S34 E5 | CLIP

Lesson Plan Clip 1 | Pier Kids

Desean, Krystal, and Krystal’s gay family share with the filmmaker the possibilities of making a name for themselves when they band together at the pier and find people with similar experiences and struggles, those finding their chosen families.

AIRED: August 02, 2021 | 0:01:50

[ Indistinct conversations ]

-He walked up.

He came and gave me a hug.

-This is my gay father.

-Marvin LaBeija.

-Marvin The Libacious?

-Yeah. The LaBeija.

-[ Laughs ]

-So you're Krystal's gay father?

-Yes. Krystal's gay father.

-How did you meet Krystal?

-Well, Krystal came to us.

And she wanted to be a LaBeija.

And she has potential of being a LaBeija,

so now I got her in training,

and I want her to be the woman she's supposed to be in life.

-How many children do you have?

-Well, I have many kids,

but there's only two...

that I really nurture.

-And who are -- who are you?

-Fabian LaBeija.

-And Krystal LaBeija.

-What's your name? -Krys--

Now, I am Krystal LaBeija.

-Not -- -Not --

Not "the" Crystal LaBeija,

but I'm Krystal LaBeija nonetheless.

-Who is the Crystal LaBeija?

-Crystal -- Hi!

Well, you can look her up on YouTube, of course.

Or you can look her up on the first documentary

that was known in the LGBT world, back in 1967, was it?

When she stormed off that all-white pageant stage

and she said, "Take a picture of me

and take a picture of her..."

-"And see who looks better, darling!"

-"And tall me which one sells more!

I'm not saying she's not pretty,

but she wasn't better than me tonight."

-Yes. -Say it.

Each and every one of y'all make a name for yourself.

It's not where you at, it's not what you do --

it's how you do it.


-And, for years, this pier been gay.

And it's always been a part of everybody's life.

There's been times that I have laid down here,

I hung out and wouldn't go home

just because I want to be among the girls.

So tell me to tell you anything,

talking about, "This is not the place for you."

It ain't like he ain't ever been down here.

[ Indistinct conversations ]


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