S1 E3 | CLIP

Creature Clip: Kākāpō

Meet Sirocco, a rare kākāpō and the only one with its own Twitter account! Kākāpōs can live to be over 100 years old. Watch the final episode of RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark Tuesday, August 1 at 9/8C.

AIRED: August 01, 2017 | 0:02:36

- We're gonna go in with Sirocco, the Kakapo.

- Kakapo.

- Kakapo?

- Kakapo. - Kakapo.

- Think of a car- - Car.

- Car that you drive. - Car.

- And then paw of a cat.

- Cat. - Paw.

- Ka-ka-paw, is that it?

- Yeah, Kakapo, yep, it's better than-

- Okay.

- It's better.

- I'll remember that for about three seconds.

- I'll keep reminding you if that's all right.

- Okay.

- They have such a beautiful word, Kakapo.

It's not really that it has-

- Kakapo.

- Yeah that's perfect, perfect.

- That's the only I'll get that right

- Perfect (mumbling), yeah.

(dramatic music)

Hey mate.

Look at this, Sirocco.

Want some of this?

Where do you want the router?

- We're gonna set it up to the left over there.

Sirocco ready?

- [Woman] It's all right, mate.

He's curious, that's good.

And then this goes,

see here a bit that screws on (mumbling).

- [Man] I'll be back here now, way back.

What's he think?

Is he bored?

- [Woman] No, he seems all right, actually.

He's just really hungry, I think.

- What are you feeding him?

- So it's just walnuts.

(happy music)

(camera clicks)

- [Man] A little that way,

where the light is.

You're a good caretaker, you know that?

- [Woman] It's my job.

He's my mate, as well, you know.

I look out for him.

- [Man] Wherever I shoot for the photo art,

the one thing that's clear is

how keepers and the animals they care for

are actually like family.

Have you worked with him more than anybody else?

- [Woman] Yeah, this is year five.

Look at how lovely he is, yeah.

- [Man] Really? - [Woman] Just scared.

- [Man] Really, really?

- Yeah, these guys could live potentially

for a hundred years.

He's only 18.

He's gonna jump.

It's okay.

(happy music)

- Just when I got the light right.

Sirocco's decided the shoot is over,

but our meeting isn't.

You're a good boy, Sirocco.

You're a good boy.

Can he see himself?

He nibbled my finger a little.

- [Woman] Did he?

- He did.

He's a sweet boy.

He's a sweet boy.

Even though Sirocco doesn't seem to mind me,

this is about all I got for now,

and it's just not good enough.

I'm coming back for another shoot tomorrow night,

because I just have to get him in the art.

(happy music)

(upbeat music)


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