Stage Players


Stage Players: Regina Victor

Regina Victor adapted the idea of Radical Hospitality after working with Anna Deavere Smith on “Notes from the Field” in 2015, believing that if the theater is not equally welcome to everyone it is open to no one.

AIRED: June 20, 2019 | 0:01:08

- I fell in love with the failing of theater.

The ability to just strive for something

without judgment every day is an experience

that I wish everyone could have all the time.

My name is Regina Victor,

I'm a multidisciplinary artist and theater critic.

ReScripted is an online arts journalism platform

that is by and for critics, and by and for theater artists.

Our mission is to reprogram how we critique each other

from a lens of empathy, and to really see

the intent behind the production before dissecting the show.

The artist critic perspective is really about the labor,

the intention and the time.

I love working with TimeLine on dramaturgy.

You can see the lobby display that is very extensive.

A Moon for the Misbegotten, directed by Bill Brown.

I was very interested in working with him

because I have family in Connecticut that is part Irish.

- There'll be a speak open and some drunk laughing.

And I need a laugh.

- Radical hospitality, the act of making sure

that everything is welcoming to all people

no matter their status, no matter their income level,

race, whatever.


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