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Lesson Plan Clip 3 | The Infiltrators

Mohammad is a DREAMer who came to the United States from Iran at age 12. This clip shows the variety of tactics and strategies Mohammad and other DREAMer youth used to loudly and visibly protest deportation policies, in spite of the fear of being deported by ICE.

AIRED: October 05, 2020 | 0:01:58

- Hi everybody, my name's Mohammad.

I am undocumented.

My parents immigrated here from Iran

when I was just three years old.

(upbeat music)

(speaking foreign language) America is my home.

I don't understand why they want to send me some place I don't know.

- If you were deported where would you be deported to?

- If I was deported I would be deported to Iran,

and because I'm gay that's probably

not the best place to go.

- Please support the youth, support education,

pass the DREAM Act.

(protestors yelling)

- [News Anchor] The federal bill

would give undocumented immigrants

brought to the U.S. as children

a pathway to permanent citizenship.

- One day my mom just learned about the DREAM Act

and what she told me was, "Don't ever search for it

'cause the government will find us somehow."

And so the first thing I did is I Googled the DREAM Act.

From there I sorta got connected

with other undocumented youth.

Essentially what we're gonna do from now

is the training is still gonna happen.

It's gonna start as soon as we kick everybody else out.

We're just gonna do the legal part

for the folks that are doing the action,

so we'll talk about that.

We're here ask Senator McCain to cosponsor the DREAM Act.

So we're here to ask him to cosponsor the bill right now.

- [News Anchor] Five protestors,

reportedly all illegal immigrants are refusing to leave.

- [News Anchor] Marking one

of the first known instances activists

have risked deportation.

- [Protestors] DREAM Act now!

DREAM Act now!

DREAM Act now!

DREAM Act now!

How do you wish to plead, Sir?

- Not guilty.

The one thing that every undocumented kid is told

is if you see a police officer run and hide

because you could get turned over to immigration.

(shutters clicking)

What we learned is that to actually

have power as an immigrant,

you have to do the exact opposite.

Whenever we got arrested publicly,

ICE was nowhere to be found.

- Let's go, let's go. - Let's go, turn around.

Let's go.

(mellow music)

- [Mohammad] So once we sort of had the safety

of knowing we could not be deported,

we sort of had infinite possibilities.


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