Indie Alaska


John's Home Studio: Alaska's Most Underground Music Venue

John Larson always had a dream to have his own recording studio, and to work with the vibrant music scene in Alaska.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, restrictions for music venues left Musicians no where to perform. John saw this as an opportunity to turn his home studio into a livestream internet show every Friday Showcasing Alaskan musicians.

AIRED: May 13, 2021 | 0:04:02


here in

anchorage alaska there are so many

awesome musicians and artists doing

their thing

you can pretty much find anything you're

looking for somebody's doing it up here

i think a lot of people might not get an

opportunity to

show off their music at all or maybe

they don't even like performing in front

of audiences

i always had this idea in the back of my

head that i would

get a recording studio i was like hey i

have all this

equipment i could like live stream

musicians that way

you know they have some place to perform


so live at ghs is a live streamed

music show featuring local alaskan

musicians and bands i ordered a lift

from van's dive bar my buddy t-loop

as he's known around town he was the

driver he wanted to do

to do a dj set but he didn't have any

any of the equipment to get sound and

video and sync it up and get it

sent off i was like i know how to do


it was a fair success for for him and i

was like man i should just do this

all the time with everyone the next week

i had our first episode of

live at ghs

i was asked to do one of the live

streams and so i showed up

t-loop who was hosting at the time and

he was like hey

do you want to co-host with me next week

and i was like

yeah sure i'll co-host with you next

week so i showed up

you are here with us at john's home

studio thank you so much for tuning in

and then the next week he was like go

move to colorado so you're the host now

and that's pretty much how i started

hosting this show and got to be a part

of this incredible team

is being tricked

i was tricked

as a performer i was playing quite a bit

but in the coved panic

it's been really weird not having that

immediate connection

the energy playing in front of other

people the lights are on

upstairs but you ain't

home forced a lot of people to

evolve how they reach their audiences

live streaming is a big part of that

when everything hit

i just thought it would be a good

opportunity to you know help

get musicians artwork out into the world


since so many great musicians and

artists from the alaska music scene

we're coming through here already

might as well try to elevate the visual

side of things to look

like something you might see on tv


even though we're in you know an

apartment it's still

a performance opportunity people come

out of it being like

really excited like there's just this

like sort of afterglow energy about to


we're hoping that this can be kind of a

staple of

the alaskan music scene during kovid

and beyond where artists are just going

to stop by john's home studio to play a


and you can kind of expect that to be a

live stream event regardless of the

world situation