Two titans of the avant-garde—director Anne Bogart and choreographer Elizabeth Streb—join forces with the playwright Charles Mee in an original production at The Alexander Kasser theater. Actors and dancers slam the stage to tell intimate tales while being slimed by a merciless Guck Machine and dodging life threatening projectiles. Artists, ideas, and objects collide in this radical lovefest.

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In the end,

of all human qualities,

the greatest is sympathy.

For clouds, even, or snow.

For meadows.

For the banks of ditches.

For turf bogs

or rotten wood.

For wet ravines,

silk stockings,


Birds' nests.




Orange flower water.


Lessons for the flute.


A quill pen.


A red umbrella.


Some faded thing.

Handkerchiefs made of lawn, of cambric,

of Irish linen,

of Chinese silk.


Dogs' blood.

The dung beetle.

Goat dung.

A mouse cut in two.


In the spring, the dawn.

In summer, the nights.

In autumn, the evenings.

In winter, the early mornings.

The burning firewood.

Piles of white ashes.

The ground, white with frost.

Spring water, welling up.

The hum of the insects.

The human voice.

Piano virtuosos, orchestras.

The pear tree.


The sunlight you see in water,

as you pour it from a pitcher into a bowl.

The Earth itself.



Hi. Hello.

Would you like a coffee?

Thank you.

What brings you here?

I'm just passing through.

Well, isn't everyone?

Whose woods are these? I don't know.

So I guess you could say we're lost in the woods together.

I guess you could.

I've never been lost in the woods.

Neither have I.

I'm glad I'm not alone. So am I.

I like nature, but I'm a little bit afraid of it.

Well, sure.

Of the dark parts especially.

I'd like nature better if it were better lit.

I think everyone is basically, you know, afraid of the dark.

Even amoebas.

I mean, you take any life form out of the light,

and they begin to feel some anxiety.

I do. I do.

Light basically is how you orient yourself,

and a person without a sense of orientation,

I mean, if you don't know where you are --

O-Or where you're going --

And about where you are

on the line or the place where you are --

And the destination where you're going --

A person begins to freak out.

I think that's why in jazz,

they always play the melody at the top.

And then once you know the tune, you think, right, let them riff.

Because I know where I am, and I know that in the end,

they're going to come back to the melody.

You know what I mean?

No, sure.

It's like a love story.

You can just get lost in a love story,

because we know whatever happens along the way,

we might get lost, or we might get confused --

Or it's all on again, off again --

And it goes down some blind alley.

But that's how real life is.

That's how it really is

to be in love.

Woman: And, hup!



And, hup!



Man: On.

And go!

Woman #2: In!




This one!

-Three! -And, hup!








In! Out!

Let's go!



Down! Hup!


In! Hup!





I think I fell in love with him.

And I mean

I fell in love with him like the first time I saw him.

I just couldn't stop looking at him.

He was a wrestler.

And I don't go to wrestling matches, and I don't like jocks.

But I was there because a friend had taken me, and --

Oh, blah, blah, blah, never mind.

But I was walking to our seats in the bleachers,

and I saw him walking along the sidelines,

and I just couldn't take my eyes off him.

I was like a cartoon joke.

I was looking at him and walking,

and I could have walked straight into a wall.

And I think the reason I fell in love with him

is that he reminded me of a friend from high school

who reminded me of this guy I saw in a movie.




The fact is,

I've never been in love before.

I thought I was,

but --

but I never felt like this.

Things just happen so suddenly sometimes.

Do you believe in love at first sight?



[ Chuckles ] Neither do I,

and yet there it is.

I'd just like to kiss you.

Oh. [ Chuckles ]

I think, for me, it took so long

to be able to love another person,

such a long time to grow up,

get rid of all my self-involvement,

like worrying about

whether or not I messed up. Right.

Or I thought I need to postpone gratification.

[ Chuckles ] And so I did!

and I got so good at it,

I forgot how to seize the moment.

You know damn well

you're never going to find the perfect mate,

someone you always agree with or even like.

You should be able to get along

with someone who's in the same ballpark.

[ Scoffing ] A-A human being?

Yeah, another human being.

Because we are lonely people.

We like a little companionship.

Yeah, just a cup of tea with another person.

What's the big deal?

You don't need a lot.

You'd settle for very little.

Very, very little when it comes down to it.

Very little.

And that would feel good.

A little, "Hello. Good morning.

How are you today?"

Yeah. "I'm going to the park."

"Okay, have a nice time. I'll see you there for lunch."

Oh, can I bring you anything?

A sandwich in a bag.

Oh, no problem.

I'll have lunch with you in the park.

We'll have a picnic,

and then afterwards,

I'll tell you some lines of poetry

I remember from when I was a kid at school.

And after that, a nap.

Yeah. Or God knows what all.

And to bed.

You don't even have to touch each other.

You don't have to be Don Juan,

have some perfect technique.

Just a touch.

Simple as that.

An intimate touch.

That's fine. Nice.

So much the better.

That's all. Just a touch

that feels good.

Okay, good night.

That's all.

I'll go for that!

I'd like that.

I'd like that just fine.

I'd call that a happy life.

As happy as it needs to get for me.

Out. Out.

[ Laughs ] Oh.








[ Chuckles ]



And, hup!





Dancers ready.

-Ready. -Ready.

And, hup!


-In! -Sit back!

-Sit back! -Sit back!

Sit back!

-Sit back! -Sit back!

Sit back!

Sit back!




Arms. One.



-Three. -Three.

I look at you, and I think "If it wouldn't be wrong,

I'd like to make love with you on a pool table."

[ Laughter ]

It wouldn't be wrong

if you'd let me handcuff you to the pockets.

[ Laughter ]

You could do that.

When I think about it,

I'd like to have sex with you

in the parking lot behind the Exxon station

near the diner on the Malibu Highway. You know the one.

Near that road up into the canyon.

-That's the one. -That would be pretty public.

I'd like to have the whole world see.

You want me so much, you can't wait.

I'd like to have the whole world see

you're not ashamed of me.

Why would I be ashamed of you?

I feel ashamed myself.

For what reason? Who knows?

Every 15 minutes, I feel ashamed of myself at least once

and humiliated for no reason.

It just comes back to me over and over again.

Do you ever feel that way?

Every 15 minutes, I feel worried.

-Hup. -Hup.

-Hup. -Hup.

Woman: Hup!


Do you feel you want to hurt someone?


Do you feel you want to get even?

No. That's good.

Do you feel you want to bite something?

I don't think -- Well, maybe I do feel that.

Do you feel you want to take off all your clothes?

No, I usually don't feel that.

Do you feel you want more money?

Sure. Everybody feels that.


Times have changed!

Since when?

Since, oh, I don't know.

I don't think they have.

Well, of course they have.

Well, of course they have in the sense

that now we have electric lights and so forth,

the Internet, whatnot.

But otherwise, I don't think times have changed.

I think they have.

Compared to what?

My grandmother. You wouldn't know.

That's true. I wouldn't know. Maybe that's what's changed.

But in Russia, you know, they didn't have love affairs

for years, all during the Communists.

How do you know? There was a study.

[ Laughter ]

They didn't even have sex with their husbands

and wives, not much.

Why not? They didn't feel like it.

Well, are they having sex now?

Now? Well, sure, I suppose they are.

You know things have changed in Russia.

Man: Hup!

[ Woman shouts indistinctly ]


Angel! And, hup!

In! Hup!




One more.


[ People speaking indistinctly ]

-Catch! -In!

Out! Hup!


Who's on first?

[ Laughter ]

How do you mean?

Well, you know, who's on first?

In what sense?

In the sense that I'm trying to start a conversation with you,

like, "Who's on first?"

What the [bleep] do you mean?

[ Laughter ]

"What the [bleep] do you mean's" on second.

I beg your pardon?

"I beg your pardon's" on third!

What?! What's on first!

This is what you call a conversation?

Because this is the kind of conversation

people have these days. Because of what?

Because of the Internet and texting and [bleep]

this is how people communicate with each other?

Well, I'm sorry!

I thought you'd get my classical reference.

-Out! -In!

Out! Out.



Rush hour. And, hup!

-In! -Go!


In! Roll!

In! Roll!



There are people who still want to love each other

and be together

and not just halfway,

not just keeping one foot out on the riverbank,

ready to say at any moment, "Okay, forget it.

I guess we grew apart.

Save yourself. I'm out of here."

But they want to say,


I'm going all the way with you!

I'm here with you forever!

I want to make this commitment to you!"

People still want to do this!

Because no matter what we see in our lifetime,

this is still a universal human desire,

the desire to love forever.

And people still want to give themselves to that

and notice it and mark it as a special occasion

so that when they die -- aah! --

it doesn't seem like the most important thing in their life

was, what, having their appendix out?

Because everybody made such a big deal about that?

And love is an important thing.

It may be a necessary thing, even,

for the world to go on!

And so the wedding guests are there

because when two people make this promise to one another,

it's a happy occasion and the most important one.

And people like to share it

and leave town before the misery begins.

Out. [ Laughter ]


So it turns out

you come to me to be with me,

and then as soon as you feel reassured that I love you,

you go back to your husband.

And then if I talk to you on the phone,

if I seem to be slipping away,

if I seem anxious or uncertain,

then you come back to me

and make love with me

and stay with me until you know you have me again.

I can't help myself loving you.

And then you go back to your husband again.

So it turns out the only way I can keep you

is by making you feel anxious.

Keeping you on edge.

Making you feel I'm about to drop you,

so the way to have you is to reject you.

And if they don't reject you, then I don't have you.

We are in a relationship that is sick,

where you show love by showing aversion.

You show aversion by showing love

so that you live a backwards life

and the one person you want to love and cherish

and show how much you care

is the one person you will drive away

by doing any of those things.

How can we go on like this?

This is insane.

This will make us both insane!


This is how people go insane!

-Whoo! -[ Laughs ]



[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]










How can things happen so suddenly in life?

Things, things happen in life.

No one knows.

You think there's always time.

You think your life will go on and on

just the way it is today.

-And then -- -And then --

-But then -- -Boom. All gone.

They happen so quickly, and then they're gone.

The whole world, the universe, it's all gone.

It could be you forgot to say good night.

You might have had a difference of opinion at the dinner table,

or you might even have had an argument.

And you don't come out of the moment of it.

And then your grandmother falls into a coma

in the middle of the night.

You sit by her hospital bed hoping she'll wake up again,

just so you can say you're sorry,

and then she dies.

And, hup!



-Hup! -Hup!


And, hup!

In! Hup!


And, hup!



In! Hup!



And, hup!

Before they've ever quite landed, they're gone.

And you think.

Do you think it could be she had a stroke

because of the argument you had?

And you can never speak to her again.

You can say -- And, hup!

-Oh, but wait. -In.

Just honor the moment.


The times you had together, the stories she told you.

You can't move your way out of it.

Everything has changed all at once.

The advice she gave you, the walks around the block --

All of it, it's over.

It's evanescent.

All gone forever.

Woman: And forever.

Like a breath of life.



There is a kind of wolf --

which is also a part of nature --

whose brains grow larger and smaller with the moon

and whose neck is on a bone that is very straight

and won't bend,

so that when it wants to turn and look at something,

it has to turn its whole upper body.

And sometimes it will eat a kind of earth to make its body heavy

so that when it attacks a horse or an ox or an elk

or some such strong animal,

it will take the big animal by the throat and hang there.

Man: Corners.

And it will be heavy enough, finally,

to bring the big animal down.

And, hup!





-Two! -Nice.


Three! Go!

-Yeah, guys. -One! End there!



-Hup! -Hup!







Sometimes in life, you just get one chance.

Romeo and Juliet.

They meet, they fall in love.

They die!

[ Laughs ]

That's the truth of life. You have one great love.

You're born, you die. In between,

if you're lucky, you have one great love.

Not two, not three. Just one.

It can last for years, or it can last for a moment,

and then, can be years later or a moment later, you die.

And that's how it is to be human.

That's what the great poets and the dramatists have known.

You see? Romeo and Juliet!

You think, "How young they were.

They didn't know there's more than one pebble on the beach."

But no.

There's only one pebble on the beach,

sometimes not even one.


How could you just suddenly disappear?

I didn't. I thought you did.

And I thought you loved me. Well, I do love you.

Oh, yes. You love me,

but you don't love me in that way.

I never pretended to love you in that way.

I can't go on in life without being loved in that way.

A lot of people are never loved in that way.

How can you tell if you're really alive

if you're never loved in that way?

What do you mean in that way?

Unless I thought you were crazy for me,

so crazy for me, you couldn't stand it.

You just had to kiss me,

just had to knock me down and kiss me

'cause you couldn't stand it, that you laughed at my jokes

or thought I was so cool

or said, like, really intelligent things

that made you think.

Well, maybe not all those things,

but even just one of them. Just one of them?

You see what I mean? Not even one. I'm sorry.

Why did you live with me, then?

I thought I loved you.

I guess I didn't know what love was.

I liked you in a way.

Not much, but in some ways,

or at least in the ways I thought guys could be likable.

And the rest of it I thought,

maybe that's just how guys are.

And as time went on,

maybe it wouldn't matter so much.

But then I find it does matter.

I can't help myself.

Some stuff you do, I just can't get over it.

And the stuff I liked,

that I thought you were a responsible person

and mature, solid, and dependable --

all those turned out not to be true at all.

So what am I left with?

It's not your fault. No, it is not.

Or maybe it is, that you weren't thinking very clearly

or being very focused when you made your choice.

And a lot of people were depending on that choice

being really clear.

At least I was.

I know. I'm sorry.

Being sorry doesn't cut it somehow.

I know people say they're sorry, and probably they are,

and I don't think it means nothing.

I'm sure it means something.

And it's essential for people to feel it and say it

in order for life to go on at all.

And yet the truth is it doesn't cut it.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't. I'm sorry.

Is that somehow now supposed to cut it?!


Don't! Out!



How can you talk like this?!

[ Light laughter ]



I hope we're not going to argue,

and then you're gonna try to cajole me. [ Scoffs ]

You don't let me leave.

You don't leave.

I begin to feel cornered.

-This is crazy talk! -Next thing you know, you think,

"Well, there's no reason why you shouldn't spend the night."

Just sleep together.

That's all. Just sleep in the same bed together, nothing more.

And then when you fall asleep, I'll look at you,

and I'll see how ugly you are when you're relaxed.

[ Laughter ]

What?! Probably that's when you're at your ugliest --

when you were asleep so that I can't stand it!

When -- When I'm asleep I'm ugly?

That's what you're saying?! How can you say such a thing?!

Oh, really, anytime after 12:00. Old and ugly.

Every night?! Are you saying every night?! Almost --

Almost every night probably. [ Sobs ]

Man: [ Screams ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Shouting continues ]



Far from. While another private.

At 6:00, then I would say to myself --

Like this! There you are again,

the way you really are.

And then I'd wake up with palpitations

or a pain in my head,

and I would think to myself, right!

There you are again, attacking me

in the middle of the night when I'm defenseless!

Attacking you?! Or trying to hypnotize me while I was asleep,

setting my nerves on edge

so I'd have to hit you in the face to get you to stop.

And then you'd probably come up with some remark, probably,

like -- like -- like how you're being eaten alive by worms.

Worms? Worms?!

You crazy son of a bitch!

[ Laughter ]

What are you saying?

What are you saying to me?!

What does it matter? Eh!

You never hear a word I say.

I hang on every stupid word you ever say.

Every stupid word I say?!

You are stupid -- stupider than ever!

[ Shouts indistinctly ] Venomous!

Poison! Poisonous!

More poisonous now than ever!

Ever? Before when?

Before you gave me that filth for dinner on purpose --

on purpose, so that it made me shiver?

Before that, before you would seek some intimacy with me,

force yourself upon me, demanding --

Man: Okay, knock it down!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

What is this thing they keep doing?


[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Shouting continues ]





That looks really hard. [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ]

Zip it.

Excuse me.

Would this be after you turned your back on me? [ Spits ]

Oh, excuse me. Huh?

I think it was you turned your back on me.

Oh no, no.

I don't think so. [ Laughter ]

If I remember correctly,

it is you who turned your back on me... No! probably you always would.

Always, so that I'm supposes to pursue you, I suppose,

put my arms around you

so that I'm always in the position of the suitor

and you can be always cool -- no, cold --

and I would be the beggar, the supplicant.

And then if I had to turn over

because, oh, my arm had gone to sleep

and my shoulder felt broken, I had a pain in my head. [ Laughing ]

And if I had to turn over

because I couldn't bear the pain of loving you,

then would you ever, ever, ever...

would you ever one...single time [ Laughter ]

turn over and hold me the way I held you?

No! I...

Would you pursue me the way I pursued you?

No! [ Laughter ]

I have pursued you.

I have pursued you.

It is you who have never pursued me.

When did you?

When did you ever?


[ Sobs ]

I don't remember. [ Screams ]

But it seems to me that I did! Oh!


I knew a fella who used to go to a bar in Oregon

where he knew a couple of women who were willing to follow him

up to his hotel room, watch him strip naked,

step into a tub of bathwater, and walk back and forth.

[ Laughs ]

His only demand was that the women would throw oranges

at his buttocks as he walked back and forth.

[ Laughter ]

Then he would get out, pick up the oranges,

put them in a paper bag, get dressed, and leave.

That's simply how it was for him,

how he was able to connect

to another human being in an affectionate way.


This went on for some years,

this relationship amongst the three of the.


In a sense, you could say that this is the way

in which they were able to constitute a human society

in which they felt comfortable. Huh.

Freud never explained this. Right!

Right -- no!

What?! No!

Just...leave me alone.

Oh! Right, right!

I am leaving you alone, you nut cake.

No wonder your family won't speak to you, huh?

And every woman you've ever gone out with has gone crazy,

probably, or killed herself.

You ever think about that.

It's not them. It's you.

You're like a baby with a switchblade.

Aah! [ Laughter ]


And then when you get everything just the way you want it,

you attack whoever gives it to you

for being weak and pathetic and worthless!

Aah! [ Sobs ]

Who told you this?

You don't know this about me!

Nobody needs to tell me.

It's written all over you, you crazy...

You're making me crazy!

You're driving me down into the pit of my own craziness!

Yeah, into the pit. And I'm begging for mercy!

You hunt me down. Your own snake pit.

Throw me down the stairs. Yeah.

You rip off all my hinges,

till my years are flying off in every direction.

You can't understand a word I'm saying!

My mind is a million bits of shattered glass

on the kitchen floor.

And you stand there, calmly yelling at me?

You go ahead and die. But...

Go ahead and die! Aah!

[ Laughs ] Hey! [ Laughter ]

You think I don't have inside of me a capacity for misery?

[ Laughs ] I'm off the edge of the world here!

[ Laughs ] I'm into the abyss.

Here's your helping hand.

Are you a human being?

You're making me crazy! [ Laughs ]

I'm begging you! [ Laughs ]

Oh, who could live with you?! Who needs you?

Now that a person sees how you are,

who would want you?

Who would want you?! [ Shouts indistinctly ]

Crazy. [ Laughter ]

Crazy, needy person grabbing,

grabbing whatever you see,

bottomless pit of wishes and longings.

Man would have to work and work and give you all he has,

and still you'd be asking, "What's next? What's more?"

All the while telling him that he's clumsy

and ignorant and withdrawn graceless,

brutal, insensitive, and confused!

This is why men drive naked women

into a pit with bayonets! Bayonets!

[ Laughs ] And this is why women want to...

All: Shoot men on sight!

This is why they flush boy babies down the toilet at birth.


Off with your head!


And drop!

Man: Get up and run!

Get up and run!

Woman: Yeah!


-Chicken! -Hup!

Bowk, bowk, bowk!


In! Hup!


Woman: [ Shouts indistinctly ] And hup!

-In! -Hup!

Woman: In! Hup!


People forget, but about a thousand years ago,

they thought the world was coming to an end.

So people sold their worldly goods

and gave away their money

and went to the top of a mountain,

wherever they happened to be,

to wait for the end of the world.

And they waited and waited.

Some of them may still be there.

The Millenarians -- that's what they were called.

And what they saw finally

was that after the end of the world, life goes on.

That's how it was for the Greeks and Romans.

That's how it was for the Millenarians.

And then, later on, a couple hundred years later,

people in 1200,

they didn't even realize the world had come to an end.

They just raised their sheep amid the ruins

and got on with stealing and fornicating.

When you go to Arizona,

you can see the levels of sediment in the rock,

in the mesas that come up out of the desert,

all dried out for thousands of years,

hundreds of thousands of years.

And that horizontal stripe of red in the rock --

that was where the sea came up to.

Where you're standing now,

it was nothing but underwater animals.

And then the water levels fell, the fish all vanished,

and here you are, sitting at a picnic table,

thinking how beautiful this is, like heaven.

[ Gong crashes ]

-Go, go! Hup! -In!

-1! -In!

-Yeah, guys. -Ready!

Man: 2!


Woman: [ Shouts indistinctly ]

-Ready! -Ready!

In! Hup!

-Yeah. -Yeah!

Go! 1! Out.


3! Ooh!



Man: Yeah, Jay.

-Out. -In! Out!

Woman: Go!

-Yeah. -Yeah.

[ Both grunt ]

-Nice. -Great!

-In! -Hup!

-Yes. -Go! Hup! Whoo!




Woman: Breathe! And go!







Woman: Hup!

-...ready? -Ready!

Man: And hup!

-In! -Yeah.

-Go! 1! Go! -Yeah!

-2. -Get in there.

-Yeah. -Go!

-3! -Yeah! Yes!

All: Yeah!


[ Indistinct shouting ]

Hup! Out.


Woman: Whoo!

Greater! [ Shouts indistinctly ]

And hup!


In! Hup!

-Yeah, guys. -Yeah.


Man: Arms.


-Go! -Yeah, guys.

-Yeah! Come on! -Come on!

[ All cheering ]


[ Cheering continues ]

Woman: In!

-Sit. -Yes.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Shouting continues ]


Man: Arms.

Woman: 1!

-1. -2.

Woman: Yeah!


-Hell yeah! -Catch!


Angels, ready? All: Ready!

And drop!

-In! -Hup!

Man: Yeah!

-Hup! -Yeah!

-Yeah, guys! -...guys!

-Get up! -Up!

-Yes! -Walk when you can.

All: Up!

-Cheryl, ready? -Ready!

-Hup! -In!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Woman: In!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

-1! -Go!

-2! -Go 3!

-Nice! -Go!


[ Indistinct shouting ]


-Yeah! -In!


Off with your head!

And up!

Get up and run!

[ Bell clangs ] Get up and run!

[ All cheering ]

Man: Yeah.

Woman: Catch.


-Bowk, bowk, bowk, bowk! -Bowk, bowk, bowk, bowk!

-Yeah! -Whoo!

-Yes! -Go!

-...ready? -Ready!

And hup!

-In! -Hup!

-In! -Hup!

Woman: Catching.


Shooting star!

Ready? All: Ready!

-And catch! -In!


Man: Yes, yes!


Woman: In!

-In! -Yes!

[ All cheering ]

Woman: Yeah, guys!

Man: Out!


[ Shouts indistinctly ]


-Yeah! -Missed one.

-Do it! 1! -Nice.

Going. 2!

-Yes! -Yeah!

Go! 3!

Woman: Good! 4!

-Yeah! -Yeah, guys!



[ Cheers and applause ]

Man: Reset!




And hup!

-1! -Yes!


-And 3! -Yes!

4...and a half!




-Go! -9!

-9 1/2! -10!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Shouting continues ]


[ Cheers and applause ]




[ Cheers and applause continue ]

You know...

I've been thinking about it,

and it turns out,

I do love you.

You do?

[ Laughter ]


How could that be?

I look at you, and I think you're sweet.

Oh. Sweet.

And good natured.

Good natured.


You do?

Yes, I really do.

And I think if you think a person's agreeable

and warm-hearted,

then I think there's something there

you can't explain that gives you real delight.


I find you give delight to me.

Oh, well, that's what I've hoped more than anything.

So would I.

And you're not sorry about it?

How do you mean?

That you find delight in someone

who doesn't seem in any other way desirable,

who doesn't perhaps have those qualities that you can count on

for, you know, the solid, long-term kind of thing?

I would just take delight long-term.


So would I.


[ All cheering ]


[ Laughter ]

-[ Shouts ] -Yeah!

[ Shouting and laughter ]


[ Man speaks indistinctly ]


[ Laughter ]





[ Laughter ]

[ Man shouting ]





[ All shouting happily ]




-[ Shouting ] -[ Cheering ]


-Yeah! -Whoo!

[ All continue shouting indistinctly ]





[ Laughter ]


Man: Off!


[ Cheers and applause ]




[ Cheers and applause continue ]



[ Laughs ]


[ People shouting indistinctly ]




[ Indistinct shouting continues ]






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