Secrets of the Dead

S18 E6 | CLIP

Explore Dutch Schultz's Bootlegger Tunnel

Concordia College's archivist Travis Basso takes us through a rumored bootlegger tunnel said to be built by Dutch Schultz and his gang.

AIRED: November 18, 2020 | 0:01:55

- [Narrator ] Steve and Ryan have come to Concordia College

in Bronxville, New York,

to search for a rumored tunnel

built by Dutch and his gang.

- [Steve] So tell us a little bit about this.

- Well, this is one of our dorms now,

but allegedly once upon a time,

it was owned by the gangster Dutch Schultz.

I lived here for a couple semesters,

so I'm a little familiar with the place.

Supposedly, there's a tunnel that goes from this house

straight over there to Wardhouse,

but even older than that,

it was supposed to be a tavern, apparently.

- Oh my, okay.

So we got a tavern over here. - [Travis] Right.

- We got Dutch over here.

Cops coming in, zoom out the tunnel.

- Right. - Alright, very cool.

I got this feeling that we're gonna find something.

Wow. Wow, I got this really.

- So it would have been like from the outside.

I think further down. - Yeah.

Crevasse down there.

Possibly in here.

- Yeah. - There's a lot of rooms

down here. - Oh look it,

look it look it.

Look at that.

- That's what [inaudible 00:01:10]

- Like look at this.

It's completely been sealed up.

- It's right here. - [Ryan] This is it.

- For sure.

It's exactly where we were,

because when Frank was out there with the GPR,

I kinda walked it, I stepped it,

and I mean it's obvious.

Look it. - I know.

- There's your tunnel.

Like it's out of a movie,

it's out of a movie.

When you're looking out the wall,

there's stone, there's brick

that's been placed in there and stone,

and it's in the perfect shape of a tunnel

exactly where we got the GPR hit on the outside.

No doubt about it there was a tunnel there.

(eerie music)


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