The Lowertown Line

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Siama Matuzungidi | Interview: Forget the Struggle

Siama talks about why he loves music and performing on The Lowertown Line.

AIRED: April 11, 2017 | 0:01:30

- When I play my music

I always want people to feel it inside them,

forget their struggle, forget their pain,

and feel the healing.

It is not just singing,

but if two note, four note, can make somebody happy,

that is the thing I really want in my life.

(singing in foreign language)

My name is Siama Matuzungidi,

I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Every time I wanna write something,

I have to kind of connect to the Congo

to get at the inspiration.

In my imagination,

I can see the people in the village,

kids running, playing under the trees,

people just sitting under the tree

when it is too hot and just talk stories

and in the evening looking to the stars.

That's the thing I see when I'm connecting to my culture.