Little Women


March Family Values

The cast and creators explore the March family's timeless values. Little Women aired on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

AIRED: May 20, 2018 | 0:01:50

- I think the really inspiring thing about the March sisters

is that they're always striving to make themselves better.

Mr. March writes a letter to all his girls,

and he says to "tackle their bosom enemies."

I think we can all learn from that advice.

We all have things that gnaw at us,

jealousies, anger, and learning how to acknowledge them,

and love yourself for them, and also let those things go,

is something I really learned from Jo.

- We all have qualities about ourselves, characteristics,

that maybe we're not as proud of, or we want to work on,

and it's a process, and I think we spend our life

trying to be better versions of ourselves,

but it's also okay when we slip up and we make mistakes,

and we shouldn't punish ourselves

when we do make those mistakes.

- The fact that they're prepared to share,

and being aware of those around them

who didn't have that they had,

when they certainly didn't have very much.

They certainly didn't have any money,

but what they did have was each other,

and that, in itself, they were prepared to share.

I think that's a lovely quality about the story.

- The overriding message of the novel for me

is so often coming of age or maturity. It's thought about

as finding our who you are.

And for me, this is a novel

about finding out who you are not.

It's about relinquishing impossibility,

and embracing what you actually have,

and every single character in the novel

admits to that, or undergoes that process.

And that to my mind is the big message of Little Women.

Find out who you are not, because you will love who you are

all the more as a consequence.


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