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The Hummingbirds

In order to save his terminally-ill superhero father, a young son struggling with his gender identity, must find the hero within.

AIRED: November 06, 2019 | 0:10:16

(ambient sounds)

- [Reporter] And finally,

eight years ago marks the events

of the Hope Mills factory fire.

Over 80 workers were trapped inside a burning building,

when a local hero unexpectedly, appeared,

freeing all the workers and bringing them to safety.

Authorities were able to snap this picture

of the hummingbird man at the scene,

who has not been seen publicly since.

We're all hoping that this elusive figure,

this inspiration to so many, has finally found peace.

We were able to visit Fayetteville

and visit those individuals who were aided by--

- [Father] Put something else on,

I don't wanna hear this anymore.

- Once again this is your queen Laura,

coming back at you with the very best way

to apply lip color that says,

"come kiss me" and eyes that will flutter your lashes

in the hearts of every boy that can't help but stare.

(heavy breathing)

- [Laura] Ready, set, let's color.

Step one, liner!

(heavy breathing)

- [Laura] All the boys are going to be following you around

wherever you go, I swear,

they're never gonna--


So I just loving having luscious, luscious hair

that any guy can come over and--


Because the softer it is,

the more he's gonna wanna kiss you--


So, my favorite products are some


that I put in my hair just to

make it softer and more touchable.


And I always use the wand to curl my hair,

because it just gives me a better shape

(heavy breathing)

and a better curl pattern that I love and enjoy

and it gives me the fiercest look, you know what I mean?

It makes anybody die over me.

- [Mother] Okay, so a turkey and cheese sandwich

next to your blood pressure machine.

And some Kool-Aid with extra sugar, in case you feel sick.

(tapping noise)

- [Laura] Let's use some mascara, shall we?

- And God forbid

if you need it,

the glucose pen is in the,

Brandon pay attention.

The big needle, it's in the cabinet.

- [Laura] And the bottom too...

- Okay it's just a little low, all right?

Okay I gotta go, okay?

Brandon will you get your dad some juice?

Brandon! All right, I gotta go.

Mr. Rich is gonna start cutting my shifts if I'm late again.

I love you. Okay? I love you.

- Take me with you, please!

- I need you to be brave, for me.

- [Laura] Once again, this is your queen Laura,

coming back at you,

- Who's this girl, Brandon?

- [Laura] Best way to apply fly lip color

that says "come kiss me".

- Who is she?

- [Laura] And eyes that will flutter your lashes

in the hearts of every boy--

- She's real pretty.

- [Laura] That can't help but stare.

- Prettier than the girls I used to date

when I was your age.

- [Laura] Ready, set, let's color.

- You should be happy you didn't inherit my looks, Brandon.

- Brandy, my name is Brandy.

- [Laura] So I was out the other day

and if I looked normal this would not have happened,

I'm just telling you right now. So--

(exhaling loudly)

- I don't feel good.

- [Laura] So gorgeous, like I didn't believe

that that could actually be, like in human form.

So, what happened was I had on of my fiercest face--

(heavy breathing)

Fiercest, I tell you.

He came up to me and was like, "Girl,

- Pour it for me.

Pour it for me.

- [Laura] So guys can notice us,

you know what I mean?

(heavy breathing)

(Laura muffled in the background)

It was the best make out session I've ever had,

(heavy breathing)

I swear, it's amazing.

(heavy breathing)

So cool--

and if I looked normal and I didn't look like this

and if we didn't makeup like we do

(heavy breathing)

How would we get noticed--

- I'm getting hot.

- [Laura] Like, this is why we do what we do--

- Help me.

(shortened breathing)

Take my shirt off.

(heavy breathing)

(shortness of breath)

No-- (heavy breathing)


(heavy breathing)


(shortness of breath)


- Cherry,


Remind me to tell mommy to make fruit punch next time.

- [Brandon] Why do you always gotta make jokes?

- Do you like boys Brandon?

Or do you wish that you were a girl?

- Shut up! Every day and every night's the same with you!

Nothing ever changes, just gets worse all the time!

- You know I wasn't always like this, right?

- You've been like this, every day I can remember.

What's the point, what's the point of it?

What's the point of living a life like yours?

- At least I know who I am, Brandon.

Do you?

(ambient sounds)

- [Laura] My favorite products are some dry oils

that I put in my hair.

Just to make it softer and more touchable and lovely.

And I always use a wand to curl my hair,

because it just gives me a better shape

and a better curl pattern, that I love

and enjoy and it gives me the fiercest look.

(ominous cymbals music)

And if we didn't put on makeup like we do,

how would we ever get noticed by guys,

do you know what I mean?

Like, this is why we do what we do.

This is why we have makeup,

this is why we go out and buy more and more,

because we want more attention


- Daddy?


Daddy, Please wake up!


Please, please wake up!

(crying loudly)

Daddy, please.

(crying loudly)

(dramatic violin music)

- [Father] I need you to be brave for me.

(dramatic violin music)

No-- (vomiting)

Did you know that hummingbirds,

are the smallest of all birds?

(dramatic violin music)


And yet they have to flap

their wings the hardest,

to keep from falling down

(dramatic violin music)

My colors have faded

but yours are only starting to shine.

I'm a humming bird too, I'm a humming bird too.

I'm a humming bird too.

(dramatic violin music)

(wings flapping softly)

- [Brandon] Daddy, you got to be brave, for me.

Tell me, tell me your name?

Daddy, tell me mommy's name?

What's mommy's name?

Tell me mommy's name (crying)

Tell me my name.

Tell me my name. (crying)

- Brandy.

(uplifting violin music)

- Your name is Brandy.

(uplifting violin music)


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