Little Women

S2018 E3 | CLIP


Jo shows her true colors in this scene from Little Women, Episode 3, as seen on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

AIRED: May 20, 2018 | 0:00:58

- Florence's first season was such a spectacular success

that we are now intending an entire program

of new activities for her, aren't we dearest?

- Yes, mother.

- Not that she will neglect any opportunity

to share her advantages with those less fortunate.

And what about you Josephine?

- Oh, my scribbling keeps me too busy for charity schemes.

- Do you mean drawing dear?

- Oh, Josephine doesn't draw.

She writes romances in a general way with a dash

of the spectacular thrown in as a makeweight.

- I see. Does that amuse you dear?

- It pays me.

- And how do you fare with your languages?

- Oh, I don't know a word of anything, only English, and

I can't keep at any sort of study and I can't bear French.

It's such a slippery, silly sort of language.

Don't you think?

(crow caws)


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