Nina Kawar: Healing Art

In the quiet mountains of Marshall NC, Nina Kawar produces fragile and intricate art sculptures that reflect the human condition and healing.

AIRED: May 13, 2019 | 0:04:34

>> Art for me is a way for me to express myself, my emotions

and tap into my soul in many ways.

I didn't understand it but through years

of making it where I really come to understand why I create.

In many ways I do believe it's my purpose

not only to help heal myself.

The process of it is very medicative and therapeutic

but also I do believe that my work shares a message

and helps others

and a reflection of what they need to see in themselves.

The reflection of my art is

ultimately about the human condition and healing.

We all go through a process in life

whether it's pain or discomfort or joy or growth

and transformation.

It's constant change in our lives

and in many ways the work is speaking

to that that liminal space

in which we find ourselves transitioning through something

that might be uncomfortable into something that is

going to allow us to feel more connected to ourselves.

I don't formally look at anything for inspiration.

I don't go to nature to be, "I want this to inspire my work."

But in many ways nature is more about me finding

also that quiet space to allow for me to come into my work.

The quietness that nature has for us

it's like silent reminders

to be, I mean, a flower is gonna be a flower right?

But as far as formal inspiration

I'm just really intrigued in the growth

and the change that nature goes through the process

to go through.

I've been an artist probably for about 11 years now.

I entered into the world of creating I guess you can say.

I was about 20, 25 years old or so, I was in a marriage

and I was at a point where I was ready

to return back to school and in a difficult time in my life

as well and I took a course that helped me realize

that I should explore creating

and I took a clay class and it changed my world.

I was able to immerse myself in material

and it was a form of expression that was new to me.

[water dripping] water gushing, flowing]

Being in nature is much like the space

in which I find myself when I'm creating.

It's quiet and very much a meditative space.

I allow myself to connect with

nature in that I'm surrendering and being present in the moment.

Same thing as when I'm sculpting or carving.

I'm a vessel.

I allow spirit to work through me,

and it's my job to listen.

It's a beautiful place to be.

I truly believe that we are all capable of healing.

This comfort brings transformation and growth.

My process of creating helps me grow closer to my higher self

through that healing process of creating

and the formal aspects of my work.

When someone's looking at my work

I do hope that they can gather the beauty in that growth

and that change.

Even though something might be fractured or scarred

It makes us stronger.


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