Little Women

S2018 E3 | PREVIEW


A year has passed and there are new additions to the March family – but there is worry all around as Beth’s health and spirits flag. A distraught Jo flees to New York to pursue her career, where she meets the kind Professor Bhaer. See Little Women, Episode 3, on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

AIRED: May 20, 2018 | 0:00:28

- [Announcer] On MASTERPIECE.

- I need to not live out my entire life

in the tiny town where I was born.

- You never let people see your soft side,

but everyone who cares knows it's there.

- You know so much more than I do.

- That only makes me learned, doesn't make me wise.

- Can we go back to being happy, like we were before?

- Not quite.

We were children before, and we aren't any longer.

- [Announcer] Little Women on MASTERPIECE.