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Stage Players: Amy Peter

Amy Peter is a Wisconsin native who worked around the country as a prop master before returning to the Midwest to pursue her craft at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, then landing a full-time gig at DePaul University, where she supports up to 30 productions a year.

AIRED: June 20, 2019 | 0:01:07

- I don't sit still very well at all.

Even if I'm sitting at home

I am probably also doing something with my hands.

My name is Amy Peter and I am a prop master

at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

I do have a mug that says "If it poops it's not a prop"

because generally speaking, that is my rule.

Doing props is sort of like temporary interior design.

It lasts for six weeks and then it goes away.

I read every single play a couple times.

Do we know why this character's in a wheelchair?

Why do they have this piece of luggage?

A small choice can really affect how people

believe a character.

There's going to be a prop table backstage

that has a labeled spot for everything that makes it

on and off stage.

I get to have a stock that says floppy frogs

and also, like, dead lamb.


There's lists and forms for just about everything.

It keeps the chaos in check.

(pail clattering)

(saw buzzing)

One day I might be welding,

the next day I'm gonna be sewing,

then I'm gonna be out shopping,

all of the random things that I like to do

fall into this one world. (dramatic music)

I often say play (chuckles) instead of work.

For me it feels more like that often.


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