The Light


Behind "The Light": Zhalarina

Go behind the scenes to meet Zhalarina Sanders, The Light's writer, creator and performer in this autobiographical love story. Zhalarina plays both her mother Diji and herself in a narrative about coming-of-age and self-actualization. She employs her considerable talents as an actress, writer and musician in a tale composed of what she describes as the "not so great moments of life."

AIRED: May 19, 2020 | 0:01:02

- Verse One, one V one, take one.

[slate board claps] - (♪ Oooh, oooh )

- I am Zhalarina Helene Sanders.

Music and theater is where

I'm sort of situated as an artist.

Life has great moments and it has not so great moments.

So to talk about and work through and make a show

of the not so great moments.

It's been a challenge,

but it's been so fulfilling and edifying

to be able to take very personal moments and,

like, create the world that existed around them,

like, 10 years ago.

It's incredible.

♪ write the bitterest, most infamous, villainous poem

♪ nearly blow out a lung every chance you get to perform

So, it's three different songs

and I am playing myself and my mom

throughout the entire set.

She's excited.

She's nervous because we're talking about

kind of a difficult moment in our life together,

as mother and daughter.

But she she's excited for the most part.

I'm excited to show her.