S33 E11 | CLIP

Lesson Plan Clip 5 | The Infiltrators

Organizers prepare for Viri’s detention. Viri explains why she volunteered to infiltrate. Her first attempt is unsuccessful.

AIRED: October 05, 2020 | 0:02:53

(singing in foreign language)

- So how did you meet each other

'cause you all come from different state?

- We all did organizing around legislation,

and so we all kind of talked

to each other on the phone for awhile,

those sorts of things and then-

- Have you heard of it, the DREAM Act?

- No. - Oh.

- Do you know there's

an immigration detention center in Broward?

So they have 600 men and 100 women

and they're in there for like eight months.

Six, seven months.

So she's gonna go there to find

a story so that we can work on the cases.

- She's the bait.

- She's our bait, yeah.

(all chuckling)

There you go.

I think that's the best analysis of what's going on here.

- I'm gonna have my birthday in detention.

I mean, I had a dress on and like, makeup, my hair was done.

(Viri laughs)

I called my mom and my dad and I said,

"This is what I'm about to do."

They were scared for their daughter.

I remember me telling them,

"Well, the reality is that these people could be you."

- She's gonna walk to the Border Patrol.

You remember the Border Patrol building, right?

The one on the left.

- Yeah. - The parking lot was empty.

- [Viri] Yeah.

- Go in.

I'm looking for my friend, Marco.

Left here.

(all chattering)

(mellow music)

The idea for Viridiana to infiltrate was to escalate.

(bell rings)

(speaking foreign language) Sir, please help me.

I'm looking for my cousin.

- Are you like, lost?

(speaking foreign language) The thing is that we don't have papers.

Me no papers.

(officer speaking faintly)

- Okay, how did you get here?

Who dropped you off?

(officer speaking faintly)

Can one of you guys get out here?

- Wrong place.


(Viri speaking in foreign language)

- Damn it, why did she dress so fancy? Dammit, why did she dress so fancy?

(speaking foreign language) He asked if I was dropped off by a car.

He asked what's going on.

He wanted to know the truth.

- [Mohammed] They saw the Mustang?

- They asked if someone dropped her off

and that he wanted to know the truth, what's going on.

- [Mohammad] Okay, tell her not to walk here.

Tell her to keep walking.

(speaking foreign language) Keep walking.

- [Mohammad] Just keep walking, tell her- Keep walking?

(speaking foreign language) Keep walking straight.

- [Mohammad] Just keep walking.

She came in the car, slammed the door.

Her face was red, just really upset.

- He's an asshole.

It wasn't just enough to go turn myself in.

I needed to prepare to actually play this role.


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