Shakespeare Uncovered

S3 E5 | CLIP

Magic and Forgiveness in The Winter's Tale

Repentant and hopeful, Leontes, who thought he had forever lost his family, is reunited with his wife and daughter and finds joy in the face of loss.

AIRED: October 26, 2018 | 0:01:31

Something magical does happen. A man is forgiven for something that in his mind

is beyond forgiveness and now is embracing the woman whom he thought he

had lost forever.

Somehow in the theater we can be Leontes and Hermione we can experience what it

would be like to embrace Paulina's offer.

Awake your hope, awake your optimism. Awake your love.

She's saying to the audience

whether it's Leontes or the people watching this play, you can't just watch

this part of the transformation that I want to create is the transformation of

you because I'm going to awaken your sense of possibility.

Hermione and Leontes have dared to have faith in a future while knowing all that

has happened in the past.

Perdita is found but their son is lost.

The joy is a void. The joy is a darker joy, a deeper joy because it has to exist

in the face of loss.


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