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A Match Made in Heaven | Blind Love ep. 5

A gifted choir musician, Mario finds his Congregation getting involved in playing matchmaker, and then needs his sister's help to vet a potential date. Meanwhile, Simon gets a style makeover in preparation for a speed dating event and discovers it's a lot different when it's not his mom picking out clothes for him.

AIRED: February 18, 2020 | 0:08:28

- I've only dated white girls.

I'm sorry I'm being honest,

am I allowed to just say that?

- Hello there.

- Hi.

- Becoming independent for me was an act of rebellion.

- I'll be right back okay.

- Okay cool. - Okay.

(slow bright music)

(music booming)

♪ Better than good

♪ Better than good to me

♪ Me

(congregation applauding)

- [Woman] Worthy, worthy.

- [Mario] I was feeling that song,

I mean it got to me.

So it's a regular church service

in a regular Sunday.

- [Woman] All right Mario. All right bye.

Emmanuel usually walks me out

at the end of every service.

How's it going? Good, good. - Congratulations sweetie.

- Thank you, God bless you. - God bless you.

- Ah ha jinx.

And then the choir director comes up and says.

- I want to say goodbye to you boo boo.

- Suddenly without preamble,

without warning,

without saying Mario brace yourself

here comes a million dollar moment.

- Kim is gonna say goodbye to you so stay right here.

- Oh okay, there's someone here.

- Ha ha how you doing?

- I'm doing well goodbye Mario.

- Did you enjoy the service?

- I sure did as always. - Good.

- So down.

- That was oh my God,

I feel like a school boy.

I remember at choir rehearsals there was a girl

there who was always laughing at stuff I said.

And I had heard rumors of her being really interested.

I hugged her.

- What? - Sister V set me up

for a hug real quick.

- Oh my God.

- And she's super skinny.

- Give her his phone number.

- That's a fantastic idea.

to give it to her. - Don't tell her

that E or I'll disown you.

- [Man] Come on man, Simon!

Come on!

Come on last 50.

(people yelling)

- [Man] Good job Simon.

(people applauding)

Beautiful. - 14:40.

- Do you realize you just swam 400 meters?

I'm so proud of you. - One two three.

- [Francesco] That was fun last night.

- Uh

I know, what'd you think?

- Just gotta get used to whether they're interested or not.

- Oh yeah it's just practice.

I mean the music was loud like, usually

for us, for blind people, loud music isn't.

- But would it work I don't know,

would speed dating be like a cool thing to do or just like.

- Honestly dude you should try whatever you want to

and see what works best.

- Yeah just try anything.

- Yeah. - Right.

- [Nora] There he goes, he's coming back.

- Wait what happened?

- She smiled when I told her

that you wanted me to give her your number.

- She's in great shape. - How do you know?

- I hugged her. - Oh, Ray Charles.

- And we get all that information.

- I told her the ball was now in her court.

- There you go.

That's what I wanted you to say.

- It's not in her court.

Guys don't put stuff in female's courts.

Tell her I need her to text me because I want

to set up a date. - Okay I--

- No tell her I want to set up conversation over coffee.

- [Nora] No just tell her to text him.

- Text me so I can have her number

because I'm interested in setting up conversation

over a meal, there we go.

- That's just too much. - That's how I talk.

- Do not tell her all of that okay.

- That's okay Mario I gotcha you okay.

- Tell her, "He wants conversation over a meal."

- You can tell her that when she texts you.

- I gotcha you though Mario I'm gonna let her know

to text you.

- We'll have a conversation over a meal.

- [Nora] Over dinner, yeah, yeah.

- I appreciate you for doing this man.

Seriously, say "he wanted your number for a conversation over a meal."

(phone dinging)

- Hello.

- Ah good how are you?

- [Woman] I'm fine.

Do you have a little bit of time to talk?

- Thank you for calling sure.

I'm going to a speed dating event on Wednesday.

- Okay. - I'm basically looking

for something that represents me.

- Awesome. - I'm an athlete,

I do triathlons.

I'm training for one right now.

- Okay. - I listen

to mostly heavy metal.

- [Woman] What are your sizes in shirts?

- I mean normally I usually go shopping with my parents.

So for like shirts I'm a small.

- Okay. - Waist size I'm like a 32.

Would you have different materials I could feel

'cause I can't tell you exactly what type

of material that I like. - Of course, of course,

I'll have a lot of different things pulled out for you.

Based off what our conversation was

and based off of like what you've told me about.

- I still don't realize what she looked like.

- I can tell you if she's pretty or not.

She's on Facebook let me see your phone.

- Hold on, let me pull it up.

Let me look at the mutual friends.

And it'll tell me. - Old enough to know better,

young enough to (beeping).

No this ain't her this person said they old enough

to know better but young enough not

not to give a (beeping).

That can't be her. - Well that better not be her.

We just came from church.

- Oh no it's her. - That's her.

- Sister Vanessa is a friend

and so is Toria from the church,

it's her.

- Oh my God. - Oh my goodness.

That's her status.

Using my sister to Facebook stalk someone is

a typical occurrence.

- I remember okay,

I saw her, she has braids in her hair.

So she's dark skin but my complexion.

- She pretty?

- Yeah she's pretty and skinny

oh all right, she's 35.

- I don't know about the young enough not

to give a (beeping) part.

- She a cougar,

you want a cougar?

- She a cougar,

if she messing with a 20 year old, I'm 30.

(bright upbeat music)

- So the first item that I pick is like

a quilted bomber jacket.

It's a really cool blue,

it's navy blue.

And then there's a shirt underneath it right here.

Which is a white polo similar

to what you have just feel right here, you see.

- Yeah it feels similar to what I'm wearing now yeah.

- And it has blue and gray stripes.

Next we have a two tone denim jacket.

- Jean jacket type of thing.

- Yeah I say denim you say jeans,

we're gonna say both today.

- Okay.

- So this is a two toned.

- Oh interesting never felt this before.

I've felt jean jackets

but they're a lot softer.

As a blind person I determine the clothes I wear

by how they feel.

- Some jeans are softer than others.

So this is the raw denim to give you

that raw kind of feeling combined

with a softer denim it's not as raw.

- I'm voting for this one,

I like this one.

That's gonna work for school,

for dates, for work,

for heavy metal concerts,

the whole run of it.

- This is a pair of Guess jeans

and they have rips in them.

- Ripped jeans.

- [Jill] His face (laughs)

He's like oh ripped jeans cool.

- People would tell me wear something trendy,

wear something hipster,

and I have no idea what any of that stuff means.

- The looks are sexier.

The denim is more fitted.

- Like tighter you mean?

- Fitted not tight,

just a more tailored look for you.

- My Mom buys my clothes for me

but it's not like they pick out sexy clothes

or anything like that so.

- Simon our job is to make sure

you catch the eye of many people.

So we're gonna accentuate certain parts of your body

that Mom's not going to okay.

- Got it.

- Kim just texted.

- [Phone Announcer] 2:46 PM,

hey Mario it's Kim from church.

I'm headed into work right now

but I think we should definitely get together.

- I think that would be excellent "period",

smiley face.

I will give you a call this week

to plan something "period."

Enjoy work.

I feel so nervous like I'm a high school boy or something.

I haven't felt it in a long time so this is good,

this is a good sign.

(upbeat music)

- So we had a little hiccup with sizes,

you are definitely smaller but it's okay.

- How many sizes smaller?

- Like two. - So this is

what we're talking about, Mom right?

She shops for you but she's not shopping

for you for a date. - Turn around

'cause we want

the ladies to see what's going on.

- [Simon] I've learned that the right fit and

the way clothes sit on you shows off

how your body actually looks.

Like that's just kind of fascinating to me.

- You look really great. - Thanks.

- But we want to show the broadness in your chest,

we want to show the definition in your arms,

we want to show your tush, you know.

- I'm pretty active so if I have

the body to show it off

then why not?

All right, monochromatic look A.

- We like this. - Yeah I like this.

It's very like put together.

- It's the first time I noticed

like the button downs actually like touching my chest.

Like my waist.

- That's because it actually fits you.

- So Mom's got her set of sizes

and then you know what your real sizes are.


- I got you.

- What I got out of today was if you want

to attract girls do not wear clothes

that your Mom bought for you.

Oh my goodness.

I'm losing it.

Oh God.

- I'm not sure where James

and I are going at this point.

- Hi Joanie?

Hi how's it going?


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