S33 E11 | CLIP

Lesson Plan Clip 4 | The Infiltrators

Marco hears Claudio’s detainment story, told from the perspective of Claudio and his son, Emiliano.

AIRED: October 05, 2020 | 0:01:53

(speaking foreign language) Let's finish six hundred by lunchtime.

- Okay.

(speaking foreign language) When you get released...

be sure to tell Emiliano about all this.

You can tell him yourself, when you get out.

How much do you know about my case?

Why? What happened?

(blade scrapes)

(speaking foreign language) A few years ago, Emiliano drove through a police checkpoint.

He doesn't have papers or a driver's license.

- So I call my dad and my dad comes in,

and as soon as he came in, like Border Patrol showed up.

So, they were like, "Okay, we have to take you in."

(speaking foreign language) When we got here, Morales said

"Look, two for the price of one!"

- I was there for three months with my dad.

(speaking foreign language) How'd you get out?

We finally saw a judge.

He said Emiliano could stay.

- But my dad came out with a different deal.

He came out with the condition

of leaving the country after three months.

(speaking foreign language) Was I supposed to leave my family?

I ignored the judge - I stayed.

A few years later, agents arrested me at my house.

And here we are again.

(Claudio sighs)

Oh, Marco.

(speaking foreign language) The good news is at this point, I've got nothing to lose.


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