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Rodrigo y Gabriela and Gustavo Dudamel on Playing Abroad

Gustavo Dudamel and duo Rodrigo y Gabriela have international backgrounds. They share their experiences playing outside of their countries for the first time: Dudamel playing in New York City and the duo busking the European countries.

AIRED: January 22, 2021 | 0:01:52

So, how was your first time in the U.S.?

No no. Not in the U.S., outside of--

Oh yeah. Outside your country.

- Exactly.

It's always an experience that stays, you know,

in your memories and your soul--

When you get the chance.

I remember, I was a child

and I was selected to be part of the

national children's orchestra of Venezuela

and we traveled to the United States

as a children's orchestra.

- How old were you?

- I was... eleven?

It was a great experience

because I was not travelling alone.

If not, I was with 150 other children around

and we played Washington and then we played at the U.N.

in New York--

At the cafeteria, to be specific, of the U.N.--

and that for me was the beginning.

I remember! It was like García Márquez,

Cien anos de soledad,

at the beginning when

this character, Aureliano,

when he goes and discovers the ice...

So I remember, it was the first time that I saw snow...

and it stayed always with me.


When was yours? How was yours?

- Well, um, I think we were older.

We used to play in a metal band.

When we left Mexico, when we quit the metal band,

we went to Ireland.

But we didn't go with an orchestra.

We played in streets.

We were busking.

So, not as fancy.

But yeah, we were playing in the streets

for um, yeah, for a couple of years,

Busking in Ireland.

- Denmark.

- In Spain. - Wow! Amazing.

Until finally we just met our manager

and we just got a record deal.

But that was our first time

we played ouside our country


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