Icon: Music Through the Lens


Episode 3 Preview | On the Record

The evolution of record sleeve photography from its roots in jazz and early rock 'n' roll through to the highly stylized concepts and imagery of modern-day music genres is discussed by art directors, musicians and music photographers responsible for some of the world's most iconic album covers.

AIRED: July 30, 2021 | 0:00:31

- [Narrator] On Icon,

- It's visual. It's audio.

It's art.

- With Abbey Road, Sergeant Pepper,

Definitely Maybe, Morning Glory,

you've got these visual connections.

- That 12 inch square, it was a lovely art piece.

- I see music as much as I hear it.

- Blue Note celebrated African-American culture.

- Carlin did like that.

- And I was like, oh no, come on, that's it.

- [Man] It's more than just a photograph.

It's a work of art.

- [Narrator] Icon, Music Through The Lens.

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