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"A Real Ark for a Real Flood" | We Believe in Dinosaurs

In this excerpt from We Believe in Dinosaurs, the staff behind the "Ark Encounter" exhibit at the Creation Museum in Kentucky explain how their $120 million theme park will show how the Biblical flood that led to Noah's Ark and destroyed the rest of humanity really happened.

AIRED: February 17, 2020 | 0:01:22

- I'm Mark Looy, and welcome

to another milestone

in the construction of this

life-size Noah's Ark behind me.

It's going to be an impressive structure

when it opens,

Lord willing, summer of next year.

Let me introduce Ken Ham, our president.

He is the visionary behind the Ark Encounter,

and he'll say a few words here,

and then we'll lead you on a tour of the ark.


- Okay, thank you, Mark, and good morning,

and thank you for coming.

The ark itself is going to be

built up on that platform that you see.

Now, that concrete platform,

the precast concrete you see there won't be visible

when it's open; it'll have a wooden...

- The whole point of this park is to teach people

that these biblical events

were real history in real time that actually happened,

so that's really what this is all about,

that there really was a flood.

It's not a bathtub ark.

He created a real ark for a real flood

that probably destroyed

upwards of 10 billion people on the Earth.

You've got an ark that was created to save eight people,

and the rest of the population was literally obliterated

because God was really unhappy with what He did.

That's what the Bible says.


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