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Episode 6 Preview | On the Net

Where does music photography sit in the contemporary, popular culture landscape? The seismic switch from analogue to digital is discussed alongside the rise and influence of social media. The series ends by asking whether music photography still has a role to play, does it still carry the same importance, and who are the new standard bearers of the profession?

AIRED: August 13, 2021 | 0:00:31

- [Narrator] On Icon.

- The millennial generation,

their natural habitat is the screen.

- I mean, everyone's doing selfies.

- I just Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

- I try not to overthink it as much.

I just kind of look good that day

and I'm like, yo, let's take some pics.

- It's from making an impact in a

very, very crowded universe of images.

- This is the new way to do it.

You can either be stubborn about it or embrace it.

- Those are the icons.

The ones that you keep thinking about.

- [Narrator] Icon.

Music through the lens.

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