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Making Little Women

The cast of Little Women reveal the on-set hijinks and special moments that made this shoot one to remember. Little Women continues Sunday, May 20th, 2018 at 8/7c on MASTERPIECE on PBS. #LittleWomenPBS

AIRED: May 20, 2018 | 0:02:20

(bright classical music)

- [Annes] As you can imagine, it was pretty special.

(background talking)

- [Maya] We would play music and dance together,

every lunch period, the first few weeks.

You know what was great, we had a week

of rehearsal and we played some games together,

and we told stories, and really opened up.

And once we opened up about our relationship

to our characters and some of our relationships

to our own family, there was really no point

in having less interesting conversations.

Which I think, is a quote stolen from Annes.

- We'd come in bringing books that we like.

Or poems that we'd found or songs we'd discovered.

And then, in the evenings, we'd paint in each

other's rooms, or write songs, or sing songs.

It was just, such a special time.

- [Jonah] I think we were so open

with one another, straight away.

We talked about, ourselves and

what "Little Women" meant to us.

And then, we meditated. (laughing)

We sat there, and our director, Nes, talked us through it.

We did, something called, smiling meditation.

And it sounds a bit, sort of,

hippie and silly, but it was...

From that moment, it kind of immediately

felt connected, to the people around me.

- [Emily] They're all very committed, idealistic

actresses, with a real sense of devotion to the craft.

It's about creating, which we did.

All four of us creating the campfire,

and you sit round and you tell stories,

and that's where you learn, it's so important.

You know, I always say to young actors,

don't take your phone on set, you might learn something.

It was a very nice thing to do because, for me,

it was a sense of, just being able

to hand something on, of my experience, of how

to bring all those feelings, into the work.

- [Man] Action!

- Emily did that, and Dylan did that,

and Angela did that, and they all

inspired me to find a way to do my best work.

And I learned a lot from them and it was a huge honor.

- [Angela] The only way you can do a production

like "Little Women," you have to give over.

You have to forget your sense of self-preservation.

You've got to share.

And I think they all, managed to

do that, to a wonderful degree.


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