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Viral Dance with Ms. Yvonne

Everyone is watching dances on their phones! Find out what makes a dance work for small screens from Ms. Yvonne. Learn some popular moves and put them together to make your own dance and see if you can "go viral!"

AIRED: March 27, 2021 | 0:22:15


Hi, my name is Miss Yvonne.

I'm a dance teaching artist with Lincoln Center Education.

And I'm so excited that you're going

to be here dancing with me today for today's pop-up lesson.

So for today, we are going to be learning

how to make a viral dance together with some cool moves.

So the way we'll do that is by first starting off

with a warm up.

And then we're going to learn some hip hop moves,

talk about dynamics, and then put it all together

as we make our own dance.

What you'll need for today's lesson

is not a lot, just some open space.

You can have some sneakers on or be barefoot.

And also you might want to have a little bit of water nearby.

Now as we go through this lesson as I'm doing different moves,

feel free to modify things as you need to.

And also, of course, have fun.

So we're going to jump right in with our warm up.

Here we go.

All right, you guys, let's jump into our warm up.

All you need is just to stand nice and tall, feet hip width

apart, and just follow me.

We're going to start with some isolations.

Look right, then left, right, then left.

A little faster.

Right, left, right, left.

You got it.

Now we're going to go up and down.

We're going to go slow first.

Up, then down.

A little faster.

Up, down, up, down, up, down.

Our shoulders will go up and down now.

Just nice and easy.

We're grooving on out.

Roll them back.

And roll them forward.

Now we're going to rock side to side.

Just a little nice, easy little rock.

You got it.

Getting warmed up for our dance today.

Nice and easy.

Rock two times each side.

You can bend your knees.

You can add some arm movements if you wish.

There you go.

Now we're just going to bounce side

to side as we walk in place, moving our hips right and left.

Just groove it out.

You got it.


Our arms are going to go elbow, out.

Bring it on back.

Elbow out, bring it on back.

There you go.


You got it.

Arm goes back.

62 00:02:10,660 --> 00:02:11,670 And bring it forward.

64 00:02:15,950 --> 00:02:18,560 And shoulder balance it out.

You got it.


Hey, hey, hey.

Breathe it on in.

Breathe it in.

And out.

Breathe it in.

And out.

Two more times, breathe it in.

And out.

Last one, breathe it in.

And out.

You can give me a little figure eight.

So it's almost like you're twisting something

in front of you.

Other hand, figuring eight.

There you go.

One more time, figuring eight, eight, hey, hey.

Other side.

Figure eight.

You got it.

Ends with a punch, fist down, down.

And then bring em up.


All done.


So that means that we are ready to jump right into our less.

Now I hope you guys are ready.

We're going to be making our own viral dance today.

I'm so excited for this.

Here we go.

All right, guys, so before we start learning some cool hip

hop moves that will help us create our dance that we're

going to be doing today, first, I

want to talk about a word called gesture.

So in the dance world, a gesture is a small move,

using only one or two body parts, which

is communicating something.

So a lot of dances are actually just starting off

with just a gesture.

And this is important for us to discuss and learn today

because, as we know a lot of our dances

are shared on social media platforms

like Instagram and TikTok.

And when you're doing dances on those platforms,

you're usually recording on your phone,

and your phone has a smaller screen than the screen

that I have now.

So because your screen is smaller,

you might not have as much space to do big movements.

So you might do smaller movements.

Sometimes it might just be the gesture by itself,

or you might start with the gesture,

make it a little bit bigger.

But it's not going to be as big as

if you were dancing on the stage or outside somewhere.

So I want to teach you guys three moves today.

It's going to help to create our viral dance.

And they all start with a gesture.

So our first one today is called the Citirokk.

And the gesture that we're going to do

is by holding our hands right in front of us with two fists.

So this is one of the gestures.

There's another gesture that we're going to add in there.

But with this first gesture, we're

going to take this movement and we're

going to lean forward with the upper body,

then we're going to lean to the side.

And we lean to the back, we're going to change the gesture

and cross your arms.


Let's try it on the other side.

We have our two fists up, we lean forward, side,

and then we go to the back and we cross.

And that's what we call the Citirokk.

Now this movement you can do it small, you can make it bigger.

Once again, you try to stay within your phone screen.

You might just do with just the upper body.

But if you want to add a little lower body in there,

sometimes people will lift up a leg

as they're crossing their arms.

And it could look like this.

Front, side, back.

Front, side, back.

Or you can make it moving really, really small.

Front, side, back.

Front, side back.

So that's our first move that we're

going to learn for today, the Citirokk.

Now, our second move is called The Whoa.

Now you might have seen this one already in some dance videos.

But if not, don't worry, I want to break it down for you.

So we're going to start off this move

by doing a gesture as a group, throwing something up

in the air.

So pretend like you're throwing a ball.

And you're going to throw.

And you can do one, or two, or sometimes even three throws.

You can go one, you can go one, two.

You can go one, two, three.

But you're going pretend like you're throwing something

up in the air.

That's the first gesture.

And the second gesture, when the ball--

you're imaginary ball-- comes down,

you're going to pretend like you're

catching it in a fighting stance as you lock into place.

So you want to have to do fists, one slightly higher

than the other.

And you want to make a nice, sharp movement

as you tighten your muscles and lock into place.


So we have our throwing gesture, and then we lock it into place.

And that's what we call The Whoa.

Let's try it with two throws.

Here we go.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, lock.


Now moving on to our third step.

Our third step is called the Swagg Bounce.

And this movement, it kind of mostly

focused more so on the lower body,

but you can try to do it in your upper body, because once again,

we've got to make sure we stay in our bone screen.

So we can talk about what that might

look like if you were going to kind of shift

and move the movement around in your body.

But focusing on the lower body, the gesture

is going to be kind of a swinging

gesture with your hips.

So they're just going to kind of rock side to side, OK?

That's going to be our swag balance.

Now to make it even swaggier, you're going to add your feet.

And you're just going to step in place.

So take these small steps in place as you rock.


Just like that.

You're doing it.

Try it with me.

Now you can also add your shoulders.

You can also add your head and your neck

to make the movement bigger.

Or you could just do it with the upper body

if you want to even make it smaller.

So what does that look like if we just

do it with the upper body?

Maybe it is just our shoulders.

Maybe we lean with our torso a little bit more.

Maybe we do our shoulders, our torso, and our head.

It can be all of those things.

So like I said, you can make the movement nice and small,

or you can make it big.

But have fun, play around with it.

So just to review, our three movements

that we learned today that's going

to help us create our viral dance

are number one, the Citirokk.

Front, side, back.

Front, side, back.

The Whoa.

Toss up, toss up, lock in place.

And the Swagg Bounce.

There you go, you got it.

Those are our three moves, and they all

started off with a gesture.

So, let's figure out how we can start

to put it together and make a dance while also staying

in our phone screens so we can record it for social media.

All right, here go.

So now that we have our three dance moves down,

before we try to put it together and make our own dance,

I want to introduce one new idea to you guys.

And that is the dynamics.

So dynamics are different things that we

can add to our movements, to add to the quality

of that movement.

So it's not so much what you do, but how you do it.

And that's dynamics.

So a couple of things to think about when we're

thinking about dynamics today.

We can think about size.

So making a movement really big, or making it really small.

We can also think about weight.

So when we think about weight, we

think about things being light, like a feather.

And we also think about things being heavy.

So we feel really weighted and grounded.

And then we can also think about time.

So if a movement is really fast, we would call that quick.

And if a movement is like slow, like you're

moving in slow motion, we would call that sustained.

So when we're thinking about size,

or we're thinking about weight, or we're thinking about time,

we can make different choices that

can add to the quality of our movement,

add to the quality of our dance, make our dances more

engaging and exciting to watch.

Because they don't know how we're

going to do that next step, how we're

going to put our own twist and spin on it.

So let's play around with some dynamics right now.

With our first movement, the Citirokk.

So with this one, why don't we explore size?

So we are already know.

We did a little bit of this earlier, too.

We know the Citirokk looks like this.

Cross, front, back, and cross.

So what happens if you make it even bigger?

And you're going front, back, cross.

Front, back, cross.

Maybe you're adding a jump to it to make it even bigger.

Or we can make it really, really small.

Front, back, cross.

Front, back, cross.

Can you even make it even smaller than that?

282 00:10:05,990 --> 00:10:09,970 So there's so many different things you can do with size.

Next we'll play around with weight.

So when we think about The Whoa, and we

know The Whoa is when you throw something up in the air

and you lock into place.

You want to maybe think about that first gesture being

very light, very light.

So it's not hard throw, but it could be.

Let's play around first.

Let's play around with it being light.

So if we do it light, what does that look like?

It's like a nice little toss, nice little

throw up in the air.

It's not too hard.

But then, when it comes back down,

you want to switch your dynamics and make it heavy,

and really lock into place.

So we have light, then heavy.

Now, what would happen if we switched it?

I don't know, let's explore.

What if we made that first gesture heavy,

and then we locked into place when we made it?


I don't, let's see what happens.

Here we go.

Five, six, seven, and-- throw!

Did you guys catch it?

What did yours look like?

Feel free to keep playing around--

playing around with size, playing around with weight.

And then, last but not least, we're

going to play around with time.

So on to our third movement that we learned earlier today,

Swag Bounce.

We know the Swagg Bounce is when we're grooving

our hips, rocking side to side.

And what would happen if we made some of that gesture,

that rocking and swaying gesture sustained, and we

made some quick?

So, let's see what it looks like if we go quick.

One, two, three, four.

But then what happens if we make it sustained?

One, and two, and three.

Quick again.

Hey, hey, sustained, slow, slow, slow.

Oh my gosh.

You guys are doing such a great job

learning about the super dynamics.

And now it's time for us to make our own gesture.

Based on everything we talked about today

as far as the social dance, we know

we want to make sure we try to fit within that phone screen.

So we're only going to see a certain part of--

or a certain amount our body on the screen.

So thinking about that, thinking about gestures,

knowing that they are small movements that we only

do like one or two body parts, and they can grow

into bigger dance movements.

And as they grow, we also want to remember

that you can add dynamics and make it bigger and smaller

with the size, make them light or heavy with the weight,

or make them quick or sustained with the time.

So I kind of want to go back to what we did in the warm up.

And, guys, when we're doing a little bit like this,

I think this might be one of my first gestures.

So at this point in time, you are making up your own gesture.

You can follow me, or if there's another movement

you liked, or you're like I know what I'm doing my gesture,

Miss Yvonne, I have it.

It's totally up to you.

You can create your own movement here.

Just remember that you want it to be kind of small, not

too big, because you want to make sure

you can fit within the phone screen.

And we're going to focus probably more

so on the upper body.

And at any time in the lower body

it might be like something small.


Or you can add it on later if you want

to make the movement bigger.

So feel free to try cool things with your arms.

You can d a figure eight.

You can do some clapping.

But right now for mine, I think I'm going to do a little elbow.

So instead of extending the arm all the way,

I'm just going to pull it across.

And then I'm going to pull the other one across.

And then I'm going to add that little arm circle

that we did during warm up.

I'm going to move my arm back behind me,

and then I'm going to put the other one back behind me.

So all together the movement would look like this.

One, two, three, four.

And that's my-- that's my move.

That's like my gesture phrase that I kind of just made up

right now with you guys.

So if you want to use mine, use mine.

You can make your own.

But now it's time for us to put it all together

and make a dance.

All right, guys, so for our dance phase

today, we're going to try to put everything

we've been learning together and make what's going to hopefully

be a viral dance.

So our first step, well start with the Citirokk.

We'll do it one time on each side.

One, two.

After that, you're going to add an elbow and swing it back.

This is my gesture.

Elbow, swing it back.

And then you'll hit your Whoa.

Up, up, lock into place.

Last but not least, after your whoa,

you're going to do your Swag Bounce.

And feel free to play around with timing.

It can be fast, fast, fast, fast.

Which we would say would be quick.

Or you want to do it slow, you can slow it down,

and that's sustained.

And then after that, feel free to add another gesture

if you wish.

You can replace my gesture with the one you create today.

Or do mine and add yours at the end.

It is totally dancer's choice.

So why don't we try to put it all together?

Here we go.

No music yet.

Five, six, seven.

We go front, side, back.

Front, side, back.

Elbow, elbow, back, back.

Throw it, hit you up.

Swagg it out, swagg it out, swagg bounce, swagg bounce.

You got it?

Why don't we try it one more time.

Remember that with your swagg bounce,

now you can play around with your timing.

And also at The Whoa, you can do one throw, or you can do two.

Here we go, one more time.

Five, six, seven, and--

front, side, back.

Front, side, back.

Elbow, elbow back, back, toss it up, hit The Whoa.

And swagg bounce, swagg bounce.

All right, guys, that's our phrase for today.

Wait, wait.

Hold on, something's happening.


Oh, I think I'm getting--

I think I'm getting a notification.

Oh guys, we have to stop the lesson really quick.

There is a new dance that is catching on everywhere.

It's a new dance challenge.

I want you guys to check out this video.

It just came to my phone.

And yeah, you guys have to watch this.

Oh my gosh.

Let's check out this video right here.


443 00:16:07,730 --> 00:16:10,370 Oh my gosh, you guys, wasn't that such a great video?

That dance is blowing up everywhere.

And then girl kind of looks familiar.

So I want to know, was there a gesture or one dance

move in the video in that challenge

that we just looked at that you really love, you're like, oh

my gosh, that move is so cool.

If there is, free to borrow it.

And we're going to add it to the dance phrase

that we created today for our viral dance challenge.

A lot of times people will take different dance moves and steps

they'll add their own moves, their own flavor,

their own style.

And then you create something new,

but you'll still be able to see similar movements

in different dances, especially with these viral dances

on Instagram and TikTok.

You'll see a lot of some similar movements,

mainly being the Citirokk.

Hopefully you'll see that in a lot of those.

So if there was one move you really liked, feel free,

we're going to add that at the end of our phrase today.

What did I like in the video?

She did so many cool moves.

But I really liked how she did this--

the figure 8, and then she also added the clap on.

I thought that was like really, really cool.

So it was the figure 8 and then a clap.

I also liked this other rocking move

she did where the gesture was crossing the arms in the front

and then kind of leaning to the side as you do it.

So maybe you pick one of those or if there's

something else you saw in the video,

feel free to add that on.

We're going to add that to the end of our dance today.

So you can either add on the figure eight

with the clap at the end, nice strong finish,

or you can give me two rocks right here.


So let's try it from the top.

And we want to try it with both of the different endings.

So if you picked one, don't worry.

And I don't do that one first, it's OK,

I'll do the second one.

We're going to-- like I said, if you have your own gesture

that you like from the video and you're like,

oh, this is the one that I want to borrow and add on,

feel free to do that too.


We're talking about gestures, and dynamics,

and all these different cool moves that

make these dances viral.

So you're going to have fun regardless.

Let's hit these steps and try it two more times,

then we'll do it with music.

Here we go.

So look, this first ending, we're

going to end with the figure eight and the clap.

[CLAP] Here we go.

Five, six, five, six, seven, and we Citirokk.

We Citirokk.

Elbow, elbow, back, back.

Toss it up, hit your whoa.

Swagg bounce, speed it up.

One, two, three, four.

Figure eight.

And then you're done.

Let's try it with the second ending, which

is this little rock step here.

Here we go.

Five, six, five, six, seven, and Citirokk, Citirokk, elbow,

elbow, back, back, throw it up, hit your whoa.

Swagg, bounce.

There you go.

Then you can rock it out.



So if you want to end your dance that way, you can.

Or if you want to end with your own gestures, anything else

that you saw from the video, you can totally add that in there

as well.

Now, we've been doing a whole bunch of practicing

and a whole bunch of talking.

I think it's time for music.

So if you're ready, give me a thumbs up.

And let's try this music.

Here we go.

For the first one we'll do it twice,

how we did in our practice round.

I'll end it the first time with this.

[CLAP] Figure eight and then a clap.

And then the second time I'll end it with a our rock.

Five, six, seven, and we go front, side, back.

Front, side, back.

Elbow, elbow, back, back, throw it up, whoa.

Swagg, bounce.

You got it.

Then you go back.

Quick, hey.

All right, let's try it again.

Second time we're going to end with our rock.

Five, six, five, six, seven, here we go.


547 00:19:58,107 --> 00:20:00,520 Hey.


You can go quick.

And groove it out.


What if we try to put it all together?

What if we ended and did our figure eight, with a clap,

and then rock it out.

You can just keep adding things on and building your ideas,

making them bigger, making the moves bigger,

making the sequences longer.

Have fun with it, explore, try new things.

So we're going to try it one last time, putting both

of those gestures together at the end,

combined with the moves that I taught you today

and also your own gesture.

I know that's a lot.

But I know you got this.

Here we go five, six, five, six, seven, hey!





[CLAP] All right guys.

So I hope that you had a good time dancing with me

today in our pop-up lesson.

I had an amazing time with you guys

creating our own viral dance.

I think we're going to call it, I

don't know, #lincolncenterdancechallenge.

578 00:21:11,263 --> 00:21:12,680 But let's shorten it a little bit.



So if you had fun with today's lesson,

feel free to make your own viral dance

video with the help of an adult or parent.

And feel free to upload it and post it on social media.


so we can see your video.

We'd love to see you guys groove it out and do

your moves, your gestures, and all the gestures

I taught you today.

So keep dancing, have fun, and I'll see you next time.

Miss Yvonne is out.


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