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Lesson Plan Clip 1 | The Infiltrators

Opens with Marco recalling how “[they] called Broward a ‘model’ detention center.” Introduces Mohammad, who explains why Broward was an ideal site for targeted immigration activism.

AIRED: October 05, 2020 | 0:01:39

- They called Broward a model detention center.

(mellow music)

Minimum security, TVs in every room.

None of the men in here committed crimes,

they weren't being legally punished.

And so they don't get a right

to a trial before getting locked up.

They don't even get a sentence.

We just get warehoused.

- When we went to Florida,

pretty much the only thing that we knew

was that we were going to find a way

to get Marco into the Broward Detention Center.

We're normally used to detention centers

in the middle of nowhere.

This one is in the middle of a city.

And all the people there are really low priority,

like pulled over for driving without a license

or they were just a passenger in the car,

like they don't have ID.

We had heard lots of stories and we knew

there was hundreds of men

that should not be in here.

- Immigration action from congress

to fix our broken immigration system.

What we've tried to do is focus

our immigration enforcement resources

on criminals who endanger our communities

rather than students who are earning their education.

- [Mohammed] Obama was saying, "We're not jailing people

unless they are criminals."

- [Barrack] Deportation of criminals is up.

- There was sort of this immediate thought of

Broward is the detention center

to take down and that's what we set out to do.


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