Making a New American Nutcracker


A World Tour of Dance

Highlights of the Act Two dances, including Buffalo Bill.

AIRED: November 07, 2017 | 0:03:17

- [Narrator] The World's Fair setting meant that in Act 2,

Marie could journey to the midway's international pavilions.

- Suddenly we have actual justification

for all of those dances in the second act.

(Tchaikovsky's Spanish variation from The Nutcracker)

(Tchaikovsky's Chinese variation from The Nutcracker)

- I just sort of had fun finding a way to evoke

the World's Fair as a series of shows,

of pavilions, of entertainment.

(Tchaikovsky's Arabian variation from The Nutcracker)

There is a sexiness to the Arabian music.

(Tchaikovsky's Arabian variation from The Nutcracker)

And the fact that I actually made a dance

that kinda brings down the house every night,

to the Arabian music, makes me very happy.

(Tchaikovsky's Arabian variation from The Nutcracker)

(Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers)

- His world of theater and ballet,

there should be a new word for it.

(Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers)

- In the second act, there's a little kids' dance

that I think is pretty top-notch.

(Tchaikovsky's Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker)

- I remember the first time I heard about

the possibility of dancing walnuts.

I thought to myself, okay, I think we've gone too far

before we've even started.

(Tchaikovsky's Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker)

It's basically a walnut with legs.

Two little legs sticking out from underneath it.

- [Michael] I laughed every time I saw it.

- [Suzanne] There are also children that are nutcrackers,

and the nutcrackers are coming to attack the walnuts.

- We just felt like you can't have a Nutcracker

without having some children dressed as dancing walnuts.

You know, it's so fun, why not?

(Tchaikovsky's Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker)

- Buffalo Bill was created on me.

(Tchaikovsky's Russian variation from The Nutcracker)

- Buffalo Bill. (laughs)

I think Buffalo Bill was bold.

- [Narrator] Buffalo Bill Cody set up his Wild West show

right outside the gates of the fair.

- [Man] It's like one of the things in the second act

that's not in any other second act anywhere else.

- The rhythm in the Russian dance is so correct

for the rhythm of Buffalo Bill.

- Well, I mean, think about it.

It's a hoedown.

It's a Russian hoedown, so it makes perfect sense

to play it for cowboy music, right?

- It reminds me (humming Western-style music),

it's like this, there's a little,

I think a little bit of Bonanza.

(Tchaikovsky's Russian variation from The Nutcracker)

- [Man] And it's hilarious.

You don't think it's gonna work,

and then you go and you start, and you're like,

"Oh my god, this is crazy."

Like it totally works, it totally works.


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