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KTWU-TV presents "Dracula." It's radio you can see, complete with actors, music and a crew of sound effects The radio drama presents an audio-adaptation of the classic horror tale by Philip Grecian. A set that mimics a 1940's radio stage, complete with sound effects equipment, has been assembled in the KTWU-TV studios on the Washburn University campus.

AIRED: October 13, 2009 | 0:57:38

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

Arts, Inc. presents


a radio dramatization by Philip Grecian

based on his own stage play and on the novel by Bram Stoker.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear,

back in time to the 1940s and the golden age of radio.

Turn out your lights and move in close

to the glow of your radio dial for


(metal sheet imitating thunder)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

by the Kansas Arts Commission, a state agency,

and the National Endowment of the Arts, a federal agency,

which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

(ominous music playing)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

(music continues)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

(thunderlike rumbling)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

(wind and thunder sound effects)

ABRAHAM VAN HELSING: Frightening, is it not?

The raw power of the thunderstorm.

Primitive man feared it.

But you and I, we have explained it with our modern science.

Still, there are many things we cannot explain,

and these are always with us.

Even now, you feel them stealing up behind you.

They stroke the back of your neck.

You feel it?

You dare not look, for if you do,

they will know.

You feel them.

They whisper your name.

They know your name.

But you do not believe.

It is only imagination, eh?


Or perhaps it is the vampire.

(thunder effect)

I am Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, and this is our story,

the story of a small band of mortals

who faced the most powerful vampire of them all.

He has been known by many names:

strigoi, wutrich, ordog, pokol, nosferatu, wampyr, and Dracula!

(thunder effect)

It began in the year 1888, in Whitby, England,

where Dr. Jack Seward had established a small sanitarium.



(door opens, closes)

BIRDIE: Excuse me, Dr. Seward, sir.

I was wonderin' if you was done

with your dinner tray?

Yes, of course, Birdie.

Over there on the desk.

BIRDIE: Yes, sir.

Oh, you're almost out of wine.

I'll bring in another bottle.

Thank you.

Why, you ain't touched a thing!

I'm not very hungry this evening.

Ain't Miss Lucy any better, sir?

No. No, I'm afraid not.


BIRDIE: Well, if there's anything I can do...

Thank you, Birdie.

I'll take your dinner tray, then.

Thank you.

Good night, then, sir.

Good night.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

Poor Dr. Seward, he just...


(Birdie screams)


Now look what you've done!

You're payin' for these dishes!

Was you dropped 'em, luv.

Was you made me.

Now help me clean them up here.

All right, all right.

I'm surprised the doctor ain't out here.

Made enough noise to wake the dead.

Take more than a few broken dishes

to bring him to.

He's been sittin' in there all day, not movin',

just starin' off into space, thinkin'.

There, that's got 'em up.

I'll have to sweep for the wee bits.

You seen anything of Renfield?

The one who eats spiders?

Most like a spider himself--

skinny, scurryin', little beggar.

Gotta find him, before someone misses him.

Keep your eyes open!

It's your job to watch him, not mine!

But I'll keep me eyes open, all the same.

(faint knocking)

Now who could that be at this hour?


I said I'm comin'!




JONATHAN HARKER: Is this the sanitarium, Dr. Seward's sanitarium?

It is.

MINA HARKER: Is Dr. Seward in?

Well, of course he's in on a night like this.

Where else would he be?

Come back tomorrow at a decent hour.

He's expecting us.

(making thunder, wind effects)

BIRDIE: Hmm, storm's comin' up.

Better come in, then.

Thank you.

We're the Harkers, Jon and Mina.

Oh, Miss Lucy talks about you lot.

How is Lucy?

Not well, ma'am.

Wastin' away.

Where's Jack?

Upstairs in his office.

May we see him?

Yes, ma'am, this way.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

Dr. Seward, sir, there's some people here to...

Jonathan, Mina, come in!

We came the moment we received your wire.

Mina, you never looked lovelier.

Jon, there's wine over there, would you care for some?

Of course.



I see you've done some work on the old place.

I have.

How long since you moved in here?

Two years?

Two years this month.

You're a bit low on wine.

There's more coming.


It's perfect, isn't it?

The wine?

Um, hardly.

You know what I mean.

This building.

I owe that to Jon.

His law firm found it and saw to the purchase.

It's ever so much better than the old building.

Come back to work for me, Mina.

You were the best nurse I ever had.

She's retired.

No, darling.

I married and went into private practice, looking after you.


Jack, is Lucy any better?

Worse each day.

That's why I've brought her to the sanitarium.

Here I have the staff and equipment to monitor her health.

The wedding?


She gets weaker every day.

She's taken to sleepwalking, and...

That can be dangerous, what with the...

Yes, with the cliffs, the harbor.

I've cabled Van Helsing.

Abraham Van Helsing?

From Amsterdam?

You know, in medical school, you...

Studied under him, yes.

The London papers have been quoting

from his books on ritual murder.


Yes, what with the Ripper murders in Whitechapel...

Oh, of course.

Van Helsing's coming here, then?

Yes, I expect him at any time.

More wine, sir?

Thank you, Birdie.

Put it over there.

Yes, sir.

Jack, may I see Lucy?

Birdie, is Miss Lucy awake?

Yes, sir.

Would you take Mrs. Harker to her, please?

Yes, sir.

This way, ma'am.

Thank you.

You've lost some weight, Jon.


Mina told you, didn't she?

She might have mentioned.

Oh, I asked her not to trouble you.

I... well, as you know,

a few months ago I journeyed to Transylvania.

A client of ours, a nobleman,

wanted to purchase some property here in Whitby.

Go on.

Well, I remember a coach ride

through the Borgo Pass,

and arriving at our client's castle and then nothing.

Three weeks just gone.


I awoke in a Budapest hospital bed.

I'd been found on a train.

Delirious. Raving.

Burning with fever.

Jack, did you know your sanitarium

was part of an old monastery?

Yes, of course.

The old Abbey across the way, too.

Carfax Abbey, yes.

Can we see it from this balcony?

(wind effect)

HARKER: Oh, that's quite a drop!

SEWARD: Sense of vertigo, eh?


That balcony faces out over the sea.

We're on a cliff, remember?

The abbey's in the other direction.

Yes, well, the nobleman I spoke of purchased the abbey.

Lives in it now.

Has for several weeks.

It's nothing but a ruin.

All dust and cobwebs and broken walls.

I've never seen anyone over there.

Oh, he's there.

Who is this fellow?

His name is Count Dracula.

(thunder effect)

SEWARD: Didn't latch tightly.

HARKER: My fault, I'll get it.

(imitates wolf howling)

HARKER: That sounds almost like a wolf.

SEWARD: Some of the townspeople swear they've seen wolves

in Larpool Wood.

But there haven't been wolves here since...

No, of course not.

Just a large dog.


HARKER: Or several.

(window closes)

There, it's latched this time.


No damage.


SEWARD: Quite a storm brewing.

Unusual number of storms recently.

HARKER: Yes, with storms and... dogs howling all night,

how do you sleep?

SEWARD: Fitfully.

Who is it?

Come in.

(doorknob turning)


R.M. RENFIELD: Ah, good evening, Dr. Seward.

I'm afraid I can't stay long.

Yes, I imagine Mr. Williams is looking for you.

Jack, should I...

Quite all right, Jon.

Staff has been alerted.

I've... I've been trying to get to you,

to tell you something, something important.

But I don't quite remember.

Perhaps it is to... to warn you.

Yes, that must be it.

Warn you about the fellow

in the next room over from mine.

He's mad, you know.


Oh yes, quite mad, quite mad.

Possessed by demons.


It's the season for them.

Excuse me, guv'nor, did you ring the...

Oh, there you are.

Please show Mr. Renfield to his room.

Yes, sir.

With pleasure, sir.

Oh no, no, not now, not yet.

He... he wants to take away my spiders,

my little... nice little spiders.


Yes, sir, y'see, sir...

You said I should get rid of the flies,

not to eat the flies, so I...

so I had to catch the spiders.

Don't you see?

It wouldn't be right to let the flies go, so I'm...

I'm feeding them to the spiders.

All the flies will be gone soon.

All gone.

Fly, flies... fly into spiders.

All gone soon, very soon.

The spiders?

Nice spiders.

Fat black spiders.

I collect them.

I feed them.

Well, I don't...

And then I eat them.

Oh, but spiders are good!

Very good.

They are the life!

Strong life!

And they give life to me.

Williams, take Mr. Renfield back to his room

and remove the spiders.

No, no, no!

I... I'll stop, I'll stop.

I won't eat the spiders.

No more spiders. No more.

They are good, very good, but small game.

Too small.

I beg you, let me keep them a bit longer.

Just a bit, and then I'll dispose of them.

That's a promise?

A promise?

Oh yes, a promise.

But I won't free them.

I've caught a sparrow.

Only this afternoon.

A little sparrow.

It flew to my windowsill for breadcrumbs.

I reached out slowly, and I had it!

But I didn't squeeze.

Very gently, very gently!

A new pet.

I shall tame it and feed it... feed it on spiders.

It shall be my sparrow, my fat little sparrow.

Soon I shall have more sparrows,

all singing and growing fat!

Perhaps... perhaps I shall...

Might I... might I ask a favor?

A favor?

Oh, a great favor!

A great favor of the great Dr. Seward!

And that is?

A kitten.

A little kitten that I can play with

and teach and feed and feed and feed!

There go the sparrows!

I'm sorry, Mr. Renfield...

Oh, please, I must have a kitten!

A pretty little kitten to feed.

Get him a tiger and make us all happy.

Show Mr. Renfield back to his room, please.

Yes, sir.

My kitten?

Shall I have my kitten?

My... my kitten?

My little...

I'm sorry, no.

(Renfield screams)

HARKER: Jack, look out! He's got a knife!

(Seward cries out)

(Renfield groans)

You got him, doc; he's out like a light.

Good job, if I might say so myself, sir.

Just one good punch and he...

Take him back to his room, Williams.

Yes, sir, right away, sir.


Come on, let's get up now.

You'll pay, Seward!

You'll all pay!

Back to your room now.

We'll see if we can find you

somethin' that don't move

while you're tryin' to eat it.

The master is at hand!

He will baptize you with fire!

The time is coming!

(laughs maniacally)

Jack, are you all right?

That knife, he...

Caught me on the wrist.

You're bleeding.

Here, let me...

No, it's fine, John.

It's nothing.

And this knife is...

A letter opener.

Yes, from my own desk.

Are all your patients like this?


Renfield's an interesting case.

For a time he collected flies, then spiders.

Now it's birds.

Each creature a step higher on the scale.

A larger soul.

Worth more to him.

You can imagine the fate he had in store for the kitten.

What a horrible thought.

I wonder what value he'd put on a man's soul...



Lucy's not in her room!

And the front door is standing open!

Quickly, Jon!

Outside, before she reaches the cliffs!


VAN HELSING: Jack Seward and Jon Harker

dashed out into the raging storm,

searching for Lucy Westenra.

The wind-driven rain cut into their faces.

They were as lost men in the stygian darkness, and then...


The world was restored in lightning, and there she was,

standing high on the cliff, leaning out over the abyss.

(breaking waves)

VAN HELSING: And beside her stood a dark form,

darker even than the night itself,

(wolves howling)

For a moment, all was black,

and when another bolt restored their sight, the thing was gone.

The men scrambled upward just as Lucy pitched forward

into the arms of Jack Seward.

Now they moved back toward the beacon of the open door,

where Mina stood waiting.

Take her into the sitting room.

There's a fire going.

Over here, on the daybed.

How is she?

She'll be fine.

She was sleepwalking again.

You know, Jack, I could have sworn I saw...


I'm here, Lucy.

Oh, Jack!

I... I was dreaming, I think.

I remember... I remember hearing wolves howling.

Something tall and dark with me.

I remember red eyes.

I seemed to leave my body.

I went high into the air.

It was like... like a dream, but not a dream.

I saw Jon and Mina, and...

We're here, Lucy.


You're here after all, then.


Those marks on your throat!


Oh, it's nothing.

I was fastening my scarf

and caught myself with the pin.

Isn't that silly?

It almost looks like a...

Oh Jon, Mina.

I'm so embarrassed.

I'm sorry that you had to...

Oh, no, nothing I like better

than a brisk run in the rain.

Oh, Jon, you're always so...

I seen him!

I seen him standing outside!

The Ripper!

I seen the Ripper!

The what?

That's enough, Birdie.

Bring those blankets over here.

Yes sir, but I seen him, I did, I did.

Here, Lucy.

These will help to keep you warm.

Thank you, Jack.

I'm so... so cold.

You may go now, Birdie.

Thank you.

Ain't we gonna do somethin' about the...

The Ripper?

Yes, I suggest that you keep your bedroom door locked.

Y'don't have t'believe me, sir,

but I brought your newspaper down.

Here, you should read what they're sayin'.

It's the Ripper sure as...

SEWARD: I've read it.

Thank you, Birdie.

BIRDIE: All right, then,

but I'm sleepin' with a Bible

under me pillow tonight.

Good night, all.

Good night, Birdie.

Good night.

The Ripper?

Birdie's been reading

about the murders in Whitechapel.

May I see that newspaper?

Certainly, here.

Lucy's fallen asleep.

Come, we'll sit over here.

Jack, did you read this story?

Oh, yes.

Read it, Jon.

"This morning, Whitby police discovered

another dead woman..."

Another dead woman?

This is the second one.

Read on.

"Another dead woman on East Cliff."

East Cliff!

Why, that's where Lucy was.


Go down to where it says, "cause of death."

Hmm... here it is.

"Cause of death, the victim's throat..."

Go on, Jon.

"The victim's throat had been torn from ear to ear,

and the body completely drained of blood."




Not wolves, dogs.

The article says there was no blood

anywhere on the ground.

There should have been pools, gouts of blood.

True enough.

And that's why Birdie and her friends

blame it on the Ripper.

They think he's some kind of ghost

who can be in both places at once, London and Whitby,

stealing blood.

This does sound something like the murders in London.

Could be someone imitating the London murders,

perhaps draining the blood with a transfusion kit.


I don't know.

But enough of this.

Just blind superstition and nothing to do with us.

Care for some wine, Jon?


MINA: Yes, thank you, Jack.

JON: Please.

I'll get it.

Well, in any case,

we'd best keep a close watch over Lucy, eh?

Tonight on that cliff I could have sworn I saw...

(Mina screams)


SEWARD: What is it?

A bat!

A huge bat beating its wings against the windowpane!

A bat?

Red eyes!

Well, it's gone now.

Must have come over from Carfax.

DRACULA: Good evening.

I am Dracula.


I pray you will forgive this intrusion,

but no one answered my knock,

and your outer door was open.

That's odd.

I shall have to...

It is closed now, and locked.

I'm sorry, you... you startled us.


Dr. Seward, I regret that I have not made

a formal visit until now.

I have been busy putting my own house in order.

Count, I...

I am pleased to see you again, Mr. Harker.

During your stay in Transylvania,

you spoke of your friendship with Dr. Seward.

I... I did?

A pity you left so suddenly.

I had such plans for you.


You are Mina.

Forgive me, I am too familiar.

No, not at all.

Your husband spoke of you often

and showed me your picture.

I feel that I know you intimately.

You are very lovely.

I hope that we may know each other better.

Thank you.


And this is my fiancée, Lucy Westenra.

Ah, yes.

You have been ill.

You are feeling better now?

Better now, yes.

Thank you.

Your pain will end very soon now.

You're satisfied with Carfax then, Count?

Very much.

I find it admirable for my purposes.

Here, have a glass of wine with us.

I do not drink wine.

(gasps )

(cries out)

Please forgive me.

I have caused you to spill your wine.

It's... it's nothing.


I am comforted then

that the wine holds no significance.

I should not have seized your wrist.

I was startled by the blood.

Oh, yes, an accident earlier this evening.

You must be careful, Dr. Seward,

how you spill your blood.

It is more dangerous than you know.

The vessel?

I have a dozen more just like it.

I can find a much stronger vessel for your wine.

That won't be necessary, it's...

(thunder, wolves howling)

Ah, listen to them!

The children of the night!

What music they make!

MINA: Music?

The music of the hunt!

Listen! Listen!

In my country there is death and violence in our blood,

and we dance to the songs of our brother the wolf.

What a marvelous heritage you have, Count.

The history, the traditions,

the superstitions.

You must be...



The trinkets and incantations

of thin-blooded peasants.

That is why I have come here,

to be a part of this rich-blooded England.

In my own country, I was master.

I will be master again!


Now I must go.

The night is young, and I have much work to do.

My new home has many rooms,

and I must make certain preparations;

but we will all sup together at Carfax one evening soon.

Oh, must you go?

He'll be back, Lucy.

Won't you, Count?

Before you know it.

And now, good night.

I bid you all a peaceful night's rest.

(distant door opens and closes)

What a strange and fascinating man.


The allure of the foreign prince.

But his hands, so cold.

Yes, it is a bit chilly out.

Well, it's late.

Lucy? Lucy?

Oh, sorry.

Dreaming, I guess.

What were you saying?

I was saying that it's late.

Shall we retire to our rooms?

Good idea.

They are much better places for dreaming.

Oh, Jon, really.

(all laugh)

(wind blowing)

VAN HELSING: Later that night, Mina Harker lay in bed,

unable to sleep, and then she heard it.


Lighting a candle,

Mina slipped out of her room

and down the hall,

following the mysterious sound.

There was a chill in the hallway

and a strong draft that extinguished the candle.

Finding the door to Lucy's room standing open,

she entered and...


Lucy stood at the window, the curtains dancing violently

to the wild rhythm of the wind.



Jon, Jack, help me!

(running footsteps)

SEWARD: What is it?



MINA: Jon, I can't close the window!

SEWARD: Sleepwalking again.

HARKER: The bed!

Get her to the bed!

Lucy? Lucy?

Let her sleep, Jack.


Yes, of course.

You're right, I...

Beggin' your pardon, sir.


No harm meant, missus.

I heard your voices in here and...

Can this wait, Williams?

Well, sir, no, sir.

Let's step out into the hall, then.

Excuse me, Jon, Mina.

Of course.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

It's Renfield, sir.

You remember he'd caught a sparrow?

Well, I ain't seen nothin' like it.

By midnight he's got five more

of the little blighters in his cell.

I hardly think...

Strangest thing I ever seen.

He caught 'em too easy.

Like they'd been sent to him.

He ties 'em all to his bedpost

with little bits of twine

and sets to feedin' 'em on the spiders.

I come back later and the sparrows are gone.

All of 'em.

He turned them loose.

No, sir.

He ate 'em!

Feathers and all!



Makes me skin crawl!

(laughs maniacally)

Keeping rather late hours, aren't you, Doctor?


Look out, now.

He thinks I would hurt you.

Fancy me hurting you!


You've had a change of heart, then?

Oh, your wrist.

Yes. An accident.

I wasn't myself.

Oh yeah?

Well, who was ya, then?

I was and am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Among you stands one whom you do not know.

MINA: Jack, we wondered if... oh!

HARKER: Jack, what's...

Ah, good evening!

Allow me to introduce myself.

R.M. Renfield.

And you are?

Mina, Mina Harker.

This is my husband, Jonathan.

Perhaps I'd better close the door.

Thank you, Jon.

The doctor and I have been discussing theology.

I was just...

You were just leaving.


Yes, sir, right away, sir.

Come along, now!

Well, I'd best be going.

Delighted to have met you both.


Yes, you... you as well.

We'll speak again, Doctor.

Come along, Williams.

Yes, sir.

I mean... Here now!

Slow down!

I'm the one with the keys!

I'm sorry, Jon, Mina.

Why don't you both go back to bed?

I'll stay with Lucy.

I couldn't possibly sleep now.

Very well.

I... Van Helsing should be here

shortly after sunrise.

Thank you, Mina.

Good night.

Good night, Jon.

Good night, Jack.

Come into Lucy's room with me, Jon.

I'll stay with you.

I can...

Nonsense, you've been ill.

I'll be fine.

There's wine on the sideboard.

Would you pour me a glass, please?


Jon, I didn't want to say anything in front of Jack,

but when I first entered Lucy's room, there was...

there was something in the window.

I only saw him for a moment, but...

That bat again?

You'll laugh at me, but I'd swear

that standing outside the window was Count Dracula.


Mina, we're on an upper floor of a cliff

looking out over the harbor.

I know.

It couldn't have been.

You go on to bed, Jon.

I'll sit by the lamp and read.

Good night, Mina.

See you in the morning, in an hour or two.

Good night, Jon.

(wind and heartbeats)

DRACULA (chanting): Mina...

Sleep, sleep.


You are sleeping, Mina, sleeping, sleeping.

(Mina sighs deeply)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,


Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

And so that's the situation, Professor.

Her room is upstairs here.

Is good. I must see her at once.

Do you think you might provide a diagnosis?

Yes, I am afraid that I might.

Which room is it?



Lucy, are you up?

Hello? Lucy?


VAN HELSING: Try the knob.




Oh, Jon.

I've had such a strange dream.


Who's that man?

Professor Van Helsing.

He's just arrived this morning.

How is she, Professor?

She is bad, I am afraid.

Look here, on her throat.

What do you see?

A... a wound.

Some sort of... bite?


Not fresh, but freshly opened.


Shh, she stirs!


I'm here, darling, I'm here.

Jack, I...


We must do something!

She's gotten so much worse overnight!


Jack... come, Jack, into my arms.

Come... come and kiss me.

No, stay back!

Not for your living soul!

You are Van Helsing?

I am.

Please, while I can, I must tell you...

I know, my child.

I know.

What was I... how could I...

It is a powerful seduction, little one.

You will know absolution.

Van Helsing, what in the world

are you talking about?

We're wasting time, we must...

Please, please,

guard him and give me peace.

I swear it, my child.

Oh, Jack, if only we...

(groans and breathes heavily)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

(stops breathing)

Ah, it is over.


Jack, she... she's dead.


The certificate listed "blood disease"

as the cause of Lucy's death.

It was at least a part of the truth.

A week passed and I realized

I could keep this secret no longer.

HARKER: Professor!

You've been gone all day.


I had investigations to make before the sun set.

We were afraid you'd miss dinner.

How is Jack?

Better this evening.

Is good.

Now, friend Jon, we must know what occurred

during your stay in Transylvania.

Would you submit to an experiment?

An experiment?

We must have the knowledge that is locked away

somewhere deep in your memory,

and we may bring it out with hypnosis.


Do you mean we could...



Behind the curtain!


Good evening.

You know me.

Do I know you?

Ah, wait, wait!

You are Van Helsing, are you not?

I am.

Oh, this is indeed an honor.

Of course, I've read your books.

They're quoting you in the Whitechapel business now,

aren't they?

I've done some writing in that vein myself.

I employ a

nom de plume, of course,

that pays tribute to our host, Dr. Seward.

Here's a passage I'm proud of:

"You will soon hear from me and my funny little games."

Out of context, of course.

Well, no matter.

Now, I have come to pay my respects to Dr. Seward

upon the death of his betrothed.

How did you know about Lucy's death?

And Dr. Seward's plan to marry?

I am but mad north-northwest.

When a man is so loved as our host,

everything regarding him is of interest

in our little community.

Rumors fly, as do visitors.

There is more here than meets the eye.

Actually, the roomers do not fly

so much as stay in their rooms.

The rumor is that roomers do not fly.

The roomers remain ruminating in rooms,

spreading rumors of flies.



Dr. Seward!

We're playing at horoscopes.

You are Capricorn, are you not?

Doctor, I can't find him...

Oh, there you are!

I know you.

Oh, you do, eh?

Excellent well.

You are a fishmonger.

No such thing.

Take Mr. Renfield back to his room

and see to it that he doesn't leave again.

I got his door double-locked.

I don't know 'ow he keeps getting out.

A fallen angel rolls away the stone.

My mistake.

I never thought of angels.

Come along now, I'll get you something to eat.

I'm not hungry.

Well, there's a surprise.

Probably been emptyin' the mousetraps again.

I'm done with all that now.

On the contrary,

Williams tells me you've begun again, Renfield,

collecting flies and spiders.

What do you expect from a person like that?

Working class!

The man might easily misinterpret any small gesture.

Do you see what I must put up with from the help?

It all stems from a simple misunderstanding.

I once fancied that,

by consuming a multitude of living things,

one might indefinitely prolong life,

relying, of course, upon the scriptural phrase,

"For the blood is the life."

Deuteronomy 12:23.

RENFIELD: Well, yes, yes.

Quite right.

VAN HELSING: The passage is most instructive in its entirety:

"Only be sure thou eat not the blood,

"for the blood is the life,

and thou mayest not eat the life with the flesh."

But what about the souls

of your victims, Mr. Renfield?

I don't want any souls.

Thousands of them!

All around you!

Flies and spiders and birds!

You have taken their lives.


You must feed their souls!

Take your hands from your ears

and listen to me, Mr. Renfield!

Flies! I don't want flies!

Or spiders!

What's the use of them?

There isn't enough in them to eat or...

Or drink?

The blood is the life!

(repeating) The blood is the life!

Genesis 9:4, "But flesh, with the life thereof,

shall ye not eat!"

Leviticus 17, "If any man drinks blood

"I will set my face against him

"and cut him off from his people,

for the blood is the life..."

Deuteronomy 18:23, "Only be sure

"you do not drink the blood,

for the blood is the life and you shall not drink it!"

To Hell with you and your souls!

I don't want any souls!

I won't take them!

I want only the blood!

I want life!

Keep your souls!

I hope you are able to keep your own soul,

Mr. Renfield.

Please take me away from here.

Dismiss me.

Turn me out.

Free me.

Or, if not, take me to another asylum,

on the other side of running water!

On the other side of...


Anywhere but here!


I must leave, quickly!

And so should you! All of you!

Burn this place to the ground and say prayers over it!

Bury the ashes!

Run away and don't look back!

Run as you've never run before,

before it's too late!

Oh, don't you see?

Don't you see?

It's him!



Look at the window, a bat!

RENFIELD: No, no, I won't tell!

I wasn't going to betray you!

SEWARD: Van Helsing!

Did the bat frighten you, Mr. Renfield?

He'll kill me!

He doesn't need me anymore!

If you can't save my soul, save your own!

You must believe me!

You must trust me!

Oh, God help me, why should you?

Why should you?


It's insane, it's just insane.

Why should you?

Take Mr. Renfield back to his room.

Yes, sir.

But I ain't fool enough

to promise he'll stay there.

Please, Mr. Renfield,

Dr. Seward will see that no harm comes to you.

We want to help you, really we do, if you'll let us.

The harm has already been done, dear lady.

My personal loss is the least of it.

Let's get along with it, now.

I can hardly blame you

for doubting the word of a lunatic.

However, please do me the justice of bearing in mind

that I tried to convince you tonight.

Mrs. Harker, you have been very kind to me.

My prayers will be with you.

And mine with you, Mr. Renfield.

Come on, now.

The poor man.

Friend Jon, are you ready to proceed with our experiment?

You mean the hypnosis?


Yes, just after dinner.

We have much ahead of us,

and it would be best on a full stomach.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

An excellent meal, Birdie.

Thank you, sir.

Would anyone care for wine?

Perhaps later.

There is work to do and little time.

Thank you, Birdie.

You may go.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Jon, you remain seated.

Friend Jack, please bring me

that candle from the bookcase.

Jon, what...

Hypnosis, Mina.

Van Helsing's going to hypnotize me.

To see if Jon

can remember his time in Transylvania.

Where do you want this candle?

Here, on the table in front of Jon.

Light it, please.


Madam Mina, turn down the gas, please.

We must have darkness to facilitate the trance.

Ah, yes.


We begin.

Jon, you will look into the flame of the candle.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

Concentrate on the light.

Only the light.


Feel sleep come over your body.

It washes in like the tide, and you feel it cradling,


Stare deeply into the light.

Deeper into the light.

Your eyelids grow heavy.

They are closing, closing,

but you still see the light,

you still hear my voice.

I will count and you will drift

deeper and deeper to sleep.

Four, three, two, one.

You are in the deepest sleep.

Now we go back to your time in Transylvania.

Back, back, remember, remember.

(howling wolves)

HARKER: I am his prisoner.

The wolves guard the gate.

His room is locked.

I see him only in the evening.

Then one night, I see him through my window.

He is climbing down the stone wall of the castle,

slowly, head down, like a lizard!

Look-- down there, in the courtyard, a woman!

She screams!

HARKER and WOMAN: Monster!

Give me back my child!


Suddenly the courtyard is filled with wolves!

There must be... oh, there must be hundreds of them!

Oh, God!

It's horrible!


She screams! She screams!

And then they're gone.

It's all so still.


HARKER: And then I hear the child in the castle

in his room crying!


HARKER and CHILD: Mama! Mama! Mama!

What time is it?

Have I slept?

The moonlight,

streaming through my window.

Three young women approach me.

How did they get into my room?

The door was locked.


Their gowns blow in the night wind.

The pale yellow moonlight passes through the fabric.

I can see their bodies beneath,

and the moonlight passes through their bodies.

They laugh.

They laugh.

(eerie laughing)

Silvery, musical laughter!

They come to my bed.

I feel their lips on my throat, feel their teeth, so sharp.

He bursts into my room!

He comes for me!

Red eyes!

Red eyes!

I awaken.


The sun has risen.

I run to his room, force the door open.

The room is bare!

A coffin the only furniture.

I lift the lid, and within, Dracula!



Gouts of blood trickle from the corners of his mouth,

over his chin and neck,

the whole awful creature swollen, engorged,

bursting and bloated with blood.

Suddenly his eyes are open.

Red eyes! Red eyes!

He sees me, I'm sure of it.

But that stare...


No, not dead.

Red eyes!

I must escape out the window.

They follow, those eyes, red eyes!

They follow down the stone wall.

Red eyes! He's coming for me!

He's coming for me!

He's coming for all of us!

He's coming!

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Oh, God!


Monster! Monster!

(woman screaming)

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

Jonathan Harker had remembered

his stay in Transylvania.

And now we knew

Count Dracula was a vampire.

This is the most ridiculous...

a vampire?

Why not a pixie or a leprechaun?

Van Helsing, surely you cannot believe...

You believe, do you not, friend Jon?

How could I not?

I remember it.

All of it, my lord.

Oh, Jon...

Van Helsing, surely you can't expect us to...

Excuse me, Dr. Seward, sir, your newspaper.

Thank you, Birdie, I'll take it.

Yes, ma'am, thank you, ma'am.

Friend Jack, you were saying?

I was saying...

The Lady in White!


Here, in the newspaper.

The Lady in White.

Quickly, I must see!

What is it, Professor?

Missing children, here on Hampstead Heath.

Ah, so soon!

Here, Jon, read, read!

"Officials report children missing at night," um,

"found the following morning

with small puncture wounds on their throats."

Lucy had marks on her throat.

"Such as might be made by an animal..."


Always we are so blind.

"And the police of the division have been instructed

to keep a sharp eye out for stray animals that might..."

Enough, enough, enough.

Thank you, friend Jon.

Now, make note:

wounds on the throats of the children,

a wound on the throat of Miss Lucy.

She'd been ill for months!

The marks were fresh!

No, freshly opened.

The marks on the throats of the children...

Could have been made by...

Were made by Miss Lucy.

Lucy is dead.


You mean like those women in Transylvania?

Lucy... dead.

Lucy is...


No, my son.

Destroy Count Dracula,

and the dear Miss Lucy will be freed from his curse.

Then she will be truly dead.

If not, she will walk with him for centuries.

Lucy is dead!

Or, if we may find the vampire's coffin,

he will have no refuge with the coming of dawn

and will die in the rays of the morning sun.

You're saying we must go to Carfax.


Is there no other way to give Lucy peace?

There is.

How, Professor?

Lucy is...

By going into her crypt

and driving a wooden stake through her heart.

Dear God.


Get out.

Please, this is difficult also for me,

because you are my friend, and I...

Then I shall make it easier.

We are friends no longer.

You have ten minutes, Van Helsing,

to leave my home.

My poor Jack.

Could you be mistaken, Professor?

There is no mistake.

If we are to give peace to the dear Miss Lucy,

we must go to her crypt so that you may see her as she returns

just before the dawn.

Then, I believe I may do my work

with your blessing.


Come with me.


Oh, Jon, it seems so horrible.

But I trust the professor.

Lucy was my friend.

I can't bear to think of her like... like that.

We'll be ready in ten minutes, Professor.

Ten minutes is good,

for that is all the time I have been given.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

I had caused my dear friend Jack Seward,

I moved down the hall to my room

and began packing my belongings.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

I turned to see a strange green vapor seeping in

through the crack between window and casement.

As I watched, the mist took form!

I have come for you, Van Helsing.

You cannot be allowed to live.

Come not one step closer, monster!

With the protection of this crucifix

I will live at least through this meeting!


You merely prolong the agony.


Look into my eyes!

Look and see the face of death!

No, no, I cannot.

(door opening)


We heard...


Jon, there on the floor, my crucifix!

Hold it high where he can see!



My revenge is just begun!

I spread it over centuries and time is on my side.

I have your precious Miss Lucy.

You held her in the sunlight and I took her in the darkness.

She is mine.

And soon I shall have you all.


Jon, in that drawer, my gun!

Throw it to me!


Do you think to stop me with bullets?

I cannot be stopped!

She who would have been your mortal bride

has instead become the bride of Dracula through eternity.


A bat!

He's turned into a bat!

Look out!

The window!

Where is he?

HARKER: There, up there!


VAN HELSING: You waste your bullets, my friend!

HARKER: He's gone.

I hit him.

I know I hit him.

Now do you believe, my son?

Van Helsing, he... he...

he turned... he turned into a bat.

I saw him.

He assumes many forms.

He killed Lucy.

Night after night, while we slept...

I hoped to protect her

before she could become as he is.

I was too late.

His victims come back?


Then Lucy, she is...

The Lady in White.

(doorknob rattles)

Professor, the door.

Someone's trying to...


Look at his face!

He's been beaten horribly!

Is he...

VAN HELSING: He lives yet.

Though it's a miracle that he does.

Mina, my medical bag, over there on the desk!

Fractured skull.

Internal bleeding, I think.

Ah, see here.

Rib cage is crushed.

Your bag, Jack.

Not much I can do here.

An injection, stop some of the pain.

Van Helsing?

Shh, don't talk.

He must talk.

I'm... I'm so... so thirsty.

Jon, wine!

Blood on my hands, look.

So much... so much blood.

The blood is the life.

The blood... have I... have I lost my blood?

Here it is.

Thank you, Jon.

Here, Mr. Renfield.

What is it?


All my... all my blood.

All my...

Quickly, before I die, I must...

it was... it was weeks ago.

He was at my window.

A pillar of fire, a churning cloud,

sharp white teeth, red eyes.

He promised me things.

Promised me lives.

He called to them, and they came.

Flies, glistening with steel and sapphire,

and moths in the night with skulls and crossbones.

The death's head moth.

Then he whispered, "Rats!

"I will give you rats!

And every one a life!"

With a wave of his hand the rats came tumbling.


As far as the eye could see.


Great rats, small rats, lean rats.

And you let him in.

Brawny rats, brown rats, black rats...

Mr. Renfield...

Gray rats, tawny rats.

Did you invite him in, Mr. Renfield?

Yes, yes.

I let him in.

God help me, I let him in.

A vampire may not enter a house

unless invited from within.

He... he came through the barred window.

I thought it a splendid trick, a splendid...

He would require Renfield's help

in traveling to London.

He took me with him.

Over the rooftops!

I saw it all!

I was that certain scribe, and I promised to follow!

A vampire cannot cross running water, you see.

He would need a mortal agent to transport him

over rivers and streams.

In this way, the vampire of Carfax

is the Ripper of Whitechapel.

I saw it, wrote it down.

Boasted as if the deeds were mine.

"I gave the lady no time to squeal.

How can they catch me now?"

Oh, but I didn't think of souls.

I shall have to answer for souls now, shan't I, Doctor?

They're all around me now, all around me now.


No, they're gone, Mr. Renfield.

They're all gone.

Gone to Heaven?

Yes, Mr. Renfield.

Gone to Heaven.

Gone to Heaven, gone to...

Van Helsing, Van Helsing!

I am here.

He's taking her life, Van Helsing!

I have smelled him on her, the mingling of blood!

Lucy, he means Lucy.

No, you don't... I tried to stop him tonight.

Mad men possess unnatural strength.

I am mad, you see.

Jacob held an angel.

Surely I could hold a devil.

I couldn't let him have her!

I would take his life!

His blood!


Red eyes!

They burn!

They burn through me!

He beat me and beat me and beat me and... Mrs. Harker!

I'm here, Mr. Renfield.

Oh, my dear.

Take care, please.

Please take care.

Van Helsing, it is she!

He has Mrs. Harker!

What is he talking about?

You must save her!

What are you saying?

No, it's a lie.

You're lying!

Van Helsing, he's lying to you!

He's mad!

We all know he's mad!

Van Helsing, p-p-promise me...

I so promise, Mr. Renfield.

I would join you, but just now, I... set my birds free.

My little... my p... poor little birds.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

Madam Mina, the scarf around your neck.

Remove it, please.

My scarf?


I can't.

Allow me.

No, I...

Fang marks!

Mina, no!

I felt compelled to cover them.

Oh, Jon!

Under his spell.

Now there is no choice.

We must find the vampire's coffin.

If we destroy it, he will have no sanctuary from the sunlight,

and he will die.

And Mina?

Madam Mina will be free of the vampire's curse,

as will the dear Miss Lucy.

And if I die now, before he is destroyed?

Then you become as he has become.

And if that happens,

you must promise that you will...

Yes, I promise.

Friend Jon, my bag.

Here it is, Professor.

Here, take these.

Sharpened stakes.

Short-handled sledges.

And these.


Take them, Jon, Jack, Madam Mina.

(screaming, sizzling sound)

Mijn gott!


The crucifix, it's burned into her flesh,

like a brand!

He is in her blood.

Unclean, unclean!

I should have thought!

The mark of the beast.

We'll dress the burn.

I'll get my...

It won't heal.

It will never heal.

Madam Mina, there will be many years ahead

for you and friend Jon.

Many years.

This, I promise.

Come, light your lamps.

Be swift, for this night is different from all other nights.

This night we destroy the vampire.


To Carfax!

(wind blowing)

(door creaking)

Van Helsing!

Look at this place!

Cobwebs, dust.

How could anyone possibly live here?

The vampire does not live, my son,

not as we know it.

And he cares not for elaborate surroundings.

We begin our search.

It might go more quickly

if we were to split up.

Yes, but keep your protections ready.

Friend Jon, Madam Mina, take the top floor, up those stairs.

Very well, Professor.

Come, Mina.

Be careful, Professor, Jack.

We'll meet you back here in 15 minutes

Jack, you go that way.

I will search the catacombs below.

Be watchful, Jack,

for it is night, and the vampire walks.

Take care, Van Helsing.

(whispering): Jack...

Who is that?

Mina? Is that you?


Must be imagining things.

(whispering): Jack...


Who is it?

Who's calling me?

Show yourself!


Oh... oh, no!

Are you surprised to see me?

You're dead.


We buried you.

You're dead!

You're frightening me, Jack.

Oh, Lucy, I... I want so badly to...

I... no. No.

You're dead!

You're dead!


Don't deny me, Jack.

I've traveled a long way to find you,

a long and difficult way.

Don't turn away.

Look at me, Jack.

You see?

I'm here.

I'm truly here.

Don't you love me, Jack?

Don't you love me, Jack?


Then come with me forever.

Come and we shall rest together.

We would have been together in life.

Now, let us be together in death.

Yes, together, for always...

(hoarsely): Together, together, together.



Oh, my Lord, it's Lucy!


Oh, no!

Use your crucifixes!

Drive her back into the corner!

Look out!


Back, drive her back!

Now hold her, both of you!

The stake must pierce the heart

with the first blow.

Answer me now, friend Jack,

am I to proceed?

Yes, please!

For the love of God, Professor!

Do it now!


Jack, oh, my... my love...

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

It is over.

Finally, she has peace.

Somehow Mina knew.

She told me Jack was in trouble.

It is the power of the vampire

that taints her blood, causing her to be...

Where is Madam Mina?


No, no, no!

You should never have left her.

Come, quickly!

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

(door creaking)


Is that you?



(wind and heartbeats)

DRACULA: Mina, Mina, Mina...



Get out of my head!

Go away!

Leave me alone!

Dead end.

The door!

Shut behind me.

No way out.

What's... what's that in the corner?

What... his coffin!

(coffin lid creaks)

Good evening, my dear.

How good of you to come.

There are many guests in my home this night,

but for this moment I have you all to myself.

Kill me then, and get it over with.

I leave that to your husband,

who will be forced to join the others

in destroying one they love.

Can you not imagine how it will feel

to have the oaken stake seek your heart?

Please, please...

Do not plead with me.

I must survive.

Do you curse the hawk when he kills the dove?

It is his nature.

You murdered Lucy.

I gave her eternal life.

They took that life.

Lucy died.

You created an obscene thing in her image.

Who are you to judge the quality of life?

She would have remained young and beautiful

long after you and your kind turned to dust.

She would have been a welcome companion

through the centuries,

but now she is gone,

and your fate will be my revenge.


Come to me, Mina.

No, no!

Mina, come to me!

HARKER: Mina, open the door!

VAN HELSING: Break down the door!

DRACULA: Come to me!

There is no escape, Count!

Jon, quickly!

Throw your lamp into his coffin!


(glass breaks)

The coffin is on fire!

Jack, the window caked with dust.

The sun rises.

Throw that chair through the glass!

This is for Lucy!

Die, Monster, die!

The sun!


Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,


Now even he has peace.

Oh, Jon.

Friend Jon, the marks of the beast, behold!


The fang marks, the burn, they're gone!

At last, Dracula is truly dead,

and Madam Mina is purified.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

And so, there is our story.

And as we watched Carfax fall to the flames,

we realized that none would believe.

Even now you do not believe.

But do you not still avoid the breaking of mirrors?

Do you not sit late at night, away from the windows,

listening to things in the night?

Would you spend a night alone in a graveyard?

What frightens you most?

Being alone in the darkness, or fearing that you are not alone?


Beware tonight, my friend, the shadows hide many things.

Lock well your doors.

Be watchful even as you lie

in the darkness of your bed tonight,

and listen, shh...

for in the shadows just beyond possibility,

hiding, watching, waiting, lurks the vampire!


Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

You have been listening to "Dracula!",

presented by the award-winning Arts, Inc.

and broadcast live from the KTWU studios.

And now, good night, and pleasant dreams.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,


Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

ANNOUNCER: This program is presented

by the Kansas Arts Commission, a state agency,

and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency,

which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Broadcasting from the KTWU studios in Topeka, Kansas,

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