Stage Players


Stage Players: Rebecca Gilman

Rebecca Gilman won a playwriting competition as a teenager, leading her to fly to New York City from Alabama to hear her play “Open All Night” read at The Public Theater. Her subsequent plays have been performed around the country.

AIRED: June 20, 2019 | 0:01:04

- I don't want anyone to ever look at a woman again

and think she represents a group.

I want us to see a complete parity on the stage

so that that question just disappears.

I'm Rebecca Gilman, I'm a playwright.

I get a lot of my ideas from reading the newspaper,

an actual newspaper.

If I see something that really pisses me off,

it jumps out at me.

- I felt like I was being watched.

- Twilight Bowl is a play about six young women,

and set in a bowling alley in Wisconsin.

The first time I've worked entirely with women.

My director, Erica Weiss,

put together an all-female design staff

and I've been writing plays for 36 years

so it's sort of notable.

I have to take time away from talking about my plays

to talking about what women are doing in the theater.

That's what people call the burden of representation.

We need more stories by women and people of color on stage

and we need more women and people of color working on plays.

(laughs) And also running the world.


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