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Searching for the Rowi Kiwi

Joel Sartore and Tracey Dearlove go in search of a rare rowi kiwi. Watch the final episode of RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark on Tuesday, August 1 at 9/8C.

AIRED: August 01, 2017 | 0:04:15

- [Man] Some people pay real money to do stuff like this.

- [Woman] You made it.

- Is this the top?

- This is the top.

- Oh my God.

- This is the official top.

- This is the top of the mountain.

- [Woman] Success.

- Success?

We haven't even found the bird yet.

- [Woman] We're most of the way there, though.

- We are?

- [Woman] Hopefully.

- Good.

Do you think the folks at home seeing this

will think I'm a weenie?


Because I am.

I admit it.

I knew I should've have brought that camera bag.

But then what's the point?

- [Woman] Exactly.

- It's pretty faint, but there's a wee beep in there.

- [Man] Oh, God.

It's all your fault.

- You hear that?

- [Man] I hear static.

- [Woman] In the background, there's a faint beep.

- [Man] And how far away is that beep?

- [Woman] Quite far.

- This is like that Blair Witch Hunt movie,

but with an accent.

- A faint beep over that way,

so I think if we head along the ridge that way,

we'll find him.

- [Man] The eggs we're after belong to

one of more than 100 birds unique to New Zealand,

including the eggs of this rarity, the Rowi Kiwi.

- We've got a nice, strong signal, which is good.

- [Man] How far?

- Maybe about 40 meters.

- [Man] Excellent.

- So, we're only a couple of meters away,

so we'll just try and, we'll put all our gear down,

and we'll just trek in there really quietly,

see if we can locate the burrow entrance.

Zack, just hang by for a second,

I'll just try and figure out exactly where it is.

- [Man] Can you find it?

- Yes, there's two birds in there.

I can see them quite clearly.

- [Man] You can see them both?

- Yeah.

- [Man] Are they close?

- Yeah, they're only sort of this far into the burrow.

You can see the egg there.

- [Man] That is cool.

Wow, you're really good at finding these things.

Holy cow.

- I don't know if my arm's long enough,

so I'm gonna have to saw some of this.

- [Man] Tracy, you're gonna grab the egg through that hole?

- Yeah, I'm gonna see if I can get in this way,

'cause I can possibly grab it that way,

but it's just if she's in the front of the egg,

which means that I'd have to run over the egg.

I'm just gonna watch what she's doing.

- [Man] That's amazing.

It's incredible, isn't it?

- It's pretty cool.

- [Man] Wow, is it warm?

- Yeah, you wanna feel?

- Wow, it's warm.

It's enormous.

- It's a huge egg.

- That's so cool, wow.


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