S1 E3 | CLIP

Creature Clip: Weta

Meet the weta, a big flightless grasshopper-like creature that took the place of mice in New Zealand. Watch the final episode of RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark Tuesday, August 1 at 9/8C.

AIRED: August 01, 2017 | 0:02:03

- Okay. Cue the weta.

(curious music)

So these are wetas, huh?

- These are Cook Strait giant weta.

We got a male and a female.

- These are basically big, flightless grasshoppers, right?

- [Handler] Yeah.

- [Joel] Look at how big.

And they're sweet?

- [Handler] Yeah, they're

- [Joel] They don't bite?

- [Handler] They don't bite. They're herbivores.

- [Joel] And they took the place of mice.

- [Handler] Yeah, essentially.

Gentle Creatures.

What they have, is they have defense mechanism,

they have these spikes on the legs.

- [Joel] Now, these aren't rare, are they?

- [Handler] These are rare, yeah.

- [Joel] Are they really?

- [Handler] They're very rare, yeah.

Predation by rats and mice.

- And they've lost their ability to fly,

like a lot of birds here.

- [Handler] Ah, yeah. Yeah. Essentially large crickets.

And, so large, in fact, we put transmitters on them

when we first introduced them.

- So we're ready.

- [Handler] Okay.

- [Joel] Let's turn on the light first.

- [Handler] On the white?

- Sure.

Look at that. That's perfect.

You've styled Wetas before, haven't you?

- [Handler] Yeah.

- Alright.

(camera shutter)

(cheerful music)

- [Joel] It's fine to move 'em over?

- [Handler] Yeah.

- [Joel] They're interesting looking. I'm trying to

oh, look at that. - [Handler] See, there's that

defense mechanism.

- [Joel] Oh, awesome.

That's interesting.

- [Joel Voiceover] By putting its spiky back legs, up,

the weta appears much more threatening

and probably less tasty looking to potential predators.

- [Handler] You could just - [Joel] If they go on black,

we'll get 'em on black.

- They can move reasonably quick,

when they get a mind to it.

Oh, I'll get 'em.

You got 'im?

- Yeah, I got 'im. He's hanging on my finger.

- Ouch. Ouch! There we go.

- [Handler] There you go.

- That is a cool behavior, isn't it?

She thinks I'm gonna eat her.

She got you now, right?

- [Handler] Hooks, yeah.

- [Joel] What's it feel like?

- [Handler] It just feels like she's just

- [Joel] Thorns on a rose bush, basically.

- [Handler] Yeah, and not even that.

They're quite delicate,

so you've gotta be a bit careful with them.

There you go.

(bright music)


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