Theater of The Mind Radio Drama


Call of the Mummy

It's 1941, an archaeological party has discovered two mummies in the long sought after tomb of Hatshepsut, who ruled as pharaoh in the 18th Dynasty. When a young British chanteuse answers the call of the mummy and is kidnapped through arcane forces, the chase begins along a trail of murder and an ancient curse.

AIRED: October 21, 2018 | 0:57:30

- Broadcasting from the KTWU Studios,

The Air Command presents Theater of the Mind,

radio you can see.

Return with us now to those thrilling radio days

of yesteryear, and another Margo Mason Mystery,

Call of the Mummy.

(dramatic music)

1941, Egypt, the land of the pharaohs,

and a newly discovered tomb.

Where are you, Haji?

It is dark.

- Be patient, Badru, I will turn on the lamps.


- Ah, light.

- You see, the tomb of Hatshepsut.

And here, you see?

The sarcophagus.

- [Badru] Oh.

- And inside, the mummy.

- [Badru] (chuckles) It is.

- We close it.

- And in this one, a man.

- Senmut, advisor to Hatshepsut.

Now you have seen, as I promised.

We must leave before--

- Here, help me fill this bag.

- You can not take things.

- It is our history.

- You would preserve it?

- I would sell it. - No.

- Ah, what is this, a box?

- Leave it.

- Oh, it was under here. Did they see it?

- The tomb was opened only today, there was no time to,

- Clear this off.

Put it up here.

Ooh, what is inside?

- Papyrus, ancient scrolls.

- [Dr. Mace] Hello, who's down there?

- [Badru] It is Doctor Mace.

- [Dr. Mace] Hello?

- Hide, quickly.

- Haji, what are you doing here?

- Dr. Mace, I, I thought I heard something.

- What's this?

- A box.

- Scrolls and amulets.

Where did you?

- Who are you talking with, Arthur?

- Dr. Brunton.

- Brunton, look here.

- Ah, these are quite good, the Papyrus.

The Raising of the Dead.

- Did you see the amulets?

Amulet of Hekt,

- Amulet of Toth and Shu.

- [Arthur] Beautiful.

- They're quite a find.

- Oh, one other thing.

The male mummy, Senmut is odd.

- How so?

- [Arthur] He hasn't been embalmed.

- Hmm, and Hatshepsut?

- Has been.

- And the liver, lungs, stomach and intestines

are stored in these four canopic jars

but her heart's gone.

- What?

- [Arthur] And there's no fifth jar.

- Well, it's late.

We'll take this up in the morning.

- Yes, goodnight, Doctor.

- Goodnight, Arthur.

(paper rustling)

- Haji, let's have a look at these scrolls, eh?

- Oh, yes.

- Part of the Book of the Dead,

Empowering the dead to breathe.

- To come alive?

- Superstitious, Haji?

- No, no.

MACE: (clears throat) Translates, um, nebt setau,

(gentle music)

- nebt kheb--


- What was that?

- The, the lid to the coffin, it fell.

- Ah. khebet khesef,

(resonant music)

- That sound, it is the ancient call.

- It's the wind.

neseni nehem,

(low growls)

(Haji screams) Ankh,

ankh senam,

- Doctor Mace, the mummy.

MACE: No, no, Haji, Haji, don't.

No, no, let go.


(Haji screams)

- Badru, where are you?

- [Badru] Here, Haji, come, come away.

- It lives, it lives.

The mummy lives. (growling)

(eerie music)

- And that, General Spielsdorf,is as much as we know.

- So your servant claimed Dr. Mace

was killed by the mummy, Senmut?

- [Dr. Brunton] Yes.

- And then Senmut disappeared.

- Yes.

- Along with some artifacts. - Yes.

- [General] And Hatshepsut?

- [Doctor] Here at the museum now.

- [General] Ah, good.

- [Doctor] That's why we called in Dr. Salton's team.

You people have a stellar reputation

when it comes to unusual archeological situations.

- You mean like a mummy sneakingaround murdering people.

- (chuckles) Ah, Miss Mason.

I'm sorry, you are--

- Margo Mason, Daily Star.

- Ah, a reporter.

- The best, and you're Dr. Guy Brunton,

director of this museum.

How about a quote on these mummy murders.

- Surely you don't believe

that I would ever-- - Man strangled in

the tomb with gray mold pressed into his throat.

Three more people in the expedition found

in the last two weeks with the same gray mold.

- It is good to see you, Miss Mason.

- (chuckles) I couldn't pass up this story General.

- You say you heard a noise?

- Haji said it was the Call.

- The Call of the Mummy.

Perfect headline.

What's the mummy's name?

- Senmut, but

I can't even-- - How does he spell that?

- How did you get in?

- Wha, I used my feminine wiles.

- I don't believe that, Margo.

- Jimmy.

- How'd ya get in, Margo?

- Like I said, feminine wiles.

- Yeah, sure.

- And a five spot to the night watchman.

- Yeah, bingo.

What are you doin' here, Margo?

- Following up on the murdering mummy.

- You think that missing package of dust and bones

is killing people?

- Could be a big story.

- Working for the tabloids, Margo?

- I work for The Daily Star, Jimmy.

- I know, I read your stuff.

- I've never seen any proof you can read.

- I've never seen any proof you can write.

- You know each other?

- Well, they've had an ongoing relationship.

- You call it a relationship?

- You wouldn't know what to do without me.

- I'd be willing to learn.

- You'd miss me.

- No, I'm a pretty good shot.

- I'd like to find that mummy.

- Dating again?

- You wish.

- You know what I wish?

- I have a good idea.

- Grant my wish.

- Learn to live with disappointment.

- Give me some pointers.

- I say.

- Well, you'll get used to it.

- Jimmy's kind of a jerk sometimes.

- Sometimes?

- Jimmy's kind of a jerk.

- Kind of?

- Jimmy's a jerk.

- That's fair.

- Let's see the mummy.

- You're trouble, Margo.

- That's fair.

- Could we see Hatshepsut?

- She's in the preparation room.

- Yeah, where's that?

- In the cellar.

Come, I'll show you.

- So where's Weemsie?

- Well, Weems is finishing up with our hotel,

then we're to meet him at Tut's.

- Tut's?

- A drinking establishment.

- Yeah, run by an American.

Fought for the loyalists during the Spanish Civil War.

It's a nice bar.

- We visit it often when we're in Egypt.

- Yeah, Weems should like it.

- Indeed he should.

- Usually a girl singer, too.

(eerie music)

- Excuse me, barkeep,

- Barkeep?

What're you, a cowboy?

- Do I look like a cowboy?

- Not a chance and don't call me barkeep.

- What should I call you?

- Call me, I don't know, call me Jordan,

unless you've got a better idea.

- [Weems] Why Jordan?

- No reason, except that it's my name.

- Jordan, who is that girl, please?

- The singer? - Yes.

- Ivy, Ivy Chapman.

- Ivy.

- [Jordan] So, what'll ya have?

- A chocolate malted, please.

- [Jordan] We, we don't serve chocolate malteds.

- [Weems] Vanilla then.

- [Jordan] No, see, we don't even have--

- There's an extra nickel in it for you.

- How could I resist?

I'll be right back.

- Excuse me, Effendi, you are British?

- American.

- Ah, American, you are interested in artifacts?

- How did you know?

- It is in this bag, reach in and get it.

- (chuckles) Oh no, I've fallen

for this sort of thing before.

That's not popcorn.

- Well what is popcorn?

- What, well, it's like a--

- Ah, here. (thuds)

- Oh, a statue.

- It is,

- An alligator. - A crocodile.

- Same thing.

- She is Ammit, she will eat your heart.

- That's a bit off putting.

- Anubis weighs the heart of the freshly dead,

and if it is found wanting, Ammit,

who lives in the lake of fire, eats it.

- That seems hardly fair.

- You like to buy?

- [Weems] It's really old?

- Very old, Effendi.

- How much do you want?

- [Badru] What do you have?

- Um, $2.32 and a bus token.

- Bsh

- It's a really good bus token.

- Very well, give it to me.

- May I have the knapsack, too?

- Oh, you drive a hard bargain.

- I know.

- It is a deal.

- Here's your money.

- I must also have the bus token.

- (sigh) Here's your bus token.

- Here's your, chocolate malt thing.


- Thank you, this fellow just--

- What fellow?

- Well, the one... where did he go?

- I never saw anybody.

- Well, you see this?

- Ugly thing.

- It's Emmet, the Alligator.

- (chuckles) What like Mickey Mouse?

- No, you see, Emmet the Alligator

lives in a pond of, oh nevermind.

(sucks soda through straw)


Oh this isn't a chocolate malt.

What is this?

- Um, heavy cream, sherry, port, sugar,

egg yolk, and creme de cacao.

- It's terrible.

- I told you we don't have chocolate malts.

- Is there, is there mustard in this?

- Only a little.

Do I still get that extra nickel?

- No, you do not. (coughs)


- Ivy's done with her first set.

- (coughs) If I live, ask her to join me.

- Sure, be right back.

- All right, I'll show her the statue.

Oh yes, women love art.

Now, what is it again?

Emil the Alligator lives in a farming pond or a--

- Hello.

- Oh, hello,

- Jordan said you wanted--

- May I buy you a, a drink?

- Yes, thank you very much.

- Perhaps a soda or--

- Jordan.

- Right here, sweetheart.

- This very nice gentleman wants to buy me a drink.

- Green Dragon coming up.

- Green Dragon, what's a--

- It's from the Savoy.

- Hotel in London?

- [Ivy] Yes.

- Oh, well, pip pip and all that, eh?

- (laughs) You're sweet.

- Would you like to see my artifact?

- Oh, no, you've misunderstood, I'm not--

(scraping) - Here.

- Oh, you actually meant--

- This is, um, Emily the Alligator.

- Not very attractive.

- [Weems] She lives in a lake and--

- Like the Lady of the Lake and King Arthur.

- How do you happen to be here in Egypt.

- Oh. Well, father is English and mother's Egyptian,

and my boyfriend was fighting the Italians in Libya,

so I came here to be close to him.

- Oh, so you, you have a boyfriend.

- Oh he was, he was killed at Tobruk.

- I'm so sorry.

- I couldn't go home.

My family has fled London.

The blitz. - Yes.

- So Jordan gave me a job here.

- I like your, necklace.

- It's a Wedjat.

- [Weems] Widget?

- (laughs) No, Wedjat.

It means eye, the Eye of Ra.

It protects the wearer from harm.

- Really?

- Well, probably not.


- Here you are, Ivy, Green Dragon.

- Well, thank you, Jordan.

- Don't mention it.

- Oh, that's, that's a beautifulshade of green, isn't it.

- Would you like to try it?

- Yes, thank you. (chokes)

That's, that's (coughs)

- You don't like it?

- Well it's better than what I drank before,

but Jordan, Jordan.

- What can I do for you?

- What's, what's in this?

- Peach bitters, Kuümmel, lemon juice, mint, oh, and gin.

- Ooh, gin. (laughs)

- Lots of it, lady drink.

- Lady, lady, ooh smooth.

- (laughs) You make me laugh.

- Are you going to sing again?

- As soon as I finish this drink.

- Good, I'll wait.

- (giggles) Good.

(musical tones)

(footsteps approaching)

- Here we are.

I'll turn on the lights.


- The workroom is just ahead.

I'm sure you'll,

(resounding music) - Nebt setau,

nebt kheb khebet - What's that?

- Khesef - You have your pistol, Jim?

- neseni - Yeah, I do. (gun cocks)

nehem. - There's a light.

- Yeah, I see it. - Ankh

- Somebody crouched - senam

down near Hatshepsut.

- Ah, Miss Mason, don't get so far ahead, you--

- It's the other mummy.

- Senmut?

- Yes. - Neseni, nehem

- You think someone broke in to return him.

- Ankh senam - I think he broke in.

- Oh sure, a 3,000 year old mummy

finds new life in burglary.

- He wants the girl mummy.

- Margo, get back here.

- I need to get a picture. - Khesef neseni.

(gasps) Neseni mehem.

- It is the mummy.

I can see it.

- Margo!

- It's alive!

(camera clicking)


- That flashbulb should at least blind him.

Come on. (running feet)

- Where is he?

- There, behind that phone booth.

- Sarcophagus.

- Whatever.

- Come out of there or I'll shoot!

- No.

Do not shoot, please.

- Who are ya?

- I am Ramoss Bey.

- Ramoss Bey? - You know him?

- Yes.

He's a scholar, a historian.

His portrait hangs in the entryway of this museum.

- Ah, of course, I recognize Doctor Bey from that portrait.

- I saw the mummy.

What did you do with it?

- I am the only one here.

- Yeah, how'd you get in here?

- The museum's closed and the door's locked.

- Perhaps I was here before you.

- What's with the chanting?

- A custom of my people.

- And the fire on stilts? - It's a brazier, Miss Mason.

- What are you doing here, Dr. Bey?

- I came to see Hatshepsut.

- Egypt's first female pharaoh.

- Who fell in love with a commoner.

- Her teacher, Senmut.

- And then died of a fever in disgrace.

- Disgrace?


A fever?

She was murdered.

By Thutmose.

- Who? - Her stepson.

- Yeah, that's one theory. - No proof.

- Yeah, makes sense, though, with her gone,

- He was pharaoh. - Yeah.

- She was poisoned.

- By Thutmose?

- Yes, and then he had her embalmed,

with her liver, lungs, stomach and intestines,

in canopic jars.

- Yes?

- As well as her heart.

- Her heart?

- Yes.

Her heart had been removed.

How did you know that?

It's not usual.

- The heart usually remains inside the body.

- Or at least put in the tomb with the mummy.

- Yes.

In a canopic jar.

- But there was no fifth jar.

- There must have been.

- No.

- Why is that so important?

- The ancient Egyptians believed the heart

was the location of the soul.

- The ka.

Without a heart, without a ka,

Hatshepsut could not enter the afterlife.

- Left at the station without a ticket.

- Exactly.

- Where is her heart?

- What a story.

- So it's all about selling papers, eh, Margo?

- So it's all about digging up graves, eh, Jimmy.

- It's all about science, Margo.

- Is science mentioned in the constitution?

- It's not.

- Journalism is.

- So what?

- Journalism's my job.

- When did you start doing journalism?

- When did you start doing science?

- Archeology is science, Margo.

- It is. - It is.

- You know how I know?

- How?

- I read it in the papers.

- You're trouble, Margo.

- That's my job, too.

- Her heart must be found.

- You seem to know more than we do, Dr. Bey.

- Senmut was seized by Thutmose,

wrapped as a mummy and buried alive.

- Yeah, what are ya talkin' about?

- It's true.

Mace discovered it.

Senmut's organs were still in his body.

- That's right, Jim.

- Haji swore Mace revived Senmut.

- And there've been three murders since.

- And all of the victims part of the current expedition.

- But why?

- Somebody's looking for somethin'.

- The heart.

- They were buried with five jars,

- What a story.

The missing jar.

A murdering mummy.

A pharaoh's curse.

- You believe that?

- Makes sense.

- A mummy coming to life makes sense?

- Senmut has returned to restore his love,

and to remake the kingdom of His Majesty, Hatshepsut.

- His majesty?

- Yes, Hatshepsut even wore a false beard.

- A trouser role.

But why?

- Being a female pharoah would be trouble,

so she wore male clothes.

- Like Dietrich.

- Well--

- Wait, she told them she was a fella?

- She did. - How'd she get away with it?

- Remember, Miss Mason, it was ancient Egypt.

- Gotcha.

No newspapers giving them the skinny back then.

- Or newsreels or radios.

- Or nosy reporters.

- You're just jealous because they don't give Pulitzer's

for archeology.

- Aw, horsefeathers.

I'm headin' to Tut's.

You comin', General?

- Of course.

- If you would like to further examine the mummy, Dr. Bey,

I'd be happy to stay for awhile.

- That is very kind, thank you.

- All right then, we'll see you tomorrow, Dr. Brunton.

- I'm coming, too.

- Were you invited?

- Aren't you inviting me?

- Weems likes you.

I guess he'll be glad to see you.


- We can go out through the front door, this way.

- Past that painting of Ramoss Bey on the wall.

- Yes.

- Wearing the same clothes.

- The same clothes?

- Yeah, just now.

- What're ya talkin' about?

- There's the painting.

- See?

The same clothes.

- How odd. - Except for the amulet.

- Amulet? - He wore it on a chain.

It looked like a sort of, frog.

- The amulet of Heqet.

The goddess of illusion.

- Then he's not who he says he is.

- Why?

- Illusion.

- Whaddya talkin' about?

- He doesn't look that way.

- What way?

- The way he looks.

- Then what way's he look?

- A different way.

- From what?

- From the way he looks.

- The way he looks? - Interesting.

- Only to you, Margo.

Come on, let's go see Weems.

- At, Tut's Bar?

- Around the corner.

We can walk.

(light jazz music)

- Would you, would you link another drike?

- (giggles) What did you say?

- I'm sorry, I meant I would like to dye you another brink.

- Yes, thank you, I believe I would link another brink.

- Jordan!

Two more.

- Comin' up.

- Alright, I've got a very, very serious question for you.

- Very well then,

I'm ready for a very, very serious question.

- Would you, would you like to be my boyfriend?

- (laughs) What?

- No no no, I mean, would you like me to be your girlfriend.

- Yes.

- You would? - I would.

- Oh, I should siv you a gimble,

- Give me a symbol?

- I guess, oh, I know, my watch fob.

No, no, no the whole chain.

Lemme get it off the watch.


You can wear it around your neck.

- A little gold lantern.

- That is the symbol of the Diogenes Club.

It's a very (hickups) special club for men of adventure.

The General is a member, Dr. Salton is a member,

and I am a member, also I answer the phone.

- Here, you may have my Eye of Ra.

- Wedjat.

- To protect you from harm.

- Say, you know, I think you're swell.

- You're pretty swell yourself.

(horn blowing) - What's that?

Do you hear that?

- Yes I hear.

What? - Ivy?

- What's... - Ivy, where are you goin'?

- What's happening to... - Ivy?

- Where? - Ivy!

(horn blowing)

- Ivy! - Where?

- Here you are, two Green Dragons.

Hey, where'd she go?

- She just left.

Love of my life, all quiet and wide eyed and trancey.

- What about her drink?

- I'll drink 'em both.

Gimme 'em,

(light music)

- There's Tut's just ahead.

- You'll like Tut's, Miss Mason, it's--

(eerie music)

- What's that?

- It's the sound we heard back at the museum.

- Where's it coming from?

- The call of the mummy.

- Oh sure.

- Jim, look who's coming.

- The girl singer.

- Good evening, Miss Chapman.

- She walked right by.

- Yeah, like she didn't even see us.

- That, sound is fading, too.

- Hm, come on.

I could use a drink.

(upbeat jazz music)

- So, Dr. Bey, that's the whole collection.

- Very impressive.

- Would like a closer look at Hatshepsut?

- If you would be so kind.

- I'll unlock the glass case.

There, step in close.

- Thank you. - Magnificent, isn't she?

- Yes, and she will be again.

(glass breaking)

- What was that?

- That would be the glass in the front door.

- What? - I have a guest dueto arrive.

- What are you talking about?

- Tay JA meh duh.


(intense music)

- Ah I can't move. - You will be still.

- What are you doing?

- Silence, I must prepare.

- Please! - First the sacred fire.

(match striking)

- Ah, there.

We burn the lotus flower for new life,

Now I take strands of hair from Hatshepsut

and offer them to the sacred fire.

- You must stop!

- The skin of the yu-REE-us cobra, the risen one.

- You're mad.

You can't--

- Scarab beetles, for protection from death.

- (chanting) Id-i-dad-doan-HAB-dee,


- The mummy, it's rising!

- Ah, here is my guest.

- The singer.


Please, run.

- I have heard the call.

- You have heard it in your blood.

- I have heard it in my blood.

- It calls to your blood.

- It calls to my blood.

- It calls to your heart.

- It calls to my heart.

- It-LAH-koo-sa-Ra,


Kuhl BEE-kah.

You must release your heart, you must release your ka.

- I must release my heart, I must release my ka.

- It must fly from you.

- Fly.

- What, what is that?

It's glowing, it's rising out of her.

- It must go to your new self.

- My new self, zhuh-DEE-dee-UN-el-ZAY-tuht.

- Your old self will breathe.

- Breathe.

- The heart will beat in your old self,

- KAUHL-bay, heart will beat.

- But you will not be with it.

- LA ul-REE-do, I will not be with it.

- You must be reborn in a new self.

- Elye-DEE-doo, a new self.

- The mummy!

It's standing up!

- It will live again, reborn with your ka.

- With my ka.

- Your ka will flower in your new self.

- Flower.

- Grow.

- It will flower, it will grow.

- Grow.


(music intensifying)

- I live again, Senmut.

Aisha mari-TAN-OH ruh.

I live again!

- She lives.

- I live.


- Oh, Jordan, now I am bereft.

- You do have that bereft look about you.

- She is gone forever,

and I have drowned my sorrows in alcoholic beverage.

- Yeah, well, I didn't wanna tell ya,

but the last four were coffee.

- Ah, I thought the ice had just melted.

- Excuse me, you are being British?

- Why does everyone think I'm British?

No, I'm American.

- I am Irena Rostapovich,

I am being famous soldier of fortune.

- Oh, a mercenary.

- Mercenary is for money.

Soldier of fortune is for adwenture.

- Adwenture, oh, adventure.

- Also money.

- Are you here because of the money, or the mummy?

- I am here because of mummy.

- I knew it was one of those, they rhyme.

- There will be adwenture.

- Yes.

- Also money.

- You're famous?

- Da, I am being famous.

- I'm not sure I've heard of you, Miss Rostapovich.

- For the purpose of businessing, I am calling me, Rusty.

- You're Rusty.

- Da.

- Dr. Salton talks about you.

- Salton?

Jimmy Salton?

- Does everyone know him?

- And you are who?

- Bartholomew J. Weems.

- I am never hearing of you.

- Ah.

I (coughs), would you mind blowing your cigar smoke

in another direction?

- You are not liking cigar?

- Well, I--

- This is costing me,

in American you would say, "One nickel,"--

- Ah, well. - For box of dozen.

- You're a connoisseur.

- Da.

- I'm (coughs) , trying to quit.

- Ah.

Then I will be blowing delicious smoke that way,

toward customers at tables.

- Yes.

I'm sure they'll (coughs) enjoy it.


- You are being sad?

- I am bereft.

- This means sad?

- Do you believe in love at first sight?

- Is clumsy pickup line.

- No, not you.

- Good, you are not being my type.

- I meant--

- Obrashchat' vnimaniye, barmen.

- Yeah, what'll it be, Tovarisch?

- Vodka.

For me and my friend Weenie.

- It is Weems.

- Weems.

- And really, I'm fine.

- Ah, Mister Weems, there you are.

- General Spielsdorf, I'm glad you're here.

- Pree-VYET, GenerAL.

- Rusty.

- What is this, then?

Hey, Rusty.

- KAK di-LA, Jimmy. See, Worms?

- Weems.

- See, Weems, I am saying I know.

- Rusty, this is Margo Mason.

- Da, I am hearing of you.

Jimmy talks much of you.

- He does?

What does he say?

- He say you are bol'shaya bol'.


- I'd like to think that's good, but I'll bet it's not.

- It means--

- Here ya go, Rusty, vodka, for you and your new friend.

- My friend Weeds.

- Weems.

- Your wodkuh.

A toast!


- Gesundheit.

- And drink.


- Are you all right, Mr. Weems.

- Yes, I'm fine, fine.

- So what are you doing in Egypt, Rusty?

- I am hearing about murders by mummy and cannot resist.

- Yeah, I don't know that it's really a mummy

doin' the murders.

- But it could be.

- A 3,000 year old mummy?

- Yeah, so?

- Murderin' people?

- Why not?

- My grandma could probably outrun him.

- You have a grandma?

- I do.

- And she admits it?

- She does. - Reluctantly?

- Howdja know? - Just a guess.

- Oh, I am liking this banter

you are doing. - Banter?

- You are liking each other very much, da?

- Oh, sure.

- Excuse me, may I tell you about Amelia the alligator?

She-- - Ah, Doctor Salton.

- Well, if it isn't Colonel Swindler.

- Schwindlert, not Swindler.


- Still with the Abhwer, Swindler?

- What's the Abhwer?

- It's like the S.S., Miss Mason.

- Only not as loveable.

- Oh.


- Oh, I am not liking Nazis.

- I thought the Nazis and the Russians

signed a nonaggression pact.

- Da, but we do not trust them.

- I am a diplomat with the German Embassy.

- Yeah, and layin' the groundwork for the Nazis.

- No, no, I am assigned to trade missions.

- Yeah?

Hey, Margo, where are they today?

- What, the Nazis?

- Yeah. - Libya.

- You'd think we'd smell 'em by now.

You still invading other countries, Swindler?

- We are bringing purity to the world.

- Sure y'are.

How soon ya gonna forget about that pact with the Russkies?

- That is insulting.

- Meant to be.

Whaddya nosin' around us for, Swindler?

- I am a student of Egyptian history.

- Well then, you might be interested in Emmet the Alligator.

You see-- - Excuse me, Mister Swindler.

Margo Mason of the Daily Star.

- Ah, the press.

'Enchante, Fraulein Mason.

- Yeah, same to you.

So, what are Herr Hitler's plans involving--

- Der Fuhrer is interested only in the welfare

of his countrymen.

- And what are you interested in?

- Isis.

The Egyptian Goddess, - That so?

- Reichsfuhrer Himmler has an interest as well.

- Oh, yeah, he's a sweetheart, too.

- Hatshepsut was the guardian of the Spear of Isis.

- What's the Spear of Isis?

- According to the stories, Miss Mason,

Isis made a magical spear powerful enough to kill a god.

- Did she kill a god?

- No, but she did some damage to her brothers with it.

- Her brothers? - Yes, Horace and Set.

- Why? - Family dispute.

- Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

- Yes.

And also, at the time Set was disguised as a hippopotamus.

- Like I said.

- Funny thing about hippopotamuses,

they remind me of alligators, and I have--

- Please, please, you must come!

- Who are you supposed to be?

- It's Haji, Dr. Brunton's servant.

- You must come. - Yeah, where?

The museum? - Yes, quickly!

(light music)

- Brunton. - He is on floor.

- Haji, let's have that pillow.

- Yes, yes.

- What happened, Brunton?

- It was Bey, a ritual.

Book of the Dead.

- Dr. Mace recited from that book in the tomb.

- Mace brought Senmut to life.

- Oh sure.

- Bey revived Hatshepsut.

- She's gone.

Now we've got two mummies on the loose.

What a story.

- Adwenture.

- Take it easy, Brunton.

- The, the singer from Tut's. - What?


- Hypnotized, or--

- Where is she?

Where did she go?

- There was that sound.

- The call of the mummy.

- The sound that we heard just outside Tut's.

- When that girl passed us.

- Yes, that was Ivy Chapman.

- Hypnotized.

By the mummy.

- Hatshepsut arose, and the girl fell and she--

- Bey brought Hatshepsut to life.

I've got it!

Ramoss Bey is Senmut.

- Of course.

- The frog necklace thing.

- The amulet of Hekt.

- Illusion.

- Yes, yes, he is, he is...

- He's gone.

- Yeah, look at his neck.

What is that?

- Looks like dust, and mold.

- Say.

You must be letting me be into this adwenture.

- Don't know there's any money in this for you, Rusty.

- Then I will be taking just the adwenture.

- We've got to find Ivy!

- You are meaning the fe-LEETZ-uh?

- Yeah, the British canary.

- Da, see?

There is her skirt sticking from out.

She is in there.

- The sarcophagus.

Open it.

- Oh, she's falling, watch out.

- Got her.

- Ivy, can you hear me?


- I'll call the hospital to send a doctor.

- Rusty, put Ivy on the couch.

- Da, I am doing.

- What can I do to help?

What can I-- - Here, hold cigar.

- Oh. (coughs) - Do not be letting it go out.

- I wish my arms were longer.

(light Egyptian music)

- Hey, Jordan.

Drinks here.

- Be right there.

- So, what do we got here?

- Is being four men dead.

- All of 'em connected with Hatshepsut's tomb.

- Somebody's not happy about the expedition,

that's for sure.

- And that somebody's a mummy.

- It is true.

I have seen.

- There are two more expedition leaders.

- Yes, Sir Edward Carter-White and Howard Ingham.

- What'll it be Jim?

- Say, Jordan, you up for some adventure?

- Adwenture.

- Like the old days? - Like the old days.

- Adwenture.

- What passes that?

- Dead men and walkin' mummies.

- I have seen.

- And Ivy's in the hospital.

- My songbird?

- And my paramour.

- What?

- Inamorata. - What?

- She's my girlfriend.

- Oh.

- Weenie is being in love.

- Weems.

- Weenie is being in weems.

- Weems has a girlfriend.

- Still gotcher bean shooters, Jordan?

- I do.

- Wanna burn some powder?

I can use ya.

- Like I've always said, Jim,

for what are we born if not to aid each other?

- Good.

Sit down.

We gotta make some plans.

- And we'd better hurry.

Our friend Ramoss Bey.

- Senmut.

- The living mummy.

- Will be after Ingham and Carter-White.

- What's in it for him?

- He's after Hatshepsut's heart.

- Yes.

- And thinks someone in that expedition has it.

- And Hatshepsut is draining Ivy's ka to stay alive.

- We've got to save Ivy.

- Where's Ingham?

- At the tomb. - And Carter-White?

- He is at his home. - How do you know that?

- Badru has told me. - Who's Badru?

- My friend.

He works for Sir Edward.

- And steals from everybody.

- But he is honest.

- That's alright, then.

(phone ringing)

- I'll be right back.

- General, you take Rusty and Haji to Carter-White's place.

Weems and Jordan and I--

- And me. - Alright, fine.

And you.

- I'm not staying here when there's a chance for a story.

- And adwenture.

- Right, adventure.

- We celebrate.

Everyone have cigar.

- Oh no, please. - Maybe later, Rusty.

- Oh, is good.

I save.

- We'll go to the tomb to warn Ingham.

- Bad news.

That phone call?

Ivy's disappeared.

- What?

From the hospital? - Took it on the lam.

- She woke up?

- They said she was under a spell or something,

and it was a clean sneak.

- We've got to find her.

- They've got the police looking.

- For now, we gotta stop a couple o' monsters.

(light jazz music)

(knocking on door)

- Coming. (door opening)


- Sir Edward Carter-White?

- That's right.

- I am honored to meet you.

I am Amunet JibadE.

I am a student of archeology at the university and--

- In Cairo? - (clears throat) Yes.

- Ah, Come in, come in.

Tell me, is Dr. Gabra still the department head there?

- He is.

- We are happy to see you, Doctor.

- Oh, oh my goodness.

I didn't see you there.

- This is my, husband, Ramoss.

- Your husband.

My word.

You don't look old enough to be married,

and, forgive me, but your husband looks--

- I am older than you might imagine.

- Yes, well, apparently so,

or else your husband is a cradle-robber, eh?

- We are not the ones who rob.

- No, no, of course not, of course not.

Come in, come in.

- Thank you.

- Sit down.

What may I do for you?

- I have been most interested

in the discovery of the tomb of Hatshepsut,

- And her , teacher, Senmut.

- Yes, well, it is likely he was more than her teacher.

There is strong evidence that they were lovers.

- Yes.

- And Senmut was a commoner so they had

to keep their liaisons secret.

It seems that they--

- Enough!

- What what would you like to know about the tomb?

- The canopic jars.

- Yes?

- How many?

- The usual, four.

- No.

- The mummy.

- Hatshepsut?

- She had no heart.

- The heart is the seat of the soul.

She couldn't have entered the afterlife without it.

- Or be reincarnated.

- Reincarnated, well no, I suppose not,

if, um, would you, would you like some tea?

- No, this is--

- There must have been a fifth jar!

- I can't, there wasn't,

- There must have been a fifth jar!

- What are you?

What are you?

You're not, you're not human.

Your face, your...

No, no, stay back.

Stay back.


(thunder booming) (furniture crashing)

(ominous music)

- Sir Edward?


- Badru?

Are you here?

- Is not good sign.

Door open.

Flies get in.

- Quite a few of them.

- Do you have a gun, Effendi?

- Do not worry little Egyptian man, I am having many guns.

- Good. - In many places.

- Let's not go into detail.

- Is fine.

(flies buzzing)

- Come on.

Keep your eyes open.

- Am keeping.

- Sir Edward?

- Am splitting up.

- Fine, I'll go this way.

- I am going with the lady.

- Ha.

Is joke.

Who is that lady you are being to go with?

Is no lady, is my rifle.

Also my shotgun and pistols.


Is joke.

(eerie music) (gasps)

General Spielsdorf!

- You find something?

- Yes, quickly! - What, oh.

- This is?

- Sir Edward, yes.

- Or what is being left.

(items clattering)

- What was that?

- In closet.

I am having many large guns.

Be coming out or suffering.

- No, no!

No, no, do not shoot!

- Badru.

- This is your friend?

- Yes.

And he lives.

- Two little Egyptian men.

Is being salt and pepper.

- Did you see what happened, Badru?

- I did, Effendi.

I was here to offer some, small trinkets I had found

in the desert because a man must make a living.

- Yes, go on.

- Especially a man like myself with a wife.

- You have a wife? - And many children.

- You have children now?

- Might we, as they say, cut to the chase?

- Ah, yes.

Of course, Effendi.

I came through the kitchen.

Nephthys permitted me to enter.

- How is Nephthys?

- She asked after you,

my friend. - She did?

- Again, time is of the essence.

- Ah, yes.

There was much loud noise from the parlor.

Nephthys ran from the house and I was left alone.

- By yourself?

- By myself.

But I am brave, and so I looked carefully.

- What did you see?

- There were great storm clouds.

- In the very room?

- In the very room.

And lightning, and a great wind.

- Outside? - Inside.

- Ael-llahum.

- Yes.

And there were two gods, or so they seemed,

standing in the very air and glowing like torches,

wrapped in linen, with linen streamers dancing in the wind.

- And yet they were in the room.

- In the very room.

They rained fire down upon Sir Edward,

and they rose him up and thrashed him about through the air,

and he fell and was very dead.

- Poor Sir Edward.

- Then they turned to human persons and left the room.

I went to help Sir Edward.

But they came back, and so I hid myself.

They had with them the items I had brought.

They were very good items, and worth 500 piasters easily.

It is sad that they are taken, for I have a wife and--

- I am growing to be impatient,little Egyptian salt shaker.

- Did they say anything?

- They said they would find Patron Ingham.

- At the tomb.

- We'd best get there quickly.

Jim's going to need our help.

(Egyptian music)

(engine running)

- Just another mile or so.

- Hope we're in time.

- Look, look there ahead!

- What is that?

- Looks like a person, walking.

- In the middle of the desert?

(sharp eerie music)

- That sound again.

- Could be a trap.

Look sharp.

- It's Ivy.

It's Ivy.

Pull over.

Ivy, Ivy, what are you doing?

Ivy, it's me,

- She can't hear you.

- Still in some kinda spell.

- Ivy?

I'm Margo Mason, can you--

- I told you to stay in the jeep.

- No, you expected me to stay in the jeep.

- Why'd you get out of the jeep?

- I figured you could use the help.

- You figured to help me? - Sure I did.

- When have you ever done that before?

- Remember when I saved your life in Louisiana?

- I coulda gotten out of that myself.

- Don't you walk away from me.

- You didn't give me time.

- For what?

- To get out of it myself.

- What? - You heard me.

- Turn around and say that, cowboy.

- Alright, alright.

- Whaddya mean I didn't give you time to?

- Miss Mason, look out. (gun shooting)

- Ah, you're shooting at me now?

- If I'd been shooting atcha I'da hitcha.

- Now you turn around, Miss Mason.

- Turn around, oh my gosh, a snake.

- Cobra.

- Was ready to strike.

- 20 feet away and you hit it with one shot.

- Good shot all his life.

Got a merit badge for it in the Boy Scouts.

- You were a Boy Scout?

- I was.

- Then he KO'd the Scout Master and quit.

- He knocked him out?

- He was a disgrace to the uniform.

Bring the girl over here.

- Yes yes, come on, Ivy, come with me,

- Okay, now get in the back and we'll haul her up to ya.

- Ready? - Ready.

- Here we go then and up.

- I've got her.

- Sit her down here.

- What was she doing out here?

- Heeding the call.

- The call?

- Of the mummy.

- Yeah, sure, let's go.

(engine running)

- You know we're being followed, right?

- Yep.

- Who's following us?

- The Nazi, Swindler.

He figures we've got the spear of Isis,

- And Himmler's dyin' to have it.

- So he can win the war.

- Really?

- Well, he isn't figurin' to bake cookies with it.

- Hm and the Nazis are getting closer to Egypt every day.

- Oh, there are the tents.

And the tomb.

- Weems, you'll take Ivy into one of the tents

and stay there.

- Very well.

I have a small chess set in my knapsack.

Oh, my statue.

Here, I'll show it to you.


- That's an ugly little thing, Weems.

- It's Emily the alligator, and it's--

- Jimmy, did you see this?

- Show me later.

For now, keep Ivy safe.

Here we are.

- Shouldn't there be workmen out here?

- They were shut down during the investigation.

It's just Ingham and a couple o' camels, pack animals.

- I see the camels.

- Ingham?

It's Jim Salton.

- I don't think he's here.

- He's here.

Probably in the tomb, dead or alive.

- We going in?

- Yeah.

Here, Weems, you and Ivy stay here, in the supply tent.

- Should I have a gun?

- No, you don't know how to use a gun.

- But I do.

- I don't think you do. - He doesn't.

- I do.

You just pull the, finger lever-shooty thing

over and over until it stops making noise

- My point exactly.

- Very well then. - Now, sit tight.

- I will sit very tight, or tightly.

- Okay, let's go into the tomb.

- I'm ready.

- You want a gun? - No thanks.

I've got my notebook and a pencil.

- All right, but stay behind us.

- We have guns.

And we know how to pull the finger lever-shooty things.

- Pretty sure I even have a pencil.

Come on, and be careful.

There are some places in here

where the ceiling wants to come down.

Don't touch the pit props. - Pit props?

- The timbers holding up the ceiling.

- I'll write that down.

(light switch clicking) - Lights don't work.

- Generator's all busted up.

- Got a flashlight.

- Yep, me too.

- Got a flashlight, Margo?

- Got a pencil. - Yeah?

- I shed my own kind of light.

- Fine, shed it behind us.

- Because we've got guns.

- Come on.


- I don't think he's in here.

- Or he's in here and can't answer.

- What's that?

- That's what I was afraid of.

Come on.

- It's Ingham. - Hasn't been dead long.

- We didn't get here quick enough.

- Where are the mummies?

- Ah, an excellent question, Miss Mason.

- There's one now.

- Ramoss Bey.

Or should I say Senmut?

Nice disguise, by the way.

- Thank you.

- The Amulet of Hekt.

- Yes. - Lemme try somethin'

(gun shooting)

- Are you satisfied.

- Yeah, didn't think it'd work.

So, whaddya want?

- You know what I want, Doctor Salton.

- Yeah, Hatshepsut's heart and Isis' spear.

- They were buried with her.

I want them.


- Yeah, well see, I don't know where that first thing is,

and I don't believe that second thing exists.

- You're lying. - No.

Brunton's party never found the heart.

- And the spear of Isis.

- Yeah, that'd be a pretty powerful weapon.

I think if they'd found it, we'd know.

- The papers would have been full of that news.

- Right.

Reporters are nosy.

- Is that supposed to be an insult?

- Depends.

How'dja take it? - As a compliment.

- Let's say I meant it that way.

- Let's say that.

- Eliminates a lot of arguing.

- Enough! (dramatic music)

I will have the spear and the heart.

- The spear, I get.

- Same reason Swindler wants it, for the power.

- But why the heart?

- Without the heart, Hatshepsutcan't return fully to life,

right, Bey?

- Correct.

- She's livin' on borrowed time,

sucking the soul out of Ivy, like an Egyptian vampire.

- So she's gotta have that heart or she dies for good.

- Exactly.

- And Ivy dies, too.

- I'm sorry, Bey, I've seen the manifest.

There were only four jars.

- Again, you lie.

- Coulda been stolen thousands of years ago.

You're outta luck, Bey.

- Then you die. - Bey!

Over here!

(camera clicks) - Ah, my eyes.

- Don't let him hit the prop.

- Too late.

(loud cluttering) (screams)

- Get back.

- Margo, look out.

- (cough) Everybody okay?

- (coughing) I'm good.

- (coughing) Where's Ramoss Bey?

- Gone.

Guy's like Houdini. - What now?

- I don't know.

(downcast Egyptian music)

- They've been gone a long time, haven't they, Ivy?

Oh, you don't have to say anything,

probably you won't. (sighs)

- Hello?

Is anyone here?

- Someone's outside.

That's odd.

One doesn't get many casual passersby in the desert.

You wait here.


- Ah, how do you do, I am Amunet Jibade.

- Weems, Bartholomew Weems.

- I am honored to meet you.

- It's very dangerous, youknow, to be in the desert alone.

- My automobile has broken down.

- And you walked?

- I was, strangely drawn here to this tent.

May I go in?

- Oh, no, it's a mess.

I usually have a girl in to do the dusting

and the sanding and--

- It is very hot out here.


- Oh my.

(light Egyptian music)

- We're not gettin' out of here before nightfall,

I'm afraid.

- The General should be along soon.

- Yeah, meanwhile Weems is out there without us.

- And without a gun.

- Well, that part makes me feel better.

- Maybe we could pry some of these stones loose

with this big stick.

- What stick? - This one.

It was behind that wall when it came down.

- Lemme see. - Here.

- (chuckles) Well, I'll be.

You know what you've got here, Margo?

- An Egyptian drapery rod? - The Spear of Isis.

- So it's magic?

- Don't count on it.

But these markings, it's for sure what Senmut

was lookin' for.

- Hello.

- What's that?

- Sounded like Haji.

Haji, we're in here.

- I am coming, Effendi.

(rocks falling)

- Ah, here you are.

- How did you get in here?

- There is a secret way.

We made it, Badru and I.

- A secret entrance?


- For stealing.

- Oh.

- You asked. - I did.

- Let's get out of here. - It's this way.

- Need a hand, Margo?

- Do you? - I'm fine.

- I'll take that spear.

- It's not your spear.

- It's not yours.

- Of course it's not

- I found it.

- Thanks to Senmut.

- Through here.

- I'll take the spear.

- But it's not your spear.

- I possess it.

- No, I possess it right now.

- I found it.

- You did.

- So it's possessed.

I'll take that spear.

- Take the spear.

- We're out.

- I'll take that spear.

- Well, that settles that.

- Hand it over, Miss Mason. - No.

- Then I will shoot you and take it.

- Maybe, maybe not.

- Do not point that at me.

- If it can kill a god,

I figure it can pretty much vaporize a Nazi.

- Do not point--

- Now where's tat trigger?

- We have a term for this, Effendi.

- What's that?

- We call it an Egyptian stand-off.

(bouncy Egyptian music)

- I'm sorry, Miss, um, Miss?

- Jibade.

- Jibade, but my dear old grandmother is asleep in the tent.

- You bring your grandmother to the desert.

- For her health, I brought her here for the waters.

- We are in the desert.

- I was misinformed.

- Why am I drawn to you?

- My animal magnetism?

- What do you have in the çuval?

- The what?

Oh, the knapsack.

- You have something of myself, something--

- Egyptian?

Oh, I have it right here under my shirt.

You mean the widget.

- Eye!

The Eye of Ra!

- Yeah, that's it. (breathing heavily)

- Ha, I am surprising her from back-hind, Weeps.

I am to be holding tight.

- Where did you come from?

- Small town outside Moscva.

- No, I meant.. (breathing heavily)

- What are you wanting for me to be doing with this one?

- Well, I, I... - Look.

She wears necklace with monkeys.

- They're baboons. - General.

Good to see you.

- That's the amulet of Toth and Shu.

It has the power of disguise.

She stole it.

Rip it off of her.

- I am to be ripping.


She is to be changing.

- It's Hatshepsut.

- I have something here that should help.

Here, Rusty, before she's finished transforming.

- Little silver goose on chain.

- Loop it around her neck. (jewelry clinking)

- Am doing.

- I hope this works.

- You hope?


- [Weems] The ground is opening up under her.


- She's gone.

- And hole is gone.

- It worked.

- What was that?

- A talisman I picked up from a magician in town.

The symbol of Geb, Egyptian god of the earth.

He makes earthquakes.

- And gaping holes.

- Get Ivy and get out of here.

Hatshepsut won't stay down there long.

I'll find the others.

- Is good.

Come, Wigs, we will make magnificent getaway.

(light Egyptian music)

- You know, Swindler, we're at an impasse here.

You're holding a gun on us,

but Margo's holding the spear on you.

- I believe I could shoot her first.

- [Margo] Don't count on it.

- But not before the guy behind you

could hit you on the head.

- I was not born yesterday, Dr. Salton.

- I'm just sayin',

- I am disappointed that you would be--

(rock thudding) (sharp groaning)

- General.

- Took you long enough.

- You know how hard it is to find a nice hard rock

in the middle of the desert?

- Yeah, good point.

How about Weems? - And Ivy?

- Rusty has a plan.

- Then let's get out of here.

Come on, Haji.

Margo, bring your stick.

(light Egyptian music)

- Weems, I am finding transportation.

- Excellent, I've got Ivy and we're..

(camel groaning)

Camels? - Is all I am finding.

- Do you know how to ride a camel?

- Is like horse.

- I hate horses.

- You will be loving camel.

(camel groaning)


(camel groaning)

See, he kneels down for you to be riding.

- You first.

- Is good.

I am climbing up, giving tug on rope

and camel is getting up.

Now, bring over here to me Ivy.

- Here she is.

- Hello, Ivy.

Upsy doozy.

- Daisy.

- Originally doozy, in Russian.

We inwented.

- You have camel experience?

- Camel riding also was inwented in Russia.

Go to other camel.

- Very well.

- With confidence.

Camel will know if you are not being strong master.

- Ah, now see,

now see here, Mr. Camel.

- Saying koosh.

- What?

- Koosh.

It is meaning kneel down.

- Ah, (clears throat) Koosh.

(camel groaning)

It worked.

- Now, be climbing aboard, quick.

- Al, alright (mumbling).

Stand on peg, swing leg over.

- You are on! - I'm on!

- Now, shout, Y'allah.

- Y'allah! - Y'allah.

(camel groaning)

- We are being off.


(light Egyptian music)

(engine revving)

- How we doin', anybody behind us?

- Schwindlert's back there,

I can see him through the binoculars.

- We should've stolen his distributor cap.

- Too late now.

- Yeah, you always hope for time to plan quick getaways.

- Never happens.

- Never does.

- We are going very fast.

- Don't worry, Haji, I've neverkilled myself driving yet.

- It takes only once, Effendi.

- Look, what's that coming over there?

- Loan me those binoculars, General.

- Here.

- I see 'em, they're, they're camels.

- Camels?

- It's Rusty and Weems.

- And Ivy? - Yeah.

They're comin' fast.

- They've passed Schwindlert.

- Camels are built for the desert and Swindler's not.

- Where are the mummies?

- Sandstorm caught up to Schwindler.

- There's your answer.

- They're in the sandstorm?

- They are the sandstorm.

- Caught up to Rusty and Weems.

- Camels know how to do sandstorms.

- Look, up ahead, the pyramids.

- Sandstorm's gonna catch us.

- Here it comes.

(wind and sand blowing)

(sharp eerie music) - That sound.

- The call of the mummy.

- Keep your eyes closed.

- Get outta the car and keep close and low.

(camels running) - Here come the camels.

- They're splitting up.

- There goes Weems.

- The sandstorm's following him.

- Here comes Rusty.

(camels running)

- Koosh.


(camels bellowing)

- Here, someone be taking from me Ivy.

- Got her.

- We're in the clear.

- Yeah, but Weems isn't.

- We've got the spear,

Weems doesn't have anything but that alligator statue.

- Wait, what?


- Yeah. - Describe it.

- I dunno, maybe a foot high.

About as big around as a grapefruit,

with a head like an alligator, crocodile.

- It is being very ugly.

- We should've listened to him, Jim.

- Ammit, the crocodile god.

- Anubis weighs the heart of the dead.

- And if it's judged impure, Ammit eats it.

- And the soul wanders forever.

- That's not a statue Weems has.

- It's the missing canopic jar.

- With Hatshepsut's heart.

- Move and I shoot.

- Swindler, we don't have time.

- I will have that spear, Miss Mason.

- Swindler, look behind you.

- You try that trick again, Dr. Salton?

Do you think I am a fool?

- You should remember the first time, Swindler,

there was somebody behind you.

- Me.

- Also, there really is a mummy coming up behind you.

Goodbye, Swindler.

(bones breaking) (screaming)

- That was oddly satisfying.

- Yeah, it was, wunnit?

- And messy. - Yeah, that too.

- Hiya, Senmut, how's tricks?

- I will have that spear.

- You look terrible. - He lost his amulet.

- That happens when you turn into sand.

- You know, it does. - Enough.

- Easy, Senmut, you're comin' unwrapped.

- Ew, he is.

- Well, that's pretty disgusting.

Cover up, man.

- Say, this spear thing is glowing.

Must be you, Senmut.

- I can't see it.

- Want a closer look?

- Sure, toss it here.

- Here ya go.

- Thanks, say, this is glowin'.

You wanna see, Senmut?

- Give it to me.

- Well, okay, you asked for it.

(loud thudding) (Senmut screaming)

- Ashes to ashes.

- Dust to dust.

- Sand to sand.

- Quick, where's Weems?

- He's climbing the great pyramid.

- What? - You see there, Jim?

The sandstorm's coalesced at the bottom.

- It's Hatshepsut.

Hey, Rusty, you still got that scope rifle?

- Da, I am never being without it, Jim.

- Lemme borrow it.


- I am here, Effendi.

- See those finds bags in the back of the jeep?

- Finds bag?

- Archeology talk.

Those big sacks.

- Ah, yes.

- Fill three of 'em with sand.

I've got an idea.

(light Egyptian music)

(wind blowing) (breathing heavily)

- I am coming for you, Mr. Weems.

There is no sense in running.

- I'm not (panting) running, I'm (panting) climbing.

- For thousands of years, Mr. Weems,

kingdom after kingdom hasburied its dead in this desert.

- What do you want with me?

- You have something of mine.

- Stop climbing.

I don't have anything,

- But, you do.

Cast your eyes across my desert, Mr. Weems, and behold.

- Oh my gosh.

- Look at that.


- There are being hundreds of them.

- Rising up out of the sand.

- Like ants.

Climbing the pyramid.

- Haji, bring those bags over here,

put 'em on the hood of the jeep.

- Yes, Effendi.

- What are you, ah.

A shooting rest.

- A what?

- A shooting rest, Miss Mason.

Jim's going to rest the rifle on these sandbags

for a steady shot.

- What are you gonna shoot?

- You'll see.

- You are not having that many bullets.

- Only need one.

- No, wait, I get it.

You can't do it.

- I can't? - Impossible.

- Don't forget my merit badge.

Toss me the megaphone from the jeep.

- Beer says you can't do it.

- Make it whiskey and you've got a bet.

- Whiskey it is.

- Now all I gotta do is get Weems' attention.

(light Egyptian music) (wind blowing)

- I would have the jar.

- Jar? - Give it to me.

- I don't have it, oh!

Oh! (knapsack rustling)

You mean this?

Emily the Alligator?

- Give it to me! - Weems!

- Give it to me.

- Doctor Salton?

Doctor Salton.

- Throw it. - What?

- Throw it. - Give it to me.

- No.

I'm gonna throw it.

(gun firing) (pottery busting)


(light Egyptian music)

- There room here for one more?

- Have a seat, Miss Mason.

- Jimmy, you see how General Spielsdorf stands up

when a lady enters the room.

- I will too, as soon as one does.

Where ya been, Margo?

- Had to file that story.

- Bags are sent to the airfield.

- Sit down Mr. Weems.

I'll buy you a drink.

- And I am giving you cigar.

- Oh, ah, thanks.

- Be putting in mouth.

I will light. (match striking)

- You really don't have to.

- Be inhaling, big now

and filling lungs with sweet sweet smoke.

- (coughing) Smooth.


- I believe I shall retire to

the patio within a stones throw of the duck pond.

- Poor ducks.

- Ah, Badru and Haji.

- We have come to say goodbye, Effendi.

We are very grateful.

- You have given us a wonderful idea.

Show them, Haji. (bag rustling)

- Those look like, carved stones?

- See the holes on the tops?

- They are hollow.

- Salt and pepper shakers for sale.

Made from things we have found.

- We got idea from HaDritik Rusty.

- HaDritik?

- It's a term of respect.

Wait, these are artifacts.

- Small artifacts.

- Hardly worth notice.

- There is an old saying among our people.

It is, Min-YA-hee d'SHAY an YA-taw FEE-zuh-BEE-yuh.

- It means?

- Finders, keepers.


- Well, good luck.

- We must go.



- Hiya, Jordan.

- Here y'are, Jimmy. - What's this?

- That's the whiskey I owe you.

- I woulda bet against me.

- I did bet against ya.

- Well, plane's waitin'.

See ya, Rusty.

- Da, I am to be hoping.

- Jordan. - It was fun.

Reminded me of old times.

- And adwenture.

- Yes, adventure.

- See ya around, Margo.

- I hope so.

- Yeah, I kinda do, too, but. - What?

- You're trouble, Margo.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, I like that aboutcha.

- Good and thanks.

- Stay safe.

- Never.

See ya soon.

- Ready, General? - Ready.

- Where's Weems?

- He had something to do.

He'll see you at the airfield.

- Come on, Rusty, we'll give ya a lift to--

- Adwenture.

- Adventure. (laughing)

- Ivy, I, I wanted to say, um--

- You saved my life.

- Look, I don't know what the future may bring.

There's this war.

- Yes.

- And so far we're not actually in it, in my country,

but you are in yours

and I have feelings for you and...

- And I for you.

- And I thought that, perhaps, you could come with me.

- Come with you?

- To the states.

You could be safe.

- You are so dear.

- Ivy, I'm no good at being noble, but.

- I can't leave.

I have family that will need me, once we find one another.

- Yes, I know.

But I have your pendant.

- My wedjat.

And I have yours.

- And from now on Green Dragon will be my favorite drink.


And we'll always have Egypt.

- Until we meet again.

- Until we meet again.

Well, it's time for you to go sing.

- It's a living.

- Yes.

Goodbye, but only for now.

- Only for now.

(light jazz music)

- You have been listening to the radio dramatization,

Call of the Mummy, apresentation of The Air Command

produced by KTWU television.

And now, goodnight and pleasant dreams.

(light music)

♪ After you've gone, and left me cryin' ♪

♪ After you've gone, there's no denying ♪

♪ You'll feel blue, you'll feel sad ♪

♪ You'll miss the bestest pal ya ever had ♪

♪ There'll come a time, now don't forget it ♪

♪ There'll come a time, when you'll regret it ♪

♪ Some day when you grow lonely ♪

♪ Your heart will break like mine and you'll want me only ♪

♪ After you've gone, after you've gone away ♪


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