Little Women


Laurie & Jo

The cast and creators of Little Women explore the classic question: Why didn't Jo and Laurie live happily ever after? See Little Women on MASTERPIECE on PBS. #LittleWomenPBS

AIRED: May 27, 2018 | 0:02:14

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- I always really struggled

with the fact that she didn't either end up

with Laurie or on her own.

- Jo and Laurie are kind

of the fairytale ending,

and often in life it's not like that.

- I think it's just one of those questions

in your life where you're like,

"What if I had done that?"

- It's timing like

there's so many... - Yeah.

- Like every relationship that we've been in

at a different time maybe

could have worked. - Yeah.

- You are good enough.

You've always been good enough

it's just, I can't love you

in the way you want me to.

- I always wanted her to end up with Laurie,

and then I started filming Little Women.

And weeks went by of filming and I was like, "I don't get it.

Like why doesn't she end up with Laurie?

I don't get it. I need to answer this question

for myself, or else I'll never be able

to tell this story right."

And then I figured it out.

Somewhere through filming.

- For a woman of that time to reject a man

that is really great

and really lovely and kind

and wealthy is kind of extraordinary,

and really ahead of her times, really modern,

really feminist, putting herself first.

That's radical in a brilliant way,

and so I think it's a really powerful

moment in the book that shows how

ahead of her times Louisa May Alcott was.

- I've read the book 10 times,

I've done the adaptation.

I really don't think Jo and Laurie

would ever have been happy.

And I think the problem we have

is most girls reading the book think they are Jo

and most girls reading the book are in love with Laurie,

ergo every girl wants to marry Laurie and they think

Jo and Laurie should be together.

- Please just be my comfortable friend.

- Professor Bhaer's a very good option

- Yeah. - for Jo.

- Yes there is an age gap,

but I was very much more aware that

there was a marriage of minds between them, and Jo

is a woman of the mind.

She needs someone who can keep

her intellect fed and satisfied.

And I really came to believe in that

in the process of doing the adaptation.

- The relationship she ends up in is perfect for her.

It's so intellectually stimulating.

And it just seems totally right.

And so up until I'd seen them,

- Yeah.

- I doubted it and I thought,

"Why isn't Jo with Laurie?"

But actually once you see them together

it makes perfect sense to me.

That's why I've made peace with it.