Shakespeare Uncovered

S3 E5 | CLIP

Leontes' Irrational Jealousy

Deep in the grip of an irrational jealousy, Leontes convinces himself of his wife’s betrayal and won’t be persuaded otherwise, even by Camillo, his most trusted counselor.

AIRED: October 26, 2018 | 0:02:18

Leontes has somehow fallen into his own hell, he rushes to his closest advisor Camillo

Camillo is completely unprepared for this.

This is point to play with those screws be to tighten this I think is

not characteristic behavior on the part of the aunties and I think Camillo as the honest

counselor is as shocked as you would be if somebody who you respect and admire

suddenly starts reading the world in a way that doesn't make sense

Leontes has created wild fantasies that to him seem completely rational

And what you see, Camillo...

Well that's passed out you have to wear your eyeglasses thicker than a cock holes horn

My wife is slippery

I would not be a stander by to hear my sovereign mistress clouded and so without my present vengeance taken through

You never spoke what did become you less.

He's whispering nothing.

It's leaning cheek on cheek his meeting noses

Kissing with inside lip, stopping the career of laughing with a sigh.

Horsing foot on foot

wishing cocks more swift hours minutes noon midnight and all eyes blind with the pin and web but there's, there's only

that would unseen be wicked is there's nothing.

But in the world and all that sinneth is nothing

There covering sky is nothing. Bohemia nothing. My wife is nothing nor nothing have these nothing's if there's been

Good my lord

Be cured of this diseased opinion and the times

What is most dangerous...

Say it be! T'is true? No, my lord. It is.

It is. You lie. Say it be. T'is true. No!

It is, it is! You lie. I say thou liest, Camillo, and I hate thee!


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