I Remember Television


Space Patrol “Errand of Mercy” and Rocky Jones

On the next I Remember Television we go on an errand of mercy with the crew of the "Terra 5", then we return for another adventure with the crew of the "rocket jet" In a space age double feature.

AIRED: January 07, 2018 | 0:59:30

(fast paced music)

- [Man] Now wasn't that nice?

- Hello, I'm Dr. Pierce Britton.

Welcome to I Remember Television.

Set your sights on the U.S.A. in 1950.

The Second Great War is over and the nation is booming.

Booming with jobs, suburbs, newborns, and television sets.

The alien technology television is the family rooms portal

to other dimensions.

Saturday morning routines include breakfast, coffee,

and a half hour journey through the unknown in the name of

interplanetary justice, an experience brought to you

by Space Patrol.

Commander-In-Chief Buzz Corey played by Ed Comer,

and his 30th century team of justice seeking space dwellers,

took America on a four-year long adventure.

Imagine experiencing space travel before NASA ever used

the word astronaut.

The first live weekly morning network series to beam from

the west to east coast and an early pioneer of 3D television

Broadcasting, Space Patrol was seemingly

delivering the future along with the entertainment.

The stars playing the beloved comrades Buzz Corey,

Cadet Happy, Major Robby Robinson, Carol, and Tonga

were tasked with being the faces of live

broadcast TV acting as role models for kids,

but also displaying a dynamic

camaraderie that kept adults watching.

Tonight we will observe the united planets Space Patrol

speed towards 20th century earth, an environment that

proves to be rather hostile for our heroes.

So let's look back to the tomorrow of yesteryear,

as I remember Television.

- [Announcer] Space Patrol!

High adventure in the wild vast reaches of space.

Visions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice!

Travel into the future with Buzz Corey,

Commander-In-Chief of the Space Patrol.

Brought, to you by the checkerboard super cereals.

Wheat Chex, Rice Chex, and good hot Ralston.

- [Major] What is your name?

- Buzz Corey.

- Mine's Cadet Happy.

- [Major] What is your rank?

- My rank'll mean nothing to you.

- Tell me everything, your name, rank, cerial number

of your unit, tell me the truth now!

- [Announcer] Stand by for exciting action on

Space Patrol in just one moment.

- Hi, gang. Space Patroller Jack Nars. Feast your eyes on this.

A terrific new offer. A complete Space Patrol

Space-O-Phone set, tell you in a second how to get it.

Take a look, you get two Space-O-Phones.

Take a look, you get 50 feet of

communication cord. Take a look,

you get full instructions, bright blue and yellow plastic.

Looks exactly like the Space-O-Phone Buzz Corey

and the gang uses. Fun and now works just like

a telephone. Yes sir, you and a pal can talk

back and forth on the Space-O-Phone.

With 50 feet between you. What an invention.

What a swell piece of equipment to play Space Patrol with.

Look close. Pretty nifty, huh?

Straight out of Space Patrol.

Straight out of the fantastic world of tomorrow.

Designed to fit the hands of boys and girls.

Designed to help you be our real Space Patroller on earth.

So don't wait, not a single day.

send for your Space-O-Phone set now.

Here's all you do, buy a box of Instant Ralston.

Then, with your name and address send 25 cents in coin

and an Instant Ralston box top, to Space Patrol.

Box 812, St. Louis, Missouri. This offer good

only in continental United States, and

may be withdrawn at any time.

That's Space Patrol Box 812, St. Louis, Missouri.

[erie wind]

- [Narrator] Across the vast black emptiness of space,

streets terrified flagship of the Space Patrol,

mission an errand of mercy.

Destination, 20th century earth.

(engine roaring)

Faster, and faster the sleek battle cruiser goes,

piling speed upon speed, until it cracks

the light barrier, exceeds the speed of light,

crosses the timeline from the 30th century,

into the past 100 years, 500 years,

a 1,000 years to 20th century earth.

The cargo full of blood for the wounded of war

in the year 1952.

Inside as the star drive automatically

cuts out, the three occupants begin to

revive from the blackout period.

Commander-In-Chief of the Space Patrol

Buzz Corey, Cadet Happy, and Tonga.

(dramatic music)

- What happened?

- Is something wrong?

- Calibration error, defective too.

- You mean we didn't arrive in the 20th century on earth?

- I don't know.

- Do you think we cross a time line Commander?

- Yes, we crossed the timeline but the trouble is

I don't know where, we are when it is.

- Smoking rockets, Commander!

What about our cargo of whole blood?

- For the wounded of war in 1952,

what are we gonna do Commander?

- We're gonna land and investigate.

Fire rockets.

- Fire rockets.

I can't see much on the dark side of the

planet Commander, but, it could be the planet earth.

- See any life, some cities?

- Look it just started!

(dramatic music)

- Smoking rockets Commander! We wound up

right in the middle of a war!

- And what are those lights Commander?

- They're coming in too low,

they spotted us, we've got to get out of here!

(dramatic music)

- They're shooting at us!

(fast paced music)

- Well, we're scoring direct hits too.

Stand by to land.

- Land? Down there?

- We'll be safer down there than we are up here.

Got to find out where we are and correct that error.

(dramatic music)

Stand by repeller ray.

- Standing by, sir.

(dramatic music)

- Hit repeller ray!

(dramatic music)

(crickets chirping)

The ship's well hidden in these trees.

- Yeah, that bombing must be several miles away sir.

- Not far enough.

- There's a sign of a light.

I'll go topside and take a look Commander.

- Well be careful Tonga.

- Of course.

- Come with me Hap.

- Right sir.

We've got to find out what caused that error.

- Here we are,

we're charter members of the

Space Patrol Blood Boosters with a cargo of

whole blood that could save a lot of

lives and we can't even deliver it.

- Well we had several direct hits.

didn't seem to damage our hull.

- No sir, the pressure alarm didn't sound anyway.

- We must be in a period when weapons of extreme power

haven't yet been developed.

- Well that still doesn't narrow it down very much.

- No it doesn't narrow it down, but

this does.

- Hey, must've blown out just in time to make

us miss our destination, see it's a 2310.

I'll get another one Commander.

- alright.

Commander Corey to Tonga.

(soft music)

Commander Corey to Tonga.

(soft music)

- Tonga here Commander.

- [Corey] What do you see up there?

- I saw some kind of a light when I was

up in the entrance hatch.

- [Corey] When you were up, well where are you now,

did you leave the ship?

- Well I was checking the light Commander and I'm only about

a 100 yards away.

- [Corey] Well look, Tonga, we're replacing

a burned out tube in the star drive,

you've better come back right away.

- But I do see a light Commander about

a quarter of a mile from here.

- [Corey] Well nevermind that now, you shouldn't

be out there alone. Come back onboard.

- I'm on my way, Commander. Tonga out.

(soft music)

(dramatic music)


- [Happy] Commander.

- [Corey] Oh, I'm down here, Happy.

- I replaced that tube Commander.

All the star drive instruments check out in good shape.

Where's Tonga?

- I don't know, Hap. I don't get it.

She told me on the Space-O-phone that she was

heading back to the ship.

Wait here.

- Alright.

(bird call)

Find anything, sir?

- Yes, there's a light over there,

must be the one Tonga reported.

- Do you think she went to investigate it, sir?

- I don't know, Hap, but we are. Come on.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

(speaks German)

- Well don't stand here dummkopf! get out!

(speaks German)


Iris, come here!

Bring me a stale biscuit. Go, Boy!

(speaks German)

(dramatic music)

- Say I wanted to talk to you about, say with this gun,

do you think that maybe, I you know?

I was gonna tell you about it, I think.

(dramatic music)

- He's wearing a Nazi uniform.

- Nazi?

- Yeah, a nation of aggressors that tried to conquer earth

in the 20th century.

- Earth in the 20th century?

Then- well then then we made our destination after all.

- Missed our time period by about 10 years.

Got to correct that after we find Tonga.

- Look it's Tonga! They don't seem to be very aggressive

Commander. They're treating her alright.

- So far yes.

- Commander?

In this war that they're having, did the Nazis win?

- No, Hap they were defeated.

- It's too bad they don't know that, maybe

they wouldn't be so happy.

(speaks German)

- I think it's time we got a few things straight,

first of all I don't speak your language.

- English.

(speaks German)

- Let go of me!

- [Major] You understand what we will do to spies.

- [Happy] Smoking rockets Commander.

- Come on, Happy.

(dramatic music)

- Your name!

- Your rank!

Your serial number, units, tell me everything answer me!

Answer me!

(speaks German)

- Tonga, are you alright?

- So far, Commander.

- They are together. You are friends.

- How much did you tell them?

- Nothing, they wouldn't have believed me anyway.

- Remove her, we will interrogate them separately.

The girl called you commander, but this

uniform I do not recognize.

- No, no, of course you don't.

That's because we're from, well, we're from someplace.

- Alright,

if you will not cooperate we have means to make you talk.

What is your name?

- Buzz Corey.

- Mine's Cadet Happy.

- What is your rank?

- My rank would mean nothing to you.

- What is your rank?

- Easy there!

- Get him out of here, lock him out.

Now, we will start all over again, what army are you with?

- I'm not with any army.

(dramatic music)

- Now answer me! Your rank, name,

unit, serial number, everything!

- Don't try that again.

- Answer me!

- Alright, I will but you won't believe me.

- Try and see.

- I'm Buzz Corey Commander-in-Chief

of the Space Patrol.

- The what?

- The Space Patrol, we're from another planet,

another time period. It got mixed up

and we warped here by accident.

- What kind of ridiculous nonsense is this?

Do you take me for a complete fool?

- You wouldn't like my answer to that either.

Why don't you admit you are spies, all of you.

- Because we're not!

I told you the truth, I didn't expect you to believe me.

- Why did you parachute here then?

- We didn't use parachutes.

- You must have bailed out, there are

no landing strips around here.

- We landed by repeller ray.

- By what?

- Repeller ray.

- I told you to tell me the truth.

- I told you not to try that again!

- [Major] Get him out of here, lock him up!

(dramatic music)

- [Happy] Commander!

- Any way out of here?

- I don't think so, sir.

I've looked over every inch of this place.

Oh, there is one loose stone over here, Commander.

But it'd take a lot of digging to get it out

and we haven't got anything to dig with.

- Dig we have.

Belt buckles.

- Commander, that'll take forever.

- [Commander] We better get started!

(ray gun)

- You see even that guns are designed to fool us.

- But, Heir Meier,

what if they are telling the truth?

- Impossible. What do you think would happen to me,

or to both of us, if I were to report this to the Haraiche?

We would be shot for madmen.

There is only one thing to do. We will

execute them in the morning!

(ray gun)

(dramatic music)

Hamish, finish what you were doing.

Well don't just stand there like a dumkoff, move!

Move I said!


(dramatic music)

He didn't move.

(dramatic music)

- Now don't stop, Happy. No telling when

they'll decide we've lived long enough.

- What is the matter with him?

- How should I know? I'm not a doctor.

Oh, wait a minute,


looks like somebody's been fooling around with our ray guns.

- What has it done to him?

- Oh, nothing much it's just set on a light charge

he's temporarily paralyzed.

He'll be alright after a while.

- What kind of a secret weapon is this?

- Secret, that's not a secret weapon, everybody in the

Space Patrol carries one.

- So you will insist that you are from another planet?

That you are from the future, huh?

- Sure, why not, it's the truth?

Alright, if you are from the future answer me one question.

- What do you want to know?

- In what year are we going to win the war?

- I can't answer that, Commander.

- As I thought.

- 'Cause you're not gonna win it.

(dramatic music)

- We are going to win as we are superior.

Our armies are but a short distance from Paris,

in a short while our troops will take over France!

Then England, then the United States.

Then the whole world.

- Look, why don't you face it?

This war is ancient history to us and you're gonna

lose it, and there's nothing you can do.

- Get him out of here! I will listen to no more of this!

He's lying. He must be lying. I won't believe it

I won't!

- Okay now, give me a hand.

I think now that I've stole this we can move it.

- [Commander] Great.

(dramatic music)

- Oh, Commander!

Am I glad to see you.

- Uh oh. Oh, smoking rockets. We're no

better off now than we were before.

- Listen.

Sounds like airplanes, bombers.

- Oh, that's Paris Commander, the Major

said we're pretty close to there.


- Those fools! They are supposed to be bombing Paris!

- This is great. We know where we are and the ship's ready

and there's nothing we can do about it.

- That's awfully close Commander.


- I sure hope they don't get any closer.

Boy, they may have inferior weapons,

but they're not inferior enough.

(incoming bomb)

(dramatic music)

It blew a hole right through the wall,

we can get through it!

(dramatic music)

- Incredible. We will execute them now.

We won't wait 'til the morning.

(soft music)

You, Commander come here.

I will give you one more chance to tell the truth.

admit you are a spy.

(speaks German)

The truth Commander the truth about this secret weapon!

(dramatic music)

(speaks German)

(incoming bomb)

(dramatic music)

- Drop, Hap!

(ray gun)

- Oh, that was a close one. Thanks a lot, Commander.

- Not yet. The woods are probably full on Nazis.

- The ship isn't far we can run for it Commander.

- Come on!


- [Happy] And don't forget you're gonna lose this war!

(upbeat music)

- Well, the error's corrected. Made the final

calculations to take us to our original destination.

- You know, Commander I was just thinking

if those Nazis had a believed us when we told them

they were gonna lose this war they would have saved

themselves a lot of trouble.

- And lives Happy. Millions of lives were thrown away

to stop the Nazi invadors.

- Smoking rockets, millions? That'll really teach the people

of earth a lesson. And I'll bet nobody else ever tried

to start another war to try to conquer the earth either.

- No, cadet have you forgotten our mission?

- Hey, that's right,

- Cargo hold but for the wounded of a war

in the year 1952 what automatic pilot, Hap.

- Right sir.

- Boys and girls I need your help.

As you know the gang and I are on a special mission

to earth. A mission to help America wake up to this fact;

America needs blood. Not only to help her

wounded in Korea, but to help those at home.

The victims of accidents, diseases, and sickness.

Would you help people like this if you could?

Well, you can and here's how.

Join the Space Patrol Blood Boosters.

- Now, some of us Space Patrollers- well, we're

not old enough to really donate blood.

But we are old enough, you have to be 18

or over to do that, but you are old

enough to be a Space Patrol Blood Booster.

- Here's all you do. Every time you get a chance

you boost the importance of donating blood.

You boost America's national blood.

- And you boost the

American Red Cross by telling all your

friends that the Red Cross is one of the

places they can go if they want to donate blood.

- You urge people you know to

donate blood, tell how important it is,

how easy it is, just 10 minutes to save a life.

- And gang when you do all that

that's when you're my boy and my girl.

Start today it's a lot of fun to help

your country through Space Patrol Blood Boosters.

- [Announcer] Stand by for a preview of next

week's exciting action immediately

following this important message for all

you Space Patrollers.

- Get that paper and pencil ready gang.

Here's the most exciting and thrilling,

the greatest, the most terrific offer

ever made on Space Patrol. Here it is.

Best marvel of the solar system the Space Patrol

Space-O-Phone a brand new set made

especially for use on earth and complete,

yes complete, with two Space-O-Phones.

One for you, one for the person you're talking to.

So, have you got that pencil and paper ready?

I'm gonna tell you how to get this

great new Space-O-Phone set. Now you get

more than just two Space-O-Phones you get

50 feet of communication cord. Yes sir,

50 feet. That means you can talk back

and forth with someone standing on

a straight 50 feet or more away from you.

Works like a telephone. Voice's come over

loud and clear. But hold on, you get even

more. Hold on, you get full instructions

to tell you how to have all kinds of fun

with your Space-O-Phone. Tells you how to

talk to someone on the space-o-phone

even further away than 50 feet. And now

here's a word from your Commander.

- Boys and girls, when you play Space Patrol you

want real Space Patrol equipment, and

that's what this is, the real thing.

Something that gives you a thrill to use.

something that makes you feel like a- like

you're a real Space Patroller operating

up here on Tera with me. yes sir, when

you own this you own the real mccoy.

so, Space Patroller, send for yours right now.

- Here's what you get. two Space-O-Phones,

50 feet of communication cord, and full instructions.

And this is all you do.

Buy a box of Instant Ralston. Then with your

name and address, send 25 cents in coin

and an Instant Ralston box top to

Space Patrol Box 812 St. Louis, Missouri.

Don't forget your 25 cents. That's Space Patrol,

Box 812, St. Louis, Missouri.

- We have to get out of here before that

hunk of machinery comes back to life!

- Happy, get him to the fleet.

- What's up, sir?

- Kemper was right.

- About what, sir?

- We have about four minutes get into our

spacesuits, get to our ship, and get to

the surface of this ocean. The whole thing's gonna blow up!

- [Announcer] For the outcome of

the dangerous situation in which Buzz

and Happy find themselves, be sure to see

Treachery Underwater, next week on Space Patrol.

(incoming bomb)

(upbeat music)

(rocket engines)

- [Announcer] Be sure to hear Space Patrol on ABC Radio

every Saturday. Consult a newspaper

for time and station. And be sure to join

us again next week when Space Patrol is

brought to you on television too by

those bite-sized cereals in the red

white checkerboard packages, Rice Chex,

and Wheat Chex. And buy good, hot Ralston.

(upbeat music)

- [Announcer] The preceding program originally

telecast by ABC in Hollywood has come

to you by special video recording. This

is ABC, the American Broadcasting Company.

- If the comrades really had landed in

1952 as they planned to they might have

been taken aback to find an enormous

American fan base waiting for them.

Coming up we'll board another space vehicle,

the Orbit Jet with the one and

only Rocky Jones from the series that

pioneered modern-day Sci-fi programming,

Rocky Jones Space Ranger. Along for the

journey as always Winky, Vena, and little Bobby

help Rocky keep the universe

safe from a villainous threat.

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] Rocky Jones Space Ranger

Space Ranger, Space Ranger.

Starring Richard Crane.

(dramatic music)

In, Escape into space.

(upbeat music)

- Oh, Winky, I'm so glad you called. When did you get back?

- This afternoon. We just checked back on earth.

- How's Rocky?

- Oh, fine, fine. We're both fine.

(dramatic music)

- (sigh) We're lucky that these suitcases full of money

aboard this spaceship- I'm set for life.

(dramatic music)

-There anything made of wood on this space wagon?

-This. -Oh yeah, here knock on wood.

Well, we're on our way, uh?

-You better secure for blast-off.



Hello, Mr. Secretary.

It's hello and goodbye. And I couldn't by your authorities

know but I'm rich enough to buy a moon, a planet,

some place to live in luxery where your laws can't touch us.

Try and stop me. Try to bring me back.

- Listen. Who's using Rocky's videograms?

- What are you boys doing tonight?

Hey Rock? What about it? let's go out into town, huh?

Well, Rocky is a little tied up but I'm available.

object a date.

- I'm so sorry Winky but I have a date.

Give my love to Rocky.

Yeah, sure. Okay, Judy.


- Who is it?

- It's me Winky.

- Oh nice! Just a minute, Winky.

(monitor busy)

- I'm sorry you've got a date.

- Yes, isn't it a shame? Call me tomorrow, Winky.

- Yeah, sure.


- Winky, I might have known it was you.

- Oh, I'm sorry Secretary Drake sir.


- Yes, Mr. Secretary?

- Truck Harmon has just started an unlicensed flight, Rocky.

A last chance move to avoid arrest by earth authorities.

- We'll be right over, Sir.

(dramatic music)

- Truck Harmon, hey? You've been waiting for

a chance to lock horns with that guy.

- To my knowledge Truck Harmon has never

left earth before, so the space Rangers had

no legal right to act against him.

However, I prepared this report for

federal authorities on Harmon's illicit

traffic in the weed. They subpoenaed him

yesterday to face charges.

- Mr. Secretary, Truck Harmon has left earth's atmosphere,

so now he's under the authority of the Space Rangers.

- He's your man, Rocky go get him.

- Thank you, Sir.

- Prepare and maintenance are swarming

all over the Orbit Jet, Rocky. With a little luck

we should make it by noon tomorrow.

- Should we take another ship, Sir?

- Hours aren't of prime importance now. By morning

we should have a pretty good idea of Harmon's destination.

Look here, Rocky.

(dramatic music)

(soft music)

- Great news, Vena, just great.

We've got a 50-50 chance it's great news.

- Wait, let me guess, this great news has

something to do with a very pretty

little girl who is far away on Fornax.

Now, how did I guess? Is she coming here?

- Better than that, we're going to Fornax.

Well, maybe we're going there because

maybe Rocky's going there, it's a 50/50 chance.


- This completes a tri directional check.

Without doubt Truck Harmon's destination is Fornax.

- Winky, alert maintenance for blast-off.

- Yes sir.

- I heard him talking maybe it would be Fornax.

I got Rocky alone and asked if we could go.

He said no, but it wasn't real loud no.

So you've got a 50/50 chance.

I've done half of the talking and the rest is up to you.

- A little louder, Bobby. I can't hear you.

(upbeat music)

- Any trace of Truck Harmon's ship Rocky?

- No, not since we were forced off of course

with our last refuel.


(dramatic music)

- Check three o'clock, Rocky. I think

there's a meteor pack baring down on us.

(dramatic music)

Try to climb over sir?

- Not a chance, Winky. Take a 90 degree port turn.

we'll ride along with it.

- Alright port, Sir.

- Vena, Bobby!

- [Vena] Yes, Rocky?

- [Rocky] Secure for meteor interference, right now!

(dramatic music)

- Steady, baby. Steady.

- We've got an instrument buckle, alert for all readings.

- Standing by, Sir.

- And check the slightest side drift.

If meteor crashes us broadside We'll be done for.

- Aye, aye, sir. Boost starboard rockets W40.2.

- Starboard rockets, W40.2.

- [Harmon] Hello, hello, hello, can you hear me?

Am I getting through to anyone?

- This is the XP 2 come in identify.

- This is Truck Harmon, you hear that?

Truck Harmon, we've been hit by meteors!

Come and save me! The man who gets here first will be rich.

He can live off the fat of the land!

- Hey Rocky, what about a nice plump acre or two?

- Where are you, Harmon?

- Here in the spaceship hurry up and save me.

- He wants our position Truck.

This is Lawson on the R7-4.

Our position is celestial Meridian 86 degrees,

parallel 42 degrees. We're badly

damaged by direct meteor hit. Space suits

in damaged section, heavy CPs

throughout ship, will try to keep

pressure up in control chambers.

- Hurry up if you save me you'll be rich,

rich do you hear me?

- We're on our way, Lawson.

Change course, Winky.

- Yes, sir. I got the position.

(upbeat music)

- The suitcases, that money where is it, where is it?

Well, the suit please go get 'em!

- But Truck.

- Go get 'em.

(dramatic music)

Hurry, hurry!

The other suitcases go get 'em, go get 'em!

(dramatic music)

- Truck, Truck, open up! Truck!

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- Take control, Winky. He's over on the portside.

- Aye, aye, sir.

- Alright, Vena, Bobby, you can come forward.

- What is it, Rocky? What happened?

- It was rough Bobby, and we were lucky.

Winky will fill in the details.

XB 2 calling R7-4 come in, Lawson.

- It's Truck Harmon, where are you?

- We're directly alongside now.

Listen carefully to instructions. You and Lawson

are to stay forward as far as possible.

I'll try to cut an escape hatch

through the second section. Don't go near

the door until I give the order. Do you understand?

- yeah, yeah, yeah I got it.

But hurry, do you hear me? Hurry!

- Magnetize object on starboard.

- Aye, aye, sir.

(dramatic music)


- Yes, sir?

- Blow out the second section

and pressurize the balance over here.

- Aye, aye, sir.

- Winky?

- [Winky] Yes, sir?

- You can tell Harmon it's safe to come out now.

- It's too bad. I tried my best to save Lawson

but I couldn't. It's the breaks, they go against a guy.

It's too bad.

(dramatic music)


- Shut up!

Oh, I'm lucky. With your spaceship battered by the

meteors you have to head

for the nearest moon and that's Fornax.

Just where I was going. Yeah, yeah, I'm lucky.

- Go ahead, Bobby whistle so if you want.

You're an invited passenger on the Orbit Jet.


You're a big man, Harmon. Yes, of power.

But I hear you have a weakness,

superstitions, a fear of things,

go ahead Bobby whistle.


It isn't the sound of whistling, it's the bad luck you

think goes with it. I hear you can't

stand the dark, Harmon. That you sleep with the lights on,

that you're afraid!

(dramatic music)

I'll have to abandon your ship Harmon.

(upbeat music)

- This man, this Truck Harmon, can I deport him?

Can I say he's not welcome on Fornax?

- Of course Zorvack, but you can't force

him to return to Earth. You'll be asked

to furnish transportation to any moon he selects,

and he'd be more than welcome on a 1,000 moons.

He's as rich as any man in the universe.

- Ah look, Rocky, we'd kick the dents out of the Orbit Jet, see.

Then we refuel her and invite Mr. Harmon aboard,

just like that we got him back on earth.

- No, Winky. We've worked hard at framing

interplanetary law and done our share of enforcing it.

We can't go against the laws of freedom

and immunity no matter

how much we want Mr. Truck Harmon back.

- Nice little place you have here Zorvack,

very nice. Oh, it must be rough living

by the book. I don't think I'll try it.

- Oh, of course you'll stay in business, Harmon.

you controlled the traffic of the toranchulla

weed from earth, you can do the same

thing from Fornax.

- This man annoys me.

- What can you do, Rocky?

What can I do?

- If you ask me I'm still for breaking a few laws.

- We'll curtail his activities as much

as possible and hope for a break.

(upbeat music)

- We've chased an awful lot up here on Fornex

Bobby, it's almost like living on earth.

Christmas is a regular thing now and

and last year we even had a Santa Claus.

- Zorvack?

- Yes, and he was very good.

What month is it now back on earth?

- October.

- Let me see next comes Thanksgiving

and then Christmas again.

- You left out something important.

- What's that?

- Halloween.

- Halloween?

- Gosh, I guess I forgot to tell you Halloween's a day for

a lot of fun, you go around scaring people.

- Scaring people, is that fun?

- Oh, sure nobody really gets scared.

Everybody knows there's no such things

as goblins, witches on brooms, and

dancing skeletons, and things. You can't even see

saying boo! But you pretend to be scared.

And really, Balika it's a lot of laughs.

- Halloween.

(dramatic music)

- Lawson, the man on the ship, I'm sure of

Harmon murdered him, at least he cut off

his escape which is the same thing,

- Without a doubt.

- Now that's a crime in space

and they were both earth men. If we

had any positive proof at all, we could

take him back to end this rotten business.

- Yeah, but the only trouble is

it's his word against our thinking, and

you know how his words come out.


- Vena!

(dramatic music)



- [Bobby] Space Rangers, huh?


Rocky Jones, you've made your last haunt. This is curtains.


- What in the name at Taurus' fourth moon is that?

- See, Balika? Isn't it fun to scare people?

- Oh, yes. But I don't think they were pretending.

- Vena wasn't and neither was Winky.

- Bobby, how could you?

- The 31st, Vena. Halloween remember?

- Okay, so it's Halloween. Now what is that thing?

- Bring out our ghosts Balika.

- Presto change-o! You remember, Winky.

We used to to play out these remote-controlled gadgets

and see who could get them through a hoop first.

Well, the scarf with a couple of holes in

it made it a ghost.

- Who can we go scare now, Bobby?

(upbeat music)

- Hey, Rocky? Are you thinking the same

thing I'm thinking?

Give me credit, I thought of it too.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

With the density of that wall we'll be

unable to make visual pickup on visiograph.

But Truck Harmon's words are what we're after.

Are you ready, Vena?

- I won't miss a word.

- Did we miss anything?

- No, the show's just starting.

(dramatic music)

- Hello, Truck.

- Who is it, who's there?

- [Rocky] Truck, can you forget so soon?

- Who is it? Tell me! Show yourself!

Where are you, where are you?

- Uh-oh here we go.

- Where are you, where?

- Now, Truck this is Lawson, your old friend Lawson.

- Lawson, that's impossible! Where are you?

Who's saying that?

- Here I come, Truck.

(dramatic music)

- Leave me alone.

What is it, what do you want?

- My life back, Truck. You murdered me.

- I lost my head it's the breaks, that's all.

- [Rocky] You don't call it murder a break.

- [Truck] I got panicked, something forced me

to seal that door, it might have been my life too.

- What's your life worth now, Truck?

- What do you mean? what are you going to do to me?

Please, what are you goi-

- Truck!

Lawson's ghost couldn't have taken you back but I can.

Your confession of crime in space is

a one-way ticket to earth.

(dramatic music)

- Well I'll see you then, bye.

- Now that I know all about Halloween

are there any other days?

- Let me see, the Fourth of July.

- You told me about that dozens of times.

- Oh yes, April Fool's Day, and I'll bet he was born on it.

- Climb aboard, youngster.

- Bye, Balika.

(upbeat music)

- [Announcer] Be with us in the same time, the same station

when we again take you into outer space

for further adventures with Rocky Jones Space Ranger.

(upbeat music)

- [Britton] Who knew Bobby's little lesson on

cherished American holidays would be the key to

restoring universal harmony?

They're a lucky crew to have the

10 year old honoree Ranger aboard.

Less luckily, Rocky Jones Space Ranger and crew had a mere

39 episode run. Nonetheless it's high production values

and stellar effects certainly packed a punch

in television history. hope you enjoyed your trip to

the stars with the Space Patrol and

Space Rangers of yesteryear.

Tune in next next time and journey once again to America's

programming past as I Remember Television.


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