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Deleted Scene: Amelia And Her Sister

Amelia and her sister have a conversation ahead of Amelia’s visit. They reflect on the difficulties they faced while their father was in prison. Now that he’s out, they are looking forward to reconnecting with him.

AIRED: August 02, 2020 | 0:01:49

- Oh, wow, you're really coming the 19th.

Wow, how exciting. - Yeah.

I didn't realize it was Father's Day.

So when you texted me, like,

"Are you planning Father's Day?"

I was like, "When is Father's Day?"

And then I quickly, like, Googled it,

and I was like, "Oh, sh--."

I don't think I'm gonna-- I can anticipate,

like, how I'm gonna feel or whatever.

I--I don't think that at all, and like...

- Yeah. - Been thinking about it.

Like, there were definitely moments where, like,

I just felt like, "Man,"

like I want him to be there for everything now.

Like, he wasn't there for, like, all these, like,

really pivotal moments in my life.

- Yeah, just like, the feeling of being wronged

is, like, really strong.

When you have family in prison, it's so [...] traumatic

and so awful that you, like, learn how to live,

like, separately from that. - Right.

You, like, totally disassociate.

- Yeah.

- Talking to my sister is really great.

We have our own unique relationship with him,

but we still are sisters

who went through, you know, a really traumatic experience.

I mean, I remember when we would go visit him in prison.

Like, every single time after would be, like,

a break-down, crying, like-- or anger.

Like, angry, like, just so...

It's so traumatic to see someone you love be treat--

be dehumanized in front of you and, like, have to just

kind of, like, take that.

And so now that he's out, like,

we're, like, really reforming these relationships.

So I'm really excited,

and I'm really happy she's gonna be there also.

I gotta bring this, specifically,

'cause it's my--my dad's watch.

This is our dad, you know, and like,

we want to support him and support each other

and...we'll see how it goes.