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The Royal Roadshow

The hardest part of official royal photographer, Chris Jackson’s job? Being ready for the unexpected moments and always being in the right position for the perfect shot.

AIRED: August 16, 2020 | 0:02:59

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- In the modern era,

the monarchy relies on public opinion to keep going.

Essential for generating this goodwill

of photo opportunities,

such as the ever reliable royal walk about.

These carefully planned and controlled events,

creating counters that feel spontaneous,

presenting loyalty,

as literally in touch with everyday people.

As an officially approved royal photographer,

Chris Jackson's job is to capture these moments.

- What are the tips for getting a good photo

during a royal walk about?

- You always have to preempt what's gonna happen.

Quite often you find yourself in

crowds of thousands of people,

walking through catch a glimpse

or shake hands with the royals.

And that can be a challenge from my point of view,

getting the right position

and getting the best possible shot.

Often, we had a wonderful gifts that thrust into their hands

by members of the public,

you wanna capture that moment

and that's the important part of the term.

A very special job I face graft with the queen

was when she visited Blood Sweat Lands

in the tower of London.

And this was an incredible art installation

that really captured the public's imagination.

Over 888,000 ceramic poppies,

it represented the fallen

and the queen with the Dutch of Edinburgh

walked through this amazing field

in the moat outside the tower.

When I took a sort of low perspective

so it blew out focus all the poppies in the foreground

and it was a lovely moment.

It was clearly a particularly

poignant engagement for the queen.

- [Interviewer] She looks moved, visibly moved.

- [Chris] Yeah.

- Now what on earth is going on in this picture here?

- [Chris] Prince Harry, he is great face for orphanage

it's just that most unexpected things

happen as you bounce panic.

- You get the impression from pictures like that,

that he's a fun person.

- Great sense of fun.

I've been on so many fantastic royal tours

with him where the most unexpected things happen.

I mean, we probably all remember when he raced

Usain Bolt during a visit to Jamaica

and they had an impromptu race

and Prince Harry sprinted off before starting again.

- That is just Prince Harry,

he's just like that and it comes across the family.

- But I think a lot of these things have a deeper message.

I remember going to a clinic in South London,

on what I assume was a fairly straight forward engagement,

but Prince Harry took the first HIV test,

taken by a member of the royal family,

and it was breaking new ground,

continuing the legacy of his mother.

He did a huge amount of work with HIV and AIDS,

and it was a special moment.

Fate is such an important part of royal turns,

if the pictures aren't great,

often the water is not perceived as a huge success

'cause it is a way that people

see what's going on via your pictures.