I Remember Television


Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Rocky Jones fearlessly pursues the unknown, alongside his talented crew, space rangers Vena Ray, Winky, and 10 year old Bobby. He is backed up by resident Braniac professor Newton, and humble secretary of space, Drake.

AIRED: October 23, 2017 | 1:23:24

(Empire Network Jingle)

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Now, wasn't that nice?

- Hello, and welcome to I Remember Television again.

The 1950s, USA, a period marked by

a booming economy, the shadow of the cold war,

and the golden age of television.

TV's popularity continued to rise throughout the decade,

bringing brave new worlds for audiences to explore

just from their living room couches.

Once such world was introduced on February 27th, 1954.

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger,

staring Richard Crane, gave American audience

a ride to the uncharted cosmos

aboard the Orbit Jet,

an entire decade before Star Trek's take off.

Rocky Jones fearlessly pursues the unknown

alongside his talented crew, Space Rangers

Vena Ray, Winky, and ten year old Bobby,

backed up by resident brainiac, Prof. Newton,

and humble secretary of space, Drake.

Their mission, to protect

the United Worlds of the Solar System.

In tonight's adventure with Rocky Jones,

we discover Vena and much of the other rangers

are in eminent danger on space station O.W.9,

and it's up to Rocky to reach them before it's too late.

So, let's travel through space with Rocky Jones

as I Remember Television again.

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)

- Vena Ray to transport TR-14.

Thanks for the buggy ride, out.

(rocket roars)

(gentle music)

- Secretary Drake, you've landed your spaceship

here on our planet against my orders.

- Cleolanta, please try to understand

the United World of the Solar System.

Each world does its share for the benefit of all.

You can help us, Cleolanta,

and we can help you.

- Cleolanta needs no help from any man.

Our planet, Ophiuchus, is strong.

It needs no help from your kind.

- You're depriving your people of great benefits, Cleolanta.

- Rocky Jones, you are presumptuous.

Everything that my people need

is right here on Ophiuchus.

I grant you one hour to leave Ophiuchus.

If you don't, you and your spaceship will be destroyed.

Only 59 minutes remain.

Lassbaun, train the guns on their spaceship.

59 minutes.

- Come on Rocky, Winky, it's useless.

- We're wasting our precious minutes.

(ominous music)

(rocket roars)

Ah, Cleolanta, a stubborn woman if I ever saw one.

- Winky, you can't argue with

self sufficient people like that.

- Well, now me, I'm a friendly guy.

I like my neighbors.

You know, how 'bout a game of cards,

or may I borrow a cup of sugar.


- Orbit Jet to space station O.W.9.

(wind blowing)

(communicator buzzing)

- Won't Rocky be surprised?

- Station O.W.9 to Orbit Jet.

Andrews to Rocky Jones.

Come in, Rocky.

O.W.9 to Orbit Jet, come in, Rocky Jones.

- Well, what's the matter with Andrews?

Has he got a mouthful of crackers or something?

- Rocky Jones to O.W.9.

Come in, O.W.9.

- Andrews to Rocky Jones, come in.


- Goodness gracious, we befuddled Rocky.


- That's Prof. Newton, and Vena, and Bobby.

- That's right, Winky.

We're all here.

- Say, what are you doing on space station O.W.9?

- We're here to greet old friends, Rocky.

Cotanda, Bovaro, and Torvak.

- What, have they managed to build a spaceship of their own?

- No, Winky.

The Gypsy Moons, Posita and Negato,

are entering our solar system.

At 06:00 today, they will be

very close to this space station.

- Not close enough to wave, but close enough to talk.

- Prof. Newton, where will

the space station be in relation to the Gypsy Moons?

- [Newton] Directly between them, Rocky.

- Andrews.

- Yes, Rocky, great news, isn't it.

- Stand by.

I'll check back as soon as possible.


Winky, stay at the controls.

Correct direction, head for space station O.W.9.

- Roger.

(dramatic music)

- What is it, Rocky?

- Something Prof. Newton overlooked.

The atmosphere chain which links the two moons.

Now, assume this is the space station,

and these are the Gypsy Moons, Posita and Negato

approaching from that direction.

Now, as the moons pass, the atmosphere chain

will envelop the space station.

And it was built only to stand in space.

A sudden wash of atmosphere could destroy it.

- Where are we in relation to them?

- This is our position here.

I don't know whether we can reach

space station O.W.9 in time to evacuate it.

- I can't understand Rocky not

being excited about the Gypsy Moons.

- Maybe Mr. Secretary put the pressure on him.

Perhaps he doesn't like our blasting off

from Earth without orders.

- Yes, that must be it, Vena.

Well, I can't think of any other reason.

(communicator buzzing)

- [Rocky] Orbit Jet to space station O.W.9.

Rocky Jones to Andrews.

Come in, Andrews.

- Yes, Rocky.

- [Rocky] Give me your refueling schedule.

When's the next spaceship due?

- Nothing's scheduled, Rocky,

since transport TR-14 left, we're all clear.

- [Rocky] I'll sign off.

Call back to TR-14.

Bring it back.

- What is it Rocky?

What's the matter?

- [Rocky] I have to clear for Andrews call.

Just remind Prof. Newton of the atmosphere chain.

And hurry, Andrews, make the call.

Bring back the TR-14.


- The atmosphere chain, Professor?

- The atmosphere chain.

Now, what can Rocky have me-

Of course, of course.

Oh, how stupid of me.

- What is it, Professor.

- Yes, what?

- Quick, Andrews, make your call as Rocky said.

- space station O.W.9

to Transport TR-14.

Come in, TR-14, come in.

- Oh, Vena, I've made a terrible blunder.

I-I've lead you and Bobby into grave peril.

Oh, the O.W.9 is going to be destroyed.

- What do you mean, Professor?

- An object built to withstand the elements

of space cannot survive in an atmosphere.

- The atmosphere chain.

That's right.

- And Rocky wants the TR-14 to evacuate us.

Space station O.W.9 to to transport TR-14.

Urgent, repeat, urgent.

Come in.

I can't get an answer.

Shall I call Rocky back?

- He knows what's happening.

He'll do everything possible.

Keep trying the TR-14.

- O.W.9 to TR-14, come in.

Mayday, repeat, mayday.

Space station O.W.9 to transport TR-14.

Mayday, repeat, mayday.

- We'll have to try to get there, Winky.

- I'm bleedin' her there now, Rocky,

all the thrust she's got.

- [Andrews] Space station O.W.9 to transport TR-14.

Can you hear me?

Turn back, turn back.

- Orbit Jet to space station O.W.9.

Rocky Jones to Andrews.

- [Andrews] Yes, Rocky.

- It's no use, Andrews.

The TR-14 is beyond reach.

Has Prof. Newton rechecked his figures?

- [Newton] Yes, Rocky.

And they're absolute.

The Gypsy Moons will pass the space station at 0:600 today.

- Don't worry.

We'll get you off before then.

Tell Andrews I'll call back every hour on the hour.

- [Newton] Rocky, please,

try to understand my blunder.

It was just that I thought of nothing else

but seeing our friends on the Gypsy Moons.

- I understand, Professor.

Until the next hour, out.

- [Newton] Out, Rocky.

- Have you a plan, Rocky, something we can do?

Reaching the space station before 0:600 looks impossible.

- We've been in on deals like this before.

A possible crash of moons,

or a stray meteor clobbering a planet.

And we've exploded the small meteors

with atomic missiles and blasted the big ones

so they spin out of the danger orbit.

But those were just hunks of ore with no life on 'em.

There are people on these moons.

- These inhabitants of the Gypsy Moons, Rocky.

Do they know their position?

Do they have any idea what's going to happen?

- No, Mr. Secretary.

Without a fixed position in space,

they're unable to make astronomy an exact science.

(dramatic music)

(thunder rumbles)

(baby cries)

- Cotanda.


What is the matter of our son?

(baby crying)

(thunder rumbles)

- I don't understand it, Bovaro.

He has been crying for a long time.

(baby crying)

- He seems to be afraid.

Something has frightened him.

- I wonder what it is, Bovaro.

(baby crying)

- Oh.

- Don't worry, Cotanda.

Our little prince is just strengthening his voice,

so someday he may rule his people.

I wonder if Rocky Jones will find our Gypsy Moons again.

So, he may see our little son.

(baby crying)

- Bovaro, he seems to be trying to tell us something.

(thunder rumbles)

(baby cries)

(dramatic music)

- Rocky, we're picking up the Gypsy Moons

on our radar vecs.

- Right, Andrews.

We're also starting to pick them up.

(ominous music)

We're still too far away

to catch the image of your space station.

I'll call back in an hour.

Out, O.W.9.

- Out, Rocky.

- We can now make pick up on visiograph, Andrews.

(dramatic music)

(rocket hisses)

- What's all the excitement for, Rocky?

There's nothing built quite as sturdy as a space station.

- Against the perils of space, yes, Winky.

But she wasn't built to withstand an atmosphere.

She'll be picked up and carried off

like a barn door in a hurricane.

Well, it's a long shot, Winky.

But we'll try to get there in time to evacuate.

- Yes, sir.

(ominous music)

(thunder rumbles)

(rocket hisses)

We're gonna miss by minutes, Rocky.

- We've got just seconds left, Winky.

Let's make them count.

(ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

If I can only ram into the landing birth.

- And push the space station out of the atmosphere chain.

- Yes, and with this weather,

we're gonna have our hands full.

(loud popping)

Half thrust, Winky.

- Aye aye, sir.

(suspenseful music)

- Orbit Jet to space station O.W.9.

Andrews, can you come in?

(communicator buzzing) Space station O.W.9, come in.

- O.W.9.

- Throw on your magnetic lock.

We're trying for the landing birth.

Throw on your magnetic lock.

(suspenseful music)

Winky, when we get into the birth, full power.

- Standing by, sir.

(suspenseful music)

- Magnetic lock's on, Rocky.

- Right, Andrews.

(suspenseful music)

(furniture clattering)

(space station buzzing)

Now, Winky, full power, all she has.

- Aye aye, sir.

(rocket roaring)

(thunder rumbling)

- What is it, Bovaro?

- There is a slight disturbance in the atmospheric chain.

Negato recorded it too, but we have no idea what it is.

How is our son, Cotanda?

- Oh, let's see.

Rocky Jones would say, the sleep of the happy.


(thunder rumbles)

(dramatic music)

- I'm glad you saw what happened, Mr. Secretary.

This looks like the room of a new cadet.


- Such a cadet would never make

the Space Rangers, I assure you.

I'll dispatch a work shift for a third check.

It looks like space station O.W.9 will be as good as new.

- Yes, sir, I'm sure of it.

- Goodbye, Andrews.

- Goodbye, sir.

- Now, Vena and I have started a graph

of the Gypsy Moons' course.

We must realize the Gypsy Moons

can present very grave problems.

Other space stations may be trapped in the atmosphere chain.

Or would even far greater loss of life,

one of the moons may crash against another,

or even a planet.

- Can you get an exact course, Prof. Newton?

Are they traveling in a fixed orbit?

- Yes, Rocky, but not in the way

our planets travel in the solar system.

- Well, what do you mean, Professor?

- Well, you see, Winky, the major planets

in our system travel around the sun.

- And the Gypsy Moons travel around each other.

- Exactly, Rocky.

And because of this, they can be far more dangerous.

- I see what you mean, Prof. Newton.

While the Gypsy Moons themselves aren't large,

the orbit they describe is.

- Like children on a playground.

- What's that, Vena?

- Here, let me show you.


The way they move through space

is something like two children on a playground.

Bobby is Posita, and I'm the other moon, Negato.

Our arms and hands are the atmosphere chains.

They move through space spinning around each other.

But if I spin myself, I don't cover half as much area.

- Sure, I get it.

- Now, this is my great concern, Rocky.

Magnify this by tens of thousands of miles,

and you see, you see what tremendous

danger we're confronted with.

For example, say there's a planet

or a moon right over there.

Now, Bobby, go ahead again.

(door hisses)

- Oh.

- Mr. Secretary, I'm sorry.

- W-w-what's going on?

- The illustration of an astronomical

phenomenon, Mr. Secretary.

- Yeah, it uh, it seems that you are a planet,

Mr. Secretary, and Vena is Posita,

and Bobby's Negato.

No, no, no, Bobby is Posita, and Vena is Negato.

Now, you-you could really either be a

planet or a moon, but as it happens, you're a planet.

So, you see what happens.


(dramatic music)

(rocket hisses)

(door hisses)

- I'm ready with the corrected navigation chart, Rocky.

- Please go ahead, Vena.

- This is our course, Rocky.

This is Posita's position, and this is Negato's.

With the course we're on, we can contact Posita about here.

- Correct heading 4.37, Winky.

- 4.37, sir.

- Oh, Vena, how's Prof. Newton coming with

the charting of the future of the Gypsy Moons?

- He's through the next month, Rocky.

It's clear sailing for them so far.

- Oh, so far so good.

Right, Winky?

- I can't believe it.

I just can't believe it.

- And you're positive, Professor?

- Perhaps there's some little mistake.

- Eh, perhaps there is, Bobby.

Sure, son, I'll go back and recheck my figures.

- How far have you, gone Prof. Newton?

Oh, I'm just rechecking, Vena,

just to make sure, you know.

(door hisses)

(gentle music)

(baby crying)

- [Rocky] Orbit Jet to Posita headquarters.

Rocky Jones to Bovaro.

Come in, Bovaro.

Come in, Bovaro.

- Bovaro, contambo is from Bocky Bones.

- Cotanda, we were going

to speak the language so well.

It is Squawky Jones.

- No. (laughs)

No, Bocky Bones.

Contambo, Bovaro.

Talk to him.

- Orbit Jet to--

- [Bovaro] Rocky Jones, that's right.

We've tried to cord over to vex one language.

- [Cotanda] And what about Vena,

and Prof. Newton, and Bobby, and Vinky?

- This is Vinky, Winky.

She's got me doing it.

Bobby and the professor are with us, and so's Vena.

- Bovaro.

- [Bovaro] Yes, Rocky.

- We're in ellipse of your moon,

landing time 02:14.

- [Bovaro] Hurry in, Rocky.

This is so, so clambinto, clandinto,

so wonderful, I mean, Rocky.

(ominous music)

(rocket hisses)

(thunder rumbles)

Contambo, contambo, Rocky.

I have such wonderful news to share.

- You see how happy Vena is.

I just couldn't bring myself to tell her.

- Can there be a mistake, Professor?

- Is a collision between Ophiuchus and Posita inevitable?

- I double checked my equations, Rocky.

There's not the slightest margin for error.

- Ophiuchus, Cleolanta's planet

which didn't need any help from anyone.

- She'll need plenty now,

a fleet of spaceships for evacuation.

- Bovaro, to him his moon is a place of beauty,

his whole world.

- Well, we'd better go.

He has to be told.

- Oh, Cotanda, he's beautiful.

- Beautiful?

What is that you say?

His mother is beautiful.

My son is strong.


- All right, then.

He's beautiful and strong.

- Good.

The next ruler of Posita, he will be beautiful and strong.


(doorbell beeps)

Wait here, I wish to surprise Rocky with my son.


(thunder rumbles)

Rocky Jones!

- Hello, Bovaro. - Welcome to Posita.


Why was I not lucky enough to have

a son who would grow up to be a fine boy like Bobby?

Welcome to Posita, Bobby, welcome.

Then he could be a brave man like Rocky Jones.

- Oh, Bovaro, I want you to meet Secretary Drake.

- Bovaro.

- Or my son could be a great leader like Secretary Drake.

I heard so much about you, Mr. Secretary.

Welcome to Posita, come right in.

- Thank you.

- Or my son could have a brilliant mind

like Prof. Newton here.

Welcome, Professor.

- Bovaro, you honor me.


- [Bovaro] Come right in, Professor.

- Hi, Bovaro.

- Winky!

Or like Winky, my son would, um-uh,

would have a huge heart and a wonderful twinkle in his eye.

(chuckles) Gentlemen.

I was afraid we would never meet again, Rocky.

My moon travels a lot, Mr. Secretary.

- Yes, Prof. Newton has been charting your course.

- Yes?

- The way the Gypsy Moons, Posita and Negato,

travel through space, it's an astronomical phenomenon.

- Pheno-


What is phenom...

- Something unusual, Bovaro.

You see, the atmosphere which joins

the two moons, serves as a chain.

One moon swings the other, then the other, and so on.

- Strange that we don't get uh, dizzy, huh?


- Bovaro, please, listen carefully.

On the 19th of next month,

your moon, Posita, will,

will crash head on into Ophiuchus.

Both will be destroyed.

- What?

What are you saying?

Posita is going to be destroyed?

- Yes.

- No, no, it will not happen.


I will not let it happen!


- I'm sorry, Bovaro.

But it can't be prevented.

- What are you saying to me?

Why did you come back?

Why did you come back!

- Bovaro, what is the matter?

(dramatic music)

This is the son Cotanda has given me.

And I shall give him Posita to rule.

And nothing, nothing's going to stop it.

(dramatic music)

(thunder rumbles)

- [Announcer] Be with us next week, same time, same station,

when we again, take you into outer space

for further adventures with Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.

(dramatic music)

- Rocky Jones' adventures were brought to life

with state of the art special effects.

Although it's hard to imagine back in the mid 50s,

the show was the early essence of space age style.

The sleek Orbit Jet, a design referencing

a World War II V-2 rocket,

epitomizes mid-century modern industrial styling.

Let's get back to Crash of Moons, Chapter II.

Let's see what happens next.

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.

Space Ranger, Space Ranger.

Staring Richard Crane,

in the Crash of Moons, Chapter II.

When we last saw Rocky Jones,

he had flown his spaceship, the Orbit Jet,

to the moon, Posita.

He had gone to warn Bovaro, the ruler,

that his moon was in danger of being

destroyed by a collision with the planet, Ophiuchus.

- This is Posita's present position.

This is Negato's.

Now, the tremendous gravitational

pull of the sun begins about here.

And the two moons begin to increase

their arc, so that on the 19th--

- And the planet in which we are going to crash,

what was its name again?

- Ophiuchus.

- Knowledge, is this your word for learning something?

- Yes, Bovaro.

- I wish I wouldn't know this word.

I wish I wouldn't know this knowledge.

Then there would be one more month of

peace and happiness on Posita.

Now, there's nothing left but waiting,

waiting for the end.

- No, Bovaro.

It must be a month of great activity.

Your people and their possessions

must be evacuated from Posita.

There's still time.

- Rocky.

You speak of it like moving from one house into the other.

Would you be so calm if it were your Earth

that is about to be destroyed?

- The disaster couldn't be prevented, yes.

- Of course, Rocky, you're right.

(baby crying)

- Now-now, little prince, don't cry.

(baby crying)

- You know, Vena.

In some strange way our baby knew

about Posita's tragedy before Rocky told us.

(baby crying)


- I have had great pride in Posita.

More than anything, I'm distressed

that my son should lose his heritage.

All the people of Ophiuchus must hate us.

Their moon stands still in all innocence

while we rush forward to destroy it.

Have they started the evacuation, Rocky?

- They don't know what's going to happen.

- Ophiuchus is ruled by an arrogant woman named Cleolanta.

She won't allow her people any information

about life on other moons and planets.

- Even the possession of an astrophone set

is punishable by death.

We tried to reason with Cleolanta,

but she wouldn't listen to us.

She even threatened to kill us if we returned.

- But she must know, she must be warned.

- She will be.

- Mr. Secretary, may I suggest you go

with Bovaro to Negato and meet with Torvak the ruler.

We'll need his help in the evacuation.

Prof. Newton, you and Vena and Bobby

will do what you can here on Posita

while Winky and I are gone.

There must not be any panic among the people.

- Yes, Rocky.

- Mr. Secretary, we'll leave for Ophiuchus immediately.

- Hey, Rocky.

Couldn't we rig up a space anchor for Posita

and call the whole thing off?


- If we only could, Bobby,

it'd be a great solution.

(thunder rumbles)

(gentle music)

- Trinka?

Well, aren't you proud of me?

Today I have a special audience with Cleolanta.

My suzerain says she has great plans in store for me.

Well, aren't you proud of me?

- We used to have plans too, Atlasande.

We were going to leave Ophiuchus

and see how other people lived.

- To me, Ophiuchus comes first.

You're talking as foolishly as a child, Trinka.

- Yes, Atlasande.

(dramatic music)

(rocket hisses)

- Well, there's Ophiuchus.

Cut rockets, Winky.

We'll stand off and try to get a message through.

- Aye aye, sir.

We'll be lucky if we can get through to Ophiuchus.

Cleolanta always jams and garbles our messages.

- You're right, Winky.

I know we can't get through to Cleolanta,

but we'll try for the underground.

You see, there's an underground faction

there in favor of joining the United Worlds.

If they have a secret astrophone set,

they can relay my message to Cleolanta.

This is Rocky Jones on the Space Ranger ship

Orbit Jet, to Ophiuchus.

- Rocky Jones.

- Alert, Ophiuchus, alert, learn this.

The moons Posita and Negato are traveling

in our solar system.

On the 19th, the moon Posita

will collide with your planet, Ophiuchus.

Cleolanta must be told at once.

An evacuation must be planned.

The United Worlds offer all possible assistance.

This is Rocky Jones in the Orbit Jet.

Stand by.

I'll repeat the message.

- And if we don't get through,

it's uh, landing under fire, huh?

- Right, Winky.

(ominous music)

Rocky Jones to Ophiuchus.

(ominous music)

- Trinka, will you forgive me?

As yo know, I-I'm ambitious, and I love Ophiuchus.

I also love you, Trinka,

which is the greater love, uh, I don't know.

- Atlasande.

- United World offer all possible assistance.

I'll repeat the message.

- United World?


- Atlasande, please, please forgive me.

But you must listen to what the voice is saying.

(ominous music)

- This is Rocky Jones in the Orbit Jet.

Clear, to Ophiuchus.


- Think we got through, Rocky?

- I doubt it, Winky.

If Cleolanta heard our message, there'd be some reply,

a warning to stay clear because she didn't believe us,

or a demand that we prove our information.

- So.

- Rockets on, Winky.

We'll attempt a landing.

- Aye aye, sir.

(rocket roars)

(suspenseful music)

- Who else is in this underground conspiracy against us?

- I'm not in any conspiracy against Ophiuchus.

But you must listen to me.

- You will answer my questions, and that is all.

Who else is in the conspiracy?

- No one.

I only wanted to hear how other people lived

and what they were like.

And I love Ophiuchus as much as you.

- You answer my suzerain's questions, and not one more word.

- That's very good, Atlasande.

Knowing the punishment, it wasn't easy

to report your wife's betrayal.

- Thank you, Cleolanta.

- [Lassbaun] Cleolanta, my suzerain.

- Yes?

- [Lassbaun] There is a spaceship descending on Ophiuchus.

- It's Rocky Jones.

Please listen to him.

- Silence, Trinka.

My suzerain does not need the advice of a traitor.

(rocket hisses)

- Atlasande, prepare to fire.

(ominous music)

- Fire controls ready.

- No, Atlasande!

- Fire.

(missiles hissing)

- That's heavy stuff they're throwing, Rocky.

- The next one will do it.

Ready, Atlasande.

Ready and...

- Please, Atlasande.

Don't start to fire again, or I shall have to kill you.

- Fire, Atlasande.

- Yes, my suzerain.

- Then this wills top you.

Don't repeat the order, Cleolanta.

(ominous music)

- Lassbaun, imprison that woman.

- Atlasande.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, uh, Rocky.

Have you ever had a funny feeling

you're about to get slugged?

- No matter what happens, Winky, don't fire.

(suspenseful music)

- Alert the guards.

Kill those two men.

I don't want them inside the city

spreading lies to my people about the United Worlds.

(ominous music)

- Well, I don't see any welcome mat.

There isn't even a doorbell.

At least when we were here with Secretary Drake,

they let us in.

- Hello!

It's important that we see Cleolanta.

- [Guard] Who is it that wishes to see Cleolanta?

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)


- Hold it, Atlasande.

You all right, Winky?

- Sure, Skipper.

- All right, take us to Cleolanta.


(suspenseful music)

Hut two, three, four.

Hut two, three, four.

Hut two, three, four.

All right, Winky.

- Atlasande.

- Cleolanta, I don't, I-I don't know what happened.

I was going down to-- - Cleolanta.

You're going to sit down and listen

to every word I have to say.

- It's for your own good.

(dramatic music)

(baby crying) (thunder rumbles)

- And he's been so happy for days,

laughing and not a single whimper.

- Yes, Mr. Secretary.

Yes, I'll, I'll tell her at once.

Oh, and my very best regards to Bovaro and to Torvak.


(baby crying) (thunder rumbling)

- Vena, a meeting on Negato

has been successfully concluded.

Torvak will gladly welcome the

unfortunate people of Posita to his moon.

- Oh, but, when will Bovaro return?

I, I have concern for our son.

- Well, not for several days.

They're making plans for temporary housing on Negato

so we can start the evacuation.

(ominous music)

- No, Cleolanta.

Not a day must be wasted, not even a single hour.

Winky and I will return to Posita immediately

to help with their evacuation.

- But what about Ophiuchus?

- A committee will be dispatch from the United Worlds.

They'll help you with your evacuation to a new world,

which will be mutually agreed upon.

- They will tell me where to take my people?

- No, Cleolanta.

They'll only advise.

Come on, Winky.

- Please.

Grant me one moment.

Let me speak alone with my Lieutenant,

Atlasande and Lassbaun.

- All right, Cleolanta.

- Cleolanta.

- They must be silenced.

If word of the crash of moons leaked out,

there'd be panic here on Ophiuchus.

The gas will keep them inactive

until I've decided what to do.

(ominous music)

- What is it?

- Quick, Winky, cover your face.

(ominous music)

The vent, up there.

- Come with me, Atlasande.

We will make our own plans.

(ominous music)

- I have made a careful check of this chart

drawn by Rocky Jones.

Beyond a doubt Posita will collide

with Ophiuchus on the 19th.

- I won't allow it.

- Should we not ask the United Worlds for help

to speed up our evacuation?

- Never.

- Look, Cleolanta, if we can only make sure

that Posita would be evacuated by this time.

- Why worry about Posita?

- I'm thinking of Ophiuchus, Cleolanta.

- You see, we could fire tortanic missiles into Posita,

which might digitigrade it entirely.

If not, even the slightest deviating from orbit there

would make it miss Ophiuchus by thousands of miles.

- Of course.

To be safe, Atlasande, we should explode Posita here.

- But if we exploded it there,

Posita wouldn't have a chance to evacuate all its people.

- This vagrant moon, Posita, aims to destroy us.

Instead, we will destroy it.

We act only for self preservation.

- Yes, my suzerain.

(dramatic music)

Trinka, Trinka.

- Atlasande, tell me we're home.

I had such a bad dream.

I wanna hear you laugh and say,

"Wake up, forget your dream."

- But Trinka, I did only what

I thought was right for Ophiuchus.

- Did you kill Rocky Jones?

- No, no, he's only asleep.

- Atlasande, did he get a chance to speak?

- Yes, Trinka.

And now I'll be a great man in the history of Ophiuchus,

the savior of our planet.

- How?

- I command Cleolanta's spaceship.

We leave soon to intercept this menacing moon.

It will be my honor to fire tortanic missiles into Posita,

which will save Ophiuchus.

I'll be rewarded, Trinka.

And all I'll ask for is a full pardon

and liberty for you.

- But on the astrophone, Rocky Jones said

there are people on this moon.

- Trinka, that can't be helped.

- [Cleolanta] Atlasande, report to landing base.

- Goodbye, Trinka.

- Atlasande, wait.

Warn those people on Posita.

Give them a chance to live.

- Trinka, I'm only obeying Cleolanta's orders.

- But think of Rocky Jones.

He gambled his life to warn us, to give us a chance to live.

We must do the same for others.

- [Cleolanta] Atlasande, report to landing base.

- Goodbye, Trinka.

Now, you go back to sleep,

and know nothing until I return.

(somber music)

Trinka, you're a great deal wiser than I am

and much braver.

You do whatever you think is best,

but please be careful.

Lassbaun is on guard, and he thinks you're asleep.

(footsteps approaching)

Get in.

(rocket roaring)

(ominous music)

- What?

Who are you?

- Please, stay there just a moment.

Watch that window.

If it starts to open, you must appear to be unconscious.

- Huh?

Oh, yeah.

- Please, come with me, hurry.

(ominous music)

Sit down close to the door where you can't be seen.

(dramatic music)

- I'm Trinka.

You must be Rocky Jones.

- Yes.

Tell me, Trinka.

How long have I been asleep?

- I don't know.

I was also put to sleep.

They call me a traitor to Ophiuchus.

I had an astrophone set to listen to your voice.

My husband is Atlasande.

Rocky, Cleolanta and Atlasande have left Ophiuchus.

They're going to try to shock Posita

out of her orbit.

They're going to bombard her with tortanic missiles.

- How long have they been gone?

- Not long.

Rocky, if you could only get to your spaceship.

- Yeah, if.

(suspenseful music)


Too bad we don't have weapons.

We've got to get to the spaceship.



- Rocky, are you all right?

- Oh, I'm fine.

And now, for the spaceship.

You'd better come with us, Trinka.

- Winky.

(gas hissing)

(suspenseful music)

- Prepare for blast off, Winky.

- Aye aye, sir.

- Quick, Trinka, the ladder.

(suspenseful music)

(door hisses)

Secure for blast off, Trinka.

(door hisses)

- We're on a 20 time for a quick blast off, sir.

- Full rockets, Winky.

Cleolanta's on her way to bombard Posita.

- But Vena, and Bobby, and the Professor,

and the little prince, and all the others.

- We'll make it.

- Sure, we will.

Hey, Rocky.

Who is that luscious trail of stardust anyway?

- Trinka's a married woman, Winky.

- Oh.

(dramatic music)

(rocket roaring)

- [Announcer] Be with us next week,

same time, same station,

when we again, take you into outer space,

for further adventures with Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.

(dramatic music)

- There seems to be nothing Rocky Jones can't do.

Thanks to Richard Crane and his very notable athleticism.

It's hard to imagine any other face

portraying our beloved ranger.

And Crane definitely knew how to work the camera,

having a career spanning over three decades in film and TV.

Now, in Chapter III of Crash of Moons,

we'll conclude our story.

Let's watch.

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] Rocky Jones, Space Ranger,

Space Ranger, Space Ranger.

Staring Richard Crane,

in the Crash of Moons, Chapter III.

(rocket hissing)

When we last saw Rocky Jones,

he was in his spaceship, the Orbit Jet,

on his way to overtake Cleolanta, the ruler of Ophiuchus,

who had set out to ruthlessly bombard the moon, Posita.

- Rocky, if you overtake Cleolanta's spaceship,

will you have to destroy it?

- I don't know.

- My husband, Atlasande, is on the ship with her.

- I know, Trinka.

But we must stop them from trying

to bombard Posita out of its orbit.

- Well, Cleolanta knows that the crash

between Ophiuchus and Posita is inevitable.

Why doesn't she realize she can't prevent it?

- Rocky, I'm frightened for those people on Posita.

- See if you can contact them, Winky.

- Yes, sir.

This is the XV2 Orbit Jet calling Posita.

Acknowledge, please.

Orbit Jet calling Posita.

Respond, urgent.


We're still outta contact range, Rocky.

(ominous music)

(baby crying) (thunder rumbling)

- Now, there's nothing wrong

with the little prince physically.

It's uh, it's something we can't explain.

It is intuition, his sense of danger.

- Oh, but thee are still 14 days

until our moon, Posita, crashes into Ophiuchus.

He must not be allowed to cry all that time.

- Perhaps when we're evacuated,

when we're safe on Negato, he'll stop.

- Yes, that's it, Vena.

So, you see, we must hurry with the evacuation.

But you, you stay with your little son, Cotanda.

(baby crying)

- I don't think it's the crash

of moons that's bothering him.

It's got something to do with Rocky and Winky.

(thunder rumbles)

(rocket hissing)

(ominous music)

- Atlasande, at this glorious moment you're so quiet.

- I can't explain, Cleolanta.

- Sight target.

(ominous music)

- [Atlasande] The moon, Posita, on target.

- Prepare to fire tortanic missile.

Repeat on five counts.

- Ready, my suzerain.

(communicator buzzing) (baby crying)

- [Rocky] Rocky Jones to Posita.

Come in. (baby crying)

- Gosh, Rocky, it's you.

I was wrong, Vena, it's Rocky.

- [Rocky] Now listen carefully, Bobby.

- You'll have to talk up, Rocky.

The little prince is crying so loud that.

(explosion rumbles)

- Bobby, Bobby, come in!

- First missile?

- I'm afraid so, Winky.

(explosion rumbles)

- The little prince, Cotanda, and Prof. Newton.

(dramatic music)

- Look, Winky, an enemy ship.

Chance course to attack and stop bombardment.

- Aye aye, sir.

(rocket hissing)

- Count two, count one, fire.

(baby crying)

(explosion rumbles)

- Oh, my baby.

Hurry, Vena.

Take him to the underground shelter,

it is the only chance.

(baby crying)

- Bobby, go help them.

Run quick, Bobby, run.

(suspenseful music)

- Fire.

(missile hissing)

(missile exploding)

(rocket hissing)

(suspenseful music)

(baby crying)

- Zero zero, on target, sir.

(suspenseful music)

- Fire one.

(explosion rumbles)

- What was that?

- Your ship is crippled, Cleolanta.

A perfect target for a missile

from the Orbit Jet.

So, stop the bombardment of Posita.

- Rocky Jones.

How did he get here, Atlasande?

- Atlasande, don't let Cleolanta fire another missile.

- Your wife, Trinka.

You too are a traitor to Ophiuchus.

(ominous music)

- Atlasande, Atlasande, answer me.

- What's the order, Rocky.

- Another moment is all, Winky.

We got to get to Posita.

- Atlasande, Atlasande.

Atlasande, Atlasande.

- No more missiles will be fired, Trinka.

- On the double, Winky.

Prepare for landing on Posita.

- Aye aye, sir.

- Rocky, what will happen to Atlasande?

- Their ship is crippled in space lock, Trinka.

We'll haul it in later after giving help on Posita.

Full rocket power, Winky.

- All rockets, sir.

(rocket hissing)

- Vena, Bobby!

Prof. Newton!

- Rocky, Rocky!

Oh, Rocky.


- Professor, where's the little prince?

- And Vena, and Bobby?

- They have the baby.

They tried to make it to the underground shelter, Rocky.

- Trinka, do what you can for them.

- Oh, Rocky, my baby.

- [Rocky] Come on, Winky.

- [Winky] Sir.

(thunder rumbles)

(dramatic music)

- Bobby, if we could only get some air in here.

If someone would only find us.

- We're all right, Vina.

Look at the little prince.

He knows the danger's over.

- [Rocky] Vena, Bobby, are you there?

- Down here, Rocky.

- Winky, move this stuff.

(dramatic music)

Are you all right? - Uh-huh.

- How's the little prince?

- All right.

- [Rocky] Now, let's go.


- I envy you, Cotanda.

- I never wanted a son to be raised

under the rule of Cleolanta.

(thunder rumbles)

(tools clanking)

- Well, it's a patchwork job, Rocky.

But the magnetic poles should have

enough power to bring in Atlasande's spaceship.

- Good.

(communicator buzzing)

- [Drake] Negato to Posita.

Secretary Drake to Prof. Newton.

Come in, Professor.

- Posita to Negato.

Rocky Jones to Mr. Secretary.

- Great to hear your voice, Rocky.

How did Cleolanta receive the news

of the crash of moons?

Has the evacuation of Ophiuchus started?

- This may come as a surprise, Mr. Secretary.

But Cleolanta's now on Posita.

Well, that is, she's standing off in space

waiting to be brought in.

- But Rocky, she should be taking care of

the people of Ophiuchus.

- She tried to take care of Posita

and almost succeeded.

When will you return, Mr. Secretary?

- Well, Bovaro and I are leaving now.

Temporary housing has been arranged by Torvak.

The people of Negato will be glad

to welcome their friends from Posita.

Evacuation starts tomorrow morning.

Out, Rocky.

- Out, Mr. Secretary.


- Ready for magnetic ground control of spaceship, Rocky.

- Oh, fine, Winky.

Posita to Ophiuchian spaceship.

Rocky Jones, to Atlasande.

- Atlasande speaking.

What is it, Rocky?

- Secure in your control chair.

We'll bring you in for landing in a spiral spin.

- [Atlasande] Yes, sir.

(dramatic music)

- Any time, Winky.

- Okay.

- Every day the shadow of Posita

will become blacker on the surface of Ophiuchus.

You're a traitor beyond words, Atlasande.

- I did not command the crash of the moons, Cleolanta.

- But Ophiuchus could have been saved.

- And all the people of Posita would have died.

I'm proud of Trinka.

(ominous music)

- Please understand, Cleolanta

that a crash of moons is an unfortunate thing

that cannot be explained nor prevented.

We can only offer united efforts

so that all the people are saved.

- But I want Ophiuchus saved.

- Seems you're more interested in

the land than in your people, Cleolanta.

- Without a land, there cannot be a race of Ophiuchians.

My people will separate,

drift apart to one world then another.

- My land too is being destroyed, Cleolanta.

But my people will stay together.

- A new Ophiuchus will be founded.

Some planet that's rich and fertile

and can be developed.

- Mr. Secretary, please.

- What is it, Rocky.

- And Bovaro.

- Yes, Rocky.

- We should make plans quickly

to evacuate both Ophiuchus and Posita.

But we should speed the plans to evacuate Posita first.

If this can be done in time,

Cleolanta can have her chance to save Ophiuchus

by destroying Posita after Bovaro's people have left it.

Bovaro, could you get your people

to Negato immediately?

- We can shuttle airships very fast

through the atmospheric chain.

I feel guilty that my moon is the destroyer.

So, everything possible will be done.

- Prepare my spaceship at once.

Atlasande and I will wait until Posita is evacuated,

then resume the bombardment.

- Oh no, Cleolanta.

Trinka and I will be on the spaceship

with you and Atlasande.

I'll give the order to start the bombardment.

Oh, Winky.

- Sir.

- [Rocky] You and Vena will control the Orbit Jet

under Secretary Drake's command.

- Aye aye, sir.

- Sir, word will be sent to all available spaceships

to stand by to aid in the evacuation of Ophiuchus

in case the bombardment fails.


- Yes, Rocky.

- You come with me to see if the bombardment

shocks Posita from its orbit.

- Yes, Rocky.

- Hey, Rocky.

What about me?


- Oh, yes.

Bobby, board the Orbit Jet.

(baby crying)

(thunder rumbles)

- Little prince, what's bothering you this time?

(baby crying)

If you could only talk.

(baby crying)

(dramatic music)

- Come, Cotanda.

The last plane to Negato is leaving.

(baby crying)

(thunder rumbles)

(dramatic music)

Such a fine little prince to be

raised without a land to rule.

Come, Cotanda.

I must prepare the flair signal

that will tell Rocky the evacuation is complete.

(baby crying)

(dramatic music)

- Professor.

Posita's just signaled complete evacuation.

Watch carefully, Professor.

Check to see of we succeed in

shocking the moon from its orbit.

- Ready, Rocky.

Start the bombardment.

(missile hisses)

(missile explodes)

- Two missiles direct on target, Prof. Newton.

Report result, please.

- The course of Posita is still

absolute without deviation, Rocky.

- Fire again, again, and again.

Nothing can stand against totanic missiles.

(missile hissing)

(missile explodes)

- We're dry of missiles, Professor.

What's your reading?

- Posita does not show the slightest

deviation from course, Rocky.

- It must not be!

- The crash of moons was something

that was meant to be, Cleolanta.

We can't stop it.

Ophiuchian spaceship to Orbit Jet.

Rocky Jones to Winky, come in.

Ophiuchian spaceship to Orbit Jet.

- Mr. Secretary, Rocky Jones is calling in.

I'm with you Rock, what's the report?

- [Rocky] Bombardment of the evacuated moon,

Posita, failed to show results.

Collision with Ophiuchus on the 19th is absolute.

- Well, I figured, Rocky.

Mr. Secretary.

- I've alerted all the spaceships in the vicinity.

The fleet will now go to Ophiuchus

to help in the evacuation.

- Cleolanta will be glad to hear that, Mr. Secretary.

- A land, a world, where shall I take my people?

- Please, Cleolanta, give us your cooperation.

We'll do everything possible.

Now, Rocky--

- It's a plot of the United Worlds.

It's a trick to make the Ophiuchians a lost race.

- Atlasande, there's no time to lose.

There are plans to be made.

- It's a plot, a trick.

- Yes, Mr. Secretary.

- Rocky, you will arrive in Ophiuchus first.

The people must be warned and told

to prepare for the evacuation.

If there is a panic, everything is lost.

- Yes, Mr. Secretary.

And I have a good partner for the job.

(rocket hisses)

- If you wish, Rocky, I'll blast down the ship.

I know the field.

- Go ahead, Atlasande.

(rocket hissing)

- A spaceship.

Our chance to escape.

- You've given the orders, Rocky Jones.

But now, as suzerain of Ophiuchus,

I demand the right to speak to my people, alone.


- All right, Cleolanta.

I must respect your leadership.

- Atlasande.

(dramatic music)

- All right, now's our chance.

(suspenseful music)

(men shouting)

Blast off.

Take us away from Ophiuchus.

- Atlasande, get 'em outta here!

They'll reck the ship!

(suspenseful music)

(men shouting)

- [Guard] Get away from me!

We gotta get off!

(men shouting)

- Stop, I command it.


(suspenseful music)

- Please, this is Trinka, your friend.

I won't command, but listen to me.

(men murmuring)

You all know what is going to happen.

You have a right to be afraid.

But we have fine friends who will help us.

If you will all behave in an orderly manner,

the United Worlds will see

that everyone is evacuated by the 19th.

(dramatic music)


(thunder rumbling)

- You said I was brave, Atlasande.

But I-I'm not, I'm frightened.

- Secretary Drake will get here.

And we still have five days.

(communicator buzzing)

- [Vena] Orbit Jet to Ophiuchus.

Vena to whoever will answer.

And I sure hope it's you, Rocky.


- Rocky Jones to the Orbit Jet.

Come in.

- We want landing clearance, Rocky.

Secretary Drake is following in

on the SV-8 as commander of the evacuation fleet.

- You have your clearance, Vena.

But be careful when you land.

There's understandable tension here on Ophiuchus.


- [Vena] Out, Rocky.

(rocket hissing)

(people murmuring)

- Citizens of Ophiuchus.

You will each received a slip of paper.

They are number the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th.

For the people who draw the 19th,

I can only say this.

Atlasande and I will be on the last

spaceship to leave, the Orbit Jet.

That will be under the command of Rocky Jones.

And none of our friends from the United Worlds

will leave until everyone on Ophiuchus

is safely on their way to a new home.

(dramatic music)

- The XV-5's ready to be dispatched.

- Order to XV-5, blast off.

(rocket rumbles)

Blast off orders, XR-7.

(rocket rumbles)


(rocket rumbles)


(rocket rumbles)

(dramatic music)

- All clear on Ophiuchus, Rocky.

We better blast off.

- Thank you, Bobby.

(dramatic music)

- Please, my suzerain.

There'll be another Ophiuchus.

- No, I remain here.

- I'm sorry, Cleolanta.

(rocket rumbles)

(dramatic music)

- This is the most exiting moment of my life.

(suspenseful music)

- Why should this happen?

Why? (communicator buzzing)

- [Bovaro] Bovaro to Rocky Jones.

Come in.

- Rocky Jones to Bovaro.

Did you see the crash of moons?

- [Bovaro] Yes, Rocky.

It happened.

But what does it matter, really?

Torvak here put it so wisely.

It isn't the land, it's the people

who make the country.

- Bovaro, do you really feel that?

Do you really believe it isn't the land

but the people who make up a country?

- [Bovaro] Yes, Cleolanta.

And please try, you will see.

- Thank you Bovaro.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you very much.

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] Next week, same time, same station,

when we again take you into outer space

for further adventures with Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.

(dramatic music)

- Ringing true with heroism,

it's always easy to root for Rocky Jones

and his Space Rangers.

Hopefully in the future,

Cleolanta will learn to be more trusting

and open to assistance,

especially from the crew of the Orbit Jet.

Thanks to Rocky Jones and the Space Rangers,

the solar system is safe for now.

Until next time, when we again

venture back to the golden days,

to the days that remind us of where all this magic began,

as I Remember Television again.


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