

True, my dear Bunting, true. Collars is one thing...noses quite another.

These three notebooks should reveal something, though. Too bad they're mostly in cypher.

Yes. Well...there's some English...and some mathematics......and this looks like Greek.

Now, the Greek, you should be able to read, Vicar.

Ah. Yes. Well. Of course. It's...long time, you know. It's a very small hand. It is.

Bring that light over here. Right there on the table...good...and let me get in close to the page..

.uuuhh...don't push my head down that way! What? Let...let go of my neck. I can't... I'm not...Augh!

Let go! Don't move little men, or I'll dash out your brains. It's you!


What gives you the right to invade my rooms, go through my things?

Well, but you... Be quiet! Now then, sit back and don't move.

But, see here... I said quiet! Now where have you put my clothes?

I have to get my books and notes out of here. I need something to bind them together.

Ah...your braces Dr Cull, My br...but they're holding up my trousers!

Yes, that will be next. The braces! Very well... Stay seated!

We weren't...we weren't harming your books, you know. We were merely...

Quiet. Now give them to me. Here, then. Good.

And...we wrap them around the books this way this. You won't get away with this, you know.

Oh, but I will. Or haven't you noticed? I'm invisible. Now, over to the window...

Marvel! I'm here! Catch Whoof! You might've given me more warning.

I will be leaving by the window as well, gentlemen..

.but first I'm going to need some clothes...and I know where to find them.


Here ya are Mrs Bunting. Drinks an' biscuits for Dr. Cull 'n' yer 'usband upstairs. Thank you very dearly,

Don't even think o' mentionin' it. I'll take 'em right up. Gimme a biscuit 'for y'go. Take one, then.

She does the best biscuits Be careful on the steps now.

The top one's a wee bit loose. I'll watch for it. Thank you dear.

Stop him! Hold him! He's got my trousers!

Look out! She's fallen (noise ) Oh, I'm so sorry, Are you all right? (dazed) What? Who? What happened...?

Dr. Cull! You ain't got no trousers! He took them!

The invisible man's got my trousers. He went out the upstairs window! Cover yourself, man, there's ladies present.

Jonathan! Where's my husband? Where's Jonathan! Jonathan! I'm fine, I'm fine!

Come down then! I don't think so. You don't want that. Why not? Invisible man got every stitch of his clothing!

Lord love a duck! It's a scandal! And the biscuits is all ruined!

He's coming! The 'Visible Man! He's after me! For Gawd's sake! 'Elp me! Shut the door! Lock it! Lock the door!

He said he'd kill me! I tried to run away, and he chased me! 'E's comin'? I got me a gun behind the bar. I'll get it.

Now, now, I've got my truncheon here. I'm a policeman. I'll take care of this.

Don't open the door! Don't open the door.

'E's broke the peeky window! He's unbolted the door! Help me! Save me!

You're a dead man, Marvel I say! Those are my trousers! Lord help us, that's all they is! Save me! 'E's after me!

You men, after those trousers! Well now, there's somethin' y'don't hear every day!

Where are my notes! 'E got me! Leggo m'throat! Leggo!

I've got his wrist! Quick, Jaffers, get your darbies 'n'... Let! Go (screech) He's killin' Doctor Cull!

I got 'im by the trousers! No, I only got trousers! 'E's dropped the vagabond! Been waitin' for a clear shot!

(Shots) Got 'im! Everybody drop to the ground and feel around for 'im. What's going on down here?

What are you wearing? Newspaper. Which one? The West Surrey Gazette. Hey now! I ain't read that one yet!


(knocks at the door) Ah Nettie, Come in. I'm so discouraged, Michael.

Perhaps we need to start over... retrace Edward's steps.

I can't ask you to continue with this. Of course I'll continue. Nettie, I

(Rapid knocks)

Who is it? Hello? No one here. We'll get a fresh start in the morning.

Oh, what would I do without you, Michael? Goodnight. (she leaves)

What's this on the carpet? Looks fresh blood. But where...? My blood. Edward?


My god man, we've been...where are you? I'm here. Where? Here. I don't see you. I wouldn't expect you to. What?

I'm invisible. Invisible? Why that's imp...

where are...what's that moving about? Is that...blood?... floating in the....air?

How can... I'm injured. Injured? How...? A bullet. What! My arm.

It could have been worse. That's your arm? I can't see it.

But you can see that bullet, correct? I...I can. Well, don't stand gawking at me!

I'm not. No. You're not. Because I'm bloody invisible.

Do you have your medical bag? I do. Here by the ottoman.

Good. Give it to me. And bring that chair over here by the oil lamp. Here

Ah. I'll need this... And... forceps. Well, at least I don't have to probe to find the bullet, eh?

just... dig in...aim for it! Then back out and... Done!

I'll need... Ah here. Carbolic acid? Yes. Good. There. Now...dressing. Bandages. Good.

Tear that for me. And tie it. Mm hm. Done. I need whiskey. On the sideboard. How were you...shot?

This fool of a confederate...robbed me. I was wounded trying to retrieve my property!

Here's your whiskey...where...where shall I... I'll take it.

This man shot you and stole your money? He stole a good deal of money! And my notes!

I should have killed him the moment I set eyes on him! Killed him? Invisibility can be particularly useful in killing.

What? Yes! Yes! I can walk round a man, whatever weapon he has, choose my point, strike as I like.

Escape as I like. And you can help me!

More whiskey. Certainly. It is killing we must do, Not just killing...not wanton killing... rather...judicious slaying.

Can you see that? Murder? Yes! Yes! Murder! A murder here, a murder there.

A reign of terror! Edward, the common conventions of humanity... Are all very well for common people!

But we are not common people, Michael!

Hear me out. We start with a town like this one...terrify its people. Dominate them. Issue orders.

Scraps of paper under doors...and all who disobey must be killed.

Must be...Then we move to road accidents...and railroads!

Walk boldly into a signal cabin and change the switches in the signal box. Kill the attendant!

If you think I could ever... I can't do it alone, Michael.

I need you carry my money, my belongings, my clothes when I'm not wearing them.

I've discovered that there are disadvantages to being invisible.

Just...just having things makes a person...visible. And that's no good for killing.

But there will be times when I must make my invisibility...invisible, so that I may walk among mortals.

Clothes and bandages. A mask, perhaps.

Do you know how this sounds, Edward? Don't you see? We would have power! Power, Michael!

We could walk into police stations, banks...castles! Kill royalty! Take over kingdoms! Nobody will see me coming!

I can rob and rape and kill! I've only now begun to see it!

Edward, I don't...I don't know what I could possibly say to you...I... And how is Nettie, Michael?

She's been very concerned about you, Edward. You...disappeared... and she...

I know you've been looking after her.

Well, of course I have, she... I'm sure she has been happy to show her gratitude.

Now see here, Edward, you...oh, this is maddening! I'm arguing with the wind! I can't see you!

Have you a dressing gown? In the bedroom wardrobe. Bandages, gloves?

Gloves in a drawer in the writing table...and more rolls of my medical bag.

Excellent. Now, if you have a pair of dark spectacles... In my traveling kit. I require little else.

I shall adjourn to the bedroom and be back in a more visible form.

Killing. Good lord. I don't have much time. Paper...paper... a pen and ink...or...or...pencil...or... Ah! Pencil! Good!

Ssst! Hello! Yes sir? You're an employee? Yes sir. Your name? Emma Fair, sir. Very well.

Emma, Here. Take this please. See that it gets to the authorities...that policeman...what's his name,

um...Jefferson? Robert ..the superintendent of police?

Yes, yes, Hurry...go...Here, here's something for your trouble. Oh! Thank you sir! Sh sh. Go. Go.

There. Better now? Now I can see you at least, though you look like an Egyptian mummy.

Edward, how did you do this? How did you get like this?

You remember my work with Aphredoderus sayanus. The pirate fish, yes.

It is visible to us, ..but invisible to its prey.

I began by using magnetic waves steer light around objects.

Then I found a general principle of pigments and refraction. But that's...that's miraculous! Yes!

In the books that tramp has hiddenthere are miracles! My miracles!

I developed a way to lower the refractive index of a substance, solid or liquid, to that of air! Unbelievable!

A bodyreflects light, absorbs it, or refracts it.

If it does not reflect, absorb, or refract light, it cannot, of itself, be visible!

Like glass. No no no. We can still see glass.

But you can make glass invisible by putting it into a liquid with the same refractive index.

Like Water. Yes. Now, think, if you could make the human form like glass...and the same refractive index as air...

then the object...or person...would be... Invisible.

Yes! Yes! So, one night, very late, I injected one of the laboratory rats with the serum.

At first it was in pain...horrible pain. It screamed! Did you know rats scream, Michael?

You killed it. No! It lived! It lived! And it turned to smoke... and vanished!

But why did you leave? You'd have been celebrated at the university. Three years!

Every discovery brought me closer, closer...slowly...slowly...but this provincial professor...Hillyer.

Dr. Hillyer! Always prying. "What are you doing? When are you going to publish?"

He never let up, never let up! I moved everything to my flat.

That first rat... went mad...killed the others in the cage...

beat himself to death on the bars...but I changed the formula..

injected another...and another...they grew calmer...then the twentieth rat...success! And then... Your dog!

He howled and cried and writhed in agony!

For hours! And then...he was invisible. So I used the serum on myself. Oh, Edward...

The pain! I'd never experienced such pain! Every nerve screamed!

There were worms in my belly and knives in my eyes! Finally, mercifully, I lost consciousness...

two days later I woke up... staggered to a mirror...and...I wasn't there!

(He laughs) I wasn't there, Kemp!(He laughs) Edward, M'ling attacked us at your flat.

We'd have been torn to pieces if I hadn't had my walking stick. No. That's...that's not possible. Not possible.

That would mean he...(a pause) No! I can't think about that. Can't think about it! I've wasted opportunities!

I've wasted time! But now...with your help... With my help? (A soft rapping at the door)

Who's that?! Michael...are you there? It's Let me prepare her. Prepare her. Yes. Very well.

I'll be in the other room. Don't keep me waiting long.

(door opens) Michael, I Nettie, I've got my things together. Good. That's...fine.

Nettie, I have something to... I'm so sorry I've brought you all the way here from London, Michael.

No, no, I... You're so kind, and I just... Oh, now, ..

Well, well, dear friend and my fiancée in a fond embrace.

(a short scream) Who...who is... You don't recognize me, Nettie?

Edward? Edward! What...what's happened? An accident? Are you... Accident? (laughs)

The bandages. No. No, Nettie, I'm not injured...not physically, in any case,

though your betrayal with Michael may be a killing blow.

Edward, you misunderstand... I understand betrayal, Michael! Edward!

Can either of you deny the feelings you have for each other?

Aha!'s...we can't...we...Edward, we've been so worried! Tell me why you...

(Pounding on door) Police! Open up!

(Pounding on door) You've called the police! Edward, you're plotting murders! The serum has made you...

Traitor! Stay away from the door! Here, you can have your spectacles back!

(gasps) Edward, what's happened to your eyes?

Oh, that's only the beginning, what happens when I take off the bandages?

(Laughter continues under) Nettie, somehow he's managed to... (Pounding on door) (gasp) Your head!

I'll be back for you! For both of you! There's nowhere you can hide! Nowhere! (He laughs again)

Oh! He's made himself invisible. Like the dog. But the dog... I know. (Pounding on door has continued). Break it in!

You hear me, Kemp? I'll be back for you! And I'll kill you both! (Crash as door is broken down)

Edward Griffin, you're under... You'll have to find me to arrest me! Don't let 'im out!

(Glass crash) The window!

You men, outside! Find him! Yes sir, right away, sir, you men, 'round the back. We'll go cover the other exits...

I got your note Dr. Kemp, The building's surrounded, but I don't know we'll catch 'im,

'E'll likely run for the woods. I'll wager we won't be seein' 'im again any time soon.

It's a safe wager. Oh, Michael, he said he'd kill us! What's happened to him? How could he...

It's the serum, It's driven him as mad as it drove that poor dog.

Take this. A gun? Why do I need a... Protection. Take it You'd best, Miss.

Do you have a pocket? Yes. Keep it there. It's small enough. Do you know how to use a pistol? I do.

Good. Jaffers, we needn't stay here. We'll be going back to London, I should think.

But, Michael... There's nothing we can do here Nettie, We're going to the railway station Jaffers,

I'll have one of the men whistle up a cab. Try not to...not to... Yes 'm. We will.


Oh, look Michael, more new snow. Mm hm. And a full moon. Driver, we're going to the railway station. Yes sir.

Here's my hand Nettie, Thank you. There (Clip clop on cobblestones,Wheels,Squeak of carriage)

Michael, we're leaving Edward when he needs our help. You're in danger if we stay.

Oh but Edward wouldn't... In his current state, yes, I'm afraid that he would. Let's go back! We...

There's nothing we can do here. Once they've found Edward, we can....

Driver, would you slow down! Where does this driver think he's going? Oh. Michael!

Driver! Driver! Driver, stop! Hold on, Nettie, hold on!

Stop, please! Driver! He can't hear us!

(Kemp pounds on the roof of the carriage). Driver! Stop! Stop! Michael! Driver! Stop!

He's slowing down Get out while we can.

What is the matter with you! Driver! Driver! He doesn't hear you. Driver! Hello!

Driver! Come down here and face me! Face you? Of course.

I'll be right down. Edward! He's going to jump! Aaauuugh! (grunts) Run, Nettie, run!

I see you, Nettie! Keep running! I'm right behind you.

(He laughs I'm coming for you, Nettie! You can't see me and I'm coming for you! (Sustained laugh)

You won't see me, Nettie, but I will see you! I will see you die as I strangle the life out of you... (laughs) don' don't mean this! We be...married...

But you love Michael, don't you, Nettie? I know these things! I know all things!

I'm the Invisible Man! (He laughs) Oh, Michael's alive! And the morphine

I surprised him with will wear off, but first he'll watch me kill you, ..and then he will follow! Edward, this isn't you!

You made your choice, Nettie, you made your choice! I can see right through you...through everything!

I hadn't anticipated this effect of the serum, ..I've become a god! You've become a madman!

I am a vengeful god, Nettie! I can' This will be quick, I will, when you least expect it...

(Gunshot) You had a... A gun. I'm sorry, Edward. But...I'm...invisible. But your footprints in the snow...aren't.

Blood...there's... Nettie! Over here! I heard a shot.

Your pistol. Thank you. You may have it back. Edward...? Over there.

(They walk in the snow) Blood. Look! He's becoming... ...visible! Skeleton...circulatory system.

There's the bullet...musculature. Skin and hair. He's still breathing.

Can we do anything to help him?... No. I'm afraid we can't.

Nettie? Edward. Yes. I'm here. ..I'm very sorry.

I know, Edward. Can you forgive me? You didn't... I can't...I can't see you.

(He lets out a breath and is silent) Oh, Edward.


And that, Herbert, is the real story of the invisible man.

So you helped capture him. I did. In fact, I did most of the capturin' m'self.

And they rewarded me with his personal treasury. That's how I bought this here inn.

"The Invisible Man Public House and Hostel."

With the very creature 'isself...or, at least, 'is hat 'n' boots...painted up on the sign out front!

Some said I wasn't entitled to th' reward. Them lawyers tried t'do me out of it...

said it should go from where he took it, but when they couldn't prove whose money was which, I got t'keep it.

(drinks) Ivy! Yes sir, Marvel sir! Gin, with just a tinge o' water for m'nightcap!

Yes sir! Weren't there some books that disappeared? The invisible man's he did it?

Bless you, sir, there was, and everybody thought I had 'em...but I didn't! The invisible man hid 'em 'isself.

What use would I have for 'em, I asks ya! Your gin, Marvel, sir. Thank you, Ivy.

Will you have another drink, Herbert? On the 'ouse?

Thank you, Mr. Marvel, I will. Whiskey for Herbert George, Ivy! Yes sir.

Pour it fresh, not outta the waste measure.

Yes sir...comin' right up. I'm takin' m'gin and climbin' the stairs to m'room.

You have a good evenin', Herbert. Thank you, as well. G'night then! Good night.

(music) (Door closes, opens drawer and gets book,cat meows)

Ah, there y'are, Pussycat. Lookin' for food, are ye? Wait just a bit. Papa's studyin'. Listen to this, Pussycat...

" If a beam of light passes from material in which it travels slowly into a material

in which it travels faster, then the light will bend away from the normal line."

(cat meows) That's your opinion, is it? Look here, then, they's a bunch of squiggles 'n' numbers,

Pussycat. Then a "X" and a little number two up in the air... Science writin'.

You understand science writin' Pussycat? (cat meows) Ooooh, these books is full of secrets, Pussycat.

Wonderful secrets. Once I figure 'em out, lord, what couldn't I do, eh?

(cat meows) Oh, I wouldn't do what he did, understand,

I'd be smarter about it. Imagine what an invisible man could do, Pussycat...

(a long sigh) just imagine.


You have been listening to the Air Command radio dramatization of "The Invisible Man,"

written by Philip Grecian, based on the novel by H.G. Wells, and presented by KTWU!

And so, goodnight and...pleasant dreams.

(music and applause)

(closing music)


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